Writing Vivid Settings

Writing Vivid Settings Do you want your readers to feel like they re really there in the place where the story happens Whether you want to enrich stark prose with atmospheric detail add vibrancy to a dull piece or curb waf
  • Title: Writing Vivid Settings
  • Author: Rayne Hall
  • ISBN: 9781508589563
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • Do you want your readers to feel like they re really there in the place where the story happens Whether you want to enrich stark prose with atmospheric detail, add vibrancy to a dull piece or curb waffling descriptions, this guide can help Learn how to make your settings intense, realistic, and intriguing This is the tenth book in Rayne Hall s acclaimed Writer s Craft sDo you want your readers to feel like they re really there in the place where the story happens Whether you want to enrich stark prose with atmospheric detail, add vibrancy to a dull piece or curb waffling descriptions, this guide can help Learn how to make your settings intense, realistic, and intriguing This is the tenth book in Rayne Hall s acclaimed Writer s Craft series.
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      252 Rayne Hall
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    1. Rayne Hall writes fantasy and horror fiction, some of it quirky, most of it dark She is the author of over sixty books in different genres and under different pen names, published by twelve publishers in six countries, translated into several languages Her short stories have been published in magazines, e zines and anthologies.After living in Germany, China, Mongolia and Nepal, she has settled in a small Victorian seaside town in southern England Rayne holds a college degree in publishing management and a masters degree in creative writing Over three decades, she has worked in the publishing industry as a trainee, investigative journalist, feature writer, magazine editor, production editor, page designer, concept editor for non fiction book series, anthology editor, editorial consultant and Outside publishing, she worked as a museum guide, applepicker, tarot reader, adult education teacher, trade fair hostess, translator and belly dancer.Currently, Rayne Hall writes fantasy and horror fiction and tries to regain the rights to her out of print books so she can republish them as e books.Her books on the writing craft Writing Fight Scenes, Writing Scary Scenes, The Word Loss Diet, Writing Dark Stories, Writing About Villains, Writing Short Stories to Promote Your Novel, Writing About Magic, Twitter for Writers are bestsellers.Rayne Hall is the editor of the Ten Tales anthologies Bites Ten Tales of Vampires Scared Ten Tales of Horror Haunted Ten Tales of Ghosts Cutlass Ten Tales of Pirates Beltane Ten Tales of Witchcraft Spells Ten Tales of Magic Undead Ten Tales of Zombies Seers Ten Tales of Clairvoyance Dragon Ten Tales of Fiery Beasts Cogwheels Ten Tales of Steampunk with titles coming soon.The stories in her Six Scary Tales series and the Thirty Scary Tales collection are subtle horror suspenseful, creepy atmospheric, unsettling Although they contain little violence and gore, they may not be suitable for young readers Many of these stories have been previously published in other books or magazines.British English All Rayne Hall s books use British words, spellings, grammar and punctuation If you re allergic to British English, avoid them Mailing list eepurl boqJzDWebsite sites.google site raynehalYouTube Ten Random Facts about Rayne Hall 2 minute video youtube watch v sXR4TContact Rayne Hall on Twitter RayneHall follows back writers and readers twitter RayneHall

    2. This is another gem from Rayne Hall and ranks along aside my all time favourite of hers, The Word Loss Diet In Writing Vivid Settings Hall breaks down different ways of including the setting into scene without bogging down the pace or producing long slabs of description that the reader duly skips She looks at ways on including smells, sounds, light, colour, weather, telling details, similes, symbols and discusses the use of effective word choices She explores how to include the setting through t [...]

    3. I ve never read such an informative book on scene creation Everything this author tells you in the book is right on I m an avid reader and recognized all the things she was saying for scene creation I discovered that I m missing this in my book and need to do some work on it I used up 2 highlighters marking all the things I need to reference back to I m eager to check out her other books and I hope they are just chocked full of information as this one.

    4. I consider Writing Vivid Settings Professional Techniques for Fiction Authors Writer s Craft 10 by Rayne Hall a very helpful book on writing techniques It has many practical tips on improving setting and avoiding the blank space effect on scenes I mostly liked the Mistakes to avoid and the assignments at the end of each chapter The worksheet in the chapter about building a descriptions bank was quite interesting too In any case, I ll be taking a second look at all those practical tips while revi [...]

    5. I really wanted to get a copy of this book, and finally caved and bought it a couple of nights ago I definitely don t regret it the tips it holds in its pages are great Like most of the Writer s Craft books, the tips inside may not seem jaw dropping or revolutionary They re organized in a great, simple way that makes the advice easy to follow Which is, actually, really important in a how to write book.The part I found to be the most useful about this book were the sections on how and when to ins [...]

    6. This is an excellent book to read if you are a writer trying to improve your descriptive prose Rayne Hall writes about several areas where description can be improved, such as focusing on smell, sound, light, and color Further, she details several techniques within each subsection that one can use to make a scene or setting come alive.I was working on a short story at the time I read this book, and my opening scene was set in a bland office with a pair of characters who might as well have just b [...]

    7. This one has a lot of good information about how to bring one s book further to life by enhancing the setting I read once that you should treat your settings as its own character due to how important it is to the novel This book seems to support this argument by helping the writing do just this One thing she should have included for gathering sound information for the setting description bank is YouTube I ve found a wealth of sound effects for things I d rather not get near for finding out what [...]

    8. HelpfulNothing in this book is complicated Rather common sense mostly, however, some of this stuff is either done poorly by newer authors or completely forgotten by them If you want to write a book this is a great place to start You learn so much within these pages that you will not regret buying this one It just covers so much

    9. A power packed punch above many other self help books.This book excites me with its many helpful suggestions I am sure it will be referred to many times in the course of my writing career Thankfully, I purchased this as an e book A paperback copy would soon be dog eared and falling apart The author concludes the book with a powerful example of how she uses the methods in her own work I felt a wave of disappointment upon reaching the last page If I had to make a minor criticism, it is that it too [...]

    10. Great assignments Fantastic teaching tool.Rayne makes it simple to understand how a writer is to get to vivid descriptions through her marvelous theories backed with eye opening assignments Incredible resource.

    11. Vivid and soundVery complete and thorough with plenty of tips, suggestions, examples and pointers on common errors With the short story bonus at the end, this is well worth a look.

    12. Excellent ResourceThis is an excellent resource for writers who want to improve their skill at writing settings It is full of valuable information on how to do something and why it works.

    13. Great resourceGreat information and well written Many things I was aware of but hadn t figured out how to apply them to my work Highly recommended for aspiring writers

    14. Flashlight in one hand, pistol in the other, Mary slipped into her father s study The scent of dried blood mixed with the familiar smells of dust, cigars, and black coffee Claw marks the width of her arm indented his cherry wood desk Rain leaked from the window onto her father s maroon carpet, and the light of the candle lamp on his desk threatened to vanish with every breath she took.The gorgon was here Recently.I am by no means a master of writing vivid settings yet But judging by the impromp [...]

    15. Although very small, this book is very meaty and has lots of information and advice about writing settings It focuses on smells, sounds, light, weather, details, similes and symbolism and the right quantity of description in a scene It also emphases many scene types like opening, climax, action, scary, love, night, outdoors and indoors scenes.Chapters contain descriptions of the setting type, how and where to use that technique, professional examples, mistakes to avoid and assignments exercises [...]

    16. This book is much better than the author s book on writing scary scenes I almost didn t read this one because of that one However, this book does contain quite a bit of useful information and techniques to try out The only thing that worries me a little is the idea of keeping bank of descriptions I worry that I d spend time adding to my descriptions than actually writing, and I m not too keen on the idea of looking up a description for something and plonking it in the middle of a scene I m writ [...]

    17. If I could give this book six stars I would I struggle with descriptive writing therefore when I discovered this book I snapped it up straight away I am so pleased I did This book gave me gentle reminders of how to use techniques I had already learnt and also many new suggestions to incorporate Usually with this type of book I tend to skip many of the exercises, yet I found the exercises in this book extremely helpful I actually found this book so beneficial to my writing I will be seeking out f [...]

    18. This is an extremely readable and practical guide for new writers who aren t sure how to bring their writing to life The author describes different techniques to describe a setting and how and where they can be used to good effect She includes examples from published novels and offers advice on mistakes to avoid Each chapter ends with assignments for the reader to practise what they have learned.I particularly enjoyed reading Rayne Hall s short story at the end of the book, which encapsulates mu [...]

    19. Great book.Filled with extremely useful tips to give your stories a great feel to them Your readers will be right there with your characters seeing, smelling, experiencing exactly what you want them to A must read for authors.

    20. I am working through the series of books written about characterization, plots, dialogue, etc on Kindle unlimited This first book was incredible and I cannot wait to have time to delve into the others.

    21. I came late to this party and started with Rayne Halls tenth book, Writing Vivid Settings Wow What a party If your scenes lack excitement, clarity, depth, engagement or who knows what else, this is the best book on the market.

    22. This is a strong, precise, well written book on setting This is money well spent Your writing will improve dramatically when you take these methods, and apply them to your work Buy the book You won t regtret it.

    23. I received a sample copy of this book as part of a promotion on a writers advice site This short offering is a gem, with tons of advice in the first few pages that will help any writer master the art of creating settings that will bring your story to vivid life.

    24. Great resource to have I enjoyed the content and found it helpful I am now curious about the word loss diet and see how it will help me improve my writing.

    25. Basically be as detailed as possible and use the details to showcase what is going on by enhancing the story elements with the scenery.

    26. Great ResourceThis book is filled with a lot of information that I will use to improve my fiction work I really appreciated the examples too.

    27. Lots of wonderful advice on settings in writing I ve read this book, or parts of it, over and over.

    28. Very helpfulAs a novice writer, I struggle with creating a lifelike setting in my stories I feel much confident after reading Ms Hall s book.

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