The Illegal Gardener

The Illegal Gardener Librarian s Note Alternate cover edition for ASIN B LMT U The Illegal Gardener is the first book in the Greek Village Collection from INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLING AUTHOR Sara Alexi The Illegal Garden
  • Title: The Illegal Gardener
  • Author: Sara Alexi
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s Note Alternate cover edition for ASIN B008LMT78U The Illegal Gardener is the first book in the Greek Village Collection from INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLING AUTHOR Sara Alexi.The Illegal Gardener is a moving, poignant story about life s rare encounters which knock us off our path, and elevate our very existence.Driven by a need for some control in her life, JulieLibrarian s Note Alternate cover edition for ASIN B008LMT78UThe Illegal Gardener is the first book in the Greek Village Collection from INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLING AUTHOR Sara Alexi.The Illegal Gardener is a moving, poignant story about life s rare encounters which knock us off our path, and elevate our very existence.Driven by a need for some control in her life, Juliet sells up on impulse and buys a run down farmhouse in a tiny Greek village, leaving her English life behind Her boys have grown and she has finally divorced her bullying husband This is her time now.Whilst making her new home habitable, Juliet discovers she needs a sturdy helping hand with the unruly and neglected garden Unwilling to share her newfound independence with anyone, but unable to do all the work by herself, she reluctantly enlists casual labour.Aaman has travelled to Greece from Pakistan illegally Desperate to find a way out of poverty, his challenge is to find work and raise money for the harvester his village urgently need to survive.What he imagined would be a heroic journey in reality is fraught with danger and corruption Aaman finds himself in Greece, and with each passing day loses a little of himself as he survives his new life as an immigrant worker illegal, displaced, unwanted and with no value Hungry and stranded, how will he ever make it back home to Pakistan In what begins as an uncomfortable exchange, Juliet hires Aaman to be her gardener, but resents the intrusion even though she needs the help Aaman needs the work and money but resents the humiliation.In spite of themselves, as the summer progresses, they get to know one another and discover they have something in common Pieces of their lives they have kept hidden even from themselves are exposed, with each helping the other to face their painful past.Will Juliet and Amaan finally let each other in And what will be the outcome of this improbable conjoining of two lost souls If you enjoyed The Illegal Gardener you ll love book two in the series, Black Butterflies Find it on now
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      211 Sara Alexi
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    1. Best selling author Sara Alexi was born in Oxford, England After travelling widely she now splits her time between England and a tiny rural village in the Peloponnese, in Greece, where she has renovated a stone farmhouse, whilst observing the Greek way of life and absorbing the culture.As a qualified as a psychotherapist Sara ran her own practice for years Her artistic nature was, during that time, confined to painting and she exhibited widely Her move to Greece was the catalyst that began her writing.Her Greek Village Series has been very well received and provides a keenly observed, compassionate insight into the Greek people and culture, and the human condition in general.If you would like a complementary copy of the first in The Greek Village Series please follow the links on her web site.SaraalexiShe would also love you to friend her on facebook authorsaraalexiYou can also read a recent interview with Sara here saraalexi 2016 03 19 unde

    2. A dear friend recommended this book to me otherwise, I would have never noticed it It turned out to be a wonderful novel, so thank you, David, for bringing it to my attention The Illegal Gardener is number one in a series of 19 books focused on the population of a small village in Greece This was a different story for me, and is so elegantly told by author Sara Alexi It is totally character driven, focusing on the relationship between a British Greek English translator named Juliet and Aaman, he [...]

    3. I am so thrilled to see my book on and thank you to all the people who have loved it and rated it and have left feedback here It really does make a difference when readers share their views Once again thanks you.

    4. This was a book I did not expect to enjoy as much as I did The day before going on holiday my email landed from Bookbub and I had a look to see what was on offer The Illegal Gardener was amongst the selection and it was free To be honest the cover was what drew me in, and after a read of the look inside quite liking the writing style I thought it d make a pleasant holiday read If it turned out to not be my cup of tea, I thought my wife would at least appreciate it.Well, it was much than a pleas [...]

    5. Beautiful Narrative, May 21, 2017 Phyllis EisenstadtThis is a book that does not draw you in with a hook of any sort, so that at times you just want to give up and put it down Then, slowly but surely, without even noticing it, you become involved with the characters, as the author imbues them with depth The two main characters are of different ethnic backgrounds, speak different languages, and come from entirely different cultures Yet, Ms Alexi manages to merge the differences into a profound [...]

    6. I was not hooked in the first chapter of this book In fact, I made myself read the second chapter, but by the third chapter I couldn t find enough time to read it Not to give anything away, I want to express my appreciation to Sara Alexi for how she handled the friendship between this sensitive woman and man, and how class and cultural differences didn t keep them from becoming friends in the truest sense It was a refreshing break from what this story could have been, and I disagree that the end [...]

    7. THE ILLEGAL GARDENER by Sara Alexi is the perfect title for this book Gardening is one of my favorite themes in books, and this one made me happy with vivid descriptions in Greece.Why was this book in Dorine s TBR I collect books with gardening, healing, or farming themes and locations This cover caught my eye several times before I downloaded it for free during an promotion I hesitated to read it, because it was an indie published title I ve read several in need of an editor, which frustrates m [...]

    8. I loved the Illegal GardenerWhat a great book I couldn t put this down and am looking forward to from this author It s a character novel and the tension and interest is built through the interactions between the protagonists rather than with direct action, which I find much skilfull and engaging.I connected with and cared about the characters and went through a series of emotions, and cried at one point This is a gentle, subtle book which nonetheless addresses some pretty weighty themes, touch [...]

    9. The Illegal Gardener is evocative of sunny Greece where not everything is paradise and people s lives go down paths they didn t anticipate Aaman and Juliet, the main characters of the story, find an unexpected harbour within their friendship I love how this story is not stereotypical, but shows a fresh take on relationships and the lengths people will go for the ones they love The writing is beautiful You can almost smell the sea and feel the sun on your skin as you read I m highly impressed wit [...]

    10. Anything about Greece attracts me so I picked up this book From the very first pages, I was drawn into the deep environment created by the author Having lived in Greece, I recognized all of the sights, smells, sounds and experiences of the small Greek village What surprised me the most about the book was the depth of research concerning the ingenuity applied by poor illegal entrants to Europe to secure their transport to money earning destinations Sometimes the present tense narrative annoyed me [...]

    11. Gostei deste livro Num registo diferente uma boa hist ria sobre um refugiado e uma mulher de meia idade Um bom momento de leitura.

    12. I loved the setting in a small Greek village and I loved the premise of the middle aged English woman looking for a new start in life in a place she fell in love with 20 years earlier And individually the characters were so promising Juliet, the Brit who purchases the wonderful old run down farmhouse Aaman, the Paskistani illegal looking to earn the money for a harvester for his village back home Michelle the faithful friend who has stood by Juliet through so much It was the interaction of these [...]

    13. The first half of this book had flowing language and a conflict that was unique and tender Cultural differences were highlighted Some potential descriptions were glossed over Then, the happy ending ruined the book.

    14. Duas personagens ,dois mundos destinos,dois traumas passados quase id nticos.Prevalece a cima de tudo o companheirismos entre o casal da historia,de uma escrita simples este romance levo me a bonita aldeia da Gr cia.

    15. This book is far from my normal genre Lured by the blurb and the promise of a vividly written picture of Greek life, I was sold Like the main character, I too lost my heart to the country and it s peoples and culture in my early twenties True, it is a beautifully descriptive novel, and one can almost feel the warmth and smell the earth But aside from the powerful imagery, lies a subtle and rather painful story that most westerners would rather not hear As the borders to most western countries sa [...]

    16. Ugh, this is so hard to rate I still haven t figured out if I really liked it or not I don t dislike it as a whole, so there s that.I only read this because with all the children s books I ve been reading I felt like I ought to read a grown up book and this was free and seemed like it might be a little bit interesting, if nothing else for the look at Greek culture, although unfortunately in the end I did not think it immersed you into Greek life as much as some reviewers seem to claim.The writin [...]

    17. I m not sure what compelled me to read this novel While the premise is somewhat interesting and hints at something possibly steamy it s not exactly the kind of novel I rush out to read But it was cheap and sounded somewhat promising so I bought it.It was a good novel Not anything tremendous Not good enough to warrant reading follow up novels, but good in that it mostly held my interest That I didn t hate the characters It even warranted a vocal sigh when I reached the end, a sigh of contentment [...]

    18. I love everything about this book, including the cover art But first and foremost it is a very well written tale It s also a love story like none I ve ever read The author touches on so many topics, and she does it with such skill In several situations, she alternates paragraphs between perceptions and actions of two separate characters as they experienced their own fears and anxieties, completely different from one another and yet so much alike She also captures the Greek culture and mentality [...]

    19. I selected this book based on the setting, as is my wont This story is set in sigh Greece, and the descriptions of local color are very satisfying A British woman finds herself after a difficult divorce She has impulsively bought a little place in Greece She comes across an illegal immigrant who will help her get her new home in shape She has no idea how to relate to this man, but he is a dear, darling of a person whom she is, in the end, able to rescue from his hopeless fate The story of her se [...]

    20. If you love the slow paced life of the seacoast or have ever dreamed of chucking it all for an idyllic life in a tiny village on some far away island, DO NOT READ the first book in this lovely series or you may find yourself packing up your treasured belongings and buying a one way airplane ticket The rich descriptions of the everyday lives of these charming characters grab you and make you feel as though you are walking down the cobblestone paths with them.I downloaded the second in the series [...]

    21. I liked this than I thought I would It was not what I expected either I downloaded it thinking I was getting something like Under the Tuscan Sun It was a little deeper and darker Very well written I could feel the sun and heat and see the scenes vividly Enjoyed the ending as well It takes courage to forego the happily ever after, girl gets her man formula and still have a satisfying ending Enjoyable They are so tightly packed, they shuffle as one, as if boiling, centres of calm and edges that b [...]

    22. I have read most of the books in this series I fell in love with Greece thanks to Sara Alexi Her interesting descriptions of every day characters let you see into real life of the Greek people You become a part of their community and you have to find out who will be featured next and how everyone s lives intertwine Always a joy to read every book.

    23. Loved It Fantastic book couldn t put it down So many lives to find out about and just hope that everything will work out as they want it too Looking forward to reading from Sara Alexi

    24. A lovely story of friendship that crosses over class and culture A nice story to read about compassion at such a time in this world

    25. He was from Pakistan and she was from England when their paths crossed in Greece As cultures and personal histories commingled, it was an absorbing story.

    26. I loved The Illegal Gardener, what a wonderful relationship between a newly divorced Juliet coming to Greece from England Moving into a dilapidated farmhouse, that needs a lot of restoring, just in time along comes Aaman who has traveled to Greece from Pakistan illegally He needs a job and between the two of them turns her house and garden into something they are both proud of Along the way he gets arrested before he can make enough money for his harvester that he needs for his village Juliet ma [...]

    27. I got this as a freebie from BookBub if you use an E Reader, sign up for these daily newsletters Select your genre and get 3 free to cheap book specials every day and have to say that even though the reviews were good enough to go ahead and click yes I still had fairly low expectations My thought was semi fluff read light good for current high stress living a little escapePleasantly surprised The story was not deep in and of itself, not on the surface, but I was fascinated by the immigrant situa [...]

    28. Can not sum it up just as a feel good book It does contain feel good factor but that s not all, the book has much to offer It analyses human relations beautifully and realistically.The books starts slowly and does not pick up a very fast pace at any point but still holds the reader s interest It s human compassion and a heart which is open to understand the the needs and feelings at the other end, which finally makes a difference This is what is taught to the well to do, translator, recently di [...]

    29. I normally shudder when I open a book and discover it s in first person present tense More often than not, it s an indication that the book is about a self centred, vapid, immature female whinging on about her life and boyfriends and involves every last booooring detail of her day, from waking in her designer pyjamas to curling up in bed at night to dream about Mr Right or whoever her latest fantasy character is NOT this book Wow This is powerful stuff Punchy, gut wrenching, realistic, believabl [...]

    30. The Illegal Gardener by Sara Alexi took me by surprise I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book I loved the way Sara Alexi weaves the story around Juliet and Aaman, two very different characters, struggling with their personal life s situations and building a bond bordering on a strong friendship with a tinge of love which both of them hesitate to show openly to each other.The setting of a small village in Greece added its own charm to the story and narration which was fast and smooth The supporti [...]

    31. This was a really interesting book Written in the present tense, Sara Alexi has a distinctive and unique voice, quite unlike any other book I ve read The story was character rather than plot driven and so, over the course of the book, we really feel we get to know the two main characters, Juliet and Aaman well and I was touched by the nuances of their relationship and the words left unspoken between them.The reason I knocked a star off was because I really wanted a space break between different [...]

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