Standard Deviation

Standard Deviation The celebrated author of Single Carefree Mellow returns with her debut novel a rueful funny examination of love marriage infidelity and origami Graham Cavanaugh s second wife Audra is everyth
  • Title: Standard Deviation
  • Author: Katherine Heiny
  • ISBN: 9780385353816
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The celebrated author of Single, Carefree, Mellow, returns with her debut novel a rueful, funny examination of love, marriage, infidelity, and origami Graham Cavanaugh s second wife, Audra, is everything his first wife was not Audra is charming and spontaneous and fun, but life with her can be exhausting, constantly interrupted by phone calls, burdened by houseguests,The celebrated author of Single, Carefree, Mellow, returns with her debut novel a rueful, funny examination of love, marriage, infidelity, and origami Graham Cavanaugh s second wife, Audra, is everything his first wife was not Audra is charming and spontaneous and fun, but life with her can be exhausting, constantly interrupted by phone calls, burdened by houseguests, and populated by old men with backpacks full of origami paper As Graham and Audra struggle to define their marriage and raise a child with Asperger s, they decide to establish a friendship with his first wife, Elspeth But former spouses are hard to categorize are they friends, enemies, old flames, or just people who know you really, really well Graham starts to wonder How can anyone love two such different women Did he make the right choice Is there a right choice A novel as poignant as it is hilarious, Standard Deviation never deviates from superb.
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    1. Katherine Heiny s fiction has been published in The New Yorker, Ploughshares, Narrative,Glimmer Train, and many other places She lives in Washington, D.C with her husband and children.

    2. It has been a long while since I literally laughed out loud while reading a book, but Katherine Heiny s debut novel, Standard Deviation, had me cracking up than a few times Nothing quite like sitting at the chiropractor laughing to yourself and having everyone wonder if you need than your back adjusted Zany, contemplative, occasionally moving, and tremendously insightful, this is a book about love, family, raising children, temptation, and origami It had begun to seem to Graham, in this, the t [...]

    3. THERE IS SO MUCH TO LAUGH AT this NOVEL It s totally priceless Line after line after line there was something really funny or witty or both times touching with love that was sincerely beautiful Other times.I d be laughing while secretly saying you know, this guy Graham narrator , is one smart wise cookie A few women might wish their partners took a lesson or two from him Audra, is a kick an awesome created gotta love a woman who never leaves home without a stack of papers in her ha [...]

    4. Katherine Heiny has written a smart and joyful debut novel about a New York family and their everyday life It is written through the perspective of Graham, in his early sixties, married to his second wife, the eccentric Audra, a force of nature, whom he adores, and their 10 year old autistic son, Matthew, for whom they will do anything The title, Standard Deviation, refers to the term used by a doctor in categorising just how far from the norm Matthew is It might be inferred to apply to Audra, h [...]

    5. 4.5, now rounded down please don t frown only because I can t remember all the laughs See update below I m laughing just thinking about this book The dry humor is priceless It s full of wry observations of everyday life by a guy named Graham Passive and entirely boring, Graham is married to the perky motor mouth Audra, whom he adores They have a son, Matthew, who has Asperger s and is obsessed with origami.Saying that Audra is a motor mouth is an understatement She is a compulsive talker, and ye [...]

    6. 4.5 Love, marriage, infidelity and origami Well the origami sound like an interesting twist but the others sound like many novels out there, common enough that I would have given this a pass if not for the reviews of a few of my friends on this site So I started reading this, thinking a truly amusing book doesn t come by that often, so often I end up finding the humor is just corny This book though is truly amusing, laugh out loud funny in parts and very easy to identify with The second paragrap [...]

    7. This was a really funny book about marriage, infidelity, exes, misfits, raising a child with social disabilities I literally laughed out loud so many times I think everyone would enjoy this book

    8. 4.5 StarsI m not sure that I can do justice to this humorous social satire about love and family, marriage, sex and temptations, educating and nurturing children, and origami, which seems somehow appropriate to how all these various things fit together to shape Standard Deviation I read this off and on in little snippets of time while doing the last week plus details of the wedding preparations, picking up family from the airport, running errands, spending as much time as possible together as a [...]

    9. This novel is hilarious and sharply insightful at the same time.Graham has been married to his second wife, Audra, for over a decade Audra is the exact opposite of his first wife Elspeth She Audra is blunt, unapologetically honest and talks non stop On the other hand, Elspeth is reserved, thoughtful and prudent One day, Elspeth reenters Graham s life and this simple act invites us to explore the meaning of marriage, relationships, adultery, friendship, family and other themes in a fictional sett [...]

    10. 4 People came to Audra for advice well, no, not advice, that was the wrong word They came to her for secrets, for gossip, for connections for intel, that was the term about everything Friends sought her expertise on their job interviews, on their children s chances of getting into private schools, on marriage counselors, on hairdressers, on au pairs, on restaurants, on shops, on neighborhood watches, on gyms, on doctors, on internet providers People asked her about local politics and she didn t [...]

    11. This is social satire at its very best awkward situations turned humorous, characters you grow to love and writing that is brilliant and sarcastic this was a tremendously entertaining read and one I know I will read again.We meet two of the characters, Audra and Graham, while grocery shopping and the scene Heiny creates tells us everything we need to know about these people, I was immediately hooked Audra is one of the most outrageous characters I have read in years and I laughed every time she [...]

    12. What a strange book this is Graham and his second wife, Audra, end up as friends to his first wife and her new significant other First off, the mere idea of being friends with an ex confounds me And here, the two wives are SO different How opposite they were How could one man have fallen in love with both of them And to be honest, Audra would drive me insane Constantly talking, often in long winded stories She s one of those sorts that knows everyone and seems to know all their intimate secrets [...]

    13. Standard Deviation is a quirky, funny, laugh out loud book that is so real, I could relate to every one of these characters I have a loquacious Audra in my family who I adore, and who is also exhausting at times, but I wouldn t trade her for the world I know a Graham, an Elspeth, and have worked with children like Matthew I could see a lot of myself in them It is an eclectic group of people just trying to live life the best they can It s about marriage, affairs, death, autism, love and acceptanc [...]

    14. 5 stars I love, love, love this book It s laugh out loud funny, but also heartwarming and quirky I m going to have a difficult time explaining just what makes this book so special My words won t do it justice.The story is told exclusively from the POV of Graham, an introverted 50 something man, married to his bubbly, outgoing, missing a filter wife, and their son There s no point to going into the plot, because there isn t one If there had been a plot I think it would have made the reading less [...]

    15. On occasions genuinely poignant, at others, outrageously humorous, Standard Deviation is the insightful and well observed debut novel from Katherine Heiny and is a heartfelt tour de force exploring marriage, infidelity, love, friendship, parenting and origami Despite an absence of significant plot development throughout the novel and a somewhat circuitous narrative adding to the insouciant feel, Standard Deviation is never less than thoroughly engaging and dryly amusing The reason for this is du [...]

    16. This book was like a hostage situation I kept waiting and waiting for something to happen and at the beginning there was anticipation but then I just wanted the bloody thing to be over with.

    17. Standard Deviation is not what I expected I expected it to be light and amusing, and it was occasionally those things, but mostly I found it very life like, therefore not that amusing.A somewhat despondent, late fifties man, Graham, is married to Audra, his second wife The two couldn t be different Graham is a placid and a somewhat beige kind of man Even his name suits him no offence to Grahams out there He earns a good living as a consultant for medical acquisition in an investment firm He s a [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this light hearted and wry character driven family drama All of the characters especially no filter Audra, the second wife jump off the pages The only character that I felt wasn t fully fleshed out was Graham, the husband He is the central character and his observations and musings on life and the other characters are keen, funny, and incredibly perceptive I just felt that he was a bit of a dark horse as a personality And poor Elspeth, the first wife her story arc broke my heart [...]

    19. I am going to say right now that I loved this book I loved each and every character, I loved the writing, I loved the ending, I loved everything about it.This is the story of Graham and his wife Audra who live with their son Matthew in Manhattan And that s it It s just about their everyday lives And it s wonderful Matthew has Asperger s, which I have to confess I didn t know a whole lot about before reading this This book deals with the difficulties of being a parent of a child with Asperger s, [...]

    20. Graham has been married to his second wife, Audra, for just over a decade Though he still loves her, he s also a little overwhelmed and maybe slightly annoyed by her uber outgoing personality In fact, if he s being completely honest, he s bored with the life they ve created together His dissatisfaction has him thinking about his past and, specifically, his first wife, Elspeth Elspeth is the exact opposite of Audra in practically every way, and now Graham is beginning to wonder if he tossed her a [...]

    21. Thanks so much to Harper 4th Estate for the opportunity to read this brilliant book.I wasn t expecting a family relationship tale to make me laugh so much, yet still deal with some serious themes of individuality and personal interaction I was transfixed by the characters from beginning to end, and the wonderful Audra in particular, of course My opinion of her kept shifting ditsy on the one hand, seemingly completely lacking a social filter, yet on the other hand a consummate multi tasker and an [...]

    22. 4 5 s Diane S and Larry H wrote excellent reviews of this title.In the beginning I was a little worried, as Diane was, that the book would not be as amusing as many reviewers stated it would be This feeling was mostly a function of the fact that sometimes Audra is almost too wacky to be believed This concern soon disappeared, and I did very much enjoy it OOps meant to mention that the quote was lifted verbatim from Larry H s review Many thanks to Diane and Larry for their wonderful reviews, and [...]

    23. Prepare to read a GUSHING review of Standard Deviation , the debut novel of Katherine Heiny By page 5 I knew I was destined to fall madly in love with Graham Cavanaugh By page 20 I knew I never wanted the novel to end By page 50 I realized that one of the reasons I was loving it so much was because it reminded me of an Anne Tyler novel full of quirky characters, odd plot twists, inappropriate relationships, and a tsunami of humor I cannot praise this winning recipe enough If you are reading this [...]

    24. I loathe reviewing books where I loved certain sections but was left cold by others Graham s been married twice, first to Elspeth, a reserved and polished woman who chooses her words carefully He left Elspeth to marry Audra, who is the opposite She goes through life in a whirlwind of unfiltered conversations with everyone she encounters.The story follows Graham s musings on his marriages and on raising his special needs son Matthew, who becomes so enamoured with origami that he joins an exclusiv [...]

    25. I am a plot person, but if I m going to read a book without a plot I want it to introduce me to fully drawn characters with a strong voice and Heiny succeeds with STANDARD DEVIATION I read an interview with Heiny from a few years ago where she talks about writing this novel and describes it as a set of short stories that happened to be about the same people that she kept writing until she realized it was actually a novel If you don t realize that going in, you ll be waiting for plot to kick in f [...]

    26. Katherine Heiny is my kind of writer her words jump off the page and punch you in the gut while making you laugh and think YES EXACTLY If you haven t read her debut short story collection Single Carefree Mellow please cease reading this and go and read it RIGHT NOW I m serious Get lost So it s fair to say expectations were high for her debut novel Standard Deviation And she surpassed them Hit it out of the ballpark Knocked my socks off You get it Standard Deviation may be another book about marr [...]

    27. 4.5 s It occurred to Graham that here, finally, was the similarity between these two women he d chosen to marry they were both totally unrufflable, one out of iciness, the other out of obliviousness Standard Deviation is the second book by American author, Katherine Heiny Fifty six year old Graham Cavanaugh has been married to Audra Daltry for twelve years Audra was not quite beautiful, but her liveliness kept her far away from plain She was the reason he split with his first wife, Elspeth Two [...]

    28. Heiny s short stories were richly conceived and expertly executed They were dense vignettes that masqueraded as banal stopovers on the way to the formal moments of life and their standard narratives But in those cul de sacs Heiny found the stuff of life The novel takes that keen insight and perfects it for the long haul I found myself laughing out loud in parts and I tend to dislike funny books Elsewhere I found myself decimated by the succinct observations that seemed to distill so much of the [...]

    29. The book is about boring people living boring lives Pretty much all of the characters are vaguely unhappy but not in an interesting way and none of the characters are likeable Some problems are unavoidable eg special needs child , but most problems the characters encounter are completely caused by their own stupidity and pigheadedness And there is absolutely no interesting insight gained or character development I still gave it two stars, since it was not actually offensive.

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