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Everyone Poops Finally a beginning science book that really addresses the needs and interests of the very young child Since we all eat we all must poop It is this basic message that this wonderful book presents in
  • Title: Everyone Poops
  • Author: Taro Gomi Amanda Mayer Stinchecum
  • ISBN: 9780916291457
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Finally, a beginning science book that really addresses the needs and interests of the very young child Since we all eat, we all must poop It is this basic message that this wonderful book presents in a form that is both humorous and informative.
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      197 Taro Gomi Amanda Mayer Stinchecum
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    2 thoughts on “Everyone Poops

    1. Taro Gomi is a major children s illustrator and writer He has than 400 book titles to his credit His work has been widely translated into 15 other languages.Tar was born in Tokyo and he graduated from ID department, Kuwazawa Design Institute His readers range from babies to adults, with an equal number of fans overseas His work has been appreciated considerably with both domestic and international honours such as the Sankei Jido Shuppan Bunka Award, Bologna Children s Book Fair Award among others Along with authoring children s books, he is well known in the fields of Stationery design, clothing design, production of young children s animated videos, CD ROMs, essays etc.His popular books published in English include Everyone Poops, Santa Through the Window, Where s the Fish , My Friends and The Crocodile and the Dentist.

    2. This book has turned my life completely around.I used to have a very negative attitude towards those who told me that everyone poops I was really quick to dismiss their claims that everyone poops as mystical hogwash, a sort of pseudo scientific feel good philosophy designed to scam the gullible out of their money I mean, when we were kids, who didn t imagine themselves one day pooping I know we all tried it, and imagined that we could poop, but eventually most of us grew out of this phase and mo [...]

    3. I ve got a 3 year old that won t poop on the potty Nope She just takes a dump in her underwear Yum So, as semi gross as the illustrations in this book were, it s nothing compared to the mess I have to clean out of her pants every day.Basically, this is an illustrated book for children about various animals and the way they poop Then it throws in how kids and adults poop on the potty, and babies poop in their diapers Again This is illustrated, but it s cartoonish so it s not like you re going to [...]

    4. The realization that everyone does indeed POOP, may not be so comforting after all .Up and Out by Jeremy Kaye

    5. This Post modern work tackles the taboo subjects of poop, and those who do the pooping I won t spoil the ending for you but lets just say that there are enough plot twists to keep you guessing Clearly inspired by contemporary feminist theory with a hint of neo marxist thought

    6. OK so Everyone poops Duh I m not really so sure what the point of this book is If it s meant to be funny, it kinda failed, because I don t think that toddlers will appreciate poop as a funny word yet You have to get to the age where poop can be embarrassing and therefore be subject to becoming a joke Five maybe Or ten Or thirty five If it s meant to be informative, it kinda failed there, too It s not informative as a potty training book because it has no information about potty training at all, [...]

    7. I m torn Either this is the most brilliant potty training book ever published Or else it s friggin creepy as hell Or maybe it s both at the same time Take your pick My mother in law, sister in law and I went day after Christmas shopping today in a very small tourist town in northern Wisconsin The selection of shops in town is primarily of the tchotchke shop variety They each found a heavily discounted Christmas tchotchke for future years and I bought yarn I also found a display of children s boo [...]

    8. Didn t answer pressing question about what whale poop looks like Two stars I have no idea why this was on my list of books to read Maybe someone put this on here as a practical joke Jokes on you, trickster person I have read it and now I know about different poop, which is clearly superior knowledge that you do not possess and with it I shall take over the world Good day.

    9. Amusing book Part of being an animal is we all poop and this book has fun showing this part of life My brother got this and had me read it before he had kids That s his humor.

    10. I did not realise this book has been around for so long Indy asked me to get it for him, they must have been reading it at pre school I also didn t realise it s a translation I love how these concepts are so fascinating to children When yep, quite simply, everyone poops , as Indy says

    11. My best friends daughter refused to go poop in the potty she would cop a squat outside in the rockslol I m not kiddinglol and I tried not to laugh but how can you not I got her this book and sat her down and we read it It showed her that all people and animals poop She said, But Aunt Lisa, the animals are pooping outside, why cant I So I told her that yes, animals poop outside, but animals also lick their butts clean instead of using toilet paper and they get worms in their bellies YES, Prob not [...]

    12. My kids I read this about ten years ago We all thought it was great fun Our favorite line A one humped camel makes a one humped poop A two humped camel makes a two humped poop

    13. This book is responsible for asking the most haunting unanswered question I have ever confronted What does whale poop look like

    14. The images aren t that great, but they get across the message without being too graphic Here kids are introduced to some basic science ideas all animals need to eat, and there s a connection between eating and pooping Older kids ages 5 8 can be encouraged to think a little beyond the obvious E.g What does whale poop look like What happens to the food when it s in the body the waste that comes out sure doesn t look like what went in Update I just read this book to my nephew who is 3 years 1 month [...]

    15. This book has fabulous illustrations and doesn t shy away from its subject It asks the question, What does whale poop look like Oddly, when I searched for it by title, this is the other book that came up God Wants You to Be Rich How and Why Everyone Can Enjoy Material and Spiritual Wealth in Our Abundant World, by Paul Pilzer.Ponder the connections between these two volumes, dear reader.

    16. Al mismo tiempo un librito para nenes, poes a budista y una concepci n subversiva Subversiva para qui n para aquellos bienpensantes de siempre que quieren borrar al cuerpo, hacerlo una m quina perfecta e invisible, superior al resto de la naturaleza.Estas dos citas un cuento y un poema creo que son compa eros honrosos Debido a su excesiva curiosidad, una anciana cay de su ventana y se estrell contra el suelo Otra anciana se acerc a su ventana y mir a la que se hab a estrellado, pero debido a su [...]

    17. This came out the year that I has taking honors biology in high school My teacher thought it was the cutest darn thing she d ever seen in her entire life and told all of her students that we could write a sort of short book report on Everybody Poops for extra credit to make up for the less than stellar average the class got on the last test strangly enough a test on the digestive tract Anyhoo she was right It IS, in fact, one of the cutest darn things anyone can ever see, as well as being inform [...]

    18. The quintessential poop book Never before has so much truth been contained in the two word title of a book While many consider the sacred texts of their religions the ultimate guide to life they clearly haven t read Everyone Poops.Gomi s brilliant pictographic style and simple prose educate readers young and old about the realities of pooping especially the fact that everyone does it.This book would be a perfect follow up to the book Everyone Eats or a precursor to Everyone Dies oh if only they [...]

    19. OMG, I m sure my Mamma read me this boo when I was potty training, but I don t remember, what I do remember is being six or seven years old and her reading it to my little sister I thought it was hilarious

    20. Logan got this book for Christmas from his Aunt Lacey After reading this book, I m pretty sure there are some people who are either in denial or they have been fibbing Can t wait till they publish the book everyone toots.

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