Under the Wolf, Under the Dog

Under the Wolf Under the Dog Alternately heartbreaking and starkly humorous this teenager s brutal story of escape and desire for redemption is masterfully told by award winning writer and film director Adam Rapp I m what they c
  • Title: Under the Wolf, Under the Dog
  • Author: Adam Rapp
  • ISBN: 9780763618186
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Alternately heartbreaking and starkly humorous, this teenager s brutal story of escape and desire for redemption is masterfully told by award winning writer and film director Adam Rapp.I m what they call a Gray Grouper The Red Groupers are the junkies and the Blue Groupers are the suicide kids.Steve Nugent is in a facility called Burnstone Grove It s a place for kids whoAlternately heartbreaking and starkly humorous, this teenager s brutal story of escape and desire for redemption is masterfully told by award winning writer and film director Adam Rapp.I m what they call a Gray Grouper The Red Groupers are the junkies and the Blue Groupers are the suicide kids.Steve Nugent is in a facility called Burnstone Grove It s a place for kids who are addicts, like Shannon Lynch, who can stick 1.87 in change up his nose, or for kids who have tried to commit suicide, like Silent Starla, whom Steve is getting a crush on But Steve doesn t really fit in either group He used to go to a gifted school So why is he being held at Burnstone Grove Keeping a journal, in which he recalls his confused and violent past, Steve is left to figure out who he is by examining who he was.
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    1. Adam Rapp says that when he was working on his chilling, compulsively readable young adult novel 33 SNOWFISH, he was haunted by several questions Among them When we have nowhere to go, who do we turn to Why are we sometimes drawn to those who are deeply troubled How far do we have to run before we find new possibilities At once harrowing and hypnotic, 33 SNOWFISH which was nominated as a Best Book for Young Adults by the American Library Association follows three troubled young people on the run in a stolen car with a kidnapped baby in tow With the language of the street and lyrical prose, Adam Rapp hurtles the reader into the world of lost children, a world that is not for the faint of heart His narration captures the voices of two damaged souls a third speaks only through drawings to tell a story of alienation, deprivation, and ultimately, the saving power of compassion For those readers who are ready to be challenged by a serious work of shockingly realistic fiction, notes SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, it invites both an emotional and intellectual response, and begs to be discussed Adam Rapp s first novel, MISSING THE PIANO, was named a Best Book for Young Adults as well as a Best Book for Reluctant Readers by the American Library Association His subsequent titles include THE BUFFALO TREE, THE COPPER ELEPHANT, and LITTLE CHICAGO, which was chosen as a New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age The author s raw, stream of consciousness writing style has earned him critical acclaim Rapp s prose is powerful, graphic and haunting, says SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL He writes in an earthy but adept language, says KIRKUS REVIEWS Takes a mesmerizing hold on the reader, adds HORN BOOK MAGAZINE In addition to being a novelist, Adam Rapp is also an accomplished and award winning playwright His plays including NOCTURNE, ANIMALS AND PLANTS, BLACKBIRD, and STONE COLD DEAD SERIOUS have been produced by the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the New York Theatre Workshop, and the Bush Theatre in London, among other venues Born and raised in Chicago, the novelist and playwright now lives in New York City.

    2. 07 June 2004 UNDER THE WOLF, UNDER THE DOG by Adam Rapp, Candlewick, October 2004, Age 14 and up, ISBN 0 7636 1818 7 I was so in love, I went into my room and drank half a bottle of Robitussin Reading Adam Rapp s upcoming novel, UNDER THE WOLF, UNDER THE DOG, is like watching a car wreck in slow motiond it s such an awesome wreck that taking your eyes off of it for even a second is totally out of the question We smoked and watched the trash whip around for a few minutes Trash will make some pret [...]

    3. Once I heard Dantly tell Welton that the Native Americans used to call that particular part of the morning between the wolf and the dog because the sky is so deep blue and spooky or whatever that you can t tell what s what Is that a wolf on that hill or a dog A man or a monkey A saint or the devil This book this book this book this book this book this bookSteve Nugent spends his days at a place called Burnstone Grove, the place where suicidal kids and drug addicts are kept But Steve falls into n [...]

    4. here s a fresh and disturbing accounts of a teeny winny life, where a father sits watching the reruns of Malcolm in the Middle in the naked a brother who drowns in Robitussin cough syrup and Haldol with testicles hanging cold in the basement with bouts of suicidal mania a teenage boy s sleeping tendency over listening to Interpol s song of pissing in your own pants after having a drop of acid of having exceptional SATs score and being a percentile elite of a gay guy who loves having sex with boy [...]

    5. It s okay Crying is like rain It makes the grass grow in your soul Steve Nugent is a really smart kid, but behind his intelligence is his constant struggle with life His mom, who has breast cancer, died as well as his basketball prodigy brother who commit suicide It doesn t help at all that his dad is not taking his mom s death too well Soon he realized that he was tired of people dying all the time Steve felt suffocated He ran away, smoked, took in illegal drugs, broke into his dad s shop, and [...]

    6. Rapp spoke on the IRA panel and talked about finding his voice in the pages of Catcher in the Rye, and about trying now to give voice to modern day Holdens Yet the relative innocence of CITR how did that book ever get banned is nothing like Rapp s world where broken kids sometimes land in equally broken institutions that try to fix them Here, Rapp tells the story of Steve, doing time in a youth psychiatric hospital, stuck in the middle between Blue Groupers suicidal teens and the Red Groupers ad [...]

    7. I read this book sometime in 2009, and it has really stuck with me this entire time During my last year of high school, I picked it up in one of my 4x weekly study periods, unfortunately located in the extensive school library No studying got done until I d finished it Once I had finished, I went about recommending it aka fluttering it in their faces whilst going omg what Read to the other 6 or 7 kids in my study period I can t confirm whether they did read it or not though They seemed to actua [...]


    9. This book isweird It gave me a strange feeling of unfamiliarity and nostalgia combined Overall, it s a brutally realistic story with unique writing and well developed characters.

    10. This was definitely one of my favorite books in High School I read this parallel to Catcher in the Rye, and surprisingly, this story makes me think of a modern, twisted version of the classic.

    11. This book was a turd The front cover made it sound interesting, but I found it incredibly boring Steve is in a mental hospital or some sort of rehab facility, it really isn t clear The book is written almost as diary from his point of view talking about all past events Mostly what is discussed are the events that led up to his institutionalization His mother died and his brother killed himself, two things that are traumatic and could be hella interesting to read about if the writing wasn t so dr [...]

    12. A recollective story by a sixteen year old Gray Grouper named Steve Nugent I pronounce it as Noojent, I don t care about you , Under the Wolf Under the Dog is disturbing and graphic and gripping and emotionally frank and sarcastically humorous.If you ask parents what is the worst fear they have, they would tell you that one of their children would die If you ask adults what was the zenith fear they had as a child, they would tell you that it was that one or both of their parents would not return [...]

    13. Under The Wolf Under The Dog.A good friend of mine recommended this book whilst I was looking for some new reading material.As soon as I started reading i was completely consumed The writing style was simple but yet so descriptive and straight to the punch Rapp does an amazing job at bringing to light some of the darkest subjects that so many people are afraid to talk about.This book is anything but typical and definitely an acquired taste To call it dark would be an understatement, I found that [...]

    14. I had trouble deciding if I should give this book three or four starsbut I think I made the right choice This was a very moving book about a boy who is in a psychiatric hospital The book is about his journey to the hospital after his mother dies, his father becomes depressed and hi brother commits suicide It is a realistic story of a boy and his journey through heartache, death drugs, and love This is not a book for someone looking for a happy story, it is just a true to life, grity, down on the [...]

    15. This is a fiction story about a teenager who got brought to a therapy place for teens He is brought there because of life experiences and his addiction to drugs The main character, Steven, is dealing with his mother s death, brother s suicide, and father s depression This story has one bad thing after another, and it is very emotional because of what steven has been through.I gave this book three stars because I thought it was good, but there was really nothing to it It was just about all the te [...]

    16. This was one of my favorite books when I was a teenager 14 16 I read it multiple times I don t know It just spoke to me, I guess I liked Rapp s writing style, and the subject matter Stephen s response to the death of his mother and insane emotional hardship he endures throughout the story were really well done or I thought so at the time anyway I think this novel really just captured unbridled sadness without being angsty It introduced me to Interpol and I m currently listening to 40 Holes and 4 [...]

    17. Steve ends up in Burnstone Grove, an institution for disturbed teens, after his mom dies and his brother commits suicide, and he finds his life spinning wildly out of control He is such a lost and yet hopeful character You can feel his exhaustion and his pain and his honest open nature and narrative make you keep hoping that he ll find his way out of the mess that he s in This was not an easy read There are a lot of tough scenes and hard realities to face, and the only thing that gets you throug [...]

    18. Adam Rapp writes beautiful, terrible, haunting books I can only read one a year because they turn the world around me gray and cold This is my one Adam Rapp book So far, very gray Update 10 9 07I read this book in record time for me So fast, in fact, that my boy said to me the evening that I put it down around 12 hours after I d checked it out of the library at 8 PM , When did you have time to read that I had to read it quickly, however, because it had a pround effect on my moods, making me feel [...]

    19. This is my second book I ve read about teenagers taking drugs and having difficulties in their life This is prolly teh most realistic, realistic book I ve ever read I mean I m used to tragics and negative things in realistic books, but this one is really realistic because of the fucked up things are written here xD Like really you expect teenagers writing on a journal with clean writings But, of course, this book is psychotic looking than normal teenagers journals, added up with the drugs and s [...]

    20. Strange first person narrative Steve Nugent is writing this as part of his therapy and, boy, does he need therapy The story evolves as Steve describes the circumstances of his mother s death and his brother s suicide Laced with drug use, sexual references, violence, it s depressing It s _Catcher in the Rye_ updated and with an even ineffectual Holden Caulfield.It makes me chuckle that I wrote this review and still gave it three stars.

    21. Excellent book about the trials and tribulations that so many young people go through Written from the boy s perspective, it seems outlandish to most adults, and there certainly exaggerations, but didn t the world seem outlandish and exaggerated to you as a young person making your way through left Terrific read, great characters, highly recommend it.See above Mistakenly wrote whole review on header Need to write 9 words to be able to submit Hope it makes sense.

    22. Disturbing and graphic, but engrossing and emotionally honest After Steve s mother dies of breast cancer and his brother hangs himself, he goes literally crazy with grief and with the help of cough syrup and acid and ends up in a group home for troubled, addicted, and or suicidal youth Unlike other troubled teen books, this is far from an after school special neither exploitative nor a cautionary tale, it is a raw portrait of grief.

    23. Another rehab novel I love them so This one was beautifully written with amazing metaphors Seriously I wrote some down teeth so white they resembled bathroom tiling eyebrows looked like they might spring off his forehead and start running across the carpet geriatric halloween creature in drag the pain disappeared so fast I almost missed it the bloodstain was like a continent on my leg

    24. The story of sixteen year old Steve Nugent is unsettling in its raw honesty To be frank, I loved it for its exceptional story and portrayal of an emotionally disturbed young man, and disliked it for its crudeness Rapp could not have honestly shared Steve s story without exposing his disturbing psyche The language and explicit descriptions of sexual situations make this book appropriate for older high school or older readers.Schneider Family Book Award Teen book winner 2006

    25. Like 33 Snowfish, Rapp explores dysfunction at its grimmest in this novel The narrator is Steven Nugent, whose mother has recently died of cancer and whose brother hanged himself with a necktie in the basement Steven is now considered at risk and is in an institution for young people who are either drug addicts or suicidal This is a very powerful novel Rapp s depiction of the wisdom of children, when their lives are surrounded by chaos, is touching.

    26. Adam Rapp has accomplished something special with this novel He somehow combined a severly disturbing narrative with laugh out loud, and sometimes shocking humor If you have avoided gritty stories, this one is indeed gritty, but adds a hilarity to the completely disturbing It s a touching combination in this truly touching novel about how you can t move towards a future without first examining your past first You have to deal with things on your own, and that s all there is to it.

    27. Running around with druggies and teens commited to suicde is what this harsh world has come to Adam Rapp captured the outlook of a troubled teenager Steve Nungent After several horrible tragedies going on in his life Steve learns that the world is a terrible place Even fitting in a Rehabilitation center full or red a blue groupers is hard enough.

    28. Steve Nugent is in a facility of Red Groupers drug addicted kids , Blue Groupers suicidal kids , and the Gray Groupers everyone else Steve writes a journal of self discovery about his cancerous mother, suicidal brother, depressed father and the various levels of dysfunction that impinge on him and the people in his life.

    29. The majority if this book is really intense Definitely for mature YA readers Mental illness, grappling with grief, drug abuse it s all here This is not a happy, feel good book It left me hoping Steve is going to be ok but I m not positive things will work out I like that the ending is unsure in this way.

    30. Pretty much a journal recapping the events of a 17 yr old kid who is having trouble dealing with the death of his mother and subsequent suicide of his brother and all the ways he tries coping with the situation.

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