Born Yesterday

Born Yesterday July Imagine A day ago I d never even heard of the world and suddenly here I am in it There s so much to write about macaroni Fun World and a big sister who has it all figured out Which is why bo
  • Title: Born Yesterday
  • Author: James Solheim SimonJames
  • ISBN: 9780399251559
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Hardcover
  • July 8 Imagine A day ago I d never even heard of the world, and suddenly here I am in it There s so much to write about macaroni, Fun World, and a big sister who has it all figured out Which is why boys adore her I need to get her attention back on me and quick But how Should I take up sumo wrestling Stunt flying All I know how to do is write.But don t tell anyonJuly 8 Imagine A day ago I d never even heard of the world, and suddenly here I am in it There s so much to write about macaroni, Fun World, and a big sister who has it all figured out Which is why boys adore her I need to get her attention back on me and quick But how Should I take up sumo wrestling Stunt flying All I know how to do is write.But don t tell anyone This diary you re looking at is TOP SECRET for just you and me
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    2 thoughts on “Born Yesterday

    1. James Solheim SimonJames Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Born Yesterday book, this is one of the most wanted James Solheim SimonJames author readers around the world.

    2. This book is so cute It is about a baby girl who writes about her life, challenges, and feelings I like it so so much Its so funny and it really hits on real life situations but applies a humorous perspective It would be appreciated by both very young up to 4th grade children and also by parents Great for someone about to become a big sibling to see from the new baby s perspective.

    3. One day a baby is born And he decides to keep a diary of his life, starting from inside the womb.Very funny Loved it.

    4. This funny book is told from the perspective of a brand new baby who just happens to be a journalist He frets about being born naked, is amazed by everything his older sister can do, and tries to reach his mobile He looks forward to being talented enough to go to Kindergarten like his sister, enjoys his first lick of popsicle, throws food, bites his foot He spends his days like most babies, but he documents it all That s why he is worried when his sister reads his diary and alarmed when she laug [...]

    5. I haven t ever reviewed one of the books I read to my kids because we read too many but this one I really liked As we all satdy, mommy, Sydney, and Kelanon the floor reading this book we all shared in laughing, smiling, and in pure enjoyment of the creativity of this book So many times you read a book about a new baby in a household and it talks about how the older sibling hates the newborn at first but then begins to like them I m not the biggest fan of those books I get them occasionally but n [...]

    6. This is a very comical book as a baby tells his life through his eyes It goes through how he felt about his birth and his surroundings when he was growing up I believe that young readers would like reading this book because it adds humor to a story and it captivates the readers attention to find out what the baby thinks and does This books takes a different approach as it is told from the viewpoint of the baby and that is the main reason this book is so great James Solheim did a great job captur [...]

    7. Born Yesterday is a hilarious account of an infant who writes about his daily life The book focuses on sibling relationships, as the baby desires to be just like his big sister By discussing adjustment to a new sibling in a humorous way, children are able to see that brothers and sisters are a blessing, not a bother Especially for early elementary students, this book could be used to teach journal writing or first person perspective Since the placement of the text and pictures varies, young read [...]

    8. Funny premise, entertaining story, and cute illustrations Surprisingly, my 9 and 12 year olds seemed to enjoy it than the 7yo The 12yo declared it unique and the 9yo is quoting lines Perhaps because I have 3 sons, I was imagining the baby as a boy as I read it I thought how sweet it was that the boy baby adored a sister so much and wanted to be just like her When I read it the second time to my 7yo , I picked up lots of clues that baby is a girl Silly unobservant me One big problem the entry fr [...]

    9. Title Born YesterdayAuthor Illustrator James Solheim Simon JamesISBN 978 0399251559Date of Publication March 18, 2013Review This book was hilarious I loved that the story was written from the perspective of the baby, and the author did a great job of making the baby sound grown up and professional, while being naive and babyish It s like what you d actually hear if a baby were talking I think I laughed out loud multiple times while reading this book because it s very clever and, again, hilarious [...]

    10. In a word Adorable This book would be a fun read aloud, not only for the kids, but for the parents as well There are a few LOL moments that might go over the kid s heads, but there are still plenty of cute moments that will keep them giggling also I also love the relationship between big sister and little sister, probably because it reminds me of my sister and I, since we share the same age difference as the characters Overall, a very cute, witty, and fun read for all ages.

    11. This is a hilarious picture book written in the diary style popular today in children s books In Born Yesterday, a brand new baby in an adult voice documents all the things he has been doing in his daily life He notes his worries about how he is doing as a baby and his observations of other family members It s a funny book, but I think it s one of those that are appropriate for older audiences that would get the humor In my opinion, it s a picture book geared to grown ups.

    12. This is a great book to show that writing about nothing in your day can really be something special when it s written down My favorite part was when the baby ate some hair My 8 month old daughter tries to eat my hair all of the time It was fun to compare the baby in the book to my baby If you have a little brother or sister, I but you will find this extra hilarious, too.

    13. This book is a humorous diary of a new baby who is discovering new things about the world he lives in This is a good story to show students how to write a journal I also enjoyed reading from the point of view of an infant It was both humorous and gave perspective to how we are always wishing that we were living in the next stage of our lives.

    14. Told in journal format on lined notebook paper and written by a baby just days old, this fun story reminded me of all the little milestones my kids had as infants This wouldn t work for a storytime with a large group, but certainly when I go back to my school job, I would love to sit down with a few kiddos and read this together.

    15. Cute but the humour may be a bit too adult for young readers This would be a great book for children who are almost ready for chapter books but still want to be read to and prefer books with a lot of pictures since the content is a little bit adult for most picture book readers Best for ages 5 8 A good choice for an early elementary school storytime.

    16. So freaking adorable Make me cry Admittedly not hard to do.The voice reminds me of Stewey from Family Guy, except nice Would share this with a class of 2nd through 5th graders during a lesson about family, or to spark a writing assignment about speaking with a voice different than your own Loved it.

    17. Loved this book and immediately ordered a copy for my grandson I know his parents will enjoy it now and he will when he gets older Perfect for families with an older sibling especially if that child is a girl Hilarious take on life through the eyes of an infant including the fact that he couldn t believe he was born without clothesd in front of his mom and dad

    18. Have you ever gazed at that tiny sweet burbling new member of the household and wondered just what s going on in there Who hasn t James Solheim s take on it is hilarious written in diary format is one baby s observations, hopes and aspirations Full review on Pink Me pinkme.typepad pink me 201

    19. Born Yesterday gives a fun perspective of a baby s point of view We don t know exactly how a baby s thought process works, but in this story, the main character thinks in words like an adult This book had me chuckling at every page

    20. Very cute story the diary of a newborn Fun to read with kids, and in a classroom it s great for teaching narratives, journal writing, and perspective It s a lot of fun and full of laughs I highly recommend

    21. I love this book The idea of writing from a newborns perspective is extremely creative and fun idea Everything was new and exciting from this perspective and I was thrilled by the cuteness from within this story and the fresh and energetic ideas that are little baby came up with.

    22. Quite delightful and certainly original The story is a little uneven, with some concepts or words needing to be explained to a child audience, but overall the book elicited plenty of chuckles from my 5 year old critic Naturally, the art is great.

    23. My writer s class will get a kick out of the baby journalist I wanted this to be cuter and clever than it was, but it did have its moments, like how the mobile over baby s crib is so fascinating it s only a green star shape on a string, but it twirls and sparkles and taunts me.

    24. This is such a cute book It is about a new baby that was born yesterday that is experiencing the world for the first time The baby is watching her big sister and wanting to be just like her when she gets older It is a good book to read to students who have just had a new edition to their family.

    25. This book was kind of humorous, a topic that most students would not think about It is a good book to have children read for fun, easy material to understand I loved the illustrations and how the author created a timeline kind of, like each page was a new day.

    26. This one was funny It relates the thoughts of a newborn who keeps a diary and is remarkably witty for his age For whatever reason, it really clicked with me It s probably the gently snarky sense of humor on display.

    27. A newborn baby records his observations of the world and his older sister in particular Use this book as a story starter for students to write about their own observations or their relationships with siblings.

    28. This book is very unique in the way the author has set it up Each page is a different day, and is set up like a diary This is different than most books and I think students will enjoy this book as much as I did.

    29. I can see using this with student s writing journals It s a Diary from a newborn s point of view Would be wonderful to pair with the first chapter of Lois Lowery s All About Sam Reminded me of the movie Look Who s Talking Humor will appeal to parents as well as kids in story time.

    30. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I thought it was very creative and cute Though it is a children s book it had me laughing and smiling throughout I think it would be cute in an older elementary classroom because students will likely understand the humor in it.

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