Deliver Us From Normal

Deliver Us From Normal A humorous and heartbreaking novel about growing up in a large family by an author who brings a fresh new voice to the Press list Yes there really is a Normal Illinois Charles Harrisong should know
  • Title: Deliver Us From Normal
  • Author: Kate Klise
  • ISBN: 9780439523226
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A humorous and heartbreaking novel about growing up in a large family by an author who brings a fresh new voice to the Press list.Yes, there really is a Normal, Illinois Charles Harrisong should know he was born there But life is difficult for Charles because his family isn t normal at all They re poor, for one thing They stand out, which is the worst thingA humorous and heartbreaking novel about growing up in a large family by an author who brings a fresh new voice to the Press list.Yes, there really is a Normal, Illinois Charles Harrisong should know he was born there But life is difficult for Charles because his family isn t normal at all They re poor, for one thing They stand out, which is the worst thing After an ugly incident at school, Charles and family leave Normal and begin an adventure that takes them to a houseboat that just might be their new home And Charles begins a personal journey within his own heart one that will ultimately deliver him both from and to himself.
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    1. Librarian Note There is than one author by this name in the data base.Catherine Kate Klise is an American author of children s literature Many of her books are illustrated by her sister, M Sarah Klise Their popular Regarding series is presented in a scrapbook style format, with letters, journal entries, and related ephemera telling the story She is also known for her picture books as well as the bestselling 43 Old Cemetery Road series Kate Klise s first adult novel, In the Bag, was released in 2012.

    2. Kate Klise s Deliver Us From Normal starts out with a good beginning I was born in Normal, Illinois Yes, there really is a Normal, Illinois This first page was a fresh voice of part geography lesson, part foreshadowing, and part honest family description, just like ours was a different kind of family It was cute, simple, and honest However, this voice all but disappeared until the last page of the book The mushy middle in between consisted of Book One and Book Two, which seem like two different [...]

    3. I was a little surprised at how heavy this book felt Charles, the main character, is 11 years old and wracked by anxieties He s incredibly self conscious and embarrassed by almost everything his family does He also thinks that a lot of his family s problems are his fault It s only at the very end of the book that he finally starts to relax I m not sure if he ever realizes how skewed his perception is That was a little surprising to me in a children s book Embarrassment and anxiety is very normal [...]

    4. Let s get this out of the way first I grew up 45 minutes from Normal, so I m a bit bias A road Thanks for visiting Normal sign that got changed to Thanks for Being Normal doesn t exist At least not that I ve seen The actually town motto current campaign is racism not in our town No one from or from around Normal thinks the name is odd since we all know it comes from ISU being a normal school But I digress Charles and he s a Charles, not a Charlie although he wants to be was interesting I stuck w [...]

    5. My son picked this book out during our weekly quest for the best audiobook yet discovered by us Having grown up in Eastern Iowa, I was familiar with the town of Normal, IL and drawn to both the Catholic undertones of the title as well as the promise of some interesting childhood moments, compliments of the rural setting It was told through the eyes of a very self conscious 11 year old boy, Charles, who was the second of five children which might have explained some of it s pull for my 11 year ol [...]

    6. I really didn t like this book for quite a while as I read it because of the religion bashing that went on Then I got caught up in the lives of these poor children and their family and I had to see how things turned out This is a very quirky book Very unusual, and very un normal Charles Harrisong s family is very poor white trash is what the other kids in the book call them , getting their clothes from thrift stores, renting a house instead of owning it Things go from bad to worse when the famil [...]

    7. The book is supposedly told from the point of view of a 6th grade boy named Charles I say supposedly because no 6th grader would use passages like the ones she had coming from the main character, with small details about driving, etc Normal is both the name and the description of the town he and his family live in Charles has a big family that doesn t fit in, and of course that bothers him His sister runs for class president, some kids from the school vandalize the posters, and all of the sudden [...]

    8. Return us from Normal By Finn Ziegler Return us from Normal is a funny, adventurous, bazaar, realistic fiction book about a boy family and his six other weird family members that he claims that they always are embarrassing him and a bunch of other complaints in his life like not owning a cello or being annoyed that his sister is running for class president At parts the book is very interesting like when their boat is sinking and Charles has to help his dad below deck to save the boat Other parts [...]

    9. It was pretty good I loved the relationship Charles Chums had with his sister Clara Everything was described well, and I found many parts equally sad and hilarious I will definitely come back to this novel and read it again and again On to the next book

    10. this book was alright although for some of the time i was confused and i did not understand what was going on.

    11. The story line is unbelievable but the book moves at a fast pace and the family dynamics are beautiful I was easily caught up in it The story covers religion and the relationships between siblings and with their parents It does not cover how to deal with bullies It is real and honest.I do not believe Charles ever found out that he was not the cause of their leaving town.Charles thinks about God But if He couldn t prevent stuff like this, then He wasn t a very good God And if He could prevent stu [...]

    12. This month I read a book called Deliver Us From Normal written by Kate Klise The genre of this book is Realistic Fiction because the book has events that can actually occur in real life, but it s still based on a made up story which makes it s fiction Since this book doesn t have a confirmed time set, I m guessing it s present day because there is no old characteristics in any of the events stated in the book The settings of this book are in Illinois and Alabama The main characters of this book [...]

    13. Deliver Us From Normal is the story of a particularly angsty pre teen Charles Harrisong and the moment that allowed him to move past that As such, it really resonated with me I was also an awkward worry prone tween fortunately, my disposition was tempered by a resemblance to Clara, the creative, positive, rise above it older sister of the main character The story takes place as Charles is starting Junior High and trying desperately to be absolutely unnoticeable He does not succeed, in large part [...]

    14. Reviewed by Allison Fraclose for TeensReadTooCharles Harrisong may live in Normal, Illinois, but he knows his family is anything but They practically live at Bargain Bonanza, and they re the only family in town who rents a home with no air conditioning They re loud, and do everything together, and cause a scene wherever they go Then, there s just him, Charles, who makes lists and sublists of The Most Embarrassing Things in his Life, such as his horrible summer at scout camp and The Yearling inci [...]

    15. I just read Deliver Us From Normal It s Thanksgiving, so screw a cool intro like Now, I am a HUGE sicker for cool titles with great potential I m just going to give my thoughts plainly and simply Here they are Does a very good job displaying the emotions and inner workings of a teenager I, as a teenager myself, am a reliable source Pacing wasn t great They spent a lot of time setting stuff up only to rush out a 3 or so chapter conclusion Note I said conclusion, meaning I don t count the boat sce [...]

    16. Charles Harrisong s life is one long list of embarrassments He s embarrassed that he has so many siblings three sisters and a brother , he s embarrassed that they have to shop at Bargain Bonanza instead of at normal stores, and he s constantly convinced that everyone around him is silently judging him Still, he loves his family, even if he s tired of doing everything as a family, and when his older sister s campaign posters for student president are defaced in particularly nasty ways, he goes in [...]

    17. Not far enough along to say much Just that the main character comes from a family of 5 kids He is the second oldest They had to leave their yellow brick home in Normal, IL in the middle of the night for some reason All else about their family sounds pretty normal so far I like the way they say that the odds are with them Alsollow brick Are we suppose to think of Dorothy This is a funny book kind of It took a while to get into, with no obvious plot and a lot of discussion of God and religion.Char [...]

    18. A realistic fiction story about an eleven year old boy with a big crazy family They live in a town called Normal, Illinois, but Charles wishes his family was halfway normal The different personalities in his family embarrass him to no end, but when his older sister is the victim of school bullies he tries his best to protect her by attempting to destroy the evidence This event sends their family on the adventure of their livesPacking up in the middle of the night, the Harrisong family leaves Nor [...]

    19. I m not sure about this book The Kate Klise is one of my favorite authors which is why I chose this book to read However, the storyline seemed a little all over the place and I kept waiting to find out what the big event was that caused the family to leave suddenly in the middle of the night When I got to the part, I was confused as mean and ugly as the event was, unfortunately, things like that happen in middle school over and over The difference is that action is usually taken against the offe [...]

    20. Deliver Us From Normal by Kate Klise wasn t what I was expecting Kate Klise usually writes book in mail format Letters, news articles, memos, emails This was her first attempt to do a serious book and she didn t do so good The book didn t get to the point Although the book crossed a very sensitive subject bullying Some parts were really good The characters were well developed and almost lifelike.The main character is 11 year old Charles Harrisong and people mispronounce and misspell his last nam [...]

    21. Deliver Us From Normal by Kate KliseMy name is Charlie Harrisong, and I can t believe that I am once again here at Bargain Bonanza for back to school shopping with my family Please God, don t let me see anyone I know Please, God, don t let me see anyone I know Then, around the corner I hear, Hey, it s Charlie Harrisong Hi, Charlie, and there were 3 of the most popular girls in my class And I imagine you can guess why I didn t want anyone to see me shopping today of all days, and at Bargain Bonan [...]

    22. Hmmmt a bad story line but I don t think I liked it very much The story was a little too out there for me I had a hard time sympathizing with the characters for some reason they didn t come to life for me To me, it seemed like a book that boys wouldn t normally be in to but it didn t deal with girl issues enough for girls to like it I believe that Klise is mixing up family life and school social life a little too much in this book Plus the whole Bargain Bonanza thing was a bit cheesy Another rea [...]

    23. Deliver Us From Normal is a very nice calming book and its about a large family of seven and they are not very wealthy They also have two bunnies that are much loved by the whole family The oldest daughter Clara is running for class president when the family suddenly decides there moving to Alabama There is much conflict between Ben and Laura the youngest children in the family The parents buy a boat house over the phone and it turns out to be a run down boat They have to sleep in there car for [...]

    24. This is an interesting story with distinct and unique characters I loved much of the description and there were several parts that I found really funny The philosophical discussions the main character has with is older sister about religion and the nature of God are interesting However, I found use of the word God far too frequent Often it was used in the sense of prayer but there were other times it felt profane I m not 100% sure I like where the story ended The main character s growth was grea [...]

    25. A wonderful story, with a strong message of hope even through the worst of times For the Harrisong family, the worst can be predictably anticipated 11 year old Charles is the narrator who documents it all He s fully aware that his family is poor, luckless and strange He sees how their hardships multiply, and spends most of his time worrying over what will come next Charles doesn t sound like any 6th grader I know He shares some incredibly perceptive, and often hilarious, asides And his anxiety a [...]

    26. Why I loved it Lived in Normal, IL during college loved the setting Quirky family who does what I wish families would do get out of town when their children are being bullied at school I loved that they did this Each of the family members are lovable and realisticA few issues Wow a bit too much cussing for me considering I picked this up to potentially add to my library collection for third grade readers Why all of the knocking of religion Not sure of the point of this, exactly The story was ki [...]

    27. Klise s first solo effort she usually writes with her sister, M Sarah Klise introduces us to the Harisong family, particularly their worried, self conscious older son Charles, who narrates The economically challenged family has never fit in well in Normal, IL A mean spirited attack on Clara, Charles talented, lovable older sister, impels the family on a late night escape from Normal to Alabama, where the parents have bought, sight unseen, a houseboat The elder Harisongs are kind, loving parents, [...]

    28. It s not a perfect book but it comes so close to wonderful so often that it is well worth your while Charlie Harrisong is our adolescent everyman painfully self conscious, well meaning, confused, and a very likable narrator The crazy family he complains about doesn t seem so crazy until the story takes a big turn in the middle, but we understand why he s embarrassed by them anyway, and why his most fervent wish is to be a normal kid in a normal family in Normal, IL I listened to the audio book w [...]

    29. Decent story about a family who lives just outside of Normal, both literally and figuratively The book s protagonist, Charles Harrisong, wants nothing than to blend into his typical suburban community But he comes from a family that can t help but stick out Then something happens that forces Charles to reevaluate the family he s constantly so embarrassed to be around I won t give away the ending, but I will say that this book really didn t do it for me The problem with Charles s quirky family w [...]

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