The Delta Anomaly

The Delta Anomaly A shocking San Francisco earthquake shakes up Starfleet Academy entangling cadets Kirk Spock McCoy and Uhura and turns out to have chilling intergalactic implications
  • Title: The Delta Anomaly
  • Author: Rick Barba
  • ISBN: 9781442412415
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • A shocking San Francisco earthquake shakes up Starfleet Academy, entangling cadets Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Uhura and turns out to have chilling intergalactic implications.
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    1. Rick Barba Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Delta Anomaly book, this is one of the most wanted Rick Barba author readers around the world.

    2. This series is like reading a YA Star Trek soap opera The first book in the series, The Edge, got me used to jumping back and forth between characters and I felt better about in this second installment Though the author is different and better , the tone felt similarly campy and fun Kirk is still obviously a ladies man, and I still wish I was reading Spock Uhura erotica Wait, what Did I just say that Anyway, these books are a breeze to get through and full of action For those unfamiliar with thi [...]

    3. This was a pretty short book, but it was a fun trip through the cadet lives of the Abramsverse characters at the academy.

    4. This book is the first in the Kelvin timeline of Starfleet Academy books but it is the second story in the series with the Edge being the first A black fog hangs over San Francisco and in that fog is small machines that want to learn the inner workings of all of the species of Earth These small machines have been causing trouble for the SFPD and one night Jim Kirk faces them but at the end of the conflict a Borg cube appears and heads back to the Delta Quadrant of the galaxy Yes one hundred year [...]

    5. 3.5 Stars As I ve become increasingly obsessed with all things Star Trek related thanks to the J.J Abrams films , it was only a matter of time before I explored some of the Trek fiction that s available While I ve become increasingly fond of the original series character incarnations, I couldn t resist a novel that utilized the re boot characters that I love so well The Delta Anomaly is the first entry in the Starfleet Academy series, which explores the lives of Kirk, McCoy, Spock, and Uhura bef [...]

    6. The Star Trek franchise had a major reboot thanks to the most recent film, which carried the name of the series as its title, by J.J Abrams Jumping back in time as well as an alternate timeline, the famous characters that set the stage with the original series are introduced to viewers during their early years of training at Starfleet Academy.Books have always played a major role with many Star Trek fans, and it seems like that will be continuing as their is now a series being published for teen [...]

    7. 3,5 stars I really want to give this a four It has good humour, good pacing, decent writing, good characterisation, and an economy of movement in the prose that I d hope I can mimic someday if I m writing a fast paced novel, plus it s compulsively readable either that, or I m just that deep in this hell and I need a life , but you lost me at the technobabble I think there is a simpler way to explain nanites and shit without resorting to too much technobabbles I would say is this really YA except [...]

    8. The Delta Anomaly by Rick Barba was the first novel released in the Starfleet Academy series of novels which are set in the JJ Abrams alternative version of Star Trek However, it actually takes place after the events that occurred in the 2nd novel to be released which was entitled The Edge and therefore I read that book first The main plotline is based around the investigation of a rather strange serial killer who seems able to kill people without leaving a single mark on the bodies Kirk, McCoy [...]

    9. Thanks to J.J Abrams, there is a whole NEW universe of Star Trek with which one can explore A place where Vulcan is no what Please the movie is almost 2 yrs old If you aren t aware of the events of the movie, then I am NOT going to give you a spoiler warning Heck what are you doing, reading my blog anyway a place where Kirk is a cocky young captain at like 25, instead of 30 a place where Spock and Uhura have a passionate for a Vulcan affair going on And a place where mainstay Trek writers are g [...]

    10. It s quite shocking for me to not know that this existed When I first saw this book in my local W.H Smith s, I gave myself a mental slap on the wrist for not finding this two years ago I didn t have enough money when I first saw it, so I took to for a copy ah, good ol.The plot of The Delta Anomaly unravels at quite a slow pace the main events and villains are slowly revealed I liked how Barba has written a Star Trek story that young adults and teenagers can relate to, compared to in the series w [...]

    11. The Delta Anomaly is the first novel set in the new robooted Star Trek timeline It is written by Rick Barber and targeted at young adults which brings us to the one major draw back of the Starfleet Academy series, namely that it supplants the adult novels that were planned but canceled.The story itself is pretty straightforward even for a young adult novel , while Kirk, McCoy and Uhura are attending the academy their friend Gaila the green chick from the movie is attacked by an unknown creature [...]

    12. This book is a whole lot better writing wise compared to the second of this series Which actually doesn t mean a lot, since both were written fairly poorly It s written in the alternate universe created in Star Trek 2009 in case you didn t notice the very obvious cover I am unsure whether or not this occurred before or after Kirk had his adventure on the Enterprise I want to say it s a year or so after he joined the Academy, before the events of the movie.I liked the characterization in this boo [...]

    13. 3.5 4 Stars The Gush Though I was unsure of this series, I none the less had to try it because of how much I love the 2009 Movie I love the AOS Universe and all the potential it carries So I took a chance and am glad I did It has problems see below but was engaging with good characterization and situations fans would wish for.Characters They re all here, from Kirk McCoy to Spock Uhura, Galia, and Their characterizations are sound based on what we know from the movie and novelization and are fle [...]

    14. This is a new young adult series based in the Star Trek timeline that was created for the 2009 movie It focuses on the years that Kirk attends the Academy in San Francisco i.e before the main action of the movie.This book is full of personality and energy, especially emanating from Kirk s character and a few others, which I felt were pretty close to the characters as portrayed in the movie Still, parts were irritating, specifically the random use of 90 s slang I really cringed when Kirk said, Yo [...]

    15. Boy, where to start Well, the book was ok Not the worst thing I ve read I was curious enough to finish it although I felt it had some serious problems with world building as well as maintaining the already existing world.I had a hard time understanding why first year cadets were involved in the investigation of serial murders I could understand if they went off on their own and helped without consent of the official investigators, but the idea that authorities in the future would have no clue ho [...]

    16. This is the first book in the young adult series based on the 2009 Star Trek movie It follows the lives of Kirk, Uhura, Bones, Spock and other characters in Starfleet Academy.The book starts with a murder, the first in a series of murders where the seemingly intact victim is left without an internal organ I thought the plot was interesting, but the resolution could have been better There s a lot of scientific talk in the book and I have no idea if there s any real science in it, but nevertheless [...]

    17. How can I say not that great The characters were cookie cutter versions of themselves I guess that is to be excepted when reading a teen novel about a favored franchisee The story was a little interesting, but the story itself is a big let down The best parts are seeing Kirk grow in his dumb down version to be the captain he is in the movies and tv shows The villain in the book bad Not bad like he s an evil person, but bad as in they used a really lame villain I won t ruin who the villain is but [...]

    18. This review is of a note to myself to help me remember what happens for future reference I m posting it on here in the hope that it can help someone.Note I tried to make this review note have any spoilers, so if you think I need to put a spoiler note on it, message me.I was expecting this to be mediocre when I picked it up, and I was right It s not some great piece of literature, but it s entertaining and worth the read if you re a Trekkie It wasn t completely predictable, and it was of a blen [...]

    19. This is another book in the new Starfleet Academy series that features events taking place in the new time line that was established by the 2009 J J Abrams film This series takes place while Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Uhura are at Starfleet Academy In this novel a mysterious killer is prowling the streets of San Francisco and it is up to Kirk and the gang to track him down and stop him before people fall victim to this madman Like so many ongoing series it is easy to sit down and fall into the sto [...]

    20. I loved reading an official Star Trek tie in book set during the characters academy days And I also loved the description of the cadets life at the academy, their rivalry, fun and pranks Schiller the tests Kirk had to pass That part was awesome.The alien entity that was the antagonist in this book was interesting too, a very unusual being But after a while, I started losing myself in all the tests they conducted and in all the results they came to, but especially in Uhura s translating methods M [...]

    21. I still hold that the Academy book titled The Edge comes first chronoloicaly But of course you are bound to have inconsistancies when you hire two different authors to write the series The Edge Must be first just because Spock and Uhura already have the relationship as already established in the previously mentioned novel Dr Griffen is still around even though he was discharged from starfleet at the conclusion of The Edge Kirk is single at the start and finish of the Edge but is seeing someone i [...]

    22. This was a great, quick read It follows the universe created by the JJ Abrams reboot, but takes place prior to the main action of the movie, during Kirk s time at Starfleet.There are a few minor mistakes that die hard Trekkies like myself will spot, but on the whole, they did not draw much away from the story itself Also, there are quite a few discrepancies between the Delta Anomaly and The Edge book 2 in this series, though it takes place prior , which can probably be partially attributed to th [...]

    23. Rick Barba does a very good job of painting a picture and developing characters However, even though this is an alternate universe, I don t think it gives license to do whatever the hell you want.Rick, if you read this, PLEASE pay attention to Trek You ve introduced technologies and species that didn t come into play until the TNG years You ve also brought in elements that were CLEARLY not part of Earth history at this point in Star Trek.Come on Show some respect to the subject and do a little [...]

    24. This book in the series was fun The overarching plotline was fairly well developed and laid out The pacing was pretty good.But I think, by far, that my favourite part was the descriptions of Kirk s Academy tests It s fascinating to get a look at what that school is like and I thought it was a great way especially through Hannah to see a different side of exploration and Starfleet in general.Unfortunately, the ending felt a little rushed and the resolution just wasn t there made me wonder if I sh [...]

    25. This book was published before Starfleet Academy The Edge, yet seems to take place after since The Edge covers the cadets first weeks at Starfleet Academy while this story is well into the first year Yet, here Dr Griffin is still an instructor at the Academy s medical school even though he should have lost his medical and teaching licenses after the events of the The Edge Also odd is that the Orion co ed Gaila is already Uhura s roommate in The Edge, but is only a friend here, though the two are [...]

    26. I have resisted the temptation to read any of the offspring of Star Wars and Star Trek until now Rick Barba penned this particular story, and it is quite well done It takes us back to the days when Kirk, McCoy and Uhuru are at Starfleet Academy in San Fransisco It is a quick read, but there is hidden meat in her for true Trek fans who will realize the importance of the mystery that is unraveled in these pages There is also romance, contact with City Lights that just might inspire a reader to loo [...]

    27. Das erste Mal, dass ich einen Roman aus dem Star Trek Universum gelesen habe Insgesamt hab ich mich gut unterhalten gef hlt und gerade die Charaktere von Kirk, Pille und in seinen kurzen Szenen Spock fand ich gut getroffen.Leider ist der Schreibstil des Buches aber doch seeehr simpel Ich kann nicht sagen, ob das in der englischen Originalfassung auch so ist, oder ob es doch an der bersetzung liegt, aber auch ein Buch, dass sich sicher an j ngere Leser als mich richten soll, darf gern einen elega [...]

    28. When cadet James T Kirk rescues an Orion cadet from a hulking seven foot fellow, he s in turn attacked, only escaping when an another cadet comes in, yelling about 911 He learns it s the return of a serial killer from twenty years before that had murdered seven people, somehow extracting organs without an invasive procedures This ability gets him the name The Doctor from the police.Kirk and McCoy investigate from one end, checking out the black smudge on the Orion s neck and learning something s [...]

    29. Sometimes the best thing to do as a reader is to let yourself fall back into a world you re already familiar with Sometimes that means re reading a favorite, sometimes it means picking up a sequel, and sometimes it means reading a tie in novel for your favorite tv and movie franchise.I had fun reading this book It was campy and a little silly It had all the proper Star Trek isms, McCoy declared at least once per chapter that he is a doctor and not any other profession, Spock only appeared maybe [...]

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