A Clearing in the Wild

A Clearing in the Wild The first book in the Change and Cherish trilogy from the CBA bestseller and WILLA Literary Award Winner Jane Kirkpatrick Young Emma Wagner chafes at the constraints of Bethel colony an s religi
  • Title: A Clearing in the Wild
  • Author: Jane Kirkpatrick
  • ISBN: 9781578567348
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • The first book in the Change and Cherish trilogy from the CBA bestseller and WILLA Literary Award Winner, Jane Kirkpatrick.Young Emma Wagner chafes at the constraints of Bethel colony, an 1850s religious community in Missouri that is determined to remain untainted by the concerns of the world A passionate and independent thinker, she resents the limitations placed on womeThe first book in the Change and Cherish trilogy from the CBA bestseller and WILLA Literary Award Winner, Jane Kirkpatrick.Young Emma Wagner chafes at the constraints of Bethel colony, an 1850s religious community in Missouri that is determined to remain untainted by the concerns of the world A passionate and independent thinker, she resents the limitations placed on women, who are expected to serve in quiet submission In a community where dissent of any form is discouraged, Emma finds it difficult to rein in her tongue and often doesn t even try to do so, fueling the animosity between her and the colony s charismatic and increasingly autocratic leader, Wilhelm Keil.Eventually Emma and her husband, Christian, are sent along with eight other men to scout out a new location in the northwest where the Bethelites can prepare to await the last days Christian believes they ve found the ideal situation in Washington territory, but when Keil arrives with the rest of the community, he rejects Christian s choice in favor of moving to Oregon.Emma pushes her husband to take this opportunity to break away from the group, but her longed for influence brings unexpected consequences As she seeks a refuge for her wounded faith, she learns that her passionate nature can be her greatest strength if she can harness it effectively.
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    2 thoughts on “A Clearing in the Wild

    1. Kirkpatrick brings us a story of one woman s restoration from personal grief to the meaning of community.

    2. I will read anything Jane Kirkpatrick writes This is the latest one that I ve found The author is very knowledgeable about the history of the Northwest, and by reading her stories I ve become fully immersed in that history as well Her characters have a spiritual life, and the challenges that they have to face are tied to spiritual decisions It s worthwhile reading This particular story takes on the issue of legalism in a small denomination, as well as the issue of a woman s submission to authori [...]

    3. Library copy I am loving this book Love this style of writing Forty pages to go oh my, what hardship this west coast pioneering compared to NH a century earlier This book is the first in a series, which I am rather anxious to read While the book stands alone, the story isn t finished, and leaves the reader hoping beyond hope that things turn brighter in the next two books, as they begin to at the end of this one.It is beyond me to critique a writer such as Jane Kirkpatrick Her writing is as writ [...]

    4. This is the first book in Jane Kirkpatrick s Change Cherish Historical series What an outstanding book The book centers on a young German woman, Emma, who is part of the Christian community from Bethel, Missouri in 1851 and recently married The communities leader decides it is time for the colony to get away from all the outside influences and head west to the Oregon Territory Emma travels with the scout party lead by her husband, Christian, who claim land just outside of the Willapa Bay in the [...]

    5. Jane Kirpatrick sucessfully immerses herself and her reader into the 1853 era life of Emma Wagner in Bethel County, Missouri to Wallipa Bay, Washington It is an amazing story based on a true account, and one I found fascinating I found myself living Emma s life as I read, feeling the frustrations of living the suffocating life of a colony as a woman in those times, and the excitement of a way that seems independent This is a book that does not read as easily as a romance novel, perhaps because [...]

    6. Historical fiction based on the true account of a religious community that moved from Bethel, Missouri to Oregon in the 1850s The book attempts to be than a prairie romance Every character has been documented by the author and researched through diaries and interviews with with family members Due to the current interest in the consequences of living in a slightly repressive religious utopia led by an autocratic leader, I found this part of the book compelling than I would have at this time las [...]

    7. Finally This was the most boring book I have ever read It has taken me three weeks, because it was just so blah I was excited about the idea behind the book, but nothing happens minus two scenes The rest of the book is about the main character deceiving others and then trying to find her way in understanding who God is and what she is really suppose to do in life It might make a good DRAMA movie, but definitely just no life in it to make it an enthralling book I don t think I ll pick up this aut [...]

    8. Excellent story about the Oregon Trail and a woman of independent ideas and courage to be her own person.

    9. A Clearing in the Wild receives 3 stars from me.At times I wanted to keep reading and at others times I wanted to quit reading this book, but I am glad I finished it and even want to read the next book in this series A Clearing in the Wild is the first book in the Change and Cherish Historical Series A Clearing in the Wild is based on actual people and events It is written from Emma s view of her life and the changes she must make in order to insure her and her family survival and happiness.Emma [...]

    10. Oh man, this book was really full of detail about the incredible hard life of the settlers on the West Coast of California and Oregon in the 1850s All along I kept hearing my brain protest I could never have done that I truly don t think I could have survived the winters there Even the thought of living there now certainly would have its challenges The family members also offered many challenges and I can t say I liked them all that much This is a true story I looked up Emma the main character i [...]

    11. For the first quarter of this book I wasn t at all sure I liked it Mostly I didn t like the two main male characters, The Leader and the main character, Emma s husband Both of them were so demeaning toward women and the husband Christian was so totally under the leader s thumb But as the book progressed I got interested in the story and now I m anxious to read the next novel in this series Another reason I am interested is because it s based on the history of the state of Washington, where I li [...]

    12. While I did not care for the first book I read by this author A Daughter s Walk , I am glad I gave her another try, because I really liked this book.It not only told a great story about serious conflicts of character and a pioneer woman standing up for her rights, but also gave a good historical perspective of what it might have been like to go west and try to create a settlement in the wilds.

    13. I love Jane Kirkpatrick s style We know what the character is thinking, what she s wrestling with, her honest insights I related with the tension between being obedient and submissive versus trusting my own instincts and challenging the status quo The relationships are real not romantic and shallow.

    14. And interesting read to inform the reader of the Cult group that went west A bit frustrating to read in places yet endearing in others A satisfying ending I recommend it you can weed thru all the cultist thinking.

    15. I liked this book pretty good I couldn t imagine living the life Emma did I liked the ending and look forward to continuing the series.

    16. I didn t realize this was based on actual events until I was almost done with it I enjoyed the main character and her tenacity, but almost quit the book several times The author threw out just enough candy to keep me following her along the path of this story, but it never wowed me The journey across the country on foot seemed too easy to be believable Although I am a sucker for historical fiction and enjoyed several aspects of this story, I won t be reading the next book in the series.

    17. This book is the first in a series of three about a young woman from a German American religious colony in Missouri in the mid 1800 s The group migrated to Oregon in search of a place of secure separatism They had much in common with the Amish or Mennonite societies but there were notable differences Though they did have a desire to stay untainted and separate from the world, they made deliberate efforts to bring outsiders into their communities, encouraging others to join them, especially those [...]

    18. I had been interested in reading this 2006 release for a while, so when Waterbrook Multnomah was offering it for review, I was pleased to receive a copy This novel focuses on the life of Emma Wagner Giesy, a real historical figure, and the research that went into the writing is clearly quite meticulous This tale starts in 1852 in northern Missouri, where Emma and her family were part of the Bethel Colony, under the leadership of Wilhelm Keil The Bethelites were German utopian isolationists When [...]

    19. A Clearing in the Wild by Jane KirkpatrickEmma Warner was a young woman raised in the small German religious community of Bethel, Missouri, in the mid 1800 s The community was somewhat isolated from others in the belief that their way of life was better protected if outsiders were kept at a distance The only people to join the group were those who were evangelized usually by scouts who were sent out to find new places to settle.Emma married Christian Giesy, a man close to her father s age, when [...]

    20. A compelling, richly written blend of historical fact and thoughtful storytelling, A Clearing in the Wild is book one in author Jane Kirkpatrick s Change and Cherish series Based on real life people and places, the story line occurs in the mid 1800 s, a time of Civil War and great reform to come for women and slaves Emma Wagner is a young teenaged girl of German descent who lives in the idealized community of Bethel, Missouri Communal life was based on a Golden Rule , or a Diamond Rule , and mem [...]

    21. This story takes place in the 1850 s Seventeen year old Emma Wagner lives in a colony called Bethel which is located in Shelby County Missouri It s known as a peaceful place where the community lives in harmony while trying stay separate from worldly influences It s a community where women are expected to be submissive and listen to their leader Wilhelm Keil, something that young Emma has trouble doing She hopes to marry,and has her heart set on her fathers friend Christian Giesy, who is twenty [...]

    22. I picked up this book after learning about it and the rest of the series from reading Aurora An American Experience in Quilt, Community, and Craft, a non fiction book also by Jane Kirkpatrick I was very interested in learning of the history of the communities of Bethel, Willapa, and Aurora, and the story of Emma Watson, the only female scout sent out from Bethel to establish a new community in the West I enjoyed her story as told in A Clearing in the Wild although the writing was not as excitin [...]

    23. A Clearing in the Wild begins in Bethel Missouri where Emma Wagner lives in a religious community led by Wilhelm Keil In the mid 1800 s there were many religious communities where people lived in a communal setting Pooling their talents and resources among a group helped them survive and prosper Emma wants from life than bending her will to the group and the leadership of Wilhelm Keil She is attracted to Christian Giesy, an older man All major decisions are made by William Keil, his permission [...]

    24. This historical fiction tells the story of Emma Wagner, a woman who was part of the community that evenutally founded Aurora, Oregon The author portrays her as spunky and individualistic in a community where that is frowned upon All the people in the book existed and were part of her world.When asked how much of the story is hitory and how much is fictional, the author responded Between history and story lies memory Our memories of events are retold like a story, but they claim us as history, as [...]

    25. Here in rural America, it s a big deal when the UPS truck pulls up out front Which then leads to a dive for the front door to see who the package is for Boooook , we yell We being my fourteen year old daughter, and myself Never mind that it s mine If it has words and she beats me to it, I m sunk And so it was that said daughter got to read A Clearing In The Wild first Based on a true story, it follows the journey of young and spirited Emma Wagner as her life unfolds among the people of Bethel, M [...]

    26. When I began listening to this book, I thought I might not finish it I guess I m strange, but I don t like books that quote Bible verses I d rather see the scriptures lived out in the lives of the characters But I was soon captured by Emma Wagner and her life in the Bethel Colony in Missouri Bethel Colony was an experiment in communal living During the early 1800s there were many such tries to share all things in common The leader of Bethel is not a loving leader, but a dictatorial man who has n [...]

    27. Emma is too outspoken to be living in the community she was born in So when the opportunity to escape comes in the form of following her husband as a scout, she takes every advantage to ensure it happens But wishing to be heard, to be seen, to matter, lead her to a maturity that she didn t see coming Based on a true story, the author takes literary license with the historical information she found and weaves a story of God and how he fits into our lives as individuals and as a Christian communit [...]

    28. This first book in the trilogy follows Emma as she enters adulthood rebelliously sewing ruffles into her petticoat, exasperating all with her endless questioning, learning what it means to love, and developing her own sense of spirituality Jane Kirkpatrick clearly put extensive research into this story, and also fabricated wonderful details to flesh it out.I enjoyed following Emma as she questioned and discovered and grew, through all of her struggles and successes One or two of the male charact [...]

    29. Unfortunately I found Emma a real chore to read about I think she comes across too modern and forward thinking for someone who grew up in this Bethel community I felt like I didn t really get to know the real Emma Wagner I just couldn t overcome this selfish woman to continue reading the series Jane s writing is once again impeccable.

    30. This is a worthy read To use a Kirpatrick term I ll be buying book two But, this book won t appeal to everyone Some women will open the book and think, This is the most boring book I ve ever read or The character is so disagreeable or Why should Emma be silent She needs to leave that man and never look back Kirpatrick s heroines in all her books are based on real women in process They are on a journey to figure who they are as women, as helpmeets, as children of God, as friends, as mothers.As I [...]

    31. This historical fiction follows the westward move of a community of Christians desiring to live a conforming life separate from the world, yet influencing the world The main female character, Emma, continually challenges the role of women and how the community lives out its faith The hard work of pioneering is wonderfully depicted I enjoyed the growth seen in the marriage of Emma and Christian I appreciated the challenge to live by the Diamond Rule, to be in service, to treat others as we wished [...]

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