The Bride and the Beast

The Bride and the Beast Dear Reader I d been prowling the crumbling ruins of Castle Weyrcraig for so long that I could no longer remember if I was man or beast Then one stormy night the superstitious Highlanders of Ballyblis
  • Title: The Bride and the Beast
  • Author: Teresa Medeiros
  • ISBN: 9780553581836
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dear Reader,I d been prowling the crumbling ruins of Castle Weyrcraig for so long that I could no longer remember if I was man or beast Then one stormy night the superstitious Highlanders of Ballybliss decided to leave a helpless virgin bound to a stake in the castle courtyard to satisfy my insatiable appetites.My demands might strike terror in the hearts of men, but thisDear Reader,I d been prowling the crumbling ruins of Castle Weyrcraig for so long that I could no longer remember if I was man or beast Then one stormy night the superstitious Highlanders of Ballybliss decided to leave a helpless virgin bound to a stake in the castle courtyard to satisfy my insatiable appetites.My demands might strike terror in the hearts of men, but this bold beauty dared to defy me After she informed me that she didn t believe in dragons, I had no choice but to make her my prisoner or risk being exposed to those I had sought to deceive with my dangerous masquerade.Soon I found myself stealing into the moonlit tower just to watch her sleep Little does she know that beneath this beast s gruff exterior beats the passionate heart of a man Gwendolyn Wilder may not believe in dragons, but I intend to use all my sensual wiles to teach her to believe in something even magical true love.Eternally yours,The Dragon of Weyrcraig
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      221 Teresa Medeiros
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    1. New York Times bestseller Teresa Medeiros wrote her first novel at the age of twenty one and has since gone on to win the hearts of both readers and critics All of her books have been national bestsellers, featured on the New York Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists She currently has over 10 million books in print She is a seven time Rita finalist, two time PRISM winner, and two time recipient of the Waldenbooks Award for bestselling fiction GOODNIGHT TWEETHEART was released in January 2011 and her latest historical THE PLEASURE OF YOUR KISS is coming from Pocket Books in December 2011 Teresa lives in Kentucky with her husband and her cats, Buffy the Mouse Slayer and Willow Tum Tum.

    2. Love Medeiros My favorite quote from the story How could I have let you do any of those things when I ve never even seen your face When I don t even know your name That may be true, he said quietly, but for just a moment there, I would have sworn you knew my heart.

    3. This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast set in 1700 s Scotland.The story starts with our hero Brandon His family, the lord of a village was betrayed to the English by one of the villagers His family was killed and he was taken prisoner for many years He is hiding back out in his ruined castle after many years away.The heroine Gwen is 25 and thought to be strange by her family and village because of her love of science in a time of superstition The villagers think there is a half man half dra [...]

    4. I swear I try, try and try but this lame book was to much for me Abandoned after 1 day and than 100 pages of boring reading.Hate the main female character All hers possible jokes was terrible Hate the way she describe every woman as a who and only she is the virtuous one come on Soooo terrible some jokes about her sisters Hate even the main male character OMG, someone PLEEEEEASE tell me why I should be charmed by one so annoying as him So, my point is I m paying good money to dragons slayers i [...]

    5. After reading the cover blurb and through Chapter 2, you can pretty much see exactly how the rest of the book will go Now, that s no problem, if engaging characters, rich dialogue, or humorous situations keep you entertained while you read No such luck.Hero is boring, emo, 1 D Dragon analogy is stretch throughout the book in non clever, corny ways I must be revenged What I love her Ok.Gwen is curvy plump Don t worry about forgetting it, because it s shoved in your face about once a page Besides [...]

    6. Another take on a beauty and the beast theme, although the Dragon is hardly a beast The Bride and the Beast is a revenge and forgiveness story with a dash of humour and sadness to even the things out This other part goes into a Monty Python s Flying Circus territory One of the scenes reminded me of a Monty Python scene involving a mob I can t really say which one exactly since it would be a bit spoiler y fortunately, they had a lot of those Hilarious and horrific at the same time.I liked both ch [...]

    7. The hero and the heroine lacked charm and so did the story.Even the ending couldn t save this for me Would not recommend.

    8. I have a mixed feeling about this book This book is based on a fairy tale themed story beauty and the beast set in Scotland.Overall the book was not that bad, but it lacked certain things I feel there was little chemistry between this couple and heroine fall for the hero way too quickly Time to time her behavior and dialogue irritated me And of all the time she is trying to be sacrificed herself for those villagers who left her in the hand of the beast deliberately to die On the other hand, our [...]

    9. The characters felt a bit shallow, and there were a few unnecessary twists and turns Full review coming soon.

    10. I m a BIG fan of Teresa Medeiros books, I love her work which is why this was really frustrating for me to read because it disappointed me so much I was surprised by this book I don t know what happened but this isn t at all like her other work What I liked The nod to the fairytale story of Beauty and the Beast Who doesn t love that story A woman falling in love with a lonely beast What I didn t like I quickly started losing interest in the second chapter with all the cartoon like characters who [...]

    11. Long ago, someone in the village of Ballybliss betrayed the Laird of Weyrcraig to the English and both the nobleman and his family were slaughtered Years later, a fearsome creature a dragon no less claims Castle Weyrcraig, demanding food and drink be brought to him, as well as a thousand pounds of gold, the reward given to betray the laird The superstitious villagers accede to the Dragon s demands, including giving him the fair Gwendolyn, an innocent, to appease his unceasing hunger.Yet, the Dra [...]

    12. I read this book in the flight from New York to Amman such a long flight, maybe 16 hours and it was such a good read at that time.

    13. As a retelling of the often retold Beauty And The Beast I expected this book to be painful and contrived Or painfully contrived But it was good When Medeiros tried to be funny, it was funny When she tried to be clever, it was clever That alone is rare, but her characters were also lovable and had a lot of depth I m still confused as to how Tupper isn t gay thoughI was so sure

    14. It is very heart warming romance and it has a little mystery and humor.The storyline is original and really catches your attention I really enjoyed this bookThanks VER

    15. 2.5 Stars I was neither bored or in love with this story Not even in like I was just reading it, because I started it.The whole village was hoeing, so I don t see why she had a big deal with it It didn t stop her sister from marrying twice so obviously no one cared But alas, they needed a virginal sacrifice.The whole being bigger thing There s nothing wrong with it But for some reason she reminded me of this guy I went to school with He would mention and make jokes about his weight before anyone [...]

    16. It was a sweet book.I have heard a lot about this author and decided to start with this series The first book was pretty average but I was impressed by this book.This is the story of Gwendolyn, the beautiful belle who falls for Lord Bernard during childhood.She grows up under the shadows of her petty sisters and hearing tales of the dragon who terrorized Werycraig, while Bernard is thought to be dead.When the cruel villagers lead her to be a virgin sacrifice for the beast, she ends up meeting th [...]

    17. Man is neither angel nor beast and the misfortune is that be who would act the angel acts the beast BLAISE PASCALNo beast is so fierce but knows some touch of pity WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE

    18. 4.5 stars I REALLY liked it Teresa Medeiros s writing style is not my FAVORITE It s too flowery and like poemy I don t know how to describe it Fanciful, maybe A lot of metaphors that well, I feel like you should have a good reason to use a metaphor it shouldn t just be RANDOM But they were And similes And I just don t know It was odd.I liked the premise a Beauty and the Beast story, obviously, that takes place in Scotland in the mid late 1700s and I really loved the heroine And the hero I think [...]

    19. As the only virgin literally it s a bit disturbing left in the Highland village of Ballybliss, Gwendolyn Wilder finds herself being sent off as a sacrificial offering to the legendary Dragon of Weyrcraig, literally tied to a steak and wrapped in virginal white Gwendolyn finds herself not as an offering to a mythical creature but as a temptation to the mysterious castle inhabitant The Dragon of Weyrcraig is overly tempted by Gwendolyn s abundant curves, her over educated for the time mind, and he [...]

    20. Scottish people are superstitious So when the Dragon sends a demand that can t be met to the village of BallyBliss, they decide that it s totes okay to tie a virgin to a stake in his courtyard as a peace offering Except Gwen s all like it s 1761 not 1461 COME ON DRAGONS AREN T A THING except then metaphors, man Of course there s dragons if they re SEXY dragons BUT OH WAIT HIS SHADOW HAIR IS FULL OF SECRETS WILL THEIR ROMANTIC BONERS BE ENOUGH TO OVERCOME THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL TUNE IN NEXT TIME T [...]

    21. As you can guess this story is based off of beauty and beast.Life in Ballybliss has fallen on hard times Fifteen years ago the laird and his family were murdered by Englishmen and nothing has really been right since then Gwendolyn is a young woman who is trying to live by her virtue and take care of her father All of her life she has been subject to ridicule because she is overweight Sadly Gwen is one of the few people who has common sense and is also literate Her brains are what take her into h [...]

    22. 4 stars Overall I found the story lacked the finesse of Yours Until Dawn Meant to be a play on Beauty and the Beast story, this story at times seemed a bit heavy handed From the first scene it was pretty clear who the Dragon would be, so there was no suspense Although our poor heroine Gwen of course has no idea.I also found some aspects a little hard to believe, including Gwem falling in love with a man whose face she hasn t seen amd whose true identity she doesn t know It felt too sudden There [...]

    23. Am I the only one who didn t like this book It wasn t horrible but it wasn t very good either Gwendolyn s a chubby little girl who has a crush on the Laird s son Bernard Then she thinks he s killed with his family Years later the Laird s protector a dragon is making the village live in fear and since she s the only virgin left, they tie her up at the castle Well the dragon is than she thought There s this convoluted romance that was so irritating, it was skimtastic Which I also ended up doing t [...]

    24. Oh so bad I give it 1.5 stars just because it had good beginning From first third of the story everything goes down exponentially view spoiler Gwen and Dragon are spending most of the time in the darkness and she can see gleam of his eyes but not features of his face It s unbelievable and unexplainable You really want to tell me she can find her way all around ruins in that same dark but she can t recognize his face Gleam of his eyes What is he A freakin cat hide spoiler And most of the plot is [...]

    25. I thought The Bride and the Beast was one of the better fairy tale inspired romances I ve read The first 2 3rds of the book I loved, but towards the end I thought it got a little silly I also sort of wished her period in the castle went for a little longer but that s just being picky I still thought it was rather good anyways.

    26. Setting 1746 1761, Scotland, the Highlands Clan MacCullough s Castle Weyrcraig both in its heyday, and after being destroyed by English cannons sleepy village of Ballybliss Theme dreams of youth politics, and the pain for those caught in the middle maturing love that touches the heart, that was hardened Characters Gwendolyn Gwen Gwennie one of 4 girls loved joining father, the lairds steward, in the castle eager to see Bernard, the son a few years older than her mother a daughter of a laird, and [...]

    27. Terrible.Terrible and utterly cheesy.I don t think one review could sufficiently cover how terrible this book was I ll attempt to cover some of the major ones I think the book suffered from one major flaw, its foundations It was a romance that lacked romance The author was trying to sell something that wasn t there He was nursing this grudge for fifteen years It was ingrained in him since the tragedy happened during his formative years and he let it go for a woman he knew for a fortnight Yeah ri [...]

    28. Author Teresa MedeirosFirst published April 2001Length 324 pages, 3505 kindle locationsSetting Georgian Highland Romance Scotland 1761 Memories of Culloden 1746 colour their actions and decisions.Sex Reasonably explicit Only a couple of bedroom scenes, towards the end.Heroine Is plus size generous, but shapely, derriere p.104, loc.1108 Her size colours how she sees herself, and how she is treated She eats many biscuits and has many kissable dimples It is not an issue for our Hero.Includes Sneak [...]

    29. NOTE MY REVIEWS OFTEN CONTAIN SPOILERS Another hilarious read from Teresa Medeiros I m lucky that Medeiros has intriguing cover images because if she didn t I probably wouldn t have ever picked it out of the large box of books I got it from If I hadn t I would have missed out on a delightful read Gwendolyn Wilder has lived with a lifelong crush, since before the age of nine she has wanted no one other than Bernard MacCullough when she believed him dead the year she turned nine, she was devastate [...]

    30. The village of Ballybliss is terrorized by a dragon who makes demands of the village When the demands get a bi too high, the villagers offer up their last remaining virgin, Gwendolyn When she s left at the castle, Gwendolyn discovers the dragon isn t really a dragon, but a man, bent upon revenge and hiding his face Gwendolyn is a pretty cool heroine being the only one with any sense and intelligence in her village, but her insecurities annoyed me I might have gotten irritated if the hero didn t [...]

    31. I have nothing bad to say about the writing style or the story itself other then this is not the type of book that I usually read I do not read romances.So I thought it was okay but looking at those two little stars up there seems awfully law and not quite fair but I don t want other books to be recommended to me based off a 3 star rating.Clarifying This book turned out to be something different then what I thought it was going to be First, this is primarily a romance between a man and a woman, [...]

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