The Missing Girl

The Missing Girl He could be any man any respectable ordinary man But he s not This man watches the five Herbert girls Beauty Mim Stevie Fancy and Autumn with disturbing fascination Unaware of his scrutiny and h
  • Title: The Missing Girl
  • Author: Norma Fox Mazer
  • ISBN: 9780066237770
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover
  • He could be any man, any respectable, ordinary man.But he s not.This man watches the five Herbert girls Beauty, Mim, Stevie, Fancy, and Autumn with disturbing fascination.Unaware of his scrutiny and his increasingly agitated and forbidden thoughts about them, the sisters go on with their ordinary everyday lives planning, arguing, laughing, and crying as if nothing bad coulHe could be any man, any respectable, ordinary man.But he s not.This man watches the five Herbert girls Beauty, Mim, Stevie, Fancy, and Autumn with disturbing fascination.Unaware of his scrutiny and his increasingly agitated and forbidden thoughts about them, the sisters go on with their ordinary everyday lives planning, arguing, laughing, and crying as if nothing bad could ever breach the safety of their family.In alternating points of view, Norma Fox Mazer manages to interweave the lives of predator and prey in this unforgettable psychological thriller.
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    1. Norma Fox Mazer was an American author and teacher, best known for her books for children and young adults.She was born in New York City but grew up in Glens Falls, New York, with parents Michael and Jean Garlan Fox Mazer graduated from Glens Falls High School, then went to Antioch College, where she met Harry Mazer, whom she married in 1950 they have four children, one of whom, Anne Mazer, is also a writer She also studied at Syracuse University.New York Times Book Review contributor Ruth I Gordon wrote that Mazer has the skill to reveal the human qualities in both ordinary and extraordinary situations as young people mature would be a shame to limit their reading to young people, since they can show an adult reader much about the sometimes painful rite of adolescent passage into adulthood Among the honors Mazer earned for her writing were a National Book Award nomination in 1973, an American Library Association Notable Book citation in 1976, inclusion on the New York Times Outstanding Books of the Year list in 1976, the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award in 1978, an Edgar Award in 1982, German Children s Literature prizes in 1982 and 1989, and a Newbery Medal in 1988.Mazer taught in the Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children Young Adults Program at Vermont College.For information, please see answers topic norma fo

    2. The Missing Girl revolves around the five Herbert girls Beauty, Mim, Stevie, Fancy, and Autumn And the story is told from revolving POVs Specifically Beauty, Fancy, Autumn and the aspiring abductor Interesting, but it just didn t work for me The main issue that I couldn t get past was the sympathy Mazer tried to illicit for the abductor Although nothing blatantly sexual is written, it is clear that the man is a sexual predator Therefore, it is beyond me why anyone especially a woman would want t [...]

    3. The man watches the Herbert girls as they walk to school He can t decide which one he likes best, but he does like to watch them all And so he watches and waits and tries to decide.Beauty, Mim, Stevie, Fancy and Autumn Herbert don t notice the man There s no reason they would They are too wrapped up in their own lives, in the intricacies and crises of their world to notice a stranger in their path.And then one of the girls goes missing.The reason this book is so terrifying is because Fox Mazer g [...]

    4. Imagine not knowing that you are being watched from afar every day as you walk to school, giggling, arguing, and playing with your sisters Imagine not knowing that at any moment you or one of your sisters might be abducted by a complete stranger Imagine what would happen if the man who has been watching you, craving time alone with you, suddenly succeeds What will happen to you locked up in a room in his house with no way out Will anyone ever hear your cries for help

    5. This book is really creepy, but the writing is so good There s tons of alternating perspectives which can get kind of confusing, but if you can get through that, it s an amazing and dramatic thriller The book is about a man stalking 5 sisters The perspectives alternate between the sisters and the man so since there are a lot of perspectives, there are lots of short chapters.The weird thing about this book is that I didn t know what to think about this man who, by the way, has no name in the stor [...]

    6. Reviewed by The Compulsive Reader for TeensReadTooThe Herbert sisters are completely ignorant of the man watching them They don t realize his growing and dangerous fascination They are completely oblivious to the fact that their safety is in jeopardy It s only a matter of time now THE MISSING GIRL is a tremendous read Thrilling, suspenseful, and riveting, Mazer easily pulls the reader into the intricately woven story, causing shock, horror, and yet compassion as well This is a bold story that wi [...]

    7. This man watches the five Herbert girls Beauty, Mim, Stevie, Fancy, and Autumn with disturbing fascination Sounds great Not Let me tell you, it was practically a waste of time for me I m not one to sour my words, but honestly, this book was prettyum, plain and flat outunforgettable psychological thriller Whaaaaaat This was barely a thriller horror, I didn t even get frightened and stuff The only horror was when I was just like, UGH WHEN IS THIS HORROR GOING TO END Yep First half of the book cons [...]

    8. I really don t know what the point of this book is I was hoping for suspense or a cohesive plot, but it was all over the place The book tells the story of the Herbert girls, but really only focuses on the oldest and youngest The chapters that are about the other sisters seemed thrown in and not relevant to the story There was hardly any suspense and the characters were difficult to understand and relate to If you are looking for a good YA psychological suspense book, look elsewhere.

    9. the reason why i got this book out in the first place, was because i asked my librarian for a book that is similar to Stolen A Letter to My Captor She gave me this.i can see where she s getting at the ideas are similar a man kidnapping a girl, thinking that he s doing the right thing, honestly loves the girl, wants the girl to be happy, but clearly went about it the wrong way but unlike in Stolen A Letter to My Captor the man in this book physically and sexually abused the girl, Autumn the age d [...]

    10. In the Missing Girl, we are given a glimpse into the daily lives of a family who is struggling economically and then is struck by a family tragedy in the midst of their day to day dramas and life choices First, we meet Beauty, one of the five sisters in this tale Beauty introduces the reader to the family The family consists of mother Blossom , father , Beauty, Mim, Faithful aka Stevie , Fancy and Autumn And then the extended part of the family, Cousin Nate Beauty also shares her desire to leave [...]

    11. Want to see bookish things from me Check out my YouTube channel youtube channel UCferBeauty, Mim, Stevie, Fancy and Autumn Herbert do not notice the man who watches them every day on their way to school The man can t decide which sister he likes the best Until one day he decides and his desire takes root in a terrifying way When one of the sisters gets lost on a walk, she asks the man to help her find her home This is when the man takes his desire to a drastic level What will happen to the sist [...]

    12. I was really disappointed by this book The plot sounded interesting, but when I started actually reading, all of the point of views all seemed the same The youngest sister, Autumn, seemed a lot older than the oldest sister, Beauty A lot of things went unanswered also, including why the man who kidnapped Autumn went to what I guess was prison, why Steve decided to change her name, and if Fancy had a mental disability Most of the time it was not specified who was talking and only Fancy s point of [...]

    13. This book is very plainly written, but it is amazing At first I thought it was a very weird book and did not make much sense, but by the end I was in love with this twist on a kidnapping It switches from first person to third person throughout the book and makes some parts relatable and other parts distant Norma Fox Mazer does an excellent job selecting the times to write in first person and the times to write in third person This book might come across very creepy and psychologically deranging, [...]

    14. This book was okay I can understand that it was Young Adult so Mazer didn t want to get too graphic or have it be too sad but I felt that it was way too light hearted Things like this happen in the real world and they are seriously scary I don t know I just don t think that this book truly captured that I think that it danced along the line of him being a sexual predator way too much, I wish they would ve just come out and said whether rape was involved or not instead of leaving it kind of ambig [...]

    15. I think this book could have been much better if Mazer hadn t tried to do too many things with it The plot involves a sexual predator who has his eye on five sisters First problem some of the sisters have weird names like Beauty,and others have normal names Second problem Mazer tries to reveal each sister s unique personality through chapters that alternate between third and first person That alone is confusing, but then the chapters were way too wordy I could have done away with about half of t [...]

    16. Have you ever noticed that one neighbor in your neighbor hood that you ve never noticed before Well of course you hadn t, you never noticed In this book The Missing Girl it is about these five sisters Beauty, Mimi, Stevie, Fancy, and Autumn going on with their everyday lives and then theirs this man who watches them with a very disturbing fascination It s told from each of their perspectives, The girls are just living their lives as though nothing could harm them Arguing, laughing, just being th [...]

    17. The Missing Girl, by Norma Fox MazerFive sisters, all with unique personalities Beauty is the oldest one,but she doesn t live up to her name Mim is the quiet one,the sister who can calm the group Stevie doesn t want to live by the rules,she just wants to do everything her way Fancy lives in her own world that s all around her teacher and what she tells her special ed class Autumn is the youngest sister at eleven years oldThe sisters are close in ways,but their lives are not as happy as they coul [...]

    18. another BookOutlet buy I was very interested just by the synopsis, though The Missing Girl follows five sisters who are being watched by a mysterious man in their neighborhood But these five sisters have never talked to this man and never notice him, even though he watches them walk to school every morning Throughout the first half of the book, the book is told in alternating pov s among the five sisters and this creepy man The sisters are just living their normal life family troubles boy troubl [...]

    19. The book I read was The Missing Girl by Norma Fox Mazer and this book is a fiction book The setting takes place in March in a town in New York State There are six main characters The first is a man who is middle aged and watches girls, the second one is a girl named Beauty who is seventeen and a half and she has four sisters named Mim who is sixteen, Stevie who is fourteen, Fancy who is twelve, Autumn who is eleven The story is about a man who one day sees these girls and stalks them until one d [...]

    20. The Missing Girl is written by an excellent, but often overlooked YA author, Norma Fox Mazer But this was a disappointing novel The Missing Girl is supposedly a thriller, but gets bogged down by having six different points of view Each of the five sisters is a narrator and the sixth narrator is the predator who is stalking them The suspense gets broken up by family and teen drama in the first half of the book and seems incomplete in the second half Mostly it is the story of a family disintegrati [...]

    21. The moral of the story If you happen to be a fifth grade girl, don t go on walks by yourself in secluded areas and above all don t stop to ask the nice man you met when feeding ducks at the pond for directions The Missing Girl, with its horrifying subject matter, is a hard book to stomach, but Mazer tackles the abuse issue tastefully and with restraint Really my main objection content wise is a scene in which the oldest sister admits she s a lesbian I know, I m intolerant, but the exchange struc [...]

    22. This book is about a family who has no idea that they are being watched, and that one of them is being targeted by a very, very creepy man.Over all, I enjoyed this book I liked getting the perspectives of the other sisters, and I liked the way that the author was able to smoothly transition from one point of view, to another.However, this book was creepy on many levels I recommend it to people who want something intriguing.

    23. The 5 sisters are being watched by a mysterious man, all the while dealing with issues of their own The story has some strange tenses, and once one of the sisters is kidnapped the story gets much disturbing.It was, however, a very fast paced read, one I read in a sitting.

    24. A quick read, very creepy Told in alternating POVs of the five Herbert sisters, each different from the others, and the man they don t know is watching them.

    25. This book is a little confusing, because it switches points of view and writing style every few pages It s kinda freaky, because the events in this story could actually happen Eeew.

    26. Great book, A bit confusing when each chapter is a transition between characters But an overall good book.

    27. My book I read was The Missing Girl by Norma Fox Mazer This book introduces the main characters to the reader right away The senseless, creepy old man that lives down the street from the Herbert s has had a liking for all the girls ever since he first laid eyes on them The family consists of 5 girls Beauty, Autumn, Fancy, Mim, and Stevie, along with a mom and a dad The mother of the 5 girls works in a nursing kitchen and makes little to no money Or at least not enough to make an annual income gr [...]

    28. This book is very intense but its not too graphic It gradually gets intense as you read.For example, the part when Autumn Huddle finally finds a way to escape her captors hold she leans out the window and decided if she should stay or if she should go You turn the pail over, trying not to step in the pee that spills out and put the pail upside down under the window you step onto it, and now you can really see out the fresh rain splashes your face and for a few moments its enough just to be brea [...]

    29. The Missing Girl was a great thriller that I enjoyed reading Although I found the book very boring leading up to the climax, once I got to the climax I could not stop reading I also found the different perspectives a little confusing Sometimes it was hard to keep track of who said what Because of this, I don t feel like the author did the best job with characterization I wish that the author would have described the setting than she did because all she told us about the setting was that it was [...]

    30. I had a difficult time getting used to the alternating points of views, as well as the uncommon and honestly, annoying names of the siblings Once I finally was able to become used to the writing pattern by Part 3, I felt there was a lot missing to the story that could have been elaborated When I finished the book, I found myself wanting information about the kidnapper and Autumn s time spent under his control.

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