For Grace Received

For Grace Received Modern day Naples is a city teeming with contradictions a chaotic metropolis in which modernity collides with history a frenetic port city whose inhabitants are as volatile and as contrary as the ci
  • Title: For Grace Received
  • Author: Valeria Parrella Antony Shugaar
  • ISBN: 9781933372945
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Modern day Naples is a city teeming with contradictions, a chaotic metropolis in which modernity collides with history, a frenetic port city whose inhabitants are as volatile and as contrary as the city itself From this rough mix Valeria Parrella has drawn the four exceptional novellas that comprise For Grace Received Here is a portrait of a Naples spanning past and prModern day Naples is a city teeming with contradictions, a chaotic metropolis in which modernity collides with history, a frenetic port city whose inhabitants are as volatile and as contrary as the city itself From this rough mix Valeria Parrella has drawn the four exceptional novellas that comprise For Grace Received Here is a portrait of a Naples spanning past and present the end of the era of tobacco smuggling and the unrestrained spread of hard drugs the vivacity of the traditional extended family and the crushing solitude of countless anonymous loners the fortitude of young men and women forced to make ends meet while their parents serve time, and the long, hard haul of single mothers as they attempt to bring up their kids amidst violence and despair In Valeria Parrella s Naples, life, love and happiness must all be pursued with passion, or not at all The stories in this collection represent some of the finest short fiction to have emerged from Italy in recent years Winner of the 2005 Renato Fusini Prize, the 2006 Zerilli Marim Prize, and among the finalists for Italy s most prestigious literary award, The Strega, For Grace Received announces the English debut of a remarkable new literary talent.
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      Valeria Parrella Antony Shugaar

    2 thoughts on “For Grace Received

    1. Valeria Parrella una scrittrice di racconti italiana.Valeria Parrella is an Italian short story writer.

    2. ATTI UNICIIn principio fu Mosca pi balena, una rivelazione, esordio sorprendente, un successone.E forse per questo, con buona ironia, il titolo di questo nuovo libricino, sempre piacevolmente targato Minimum Fax, per grazia ricevuta Parte molto bene quest altra raccolta di racconti la lingua ancora un punto di forza, fresca, arguta, divertente, inventiva, originale Quartieri SpagnoliIl primo racconto, La corsa , porta immediatamente in scena un personaggio femminile grandioso, e tutto di buon li [...]

    3. Many literary critics say Valeria Parrella is one of the most interesting young novelist we have in Italy There is only one thing I d like to say we got what we deserve And I m referring to both, critics and Parrella.I consider what Parrella does in this book simply disgusting This is not literature This book is merely a cheap trick for pleasing those who miss a folkloristic touch of verism and realism in their ivory towers.I am talking about you You, literary critics who praise those under 30 n [...]

    4. It took me a while to read this book because I picked it up and then couldn t get into the mood to read before picking up another book I m not sure why I didn t stick with it because I ended up really liking it This book contains 4 novellas based in Naples, Italy I ve never been to Naples myself, so I m not sure how well represented it was But the stories are all based in a city where there is a culture of arts and gang violence and hardships all mixed with complicated individuals who lead compl [...]

    5. Ci sono pochi racconti che mi rimangono impressi, ma quelli che lo fanno di solito ci stanno per sempre tanto tempo fa me ne ero accorta per un racconto di Saki che si chiamava The open window , poi successo con un racconto di S King in cui un uomo naufrago su una specie di scoglio in mezzo al niente si mangiava a pezzi mentre aspettava di essere salvato, e poi eccoci qua a questa scrittrice napoletana e all A immaginato terzo racconto del suo secondo libro P.G.R Tutto quello che scrive sembra u [...]

    6. I was very taken with this book of short stories, which I picked up on a whim based on my love of other Europa Editions books I found myself getting very attached to the characters in these stories and wondering what lives they continue to lead after the episodes narrated here Parrella creates situations that are in a way universal to modern urban dwellers, but also felt particularly napolitano.

    7. Questa raccolta sostanzialmente uguale alla precedente Mosca pi balena.Valeria Parrella brava, bravissima, l ho scoperta ad un salone del libro di Torino e voglio leggermi tutto quel che scrive Per ora, solo racconti su donne napoletane.Secondo me lo apprezzate ancora di pi se siete donne.

    8. Un altra raccolta di racconti della Parrella, che conferma la sua bravura I racconti sono quattro, scritti in prima persona dai vari protagonisti La lingua utilizzata dalla Parrella un italiano che rievoca alcune strutture sintattiche della parlata partenopea una lingua comprensibile, che per restituisce anche ai non napoletani il ritmo di tale lingua L effetto molto tenue e, forse, viste anche altre prove del genere, questo pu essere considerato un difetto La Parrella si d un compito difficile [...]

    9. ammetto che quattro racconti son troppo poco per giudicare una scrittrice, ma questo per grazia ricevuta mi ha convinto ben poco punto non che l autrice non sappia scrivere anzi, ci sono dei momenti molto belli, qua e la che alla fine mi ha lasciato poco.e non il mio genere

    10. I love coming across great new short stories from foreign authors, and as my Italian is now nominal in translation I happily encountered and read these A fierce and brutal Naples is the setting and itself a character for these lives and loves darting amidst violence and chaos.

    11. Alcune frasi sono molto belle ma in nessuno dei racconti ho avuto uno slancio Leggevo subivo la lettura.

    12. FOR GRACE RECEIVED 2009 Valeria Parrella 1 2.Ms Parrella, a native of Naples, is a rising star in the world of Italian writers This book is a collection of four short stories or novellas, as the publisher calls them all set in the region of Naples They are all extremely well crafted and unique in their approach to character development The stories in this volume include RUN, a short look at a single mother who has to cope with life without the support of a man in the house, SIDDHARTHA, a story s [...]

    13. Dal z kniha z m nejobl ben j edice Vejde se do kapsy u kalhot 4 pov dky z It lie, kdy jsou hlavn hrdinky eny a kolem nich v udyp tomn zmar P edpokl d m, e takhle tristn se v It lii ije v em, kdo nepracuj v pizzerii nebo page rn O t chto pochutin ch ostatn v knize nebylo ani jedno slovo Jak je to mo n , netu m To je jako napsat knihu o alkoholu a nezm nit Oldu Kaisera Po dvou prvn ch pov dk ch bych dal je t 4 hv zdy, jen e ty dal dv byly slab , p tam nebyla dn mafije ani prostituce I p esto bych [...]

    14. Four novellas longish short stories from gritty Naples The most successful of the four are the gritty ones, one about the family of a courier of dubious merchandise who is murdered, and another about counterfeiters A third, about a college graduate at loose ends family, love, housing and job is middling Least successful is the one about a woman traveling an art business who has an affair is less successful Understandably from a Neapolitan, the writing seems most successful when it is grappling w [...]

    15. I picked this up at the library because I m increasingly in love with Europa Editions and the material they publish But this was the first one to miss the mark with me It was interesting as the following read to Let the Great World Spin, because the stories touched on the same themes of urban decay and the transition into modernity But I just couldn t feel for any of the characters I felt as if I was supposed to know them already when each tale started and just run with this new plot.

    16. Kleine Episoden aus Neapel Gut beobachtet, das schon, aber das B chlein ist mir zu kurz und zu oberfl chlich Da ich die Stadt und die Menschen dort kennengelernt habe, freut es mich, Stra ennamen und Stadtteile wieder zu erkennen Das war aber auch schon alles Die bersetzung ist teilweise falsch.

    17. Modern day Napoli seems a lot like modern day everywhere else It isn t the place that comes out strongly here, as the stories could have been set anywhere really Which brings me to wonder why it s so important to point the author out as Italian These stories are about people who seem to be pretty alone, which could about Seattle freeze had the stories been set here.

    18. I liked it, but I did not find it felt like Napoli to me It could have been anywhere Napoli certainly played no particular role in this book It was nice but not incredible Perhaps I need to read it in Italian Forse la traduzione ha perso qualcosa

    19. Bello, anche se in alcuni momenti la scrittura sembra incastrarsi nel pensiero dei personaggi Le parti che mi sono piaciute di pi sono le descrizioni della citt.Ad ogni modo mi piaciuto, anche se il mio preferito dell autrice rimane Mosca balena.

    20. Interesting and definitely fun This book was smart in a new kind of way that was perfectly suited to short stories Not necessarily uplifting or illuminating, its main strength is in being interesting.

    21. Four stories of Naples A city that was once a kingdom The stories are very human and yet very Naples and Italian.Very highly recommended

    22. This is really 3 1 2 The 4 stories about modern Naples were uneven I also expected to get feel for the city itself.

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