King of the Pygmies

King of the Pygmies When a teenage boy begins to hear voices his uncle offers him an alternative explanation in this poignant provocative novel from award winning author Jonathon Scott Fuqua Havre de Grace Maryland is
  • Title: King of the Pygmies
  • Author: Jonathon Scott Fuqua
  • ISBN: 9780763614188
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a teenage boy begins to hear voices, his uncle offers him an alternative explanation in this poignant, provocative novel from award winning author Jonathon Scott Fuqua.Havre de Grace, Maryland isn t the kind of place where miracles happen That s why when fifteen year old Penn starts to hear voices, he is terrified These aren t just any voices, though they are theWhen a teenage boy begins to hear voices, his uncle offers him an alternative explanation in this poignant, provocative novel from award winning author Jonathon Scott Fuqua.Havre de Grace, Maryland isn t the kind of place where miracles happen That s why when fifteen year old Penn starts to hear voices, he is terrified These aren t just any voices, though they are the thoughts of people close to him He can hear his parents unspoken gripes with each other He can hear his retarded brother s silent anxieties He can hear his neighbor s descent into quiet desperation And he can hear his girlfriend s tentative feelings of tenderness His momma wants him to go to a therapist to get treated for schizophrenia, but his similarly gifted Uncle Hewitt, a former police chief turned town drunk, tells him the truth Penn s ability to hear other people s thoughts and take away their pain doesn t make him sick It makes him special From the acclaimed author of THE WILLOUGHBY SPIT WONDER, DARBY, and THE REAPPEARANCE OF SAM WEBBER comes a compelling story of a young man s struggle to come to terms with his disability a novel of courage, determination, and hope.
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    2 thoughts on “King of the Pygmies

    1. Jonathon Scott Fuqua has written the highly praised and Alex Award winning novel, The Reappearance of Sam Webber, as well as the critically acclaimed and recently published book, Gone and Back Again He is also the author of three much lauded, award winning young adult novels King of the Pygmies, DARBY, and The Willoughby Spit Wonder.For teenagers and adults, he penned a groundbreaking graphic novel, In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe All of his published books are available nationally and internationally.Most recently, Fuqua published his children s book, Calvert The Raven in the Battle of Balti The first installment in his Flying Through History Series, the book commemorates the Battle of Balti in the war of 1812, which led to the retreat of the British Armada and inspired the United States national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner Fuqua has received two Maryland State Arts Council Awards for fiction writing, and is the writer in residence at the Carver Center for the Arts Both his writings and paintings have appeared in newspapers, magazines, books, on book covers, posters, limited edition prints, postcards, and stationery A teacher of fiction writing, literature, and art, he lives in Balti with his wife and daughter.

    2. This was really good First of all, I had no idea until about half way through the book if he was a mindreader, or just plain old schizo I liked that sense of mystery, which I m sure that Penn felt.And Matty I think I m in love with him He s mildly retarded, and amazingly sweet He s a great character to add to the book, because it s interesting to see people interact with him He s much better than all the retarded people I know, like my uncle, etc, by which I mean he s not quite so bad off, menta [...]

    3. Truthfully, I m totally confused by this story Especially after reading the author s notes at the end of it At first I thought that perhaps don t read if you don t want any spoilers Penn really could hear people s thoughts that it was one of those kind of sci fi fiction But then I read the author s note about schizophrenia, and you realize that Penn s character really does have that sickness, and you get confused as to how he could hear those voices Sure, they re voices in his head , but as it i [...]

    4. It was nice to read a book from a boys POV It has been awhile since I picked up a book where a man was telling the story or in this case a teenage boy I really enjoyed listening to Penn tell his tale I d like to dissect so many details in this book however since I have a few friends that have King of the Pygmies on their to read list I won t This is one of those books that besides the story summary anything else you say will give it away So for now I ll tell you that this is a story of hope, cha [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book The writing style was extremely enjoyable It was a different sort of book than what I was expecting The story line took me by surprise I also was very thankful for the author s note featured at the end.

    6. This book was a unique take on schizophrenia with just a touch of Robert Cormier s Fade injected in it The characters were likeable and the read was super fast I am still a little unsure on the ending because there was a ton of build up but still leaves you wondering Overall, goodt great.

    7. Originally rated G by Terri SquegliaThis story is a look at an adolescent boy who is experiences the onset of schizophrenia It takes places in a small town on the Chesapeake Bay where fifteen teen year old Penrod a.k.a Penn lives his father, his mental health worker mother, and mildly retarded older brother Life seems great for Penn, for he has a loving family, a job delivering the local newspaper, and a relationship with a girl from school Everything appears to be going along just fine, until o [...]

    8. I love Penn s voice in this book Every time I imagined smooching with a girl, I nearly detonated from strain, like a car that can t climb out of first gear I love how hard Penn tries to win Daisy and the crazy things he says to impress her My favorite thing about the Philippines is that they ve got rubber trees Can you imagine how cool those are I love how he shows her around town, pointing out places where minor events a teenage boy would be interested in took place I also love how, as serious [...]

    9. I happened along this book at the nursing home where my private client resides and I instantly drawn to I started reading it to her and when I was by myself She seemed to enjoy it and I thoroughly enjoyed it as it was so moving and so reality based I think it opens a much needed door on issues of mental health and stigmas, too many people don t report mental health issues due to the fear of being judged.I was entranced with this book and could not put down, there were several nights I was up til [...]

    10. I m always hungry for fictional works about mental illness But this just wasn t what I was looking for.King of the Pygmies, by Jonathon Scott Fuqua, is about 15 year old Penn discovering, and coming to terms with, his schizophrenia The plot itself was just dull None of the characters or moments stuck out to me I found myself skimming through, due to boredom, and looking forward to the end Basically, a boy starts hearing voices and he thinks that he magically became a mind reader meanwhile everyo [...]

    11. Pretty bad book The characters were boring and unrealistic The protagonist was bland and dumb as a rock, the plot if you can even call it that didn t go anywhere, and the whole point was only revealed to me through the author s notes at the end If this book is trying to promote awareness about schizophrenia, it failed If the author was trying to create a multi layered book about a teen suffering from a mental illness, he failed utterly Perhaps he should take a few notes from Ned Vizzini s It s K [...]

    12. Penn lives a normal life in a gritty town on Chesapeake Bay, when all of a sudden he starts hearing other people s thoughts Is he going crazy, or is he really gifted in an unusual way All he really wants is to spend time with this really interesting girl from school and not deal with it This totally didn t go the way I thought it would I thought it was going to be a fantasy story, but really it was an exploration of Penn developing a light case of schizophrenia, with the fantastical magical thin [...]

    13. I can t even finish it It sucks It makes no sense It s so confusing The dialog is crap I hate it I don t like the way he interacts with people, he plays himself off as an idiot The way he tries to win Daisy over makes me want to tear my hair out The way Fuqua portrays schizophrenia is down right insulting This is not what those people experience I know many schizophrenics and I have studied the illness.

    14. I thought this was going to be the tale of a boy who possessed the ability to read others minds, but sadly little mind reading occurred The majority of this book was spent with Penn trying to convince his parents that he was not mentally ill It wasn t badly written but it was terribly misleading He only read others minds maybe four or five times throughout the course of the 242 pages.

    15. This book had me on the edge of my seat the whole entire time I really enjoyed the storyline, and the setting was also perfect I recommend this book for ALL ages When you are going through something bad in your life, use your IMAGINation Jonathon Scott Fuqua is one of my favorite writers by far.

    16. Another one that I read so that I could recommend it to my chickadees Interesting read focused on a young man who hears what others are thinking Can t spell schiophrenia but the young man s family has a history of it his paternal uncle admits to having used it to his advantage for years in his law enforcement career Interesting resolution.

    17. If I do not pick up a book for than 5 days when I m in the middle of it I m totally bored with it I couldn t finish this Either I didn t have my heart set to in the first place, or I never really read the back cover but picked up in a dollar resale shop bin I m thinking a combination of the two.

    18. What a crap book We re lead to believe that the main character is a mind reader and then when the plot as it is runs it s course, it s decided not revealed or evidenced we re just told that he s actually mildly schizophrenic Not only was the book not entertaining, it was a soft pedal of a serious issue that better books have come from.

    19. I didn t really like this book The writing was seemingly monotone and completely blatant, and the story line itself was lacking The characters weren t really doing it for me either I wouldn t recommend it.

    20. I liked this book because it was an easy read The plot didn t really go anywhere, though But it was a good story, especially because I could relate to it.

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