No Eye Can See

No Eye Can See When blind and widowed Suzanne Cullver reaches California with a group of women who have survived tragedy on the Oregon Trail she sets her mind on doing for herself all that must be done Though she c
  • Title: No Eye Can See
  • Author: Jane Kirkpatrick
  • ISBN: 9781578562336
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • When blind and widowed Suzanne Cullver reaches California with a group of women who have survived tragedy on the Oregon Trail, she sets her mind on doing for herself all that must be done Though she cannot see, she rejects offers of assistance, unwittingly risking her children s safety and her own Her companions blindly falter as well, held hostage by their own pasts.When blind and widowed Suzanne Cullver reaches California with a group of women who have survived tragedy on the Oregon Trail, she sets her mind on doing for herself all that must be done Though she cannot see, she rejects offers of assistance, unwittingly risking her children s safety and her own Her companions blindly falter as well, held hostage by their own pasts As Suzanne attempts to control her life in Shasta City, Ruth defends against past errors, failing to see how she limits love Meanwhile, Mazy s vision seems to be permanently clouded by her late husband s betrayal But when a young stage driver risks all for a Wintu Indian, his life becomes entangled with the turnaround women and together they are changed forever as they discover that No Eye Can See all the good God has in store for those who love Him.
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      154 Jane Kirkpatrick
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    2 thoughts on “No Eye Can See

    1. Kirkpatrick brings us a story of one woman s restoration from personal grief to the meaning of community.

    2. This book started out a little slow paced but after getting into it, it is very exciting, with new characters introduced and the stories entwine and unfold, leaving me anxious to find out how it will all unravel and come back together Suzanne the widowed, blind, mother of two small boys found a nice place to live in Shasta City, and gains her courage to live on her own, despite being taken for granted by the evil shyster who uses her to find his ex wife, Ruth And there are many other side storie [...]

    3. This is a great book about the ties that bind families friends together how they do not always form clean, straight lines or meet any sort of traditional definition I enjoyed learning about the late 1800 s gold rush time in California s history There were some surprising things to learn regarding the laws treatment toward Native Americans during this time very different than what I remember from text books in middle school college It was eye opening I also liked the individual character story l [...]

    4. 2nd in a series of 3 I loved the first one, but didn t like this one as much A couple of the characters really got on my nerves Still it was great to find out what happened to the characters from All Together in One Place I still plan on reading the 3rd, hoping for happy endings for all.

    5. There are many wonderful quotes and quips that are words to live by in this book I found the story fun to read, even though the story is not always realistic, and enjoyed learning many new things about the way life must have been for the early settlers I really had trouble with one of the characters I am not telling who and even though I look forward to reading the 3rd book, I do not look forward to encountering this particular individual again I hope Mrs Kirkpatrick is able to write this one ou [...]

    6. I love Kirkpatrick s use of description and imagery The first book in this series was deep, and she made you connect wholeheartedly with the characters This book was very slow in my opinion I couldn t finish it

    7. This a the second book in a series of three The characters continue into book two and I find myself becoming attached to them They are strong women who have withstood unsurmountable trials Ms Kirkpatrick has such a talent to creating believable characters.

    8. This is book 2 in a 3 book series This 2nd book was a lot slower reading I thought Liked Book 1 better.

    9. So far I am really enjoying this book Such strong women to go through what they did It is a novel based on real people Gives you a different perspective of women and their roles in the 1800 s.

    10. In the second installment of the Kinship and Courage series, the tale continued for Suzanne Culver and the rest of the widows who lost their husband from the cholera epidemic on the Oregon Trail For all of them, they bonded like family and became closer friends, when they journeyed to California and hoped to find their own way New romances bloom for Mazy and Tipton, while Suzanne wanted to be independent on her own and take care of her two young sons Based on true facts of the original pioneers, [...]

    11. Loved it even though I found myself angry at one of the characters I also discovered after I had read most of the book that it is the second book in the series of three books, and I promptly bought the first one to read next The story is about some widows traveling to California with the help of a man named Seth One of the widows is blind and she has two young children Another woman has secrets and she has many problems The other ladies all have interesting lives of there own I always enjoy what [...]

    12. Book two in the series, after All Together In One Place I m hoping to enjoy this one as much as the first.Took than a few pages to get into this one So many characters to remember, and new ones, new men But once I got into it, I m right there, and I don t want to put the book down I think her style is quite different from what I had recently read, just needed to adjust Definitely need to read book one first though.Jane s fine storytelling, which I would call weaving, and the strength of her cha [...]

    13. A great continuation in the Kinship Courage Series.The turnaround women arrive in Shasta City Now starts their new lives in a new country with new trials to face, new friends to make 1 3To be able to appreciate the stories fully, this series needs to be read in order.

    14. I m not much on reading a series of books I get bored and usually don t like the sequels That said, after reading All Together in One Place I had to find out what happened after the women reached California Enjoyed the 2nd book almost as much as the first And enjoyed it enough that I ordered the 3rd and last in the series We will see if it holds my interest and I am able to finish.

    15. this book finally gets the gals to shasta city california i learned that being a pioneer suckede you had to churn your own butterring.but back to the bookgood read if you are reading the seriesswering some questions ruth s ex comes into playarles the prodigal son shows up againwhat will happen next one book to go

    16. Second in the series, good but not great The book features a mostly female cast of characters of pioneers which is refreshing to read but the book is technically a Christian novel and so sometimes it gets lost in the lessons it s trying to share instead of making a strong story that the reader can interpret.

    17. I liked the first one enough to find out of the story I like the pioneer stories It does seem a bit coincidental that with all the places to go in California and Oregon, Zane Randolf stumbles upon who he wants.

    18. I loved this second book in Jane Kirkpatrick s Kinship Courage Series I love historical fiction This series about a dozen women crossing the country via the Oregon Trail set in the 1850 s, is one I am enjoying very much I look forward to reading the final book in the series.

    19. The Sequel to the above book, it was also very good and mainly tells about what happens to the women and what choices they face after they reach Shasta How each much choose the path that God has laid before them and how He has brought them together as one family.

    20. Adequate writing Lots and lots of POVs Hard to keep track of characters since most of them seemed the same This is book two of a series, and the whole concept and style seems like a Soap Opera for me, the development was rather comical.

    21. second in a three part series I had to read this book because I read the first one and was curious as to what will happen to the characters That is the same reason I will read the third book, not that they are written very well, but the story is interesting.

    22. A wonderful book that picks up where we left the women heading to Shasta City You find out what happens with Ruth and the kids along with Mazy and her mom We are introduced to a wonderful and gentle man that has a wonderful tie to the women that journeyed west.

    23. I liked this book, but it had been so long since I read the first one that I was confused during parts The author definitely assumes that you will have read the first one and doesn t offer explanations to the situations the characters find themselves in It wasn t bad, wasn t a favorite.

    24. A good companian to the first in the series Man, I have a HARD time liking the Suzanna character Self Pity is such a bummer Although the book tends to get a little sappy, I am looking forward to the third.

    25. This is an easy fun series I look forward to reading the 3rd and final book I do appreciate some of the deeper insights the characters share with each other as well as the research that Kirkpatrick put into the writing of these books.

    26. I did not enjoy this book as much as the first in the series A couple of the characters just irritated me so much I loved the enthusiasm for life and the head on meeting of challenges which were obvious throughout the first book, just not so present in this book Still interesting.

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