Sky Ghosts: All for One

Sky Ghosts All for One For centuries Sky Ghosts have been hiding their differences from humans living among them in secret Their powers skills and the gift of flight made them the best protectors the human elite could e
  • Title: Sky Ghosts: All for One
  • Author: Alexandra Engellmann
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For centuries, Sky Ghosts have been hiding their differences from humans, living among them in secret Their powers, skills, and the gift of flight made them the best protectors the human elite could ever have But for every one of them who believes in fair work and duty, there are ten who use their power to prey on the weak and avoid justice They re called Sky BeastFor centuries, Sky Ghosts have been hiding their differences from humans, living among them in secret Their powers, skills, and the gift of flight made them the best protectors the human elite could ever have But for every one of them who believes in fair work and duty, there are ten who use their power to prey on the weak and avoid justice They re called Sky Beasts, and the war between them and the New York Sky Ghosts Headquarters has reached a fevered pitch.Patricia aka Pain is known as the kill first, ask questions later kind of girl An urban legend at twenty one, she helps to secure the Headquarters future in her own way by slaughtering Beasts in between working bodyguard jobs.Until they show up The two human boys who turn the life at the Headquarters upside down Suddenly, they have a chance to destroy their oldest enemy, and the boys are the key Pain would ve been fine with that if it wasn t her and her sister Jane who ve been assigned to protect the annoying humans.If the Beasts don t kill them, she might just do it herself.Sky Ghosts is a dark hud Urban Fantasy series for adults and young adults with a strong female lead.
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    1. NYT bestselling author, Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winner, the first woman to land on the moon I am none of those things But I do make fantastic waffles.Find out about me on Patreon patreon engellmann and Twitter engellmannSubscribe to the newsletter engellmann I don t read messages due to spam Please contact me via Twitter or website instead

    2. The image on the cover is really good, but if you feel you need even awesomeness along the same lines have this one A guy walked late at night on the streets of Brooklyn when he saw a woman being harassed by a group of men Before he realized what is going on the woman killed the troublemakers with her katana and disappeared into thin air Sometime later this same guy and his friend were ambushed by another group of men trying their best to kill them Luckily a couple of sword wielding women inclu [...]

    3. Source Downloaded for free from This was a YA fantasy story with lots of action, but I found it quite confusing.The characters in this didn t really appeal to me all that much, and I found it really difficult to pinpoint how old they were Once I d worked out that they were all 17 , I did think that they were maybe a little immature, as they came across as quite a bit younger than 17.The storyline in this had quite a lot of action, but I found it confusing I couldn t really work out what was goin [...]

    4. Thanks to the author for providing me a copy for an honest review.This book gets it right in the end Good finale, good action, good eventual character development, even a nice celluloid ending I was consistently reminded that I was probably reading a video game script during the last 40% of the novel, and that s not a bad thing in my estimation There s some pretty good video games out there We have firmly established that the Sky Ghosts are superheroes battling the other super group, the Beasts [...]

    5. As soon as I read the book s tagline The Avengers meets Shadowhunters I knew I had to give it a try I was immediately intrigued by the book s foundation concepts the idea of an elite group of gifted warriors called the Sky Ghosts who protected the city from the Sky Beasts.Alsoy book featuring badass women who fight with katanas is already off to a great start.However, although the concepts were fresh and exciting there were times where I felt they should have been further explained and explored [...]

    6. Sky Ghosts All for One is the first book of the Sky Ghosts series, which will include a trilogy and at least three side stories Since the release in December 2014, the book has been revised, re edited, and redesigned Below, you ll find the links for all countries.You can get a free copy of the book after reviewing the free preview short story Sky Ghosts The Night Before Follow the link to find out about it

    7. First, I like that the author doesn t make romance the central point of the story, there are other elements involved in it that make it quite a well developed, action packed and very intriguing plot The suspense was nerve wracking in a very good way and not predictable The dialogue was natural, too natural which made the setup of the story inviting, fresh and very charming read All the characters were flushed out skillfully I read the unedited version and the now updated version Alexandra Engel [...]

    8. If you ve read any of my other reviews out there on books, you ll discover I have a thing for characters This book has four major characters that really shine, and a few minor characters that also manage to shine Though most of the characters are equipped with supernatural abilities, none of them are outrageous geniuses or flawless superheroes They are all very human in their thought processes and decisions.I say four major characters, but it could be argued that the main character of this story [...]

    9. I received this book from the author for reviewing.2 16 2015Review UpdateThere has been a major update to the book since I last read it at the beginning of January The contents have been cleaned and tightened and the plot focused The ending has also been tweaked If you have an older version of the book just contact Support gp help contac and ask them to update your copy They re really quick about it too For all new buyers you ll automatically have the new updates I ve changed my score to refle [...]

    10. 3.5 stars.I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.This was actually not bad Not that I expected anything bad, but I usually don t read YA, so you must always take my reviews of YA books with caution Either way, I liked the book There were a few things I wished were different, but overall I did like it Possible spoilers ahead I liked The idea of people flying No wings Just flying I usually DON T like superhero shit If you ll excuse my language I like fantasy to be real [...]

    11. This book is something new and different I liked it I think this style of writing is very engaging The author pulls you in from beginning to end I like the action, heart, sexiness, romance, and the humor I would never guess the author s first language is not English This is a great book You should differently check it out See what you think Merged review This book is something new and different I liked it I think this style of writing is very engaging The author pulls you in from beginning to en [...]

    12. The Avengers meet the A teamVery refreshing and full of fun, action, and subtle sexiness that I wish authors knew how to write about Great, complex characters, unpredictable plot, entertaining dialogues, and a simple yet interesting world UF fans will love it.

    13. Review update.I got a copy of the book from the author for an honest review.After I got to beta read the next one, Sky Ghosts Marco, I was compelled to re read the first book to see Pain and Marco from a different perspective I ve updated my copy with the help of support, and found it much better this time mostly because I already knew the characters I could tell that the editing was better, too I feel like I should update my review.1 writing I still think that some parts were better than the ot [...]

    14. I got a copy of this book from the author for read and review It was the first time I beta read a book, and I didn t expect such a high quality read, honestly The writing blew my mind, it painted such a vivid picture in my head, I wonder if anything will be able to beat this one, because so far it s my best read in 2015 I m very picky about what I read, but the sample on was good, so I agreed to review it I only need a couple of pages to see if I m going to read a book,but with this one I could [...]

    15. I found out about this book from tumblr been following the author even before she published it and I actually just started to read it because I was awfully bored But even from the first ten pages I just couldn t put it down It s such a perfect mix of drama and jokes in one book I d say it s a cocktail of tragedy, irony, courage and self sacrifice with a bittersweet cherry of a love story on top I read it for 5 hours straight on the first day andI finished it in 3 days only because I had to do so [...]

    16. An action packed novel featuring Jane and Pain, two sisters with powerful abilities who work as bodyguards Armed with katanas they rescue two guys from their enemies and are then charged with protecting them Strong characters and a great storyline that will keep you hooked Recommended to fantasy and action fans.

    17. Sky Ghosts All for One by Alexandra Engellmann.I received a copy of this book for review.The author s cleverness left me reeling after finishing this book In fact, it struck me immediately She has seamlessly changed the POV between several characters This creates a situation where the reader already has an inkling of what the protagonists are about to encounter, allowing the author to lengthen and draw out the big reveal The reader is simultaneously satisfied, but eager for I really hope I ve e [...]

    18. Sky Ghosts is an awesome fantasy thriller fills with actions and romances Under the cover of night the mystery unfolds Hidden among humans, mythical warriors and assassins emerged in the sprawling city of New York to wage battle The story began when Jane and Pain, the protagonists engaged in a brawl of sword fighting with their nemesis They emerged victorious and decided to save two boys But little did they know that their spontaneous act of kindness could unravel their lives From there, the plo [...]

    19. I received a free copy of the book for an honest review.The amount of detail Alexandra Engellmann put into each character is amazing I could easily picture each character in my head, as if they were standing right in front of me, and I felt like I had known them forever The story is so different from anything else I ve read, even though I initially thought it would be the typical angels and demons story authors usually write, but this was refreshingly different and so so good I am obsessed, and [...]

    20. I received a copy from the author, In exchange for an honest review The characters were okay, but I did think some of them acted younger than what they were.This wasn t an awful read, but I did find it incredibly hard to follow at times Especially at the start It was confusing, and quite jumpy, and due to that, there was quite a few times where it bored me.

    21. The characters and the scenes are well written and very interesting I absolutely love the book I can t wait for the next one, I m really curious about who the people in the epilogue are

    22. Hey you Yeah, you Are you staring at me Cause if you re staring at me, then that means that you have eyes If you have eyes, why are you not reading the story about me and my friends If you re not using your eyes and your brain by reading my story, then you re just an overgrown mouth breather You don t want to be that do you So go read my story.These words would be spoken by one of our main characters, Pain she was given that nickname for a reason , if she was going to be the one to tell you to r [...]

    23. The story is exciting, full of action sequences and comical interludes The plot kept my attention throughout Engllemann is a very visual author She makes everything so very easy to picture and to become part of I loved the way that the history and mythology of the sky ghost was developed and presented There were a few times that the plot dragged as the author filled in the background info, but it picked up again quickly The action and suspense really ramped up at the last 1 3 of the story And ab [...]

    24. This is a fast paced, fanciful page turner, sure to appeal to any fan of strong women kicking butt and who doesn t enjoy that The story concerns a secret society of superhumans known as the Sky Ghosts the name derives from their ability to fly They operate as a high level security force, and are matched up against a sinister force of evil types, led by a rogue former member of the Ghosts The lead characters are a pair of young sisters who are among the elite warriers of this force, Jane and her [...]

    25. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Alexandra Engellmann This is book 1 of the Sky Ghosts series.Jane and her sister Patricia are sky ghosts and they fight against the evil beasts in their city When Dave and Chester are confronted by a couple beasts Jane and Pain stop them and take them to their headquarters to find out why the beasts want them Can they keep the boys safe and learn the truth or will evil win against them.This was a very well written story and I really [...]

    26. Sky Ghost Review This book is amazing It keeps the tension and boringness info loaded parts perfectly balance It doesn t make love the center of the plot It has great family and friendship bonds It has a FANTASTIC world Also the characters transition perfectly through it 5 5 definitely recommend.

    27. I enjoyed this With its interesting characters and writing, it s impossible Five stars and worth the time in reading.

    28. I was given a copy of this to review by the author.I m a big fan of Urban Fantasy, and despite not being in the first flush of youth any , I enjoy reading Young Adult fiction, so I was very happy to review this for the author when she was looking for readers It also didn t hurt that the premise sounded a bit different to the obvious witches, vampires and werewolves or my pet beefs half vampires and half werewolves sorry guys, you either are or you aren t , and it has a striking cover the author [...]

    29. Sky Ghosts All for One was a thrilling ride from start to finish Our heroine s kept giving me flashes of familiar characters Buffy Summers, Faith also from the Buffy series , River Tam, Beatrix Kiddo aka The Bride if you re a fan of ass kicking female leads in the vein of heroes like these, you may find what you re looking for in the character of Patricia, AKA Pain, and her sister Jane a consummate sword fighter with virtually no equal.And yet, as impressive as Pain s martial prowess is, it s no [...]

    30. I was sent this in exchange for an honest review so here goes The story was slow to begin and took me a long time to actually want to continue reading it but I pushed through, once I got through this part though it became very fast paced and action packed, like every chapter was filled with action which is great for an adrenaline read I felt a lot of it was rushed along and at times very confusing The plot was interesting don t get me wrong just some scenes seemed confusing moe than entertaining [...]

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