The Perils of Intimacy

The Perils of Intimacy Jimmy and Mark make an adorable couple Jimmy s kindness and clean cut cuteness radiate out of him like light Mark although a bit older complements Jimmy with his humor and his openness to love But b
  • Title: The Perils of Intimacy
  • Author: Rick R. Reed
  • ISBN: 9781635336382
  • Page: 437
  • Format: ebook
  • Jimmy and Mark make an adorable couple Jimmy s kindness and clean cut cuteness radiate out of him like light Mark, although a bit older, complements Jimmy with his humor and his openness to love.But between them, a dark secret lurks, one with the power to destroy.See, when Mark believes he s meeting Jimmy for the first time in the diner where he works, he s wrong.Mark haJimmy and Mark make an adorable couple Jimmy s kindness and clean cut cuteness radiate out of him like light Mark, although a bit older, complements Jimmy with his humor and his openness to love.But between them, a dark secret lurks, one with the power to destroy.See, when Mark believes he s meeting Jimmy for the first time in the diner where he works, he s wrong.Mark has no recollection of their original encounter because the wholesome Jimmy of today couldn t be different than he was two years ago Back then, Jimmy sported multiple piercings, long bleached dreadlocks, and facial hair He was painfully skinny and a meth addict The drug transformed him into a different person a lying, conniving thief who robbed Mark blind during their one night stand.Mark doesn t associate the memory of a hookup gone horribly wrong with this fresh faced, smiling twentysomething but Jimmy knows As they begin a dance of love and attraction, will Jimmy be brave enough to reveal the truth And if he does, will Mark be able to forgive him Can he see Jimmy for the man he is now and not the addict he was The answers will depend on whether true love holds enough light to shine through the darkness of past mistakes.
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    1. Real Men True Love.Rick R Reed draws inspiration from the lives of gay men to craft stories that quicken the heartbeat, engage emotions, and keep the pages turning Although he dabbles in horror, dark suspense, and comedy, his attention always returns to the power of love He s the award winning and bestselling author of than fifty works of published fiction and is forever at work on yet another book Lambda Literary has called him A writer that doesn t disappoint You can find him at rickrreed or rickrreedreality Rick lives in Palm Springs, CA with his beloved husband and their Boston terrier.

    2. I m Jimmy, and I m an addict Two years ago, Jimmy and Mark met for a night of sex Jimmy was high on crystal meth and hoped to steal whatever he could find in Mark s home to feed his addiction, and Mark was feeding a different addiction, one he doesn t admit to himself until toward the end of this book.That night changed both of them it set Jimmy onto his path to beat his relationship with Tina , and it destroyed Mark s trust in people.They ve both been alone since.Now two years later, Jimmy work [...]

    3. In reading The Perils of Intimacy I am reminded of the phrase Dying is easy, comedy is hard Sex is easy but intimacy, true intimacy, is hard It s easy to say I forgive you but true forgiveness of someone and acceptance of the flawed, broken, and beautiful things they are can be difficult Mark and Jimmy meet two years ago when each man is at a critical point in their life Jimmy in the throes of a powerful addiction to meth and Mark lost, lonely and unknowingly suffering an addiction of his own Wh [...]

    4. 3.5 Stars I can appreciate this one for what it was an interesting take on a second chance story I felt for both characters Really makes you think Forgiving and forgetting are two really different things But it s not my typical preferred read And it wasn t really what I was expecting Not that that s a bad thing necessarily I sort of picked it up on a whim It was mostly inner monologue And little to no dialogue No steam to be found But I guess ultimately it wasn t about that.

    5. This is rather difficult for me to review I enjoyed many things but on the other hand, I also struggled with some aspects I loved the writing because this is Reed and I adore slipping into his angsty love filled playland I enjoyed the second chance romance because I believe in forgiveness and moving forward The recovering addict thread was critical and painful This feature holds great significance in Jimmy s story and by default, Mark s story And that was hard for me It s personal but as much as [...]

    6. 5 HeartsI am going to preface this review with a disclaimer that there will be a bit of rambling and the rambling may be of a personal nature Books that have characters with addiction hit a special place for me and that place is close to home You d think with as much addiction in my life that I have dealt with I would steer clear of books with the content but maybe it s my own sort of addiction that keeps me coming back I am not sure but the dedication of this book had me tearing up with its sin [...]

    7. My 1 book of 2017.4.5 stars, rounded up.Full review can be found at On Top Down Under Book Reviews.Jimmy, twenty three, is a recovering addict He s been in recovery for two years and is working hard to be the man he could ve been before meth came into his world.Marc, almost forty, works a boring office job and pretty much lives by routine That wasn t always the case It wasn t that long ago when he was hooking up with strangers he met online every chance he got.Jimmy and Marc have met, though Jim [...]

    8. I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads4 Angsty StarsThe Perils of Intimacy is a difficult book to review, because to give certain plot points away will spoil the journey The author doesn t outright explain Jimmy s first encounter with Marc until nearly halfway into the book, so out of respect for the author and my fellow readers, I m going to try my best to avoid it Jimmy is a recovering addict, trying to get his life in order he works at a local diner and lives with [...]

    9. 3.5 starsRick R Reed s latest story is difficult to rate The biggest irony of all lays within the title We get an in depth view of each characters insecurities, shame and fears but that s as intimate as the story gets We don t really know these guys outside of their inner monolog Both of these guys live a pretty lonely existence Mark s only friend is an older coworker Mark reveals he used to be very promiscuous, hooking up with random guys and sometimes taking unnecessary risks That s the extent [...]

    10. In his latest release, The Perils Of Intimacy, Rick R Reed draws us into the wrenching story of a young man who dares to dream that his life can truly be different the second time around Two years clean, Jimmy has clawed his way back from a drug addicted life that had led him to do despicable things and nearly killed him Now working in a diner, he defies the odds each day by staying clean and slowly rebuilding his life piece by piece When he catches sight of the beautiful fox at one of his table [...]

    11. 4.5 StarsI received a copy to read and review for Wicked ReadsI have to admit that I will pick up any book that Rick R Reed writes I am a huge fan of his Some of his stories are romance focused than others and this is one where there is most definitely something important than the budding relationship between the two men Jimmy is dealing with a Crystal Meth addiction He s been clean for two years, but that doesn t mean that temptation is there always trying to pull him back into its grips We w [...]

    12. In the current, this story takes place over a short period of time just 7 days however, there s that first encounter from two years ago that left an indelible impression on both characters Through their thoughts, we see that not all their memories of that night are in sync, but one thing remains true they never forgot each other Jimmy is two years into his recovery and looks completely different He s working as a waiter when Mark comes in for breakfast They flirt and it doesn t take long to real [...]

    13. 4.5 Definitely a different story New Addicting kinda, and oh look, the irony That is an irony, right anyway.I haven t read a book like this ever Not that I remember anyway And I loved it I stayed up until 2 30 AM reading I haven t done that in a long while This book was totally worth it.Thank you, Rick R Reed for this wonderful story.

    14. Note This book was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviewsin exchange for an impartial review A powerfully moving story, this is told in first person POV something I don t usually like, but I found it to be perfect for conveying the character s thoughts and emotions in this story.When Jimmy spots Mark in the restaurant where he waits tables, he s immediately attracted to the older man a silver fox with bright eyes staring right back at him Flirting comes easy to the twenty [...]

    15. I finished Rick R Reed s The Perils of Intimacy late last week, and I m still thinking about it days later I imagine Jimmy and Marc are going to leave a lasting impression on most readers it s that kind of book This isn t an easy breezy romance, but it s also not a total angst fest There are light moments moments where you ll chuckle at some funny reference or cute bit of dialogue but, there are also lots of gut checks, and things that will make you stop and think.Marc is quickly approaching his [...]

    16. A Joyfully Jay review 5 starsIt is no secret that I am a Rick R Reed fan and have enjoyed many of his past works However, nothing could have prepared me for the way in which this novel would crawl under my skin and capture my heart and imagination so utterly Reed has struck literary gold with these two characters and the story he weaves about their lives then and now is incredibly forceful and emotionally rich I doubt I have ever loved an anti hero such as Jimmy quite so much Broken and definite [...]

    17. 4.5 starsReview to follow at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue WordsC provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review.

    18. The Perils of Intimacy is a very deep story It is about a young man that is a recovering addict and cleaning himself up He has been clean for two years, works in a restaurant and attends NA meetings.One morning a man comes into the restaurant that he wants to get to know then he realizes where he has seen him before It is from his dark past, and he did tings he wishes he hadn t But you cant take back the past Will that ruin his future The story is written in first person alternating views which [...]

    19. This was a very satisfying read by one of my favorite authors Drug addiction and recovery is a tough topic to deal with and Rick handled it realistically Trust, betrayal, self love, communication are all topics in this gripping tale I have read most of Rick s books and this one is one of his best I ll be thinking about it for a long time Highly recommended

    20. For me, this was a 4 star read up until the very end and then it became a 5 star read because I like to think we all have a Mariam in our lives I would say , but I don t want to spoil the story Mr Reed took on a very complex issue with this story and threw in another just to make things even poignant and made a huge success of it all I think the thing that surprised me the most if the fact that I didn t cry this story will take your heart and twist it inside out and hopefully leave you a bit a [...]

    21. 2.5 5 For some reason, I got an impression that the pairing is already in an established relationship They aren t, which is fine in itself However, I will get to the issue with this later As the blurb had already covered, the book is about a recovering addicted who mistakes from his past is catching up to him Consequently, the story is about second chance, accepting and forgiveness All fairly novel messages, except for its delivery and its attitude towards the issue here drugs I understand that [...]

    22. I enjoyed reading this book A former hardcore drug addict had a hook up with a copy writer through an internet site and robbed him of everything he could get his hands on during that one night But, he also felt something for the guy, something he hadn t felt in the past, but he was too far tweaked out to do much about it.Two years later, the boy is in a hard fought recovery and working at a coffee shop and in walks the man he robbed The addict knows the man immediately but its apparent the man d [...]

    23. I really liked this one It made me anxious, which is part of why I think the story worked The book takes place in a week, and we do get to know a lot about the two MCs, but I would have liked a little backstory.

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