Stealing Faces

Stealing Faces Twelve years ago Kaylie McMillan fell victim to serial killer John Cray s sick obsession and escaped So did Cray Twelve years later the nightmare still haunts Kaylie putting her sanity in jeopardy a
  • Title: Stealing Faces
  • Author: Michael Prescott
  • ISBN: 9780451198518
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • Twelve years ago Kaylie McMillan fell victim to serial killer John Cray s sick obsession and escaped So did Cray.Twelve years later, the nightmare still haunts Kaylie, putting her sanity in jeopardy and her life at stake Because Cray is still out there.And tonight, he s going to finish what he started
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      184 Michael Prescott
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    1. A pseudonym used by Douglas Borton, aka Brian Harper.Douglas Borton grew up in New Jersey and attended Wesleyan University, then moved to Los Angeles and pursued a career as a screenwriter After working with several independent producers, he eventually switched to writing novels, a much less stressful occupation He has published 25 thrillers, starting with horror novels in the 1980s and continuing with suspense and crime novels in the 90s and beyond His latest book is Bad to the Bone 2015 , a sequel to Blood in the Water 2014 After twenty years in traditional publishing, he went the indie route in 2011 and has become one of America s bestselling ebook writers.

    2. I ve been reading and reviewing a fair amount of books this year, all of them quite good, and most of them on Kindle Of course, I vet them before I accept a review request by reading the first few pages and the synopsis There s nothing worse than reviewing a book that bores you to tears or that just isn t your cup of tea So I almost always love the titles I accept.In the midst of all these excellent books, however, came STEALING FACES This high suspense thriller literally knocked my socks off.Mr [...]

    3. I struggled on whether I should give this book one or two stars The opening scene was really good well written and enticing, if not a little disturbing it got me excited for the book And then the rest of the book was disappointing The writing was poor I m pretty sure the author used a lot of big words just to fool people into thinking that he is a good writer Apparently it worked because a lot of people have rated this book highly Meanwhile, I m pretty sure he just had a thesaurus handy every ti [...]

    4. This book started a little bit slow but suddenly I was completely engrossed in it Very easy to associate with the characters As soon as you re invested in this you start cheering for Kaylie at every turn she makes Dr Cray is the bad guy but only she knows it Its hard for her to convince others because everyone thinks she s crazy She has to stop Dr Cray on her own and how she does it is great Truly enjoyed this book Michael Prescott always surprises me I love it

    5. Clever, great characterization, and one of those books where the suspense is so great, you just MUST read one page, just one d then you re at the end.

    6. Excellent thriller involving a psychiatrist, serial killer, and the girl that just will not go away Is Dr Cray the killer Or does the girl suffer from a mental illness Frightening There is enough madness in this story to scare anybody Then there is the big surprise Dr Cray is a brilliant character I love him I loved reading his thoughts, as brilliant crazy as they were The girl is almost perfect for the role she plays, except she s simply not smart enough So, she s not as believable as I wanted [...]

    7. A predator who only feels alive when hunting women, who believes that there is no ghost in the machine, and people are just animals, is being stalked by a woman from his past the one that got away literally.Unfortunately, John Cray is a cliche wrapped in another cliche, prone to dramatic preachy monologues that were so unoriginal it was all I could do to not groan aloud The lack of attention to developing the villain as a character made the book feel plastic and 2D a hammer horror and this was a [...]

    8. When I first started reading, I thought that maybe I had read it before A serial killer who rips off people s faces Was that in a different book Or had I just read this book before I don t know As I kept on reading, the book started to seem new to me I didn t remember reading all of the stuff in the middle before The ending was slightly familiar.I enjoyed reading this book I shared in the main character s frustration that nobody believed that Dr Cray was evil And that poor Kaylie could not go to [...]

    9. This was an incredibly by the numbers thriller And sadly, I don t think the author meant for it to be It seemed to be trying so hard to burst out of the mold, but it was formulaic and boring as anything you d find in this genre Worse yet, the killer was a long winded blowhard who wasn t in the least intimidating The female lead seemed intent on making every rookie mistake she could And the final hero of our story was the same old cop with the same old sordid past you d see in any cop drama The m [...]

    10. Easy read picked from Recommended for You list on Kindle Store Kind of disturbing the way the author dove into the killer s psyche Had me wondering than once, Is this how this guy thinks in real life Creepy.Kept me entertained I wanted to find out what happens next although the writing was less polished than some The characters were real enough, and I found myself rooting for the protagonist.Rating says it all It was OK Wouldn t recommend and wouldn t read again.

    11. so far so good I have enjoyed the book Only about halfway done with it but I can t seem to put my Kindle down for very long before I m reading it again LOVED IT

    12. Kaylie McMillan is a young woman who has spent many years eluding those that hunted her Lately, however, she has become the hunter Her prey is a man named John Cray Her reason for hunting him she suspects he is the one behind a murder recently uncovered in an area outside of Tuscan, Arizona known as the White Mountains The victim s name was Sharon Andrews Her body was discovered after a flash flood pulled it free from the grave it was buried in, the plastic it was wrapped in to keep predators fr [...]

    13. Possible spoilers Ok, when I first ran across this book on my Nook and read the summary of it, it intrigued me enough to read the free sample But I never made it thru the whole sample because I just decided I had to buy the book and see why Cray was being followed by this woman and who she was Well I am glad for my impatience, this book was so good, it drove me crazy and up the wall with questions Dammit, it almost had me pissed off because the author knew exactly how to drag out the necessary d [...]

    14. loved this book 100% I enjoy a book when you cant perdict the end but at the same time root for a character like the one in this book if you are looking for a book that will have you on the edge of your seat Than this is the one to read.

    15. First off, I need to say one thing in regards to a review of this book that I read on here The individual had stated that the author used big words and probably had a thesaurus the entire time in writing this book I disagree or my vocabulary is much better than I give myself credit for There weren t any huge words that I did not know except for the prescription drugs.Ok now I really enjoyed the premise of the story and also the style of writing There was something that just sucked me into this b [...]

    16. I don t recall ever reading Michael Prescott before, but after reading this, I am anxious to read another I loved this book, and literally could not put it down I liked how we not only get to see inside the killer s head, but we also get to see inside Kaylie s head, too 12 years ago she escaped, and is back to take Cray out, once and for all Having been in hiding and on the run, using multiple aliases over the past 12 years, Kaylie is ready to be set free It s amazing how many times this woman m [...]

    17. For those readers who enjoy a good thriller, Stealing Faces by Michael Prescott definitely fills the bill.Women are going missing One of the woman is found with her face cut away, and only one person knows what s happening That person is Kaylie McMillan, a woman on the run for the last twelve years after an unprecedented escape from a mental institution where she was held after the murder of her husband.Dr John Cray, the Director of the institution and her therapist during her time there, sudden [...]

    18. I m about a third of the way through this and can only think about how lucky the heroine has been so far Well, interesting book that was horrible in parts and interesting in others It s a story about a psychiatrist who s director of a mental institution who thinks killing women and taking their faces is a great way to spend an evening He s being stalked by a former patient who was in the hospital after shooting her husband She escaped and we re now 12 years later There is a clever detective with [...]

    19. A very enjoyable read full of action, thrills and chills Once I actually got busy reading it I couldn t put it down I have to admit that I was able to figure some things out ahead of time which is unusual for me but that made me enjoy it that much I like to be surprised but I also like to be able to put the clues together and figure it out for myself before the reveal Since this happens so rarely for me, it helped make this a great read Dr John Cray appears to be a wonderful man who helps peopl [...]

    20. The book began with the killer hunting down a young woman in the mountains and killing her This is what he does for fun and sport He finds a young woman is following him but she manages to elude capture a few times and even get captured but gets away before he can start the game with her The woman is someone from his past and I can t say much without giving it away.The good the killer was very well thought out and presented I was impressed with the creepiness as he hunted down the helpless woma [...]

    21. This was a pretty decent thriller The psychological aspect of it was good as a psych major, I enjoyed it I felt that if the author had gone into the back story a little , it would have been better Some parts seemed to drag a little The characters were good I especially liked Kaylie I felt that her character was the most complex John Cray was sinister but a little blah And the detective was another character I enjoyed The last chapter had me on the edge of my seat but up til then, the story moved [...]

    22. Psychologically super scary Though this story provided me with nightmares for a lifetime worrying about the professionals we entrust ourselves to and the graphic needless, senseless way a person can perish it is nonetheless well written and moves along near seem less I really like the ending where the detective gets closure and do I detect a sense of a possible romance between he and the star victim My only issue was sometimes the descriptions that were used involving other people, real or legen [...]

    23. Good enough read, rather long and drawn out however I found myself losing interest at various points, but the author did manage to reel me back in Cray of course was an interesting pyscopathic, but annoyingly over the top Of course in the end, his own arrogance was his undoing Kaylie, I liked but she started off pretty weak, and of course througout the course of the book had than a few dumb moments Detective Shepherd was pretty cool, typical of most cops in that they don t believe anything with [...]

    24. I was in the mood for some fiction, and this one was 0.99 in the Kindle store It wasn t as bad as most of the cheap Kindle books I ve read It was rather interesting, especially the antagonist who was so logical and unemotional that he had broekn people down into nothing than chemical reactions, and thus felt no compunctions in killing them Very interesting to me, as a study of someone crossing over that line.The protagonist was a little annoying I like stories where the good and evil sides can [...]

    25. A brutal serial killer that hunts his victims down like prey and collects their faces as trophies, a young woman on the run from her old life and a homicide detective trying to cope with the loss of his wife are the protagonists of this fast paced Thriller Throw some theories and facts about the human mind in the mix and you get an intriguing page turner with some surprises and twists Try not to read too many reviews, I ve found they are giving too much away too soon.We have to believe there s [...]

    26. What a spooky, edge of your seat, thrill ride this one was a real page turner, from cover to coverJohn Cray is a brilliant and ingenious master of deception driven by a single terrifying obsession to expose the true nature of a woman s soul by removing the mask that conceals it His newest victim is a woman of many disguises But none of them will protect her For she has willingly stepped into the darkness of Cray s shadow And tonight, when the line between hunter and prey is crossed, the game wil [...]

    27. From the very beginning I was hooked I have always loved suspense novels and this one was not a disappointment.It starts with a serial killer that hunts his prey in the dessert and then when he gets them he steals their faces The story throws you a curve because the serial killer is being stalked by a women You find yourself drawn into the story of who, what where and why There are several times that I was thrown because the writer takes you on a different road them some other suspense novels th [...]

    28. Stealing Faces was a good, interesting read Some reviews mentioned that it may be too gory, but really there are only a couple, rather short sections that can actually be considered gory , and those are easily skimmed if someone did not want to read them The book raises very interesting questions about what is sanity, how should it be defined, and should we really trust those who define it The building of suspense in this book is pretty well done the reader is forced to question who really is sa [...]

    29. A very quick read, this novel delves into a story of a serial killer who abducts women, takes them to a wilderness area, releases them and then hunts them down Once he catches them again, he peels off their face as a trophy while they are still alive Fortunately, this is only described once or twice, and the plot concentrates on a woman who had escaped the killer and on her attempts to hunt HIM An interesting tale, and one that keeps you turning the pages

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