The Chick and the Dead: Tales of a Life in Death

The Chick and the Dead Tales of a Life in Death Carla Valentine works with the dead After studying forensics she assisted pathologists with post mortems for years before becoming the curator of the world s most famous pathology museum When it come
  • Title: The Chick and the Dead: Tales of a Life in Death
  • Author: Carla Valentine
  • ISBN: 9781250120687
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Carla Valentine works with the dead After studying forensics, she assisted pathologists with post mortems for years before becoming the curator of the world s most famous pathology museum When it comes to death, she truly is an expert, and in this book she shares that expertise.Using the most common post mortem process as the backbone of the narrative, The Chick and theCarla Valentine works with the dead After studying forensics, she assisted pathologists with post mortems for years before becoming the curator of the world s most famous pathology museum When it comes to death, she truly is an expert, and in this book she shares that expertise.Using the most common post mortem process as the backbone of the narrative, The Chick and the Dead takes the reader through the process of an autopsy while also describing the history and changing cultures of our relationship with the dead The book is full of vivid insight into what happens to our bodies in the end Each chapter considers an aspect of an autopsy alongside an aspect of Carla s own life and work and touches on some of the controversial aspects of our feelings towards death, including the relationship between sex and death and our attitudes toward human tissue collection.Starting with the first cut, we move from external examination into the body itself, discovering about the heart, stomach and brain, and into dismembered and reconstructed bodies, at each stage taking a colorful detour into the question of what these things can teach us about the living Join Carla on the journey from microscope requesting nine year old to pathology educator and death engager at a Victorian museum a journey made via around 5,000 autopsies as she tells the story of exactly what it s like to live a life immersed in death.
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    2 thoughts on “The Chick and the Dead: Tales of a Life in Death

    1. Carla Valentine Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Chick and the Dead: Tales of a Life in Death book, this is one of the most wanted Carla Valentine author readers around the world.

    2. When I was in the first grade, I discovered the joy of books and waited with ants in my pants until it was my turn to talk about my favorite book and almost jumped and down with excitement over the picture book, Don t Count Your Chicks I got the same feeling from Carla Valentine, in that she had been waiting for years to tell us about her passion, and in this case, death It all started when at seven years of age, she watched her grandfather suffer a massive stroke that later killed him As she wa [...]

    3. I was very excited about this book, and even pre ordered it This is exactly my kind of thing, and I am very interested in the Death Positive movement I love the pathologists I follow on Instagram, got a trip to the M tter for Christmas, and am a big Caitlin Doughty fan I was so disappointed with this book that I unfollowed the author on Facebook and Instagram The positives are that the actual autopsy and anatomy subject matter are interesting, and I learned new things If you have a weak stomach, [...]

    4. A memoir of a life among the dead, by a British woman writing with compassion, wit and yes, morbid curiosity about her career in the mortuary arts.

    5. I enjoyed this, but it was memoir than I realized when I picked it up Still, it s a fascinating book for those interested in mortuary studies and I m glad I read it.

    6. Detailed and engaging account of how the author became a mortuary worker, advanced in the field, and what she learned and did Not for the squeamish but not sensationalized either Set in England so some procedures are different from in the US e.g as described in Caitlin Doughty s book Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, which I preferred Author s life experiences and emotions are interwoven with the story so if you want just the facts you ll want to either skip over those sections or skip this book For adul [...]

    7. I really wanted to like the book The writing style is conversational, the subject matter is interesting But multiple transphobic references are made to the detriment of the patients in the cases discussed A male bodied person in woman s panties and an accidental death where the male bodied patient was in stockings is discussed with a sense of frivolity Poking fun at how one of those weird cases came up, talking about how embarrassing it would be to be found like this Super transphobic I m so dis [...]

    8. Interesting book by an Anatomical Pathology Technician who worked in mortuaries for 8 years performing autopsies except not forensic ones which an M.D had to perform so he could testify in court I don t know if the equivalent position exists in American morgues, but I was fascinated by her training and her daily duties It s well written and I read it in an evening.

    9. Really enjoyed this Valentine has an excellent perspective on life and death, a good sense of humor, and an excellent way with words I d also very much like to visit the pathology museum she curates, as it sounds just as delightful as the Mutter Museum.

    10. I enjoyed this book It is a window into the daily life of someone who works with the deceased, which is something that we Westerners tend to shy away from, at least in polite company so it s nice to get a clearer idea of what these people do, from somewhere other than TV and movies The book was very educational, and actually kind of reassuring regarding their careful and respectful treatment of the dead All bodies even the smallest youngest, even those that are in many parts, even severely decom [...]

    11. A bit of a snoozer but it brought me back to life at times Carla Valentine is a person writing about how she progressed in her early career as a mortuary assistant conducting autopsies It wasn t totally clear what drew her to this profession but she certainly became engrossed in it You have to be pretty unique for this line of work, not for most.She takes us through her trials and tribulations of learning her trade and the typical challenges at times of a woman in a boy s club But she steadily p [...]

    12. I was so disappointed in this book I ve read some really interesting ones, such as Stiff The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, and I was hopeful this would be similar Unfortunately, this is memoir of the author and since I didn t find her very appealing, this was a problem She mentions many times that she is blonde and tiny I wouldn t have minded that so much except she then goes on about her hatred of doing obese patients, even trading at one point for all the decomposing bodies Her fear Fallin [...]

    13. The Chick and the Dead was a very detailed book about working with the deceased Carla Valentine is a pathologists who was interested with death sense she found her first road kill, at seven years old She goes into detail about the different techniques used in todays autopsy, and how things were learned in the past I was surprised that there are many similarities but, yet so many differences in how thing are done in England and American morgues Ms Valentine makes you see that this job is not for [...]

    14. I thought the book was interesting I learned a lot and found her experiences worth reading about One of my favorite parts of the book was near the end, when she s so candid about how working with the dead along with a bad relationship and miscarriage for 8 years kind of crumbled around her, leaving her feeling depressed and longing for something What she wrote in those pages about her leaving the job and going to a covenant to find peace was interesting I enjoyed her take on why she did that ki [...]

    15. Mostly memoir, but still a fascinating look at the mortuary career of Carla Valentine, a UK APT anatomical pathology technician and learning to take bodies apart for autopsy and examination performed by a pathologist, not the technicians Enough detail to sketch out what the career is like without going too indepth, but definitely follows her specific life which after skimming other reviews is a YMMV thing Curiously, I discovered the US version uses the same name as her blog, The Chick and the De [...]

    16. I was reluctant to pick up the book because of the title, but my fascination with the macabre trumped my aversion to the moniker Carla is very matter of fact and occasionally humorous about her chosen profession and her path to working in a mortuary Her goal is to lift the taboo about death and performing autopsies She presents the basics of post mortem examinations and it s sometimes messy, occasionally sad, but never dull I was intrigued by the insider knowledge Carla provided about the pathol [...]

    17. This book has an identity crisis the author can t seem able to decide if it s a personal memoir or a book speaking about the practices of the British mortuary What s left is a jumbled mess too bad, because it could have been interesting if the writer had focused on one or the other This is trying to be like Smoke Gets in Your Eyes And Other Lessons from the Crematory, but fails because it doesn t have a central thesis to build the story telling off.

    18. This was fun to read There were moments of humor but mostly, the author treated the subject of death and the dead with great respect Because she was so fascinated with her subject, she decided to get a wide variety of experiences working in different aspects of the treatment of dead bodies, from funeral home procedures, organ harvesting, reconstruction of damaged corpses, forensic anthropology, skeletal excavations and finally, the cataloging and presentation of historical anatomical body parts [...]

    19. Having thoroughly enjoyed Caitlin Doughty s, Smoke gets in your eyes, I was looking forward to the UK perspective Carla does not disappoint as she gives us an inside literally inside look at her journey through what some would seem a dead end career path Her dry wit kept the stories moving right along through many laugh out loud moments I also read Carla s book because we have something in common which I was delighted she mentioned on page 212 I highly recommend this book to anyone who is intere [...]

    20. This is a memoir by a British Anatomical Pathology Technologist APT describing the path she took through her career working with the dead, as well as some brief case studies A have a fascination with the general topic of forensic pathology and anthropology and have read several books on death, bodies, and what happens to us after we die This is the first I ve read by a UK professional so it was interesting to learn about the differences between job titles and roles in England and America.

    21. Entirely too disappointing Disjointed and lacking flow, The Chick and the Dead reads like mini essays quickly cobbled together with an unaware repetitive nature The only reason this book is getting 3 stars and not 2 is due to Valentine s thoroughness in the field That passion slips through but is unfortunately easily distracted by how the book is presented.

    22. This book really intrigued me It was blunt without being rude, and the author really made me respect her line of work Having only seen autopsies on TV, she cleared the air as to what really happens She also gave interesting history and religious insight into her profession She is a true professional in her career, and I loved reading her story.

    23. Really, and I mean really tedious I found myself skim reading through the last half of the book to be completely truthful.I ve read books about death before, and those other ones were exciting I don t get grossed out easily, and I found myself wanting to toss up after she started talking about necrophilia.

    24. Pretty good The author s career and the procedures she learned are described in detail in a very intriguing way Humor and dignity are used to help dissipate the effects of constantly working alongside death Explores some differences in US UK coroner roles.

    25. interesting in the fact of giving details about something rarely discussed but not well presented in my opinion just could have been better

    26. Carla Valentine has spent most of her life working with the dead, and isn t shy about discussing it Charmingly nerdy, she shares vignettes from her professional career, informs readers about the history and background of death procedures, puts the industry in a cultural context, and basically walks the line between gross and engrossing Though not for the weak stomached, anyone with an interest in how one deals with death will find themselves entertained and educated in turn.Thanks to St Martin s [...]

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