Looking For Jake: And Other Stories

Looking For Jake And Other Stories Step into a London ravaged by unearthly creatures at once utterly alien and chillingly familiar In China Mieville s award winning novella The Tain we learn the reason for the invaders terrible reven
  • Title: Looking For Jake: And Other Stories
  • Author: China Miéville
  • ISBN: 9780330434188
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • Step into a London ravaged by unearthly creatures at once utterly alien and chillingly familiar In China Mieville s award winning novella The Tain , we learn the reason for the invaders terrible revenge One survivor must trek through the ruins of the city with a desperate plan to stand against their assault In addition to The Tain , this superb collection contains thStep into a London ravaged by unearthly creatures at once utterly alien and chillingly familiar In China Mieville s award winning novella The Tain , we learn the reason for the invaders terrible revenge One survivor must trek through the ruins of the city with a desperate plan to stand against their assault In addition to The Tain , this superb collection contains thirteen short stories, of visionary cityscapes and urban paranoia, ghosts, monsters and impossible diseases Several of the stories are published here for the first time these include one set in New Crobuzon, the location of the award winning series of novels that began with Perdido Street Station and one in comic strip form, illustrated by top graphic artist Liam Sharp This collection displays the sheer imaginative scope of China Mieville s work.
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    1. A British fantastic fiction writer He is fond of describing his work as weird fiction after early 20th century pulp and horror writers such as H P Lovecraft , and belongs to a loose group of writers sometimes called New Weird who consciously attempt to move fantasy away from commercial, genre clich s of Tolkien epigons He is also active in left wing politics as a member of the Socialist Workers Party He has stood for the House of Commons for the Socialist Alliance, and published a book on Marxism and international law.Excerpted from.

    2. The name China Mi ville isn t generally synonymous with short stories, probably because he doesn t write them that often In the past decade, he s published 10 novels, and in the same span, produced only 16 pieces of short fiction I mean, whatever Dude is busy I think he also became an economics genius, ran for political office, and did about 3 million arm curls during that decade too Oh, and got a giant squid tattoo Anyway, it s pretty annoying to discover that he also does short fiction astonis [...]

    3. China Mieville is not necessarily known for his work in shorter works, but Looking For Jake, his 2005 collection of shorter fiction is an excellent representation of his narrative skill and for his redoubtable imagination Mieville sets a mood, creates an emotion that stays with the reader throughout what turns out to be a diverse and dusky eclectic blend of creepy and dark fiction.Looking for Jake The opening salvo and titular short story is an artfully creepy sketch An man searches for a friend [...]

    4. Perhaps it s the pain of RA Perhaps it s having a crazy job, but I ve been reading short stories lately.Looking For JakeI loved the tale, especially the way it was written It s a quiet melancholy sort of tale and it has a gentle rhythm he paints a clear picture of the city from the roof and the loneliness as well as ultimate curiousity of the narrrator is tangible The story ends well and yet offers the reader many alternatives.FoundationOne of my favourites since it struck a very deep chord It [...]

    5. I really enjoyed half of the novels that I ve read by Mieville, and rather disliked the other half Likewise, in this collection of stories, I enjoyed about half of them The other half were boring That is why I ve rated this book with three out of five stars Here are some brief summaries of a few of the stories.The first story, titled Looking for Jake , was one of the boring stories People in London start disappearing randomly, and the protagonist looks for his friend Jake There didn t seem to be [...]

    6. One of those rare occasions where I got to borrow a book from my girlfriend She has good taste, but since she lives in Belgium, I tend to encounter books first But this one I kept meaning to pick up and somehow didn t I wasn t sure what I thought of the idea of China Mi ville doing short stories his novels are so often so sprawling, so full of gleefully grotesque imagery, that I didn t think he could contain himself within a short story.He can.Some of the stories are effective than others I par [...]

    7. A collection of short stories that range from sci fi, horror, and fantasy all told with a compelling voice that kept me intrigued throughout each tale The shorts are various lengths, with the longest being a bit under 100 pages I had never read anything by China Mieville and found this to fulfill my collection of short stories for a challenge I d read reviews comparing him to HP Lovecraft, and I can now see how that comparison could be made The writing style and the subject matter of the stories [...]

    8. Something I keep coming back to with China Mieville is how much he trusts his readers to not give up when they get confused His favorite method of introducing you to ANYTHING is to drop you in the middle of a situation or a city, or a world , and feed you little tidbits of an explanation until you finally know what s going on Or don t And the gaps in the information will stay in your brain so much longer than if he d gone point by point through the story.The short stories don t leave as much tim [...]

    9. I have to say I m a bit disappointed in this book Generally I like China Mi ville books but this one didn t do it for me I m not really a short story fan to begin with but I was hoping such a talented writer could do it Not this time.A lot of the stories really felt like he was being clever for clevers sake Lots of vague endings and cryptic meanings I read a fiction to be entertained, to be told a story Sometimes a vague ending can be ok but not in almost every single story Nothing is ever expla [...]

    10. Sometimes short stories are a great way to introduce yourself to an author you haven t read before I found China Mieville while reading an anthology and was intrigued but not sure if I would like him so I found his collection of short stories.If these are fantasy I would call them dark fantasy for lack of a better word In all truth I would label them as mostly horror with some science fiction thrown in but it seems that Mieville wants a different label I m not saying that I don t like his writin [...]

    11. Looking For Jake Good post apocalypse story 8 10Foundation Haunted buildings who s ghosts are in the foundations What 6 10Ball Room A haunted ball pit in an Ikea Fuck yea 9 10Reports of Certain Events in London Meta story about living streets Didn t do it for me 5 10Familiar Gross 7.5 10Entry Taken From A Medical Encyclopaedia Quick and fun fake entry of a parasitic disease 8 10Details Really cool 9 10Go Between 8 10Different Skies Good old school horror about a haunted object bought in an antiq [...]

    12. China Mieville, Looking for Jake Del Rey, 2005 Looking for Jake made me do something I ve never done with a China Mieville book before laugh out loud while reading it Yes, the boy does have a sense of humor that s not cynical and grease blackened every once in a while, and it s quite refreshing to see I grant you, the whole collection doesn t have that feel to it, but it s certainly here, and I love it I love it just as much as I love the rest of this book, and for that matter as much as I love [...]

    13. There is so much to learn Mieville s writing always makes me want to write with his mixture of tight control and elaborate horror fantasy This collection of stories from 1998 2005 tends toward the horror side I couldn t finish Familiar because of the ambulatory wad of gore Other stories are fantasy gems that scare because of real world fears aging, purposelessness, vast forces out of one s control, a torturer who silently roots for their victim s philosophy Only Tis the Season felt out of place, [...]

    14. Fantastic short stories from China Mieville It was great seeing this author tackle short fiction so effectively.There is one Bas Lag story for fans of Perdido Street, the Scar and Iron Council But I had the most fun reading the other stories, where Mieville s awesomely weird sensibilities are turned upon our own world An End To Hunger is one of the coolest hacker stories I ve ever read Familiar feels like a Bas Lag creature let loose in modern London Really, I loved the whole book, with the exce [...]

    15. In these stories, Mi ville throws out, and plays with, ideas that he might incorporate or turn into major novels, though some of these ideas seem destined to fall by the wayside Mi ville is one of the few writers able to subvert the inherently reactionary nature of the fantasy genre, which asks us to believe in things which we know ain t so and cannot become so Science fiction, in contrast, asks us to believe in things which we know ain t so but which may become so, often with the rider if we re [...]

    16. Another brilliant, if bleak, effort from Mi ville.If I had to choose one word to tie in all of these short stories and one novella, The Tain , I d have to say paranoia Almost every story involves a character fearful of something often without obvious cause.Mi ville s wordplay is, as always, amazing The title of The Tain is hugely obscure, and yet right out of a dictionary the tain is the reflective silver backing of a mirror The creatures that come from the tain call themselves patchogues Does t [...]

    17. While there are some brilliant pieces in here, i was really disappointed by this collection Mieville normally gets four or five stars from me, but this really felt like reading scraps from a writers notebook, or reading a series of drafts Perhaps short stories are not his forte The ideas are often great, it s the stories themselves felt a bit rushed and unpolished i find Mieville s one weakness is how to end a story, and i guess this becomes of a problem in a short story collection That said de [...]

    18. I haven t read Mieville s novels, but he is a master of the short story format I enjoyed all of the stories in this book, because they made me think and fear and wonder at all the hidden things behind the world that we see.A fascinating mix I enjoyed The Tain the novella and Reports of Certain Events in London the best, but there was no story where I felt disappointed.

    19. Ini sudah buku ketiga China Mi velle yang saya baca Dua cerita sebelumnya yang saya baca tidak mengeecewa Seharusnya dengan itu harapan saya menjadi lebih tinggi lagi, tapi kali ini tidak Karena ini, Looking for Jake and Other Stories adalah kumpulan cerpen dan novella, yang menurut saya kualitas dan ragam ceritanya akan lebih campur aduk.Looking for Jake and Other Stories seperti yang sudah saya tulis tadi di sinopsis berisi kumpulan cerpen dan novella China Mi velle yang dia tulis dari tahun 1 [...]

    20. A collection of short stories and so inevitably a bit mixed Highlights included Foundation , The Ball Room , Reports of Certain Events in London , Familiar , Entry Taken From A Medical Encyclopaedia , Go Between and the novella The Tain I thought those had a stronger central conceit and felt better worked through Others, like Details , Different Skies and An End to Hunger , felt a little weaker like Mieville was experimenting, or had lost grasp of his point The Bas Lug short story Jack is obvio [...]

    21. Yes, it took me a very long time to finish this book I was taking a break after almost every story I got to 50% and got totally stuck When I ve moved on, it took me only few days to finish it I have mixed feelings about this collection of stories I liked two of them a lot An End to Hunger and Tis the Season Others, I liked, are Foundation , Details and Jack The Ball Room was pretty good, but I didn t like the ending Mieville stories aren t easy read, they are all bit weird and sometimes hard to [...]

    22. It lives in the details, she said It travels in that in that perception It moves through those chance meetings of lines Maybe you glimpse it sometimes when you stare at clouds, and then maybe it might catch a glimpse of you, too He may be best known as a novelist, but China Mi ville s short fiction is worthy of attention, too Reading the stories collected in Looking for Jake, I feel as though I ve gained a fresh understanding of his concerns as a writer Mi ville has often used the term weird fic [...]

    23. Some of these were really cool, some of them were really weird, and others were just not great Basically what is to be expected in a group of short stories.

    24. I like the atmosphere Mieville creates than the stories at such none of them really wowed or touched me as stories, but there is something to the way he writes cities that is utterly fascinating and unsettling.

    25. Looking for Jake is a collection of short stories, a novella and a comic strip tale, the contents of which could be described as slipstream since it represents a mixture of fantasy, science fiction and horror, with an emphasis on the latter I read this book in early 2007 and I m basing my review on the rather perfunctory notes I made on each story in my diary of that year It s possible that my views on some of the stories might be a little different if I d only read the book now, in 2014, and if [...]

    26. Although not biiled as a horror anthology, some of these stories areup there with the creepiest I ve ever read hey, if it can give me chillswhile I m on my subway commute, that s pretty good With this collection, Mieville proves that he s equally a master of theshort story as of the sprawling labyrinths of his novels He s probablyone of the best young writers today, in any genre.The book includes Looking for JakeIn a could be tomorrow London, the city has been the victim of a mysteriousinvasion [...]

    27. In April 2009 I stopped scheduling my reviews ahead of time The scheduling process was making reading and blogging feel like homework Since it s currently an unpaid hobby for me, I decided I had to stop being a slave to the calendar even if it meant falling behind on reviews To keep things interesting on the review side of things, I started picking which book or short story to review next by random This process has the advantage of giving every recently finished book or story the chance of being [...]

    28. I ll admit that it took me a little while to see where China Mi ville was going with Looking for Jake The first couple of stories didn t really gel for me But as I grew accustomed to the voice he was using, to the kinds of story he was telling I began liking this collection and .It might be hyperbole to call Mi ville the Edgar Allan Poe of our age, but only by a little Mi ville displays in this volume a mastery of the frisson like very few others And the stories that hit me the hardest are the [...]

    29. Brilliant and dark and weird Very weird And I love the brilliantly dark and weird One of the stories is set in Mieville s fictional world, but a reader who is willing to just go with it should be able to keep up without having read his novels The rest of the stories are set in different dark and twisted versions of London, where something in reality has shifted A couple of them are unmistakably Lovecraftian in theme, but the writing style is all Mieville One of the stories is illustrated, a grap [...]

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