Finding Home

Finding Home Her family her friends and her conscience all say it s wrong to fall for the hustler she rescued from the streets How come it feels so right When Megan first meets Mouth a homeless teenage hustler
  • Title: Finding Home
  • Author: Lauren Baker Bonnie Dee
  • ISBN: 9781599983059
  • Page: 367
  • Format: ebook
  • Her family, her friends and her conscience all say it s wrong to fall for the hustler she rescued from the streets How come it feels so right When Megan first meets Mouth, a homeless teenage hustler, on the streets of L.A he s the perfect subject for the street life expose she hopes will help her break into journalism She doesn t expect to be drawn into his life and beHer family, her friends and her conscience all say it s wrong to fall for the hustler she rescued from the streets How come it feels so right When Megan first meets Mouth, a homeless teenage hustler, on the streets of L.A he s the perfect subject for the street life expose she hopes will help her break into journalism She doesn t expect to be drawn into his life and become his friend or to take him in after he s been beaten and robbed by thugs.As they learn to live together, a powerful attraction flourishes between Megan and the young man Although he s street smart, tough and mature, he s also a youth in transition When they finally give in to the sexual heat between them, Megan fears she s taking advantage of her position as his mentor.Their relationship challenges every aspect of her life Megan must make difficult choices between the conflicting demands of her friends and family, her career and love Warning Explicit sex, reference to underage sex, graphic language, violence.
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      367 Lauren Baker Bonnie Dee
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    2 thoughts on “Finding Home

    1. Lauren is a London based journalist with two young children who s been craving distraction from the rough and tumble of news and current affairs.

    2. I know But he s He s not a kid He really isn t And he s not as fucked up as you d expect, either He s just a young man trying to get his life together and we kind of, you know, click together He s a boy and it s statutory rape, Sasha said flatly Yes, Sasha, I agree.This book sparked a little debate in my house My husband seemed to think it isn t a big deal if a 17 year old homeless prostitute hooks up with a 23 year old woman I completely disagreed I actually had a strong reaction to the relatio [...]

    3. My rating 4 1 2 So, I was pretty much useless all day yesterday, because whenever I wasn t reading this story my mind was in la la land thinking about it I finished it this morning around 3AM, because despite the fact that I could barely keep my eyes open I was literally so entrenched in this story that I could not break away without reading to the end Unfortunately, finishing it didn t help much with getting it off my mind Finding Home is just one of those books that gets under your skin, break [...]

    4. Note I am shelving this as NA due to character ages, but this book has several explicit sex scenes Adult content will be present in this review Help They can help by coming on down here and giving me a hundred bucks for a fuck That s how they can help I need cash, hear what I m saying Not some do good bitches trying to get me off the street 3.5 stars I think I need to break out some antacids because Finding Home gave me serious heartburn I am not kidding when I say that I was this close to going [...]

    5. So this is one of those books that is difficult to read and even harder to rate My first time reading Lauren Baker was not a let down as she had me questioning my own moral compass from the first paragraph What this book gives is a tale filled with the harsh reality of life on the streetsostitution, drug use, vagrancy, and violence It also tells of an amazing love story so inherently wrong, completely illegal, yet so completely acceptable in my eyes Finding Home introduces Mouth A 17 yr old male [...]

    6. This book blew me away I recently read Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and have been looking for something to compete with it Finding Home came very close to being as good It s different than anything I ve read, but it s an excellent read and very memorable The subject matter may not be for everyone Megan works for a newspaper and is interested in doing a story about homeless boys living on the street selling themselves in prostitution She goes in looking for boys who will be willing to tell [...]

    7. Loved this book Amazing RE READING Because I m fed up of reading about super rich guys P I really had no idea what a hustler meant when I started this book, I was actually stepping in blind PI don t know why I didn t Google it up hahaWhatever, The book was amazingggggg I loved how she found out about the lives of these hustlers on the street, I loved Sean Poor guy, Hate what life threw his way I loved how they worked out, and how things went to twist and turns in the middle and how the cards all [...]

    8. Wow Just wow This was such a wonderful surprise for me I was extremely hesitant in reading it, but am I so glad I did The subject of underage prostitution was really the main reason why I didn t want to read it, however, with that said, our 17 year old hero was way beyond his age He was extremely mature, sexy, and just so mature for his age Aside from the occasional teenage angst, you simply forget that he s only 17 Not once did i end up cringing at the thought of this older woman having a relat [...]

    9. I have no words for how much I enjoyed this book The only thing I would change is I would have liked an epilogue or something to tell me how Sean was going a few years down the track when he reached his full maturity For a boy who had gone through so much, and ended so strong when he was still a teenager, I wanted to see him as a man This book is bound to turn up on my re read shelf in the not to distant future.

    10. You know the feeling you get when you have read one page of a book and you already can tell that you are going to love it Yup, that you re getting from this book I can promise you that I absolutely loved it, and you will too.Finding Home is Megan s story She is a twenty something journalist, looking for the big break She decides to write a paper on the male prostitutes of the town After some struggling nights she finilly gets to meet and talk to a bunch of them, and she meets Mouth She immediate [...]

    11. She didn t know how long they could be together or where they were headed But she did know she d already reached the point where it would hurt if their relationship ended.3 WORDS I LOVED IT even if it s a cliffy p I just love how it showed the reality of life that life isn t the same for everybody That, sometimes, life for others is like a survival of the fittest sort of thing And that life, too, sometimes, involve relationships that you never really expected to be part of until it was right in [...]

    12. I don t connect to all of Dee s books, but this one found a permanent home on my bookshelf I m a sucker for a beaten down boy, flawed in ways than not Looking in from the outside, his salvation may seem obvious and easily acquirable, but Dee forces you to walk in his shoes and discover him as he discovers himself.

    13. Nothing less than a 5 star for this absolutely amazing , tear jerking , heart aching emotional ride I m sooo in love with this book The story most definitely sucks you in right from the start A book that is meant to be read in just one go , this was like an elixir of life I loved everything about this book Megan as the leading lady was superbly presented I admired her total devotion to Mouth Sean and also loved the fact that she never gave up on him This book is a must read not only because of i [...]

    14. 5 stars This is a sleeper hit Not at all what I expected Megan wants to prove to her newspaper boss that she s ready to be a real reporter She gets the idea to go down to Santa Monica Blvd and interview some street kids to bring awareness She is shocked at what these kids have to do to get by down there Observe, don t get involved That is until she meets Mouth, a 17 year old hustler who has made a lot of tough choices in order to survive There is something about him that draws her in immediately [...]

    15. 4.5 starsGoing in to Finding Home, it s safe to say I was very unprepared to what I was about read The blurb only gives a slight indication to what the story is about, but what I found, after reading the first few chapters was shocking Male prostitutes and underage sex Yeah, it was definitely not something I d ever read about before, but you know what, this story worked After the first few chapters, it s hard not LOVE it and I think the author s did a fantastic job It s heart breaking and heart [...]

    16. 4.5 Love s Not Easy But It s Worth It StarsIt s been a very long time since a book resonated so deeply with me that I know I will NEVER forget it.

    17. A beautiful gripping book that is without doubt one of my favorites, the writing is amazingly descriptive It s haunting and passionate, touching and heartbreaking I loved it

    18. FINDING HOME is a thought provoking novel that is sure to leave you pondering the moral and ethical implications presented long after you have read the final words Imagine yourself in the life of a journalist trying to make a name for yourself would you go about doing that Megan is a twenty something journalist in L.A where everyone dreams of seeing their name in lights with no one throwing any stories her way, she decides to go out and find a story of her own In her off time, she infiltrates th [...]

    19. This book started out pretty intense It began as a story about children s life on the streets what got them there, and the quest to get out How exactly does that happen when all there is is a never ending cycle of desperation Until Megan came alongd threw Sean a lifeline I fell in love with Sean and everything about him His youth, his heartaches, his quiet strength, and subsequently his triumphs He s 17 years old, but has lived a lifetimes worth of misery I would have loved to meet him as a grow [...]

    20. Al final l me pareci mucho m s maduro que ella, ac la edad si es solo un n mero Por las experiencias de vida de ambos Sean parece m s adulto Me gusto pero para mi que Megan estaba re alzada, llega un punto que m s que amor daba la sensaci n de que solo sent a lujuria Dejando eso de lado es entretenido y se lee de un tir n, sobrevivi a una relectura que ya es mucho sobre todo teniendo en cuenta que cada vez soy m s quisquillosa con los libros.

    21. 4 Sweet StarsThis was a lovely hidden gem, 17 year old male prostitute Sean meets a 23 year old copy editor trying to catch her break in journalism.When they form a comfortable friendship on the streets, Megan can t resist helping him in his time of need.Really enjoyed it Steamy and sweet.

    22. I happened to chance upon this book through a friend on.Reading the various reviews intrigued me so here I am writing a review after reading it twice.This book just sort of pulled you in the moment you start reading.I guess you have to be open minded while reading this book because we are talking about a relationship between a 17 years old kid with a 23 years old woman.I know I know 17 freaking years old Hence, I said open mind This is not Pretty Woman from the movies.There is no sports car, no [...]

    23. I m so happy JoJo asked me to buddy read Finding Home with her I absolutely loved it The story does deal with taboo topics of prostitution and a relationship with a minor The authors did a great job of not making these the focus of the story but putting the focus on the relationship between Sean and Megan Sean and Megan had the most amazing chemistry the heat between them was coming right off the pages I love making love to you His whisper was as soft as feathers tickling her ear I had one probl [...]

    24. I found myself so engrossed in this book and wanting to know what was going to happen with Sean and Megan that I completely lost track of time and my own reality It s not often that I find myself emotionally connecting with characters but I just couldn t help myself with Sean What that poor boy went through just to survive makes my heart hurt for him I didn t mind the age difference between him and Megan because maturity wise I didn t see much of a gap since he had to grow up so quickly at such [...]

    25. I love the edge this book has, but I find myself dwelling on the things that the authors could have done better First, Sean s struggle through the streets is palpable, and they portrayed such an intense character so fucking well, it s insane But following that I can t help but be a little disappointed with the follow through The beginning of the bookI instantly fell in love with Mouth s character, despite what it involved, because of all the redeeming qualities he slowly revealed This fiction do [...]

    26. Megan meets Mouth Sean on Santa Monica Blvd while researching to write an article about street kids They become quick friends Megan takes in Sean after he is jumped for his money They then learn to live with one another and also have to explain to Megan s family friends about their relationship.This book was ok for me I didn t feel or understand Megan s instant attraction to Sean which she also tried to deny to herself in the beginning I m glad she did take a chance on him though bc Sean has bee [...]

    27. I felt like I was reading this book constantly trying to avoid the proverbial elephant in the room Sean is 17 years old I don t care how mature life on the streets and hardships made himhe was underaged and that just ultimately made this book too disturbing I had trouble embracing Megan because she was an adult taking advantage of not only a teenager, but someone who had never had anyone ever take care of him and show him love I got frustrated with her own immaturity and started to see her as a [...]

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