Spark Jamie Maddox is worried about her grip on reality Has her consciousness really been transported back to landing in the body of Blanche Nottingham Not good since Blanche a lady in waiting for Q
  • Title: Spark
  • Author: Catherine Friend
  • ISBN: 9781626399303
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jamie Maddox is worried about her grip on reality Has her consciousness really been transported back to 1560, landing in the body of Blanche Nottingham Not good, since Blanche, a lady in waiting for Queen Elizabeth I, is plotting a murder The other possibility that Jamie faces She s had a psychotic break that has trapped her in an Elizabethan fantasy while another persJamie Maddox is worried about her grip on reality Has her consciousness really been transported back to 1560, landing in the body of Blanche Nottingham Not good, since Blanche, a lady in waiting for Queen Elizabeth I, is plotting a murder The other possibility that Jamie faces She s had a psychotic break that has trapped her in an Elizabethan fantasy while another personality let s call her Blanche has taken control of Jamie s life and is jeopardizing everything.Jamie is repeatedly zapped back and forth between the present and 1560 or in and out of that twisted fantasy Betrayal, murder, thunderstorms, and two doctors complicate everything as Jamie and Blanche battle to control Jamie s body Just as Jamie is running out of both hope
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    1. Catherine Friend had what she calls a boring childhood, but she says that boring was just fine because it gave her time to read She read so much her parents had to set a no reading at the dinner table rule She was slightly shy as a child, but enjoyed playing Beauty Parlor with her sister, taking family trips, and watching STAR TREK and TIME TUNNEL She studied Economics, but because of her love for books and stories, she eventually found herself drawn to writing Since then, the author has written six children s books, including THE PERFECT NEST, a hilarious read aloud illustrated by John Manders and two books in Candlewick s Brand New Readers series She is also the author of the acclaimed adult memoir, HIT BY A FARM HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BARN When it comes to her writing, Catherine Friend likes to try new things and seek new challenges but she always likes to write stories that make her laugh Catherine Friend lives on a small farm in southeastern Minnesota which inspired both THE PERFECT NEST and HIT BY A FARM There, she raises sheep, goats, and llamas, and has an energetic border collie named Robin.

    2. I really enjoyed this book I was a fan of Friend s other time traveling book The Spanish Pearl When I heard she was writing another time traveling book, I was excited to get my hands on it While it has been a while since I read The Spanish Pearl, I think this book was even better It seems Friend keeps growing as a writer and excels in the time traveling category.What if you and your girlfriend have hit a rough patch She says you are not exciting and brave any To prove her wrong, you agree to be [...]

    3. Fire trucking amazing I just read the blurb now and I realized how much of the plot it reveals I think a huge part of my enjoyment of the book rested in not knowing much about it other than it s a Catherine Friend and there s time travel And in my mind, Catherine Friend time travel great adventure As anyone can see from my rating, that formula still holds true Artist Jamie Maddox finds herself coerced by her long time girlfriend into volunteering for an unusual experiment in looking for and docu [...]

    4. Yay I liked this book a lot Fun, interesting, and well written A longer review will be posted on C Spot Reviews after the book is released but it mostly says the same thing Thanks BSB and NetGalley

    5. Fire Truck, what a mad ride this was After an experiment gone wrong, Jamie Maddox finds herself jumping through time and inhabiting the body of Blanche Nottingham, lady in waiting for Queen Elizabeth I in the year 1560 Suddenly she needs to cope with an unfamiliar life, an unfamiliar body, an unfamiliar time and if that wasn t enough a murder plot Jamie thinks she is having a mental breakdown as she is struggeling to get a handle on things.Doing a solid, believable time travel story is not easy [...]

    6. I was reluctant about this book being of my liking So far, almost all the historical themed books I ve read have not been it and thus my reticence in front of this one At the begining I have struggled to get into the plot, all this brain pictures and colors and serums had let me a little bit dizzy But Jamie with her inocence and naivete and her high sense of loyalty have led me trough the backs and forths, making me root for her and efforts to make sense into her surrealist experience Really Bla [...]

    7. Spark was certainly an interesting read Part SciFi, Part Historical Jamie Maddox is a really fun character She taught me a new way to say a naughty word and not offend anyone The story itself is mainly about some time travel from current day back to the Elizabethan era, which is something I ve always been fascinated with Catherine Friend is excellent in her detail that it makes you feel like you re there with Jamie as well The romance is fairly thin and I wanted , but it was about Jamie s adven [...]

    8. I would have loved to read of Meg and Jamie when they finally get together in the 21st century and what would happen to Chris and Blanche But anyway, I really liked the book, inresting plot, lovable main characters.

    9. I m a bit conflicted with my star assessment On the one hand, I have really enjoyed the novels of Catherine Friend in the past, The Spanish Pearl also featuring time travel was an excellent book with a riveting protagonist On the other hand, the operative words here were in the past Her last several novels were just so so for me and seem to feature the same type of characters, along with what seems to be a reliance upon vaguely emotionally abusive relationships This particular novel features Jam [...]

    10. I received this novel as a ARC from Netgalley and the Publisher in exchange of an honest review As someone who loves history and especially history involving royal families, this book was just perfect It was a slow burning romance, which only really came out in the last 30% or so, the story before that was interesting and full of history but not much romance or lesbian themed So for somebody who is only interested in lesbian content in novels, this might not be the right book I loved that most o [...]

    11. Entertaining Very entertaining But I expected a little action from Jamie back in 1560 She was a spectator than anything.Oh yes, I also think the book needs one or two chapters And perhaps an epilogue on each end of the story.

    12. OMG I LOVED THIS BOOK.It was set in my home town and actually in my childhood neighborhood London is an awesome place and it was like I was there with Jamie I would like to state at this point it was 2017 London I knew I m not that old I hear you saying yeah yeah.The basic story is that Jamie takes part in an experiment and she is pushed into it by her partner Chris who thinks she has no ambition Anyway during the experiment there is a thunder storm and she is transported back in time into the b [...]

    13. Elizabethan fantasyengaging and educational Wonderful combination of brain science, friendship, love, perseverance, thunderstorms, caring, and romance The read had me thinking Avatar, Game of Thrones, and heavy clothing So very different from a typical romance In my opinion, that is a good thing Fire trucking good Read provided via Netgalley by Bold Stroke Books.

    14. Like another reviewer, I m a little unsure of how to review this book Time travel is one of my favorite fantasy sci fi tropes, and Catherine Friend is one of my favorite contemporary authors Her previous time travel novels Spanish Pearl and Crown of Valencia are possibly my favorite in the genre, which means I came into this book with high expectations Perhaps that is why the reading experience fell a bit flat for me.The writing is excellent as usual did I mention I love Ms Friend s previous nov [...]

    15. This is the first fiction book I ve read where the author refers to a previous work of hers in the story It made me literally laugh out loud in a silent train oops This book was a page turner for me I do wish the ending talked a little bit about how she d resolve some of the family issues caused by her time travel But other than that, this was a fun book

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