Let's Pretend This Never Happened

Let s Pretend This Never Happened Read the hilarious candid and sometimes not so nice diaries of Jamie Kelly who promises that everything in her diary is trueor at least as true as it needs to be School was okay today Actually it
  • Title: Let's Pretend This Never Happened
  • Author: Jim Benton
  • ISBN: 9780545010306
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • Read the hilarious, candid, and sometimes not so nice, diaries of Jamie Kelly, who promises that everything in her diary is trueor at least as true as it needs to be.School was okay today Actually, it was better than okay Angeline got her long, beautiful hair tangled in one of the jillion things she has dangling from her backpack, and the school nurse who is nowRead the hilarious, candid, and sometimes not so nice, diaries of Jamie Kelly, who promises that everything in her diary is trueor at least as true as it needs to be.School was okay today Actually, it was better than okay Angeline got her long, beautiful hair tangled in one of the jillion things she has dangling from her backpack, and the school nurse who is now one of my main heroes took a pair of scissors and snipped two feet of silky blond hair from the left side of her head, so now Angeline only looks like The Prettiest Girl in the World if you re standing on her right Although personally, I think she would look better if I was standing on her neck.
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    1. Benton began his career in a custom design t shirt shop where he started designing his own characters At the same time, Jim did illustrations and artwork for magazines and newspapers People magazine named him the most visible cartoonist in America.Benton also created greeting cards and worked in the magazine and publishing industry In 1998, his SpyDogs characters became an animated series, The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs, that aired on Fox Kids Licensing his own creations brought them widespread attention on products, such as It s Happy Bunny, The Misters, Just Jimmy and .Benton currently lives in Michigan, where he operates out of his own studio.

    2. Hahahaha This was hilarious and a quick read I m a huge fan of the Georgia Nicholson diaries for teens and this series reminds me a bit of them, although aimed at the younger set It s basically about middle schooler Jamie Kelly, who vents to her dumb diary about school, boys, her dog, her family, and most of all, her arch nemesis, the perfect Angeline Supplementing each diary entry are these humorous illustrations drawn by our heroine that had me laughing out loud.As a kiddo librarian, I would p [...]

    3. Agreed Let s totally pretend this never happened Because, frankly, this book kind of scared me.I ve started a project where I m trying to read through the titles that are currently housed in my tiny library at which I work I figured starting with the Children s Series section would be an easy, quick read and I would get some good titles for reader s advisory under my belt Dear Dumb Diary seemed like a good place to start with it s high circulation and funny sounding premise.And at times it is fu [...]

    4. My third grader had belly laughs as she read this book It s not one that I would have selected for her, but we all have our guilty pleasure reads.Lines I liked By the way, you know how the name for Angeline s hair color is Gloriously Heavenly Sunshine The people at the dye company named the one that matches mine Groundhog 22 I was so glad that my hair was back the way that nature had inflicted 23 Mr Evans said that I pretty much need an A on my mythology report or my grades would be with the mer [...]

    5. If I could give it no stars I would I picked it up at the library due to it s title, I sometimes found myself thinking that same thing dear dumb diary when I wrote in one when I was younger.4 minutes later I was already 1 4 of the way through the book and I honestly could not make myself go another page We learn to write by reading, and the example set in this book is just horrendous Too many likes and hyper colloquial to the point of bad grammar The main girl is arrogant and rather dull.This is [...]

    6. This book is about a girl named Jamie who has an enemy.The enemys name is Angeline.Angline was mean to Jamie.For example Angeline started to throw meat loaf in the cafeteria.But Jamie got in trouble for it.While Jamie was getting in trouble Angeline was wiping her hands off from the meat loaf.But is it true that Angeline is really that mean I recommend this book because you can make connections to the book if you have an enemy of your own.Also it is very funny and very dumb.

    7. MY OPINION This book is pretty nice for me because Jamie seems to be a crazy girl this book also makes you laugh D SUMMARYJamie Kelly is a girl that has a diary and she writes crazy stuff about people and makes some drawings not really just the author LOL Jamie s qualities are clever Jamie s hair dye name is Groundhog.Her eye color is green and her crush is called Hudson Rivers Her bff is called Isabella Angeline is a clever girl too.e has a nice hair Her hair s name is Golden Heavenly Sunshine [...]

    8. I decided to read this book because it fits into one of the categorys on the bingo board This book fits into the category Your own choice This category is interesting because you get to read watever book you want to so there is a better chance you will enjoy it My favourite quote from the book is This means that I don t have to run faster than the psychotic maniac vampire cannibal, I just have to run faster than whoever is with me when the psychotic maniac vampire cannibal starts chasing us What [...]

    9. it s like a grown man who never went to public school wrote a book from the point of view of a middle school girl oh wait that s what it is i recommend reading it out loud on the floor of the children s section of barnes and noble to your friends, like i did.

    10. Jamie Kelly is in eighth grade and keeps a diary about her life She writes about a popular girl, her dog, her best friend, her mom s cooking, and her messy messy cousin As she writes, you can see that her life isn t fun and games Dear Dumb Dairy is a funny book because of the way Jamie writes and thinks Its also has funny pictures that show what she talks about, which is kinda funny And don t worry about school, try to enjoy the book I like this book because of its funniness and weirdness My fav [...]

    11. This was probably not a very good choice for me in the beginning hence the cover that proves that the theory You can never judge a book by it s cover wrong but alas, I read it I did not find this book very entertaining at all I thought it had a lot of girly content, so it got boring quickly Also the author, in my opinion, was not very descriptive at all I think this book would be better for a girl to read not me.

    12. I basically just read this for nostalgic purposes I remember absolutely loving this when I was in Primary School, and while I din t find it as amazing as I did when I was younger, I really enjoyed it I d definitely recommend this for younger audiences, like maybe 8 12 year old girls.

    13. I remember loving these books so much when I was little I couln t stop reading them and I laughed so so much at all the funny, crazy things happening in this series and because of the pictures too Good memories.

    14. This bok was terrific because it was so interesting and it also painted a picture in my mind This book would always keep me guessing

    15. I remember reading these in elementary school, so when I found them at the library, I had to reread them Let me just say, this humour is so dry

    16. c mo esta novela proporciona una visi n de un tema com n a todas las personas Este libro habla de popularidad e inseguridad Los estudiantes de secundaria y muchos otros grupos tratan estos temas todos los d as Siempre hay alguien m s popular, m s bonito, m s inteligente, m s musical, m s art stica o simplemente mejor que t Es dif cil no comparar con los dem s La popularidad es tambi n algo muy importante para la mayor a de la gente, a pesar de que a menudo no les gusta admitirlo Es claro que Jam [...]

    17. This book is about a girl named Jamie and she is friends with another girl named Isabella.Isabella is always get in trouble but Jamie is always going off in to her own world she is always taking the the blame for other people s mistakes including Isabella s The main thing that this book was about is Jamie wants to steal her cousin s permanent record Angeline but when she finally remembers to take the record But two days later when her cousin arrived she lost it The next day she was making her l [...]

    18. It s always nice to end on a good note Dear Dumb Diary by Jim Benton is my third and final chick lit book for the month I m relieved to say that this one I like Its girl loves boy plot has quirky twists, Jamie and her nemesis Angeline are likeable characters, and the diary entry style is fun And so I must thank my sister who first suggested Dear Dumb Diary to me.As is true of many books aimed at a middle school audience, main character Jamie has an attitude That is evident from the very first pa [...]

    19. I read 1 4 of this book just to get the flavor of it It s a Wimpy Kid for girls Written in diary format, it includes doodles and musings on everyday loves and mostly hates of an early middle school girl, mostly focusing on main character Jamie Kelly s arch nemesis, the beautiful blond, Angeline Nothing to write home about, but given the popularity of Wimpy Kid, something for reluctant girl readers

    20. Jamie is so in love with Angeline Or at least, the middle grade version of being in love Anyway, I love my gaybies.

    21. I picked this up mostly for research, because I m working on a diary format novel with a character who starts out in middle school junior high I was disappointed by the slut shaming and fatphobia in this book, and by the MC s stereotypical girl hate There really is no plot, other than I m jealous of Angeline and I hate her but I love her and suddenly in the last few pages half a bazillion things happen, plot twist after plot twist after PLOT TWIST The MC s voice is funny though her personality v [...]

    22. This book starts the entire Dear Dumb Diary children s series This book introduces the main character, a very spunky and opinionated girl, and her friends and family, who appear in the series multiple times as well The stories have barely any plot, and probably really has no value in society, but considering it s written for children, then it s passable with two stars I read this series when I was younger and the experience still feels fresh I remember enjoying it a lot because the author used s [...]

    23. Dear Dumb Diary Perfect girls make perfect enemies Jim Benton Jamie Kelly writes in her diary every day talking about her suposly miserable life with her most hated enemiy Angelina wich she swears is the most beautifull girl on school,and the world She writes all about her her life and exaggerating events that occure in it You can see what is going on also with the drawings and the explanation under it with a humor that cracks you up and this book was the reason I smiled at a buch of letters and [...]

    24. I thought this was hilarioushey, there s a crucial supporting character who is a beagle named Stinker, who has the most amazing grouchy facial expressions ever and actually does eat the narrator s homework What s not to love Honestly, I liked it better than my 10 year old daughter did Different strokes and all that She likes the also wonderful Dork Diaries Tales from a Not So Fabulous Lifewhich has pictures that are cuter and manga esque Yeah, I know manga esque is not a word Well, as far as I [...]

    25. This is the first book in the popular series for girls, Dear Dumb Diary The main character, Jamie Kelly, wants to be part of the popular group She will do just about anthing to achieve that goal including stealing the permanent file of the most popular girl in school, Angeline, to try and find some dirt about her The writing is very funny, and just a little sassy There is just enough gross humor ex the page 65 drawings of her beagle Stinker and his fascination with his butt to possibly entice bo [...]

    26. Well, I m not sure what to think Add this to the whole slew of diary kinds of books, where a story is told entirely in entries intowhat elsea girl s diary.I thought our main character was than a bit shallow Yet the story had a few good points, even if I wanted to shake her HARD than once I kind of wish I didn t know kids like her Sadly I do Still, it s a quick read and might be just the thing to get reluctant readers interested in a story that s definitely not too hard to read, but has plenty [...]

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