Sex, Secrets & Happily Ever Afters

Sex Secrets Happily Ever Afters Angel Talbot is anything but pure in fact some might even consider her a bit wicked How else would you describe the manager of an adults only store that specializes in helping ladies find that special
  • Title: Sex, Secrets & Happily Ever Afters
  • Author: Deb Julienne
  • ISBN: 9781616509828
  • Page: 451
  • Format: ebook
  • Angel Talbot is anything but pure in fact some might even consider her a bit wicked How else would you describe the manager of an adults only store that specializes in helping ladies find that special O But Angel could use a hand herself Or two That is until she stumbles into sexy businessman Travis Wellington.When the Wellington Family had a problem, they sent TraviAngel Talbot is anything but pure in fact some might even consider her a bit wicked How else would you describe the manager of an adults only store that specializes in helping ladies find that special O But Angel could use a hand herself Or two That is until she stumbles into sexy businessman Travis Wellington.When the Wellington Family had a problem, they sent Travis to fix it Being the CEO of his family s multi million dollar enterprise means Travis is used to getting his hands dirty But the pressure of looking out for the company, along with his family s well being was beginning to take its toll until he found his Angel
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      Deb Julienne

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    1. While some say truth is stranger than fiction, Deb Julienne s experience runs along the lines of slap stick comedy She believes when life tosses you lemons it s best to turn it into Limoncello As a teen of the 70 s, some of her most precious memories are enough to make her laugh out loud She considers herself lucky to have had many friends and partners in crime, stretching the boundaries along the way Life has been known to take U turn at a moment s notice dropping her into a compost heap.Baking, gardening, and writing help fill the leftover space of the day job for a major computer software corporation.Born and raised in San Jose, California, she now resides in the Tahoe National Forest Basin, her own bit of heaven on earth, with her husband of 33 years, with three sons and one daughter, and two very precious grandkids.

    2. DNF 38% Sex, Secrets Happily Ever Afters is the second book in The Twisted Sisters Club series It is a standalone and can be read as such to my knowledge it does have an HEA.Now then, this review isn t going to be exceedingly long or in depth like my other ones You might be asking why Well the short and simple of it is, I m a quitter Yup, you read that right I did not finish this book I got to about 38% and just felt like I was forcing myself to read it The forcing I was doing, the less I was l [...]

    3. ARC received in exchange for honest review Well hot Damn girl I loved the first one and thought you couldn t get any better, but thisjust wow its hilarious, it s hot, it infuriating and it s romantic It s filled with melodramatic exes and uptight parents And it s jam packed with drama that will keep you on your toes bloody fantastic and a word that I can t get out of my head that nearly made me pee my knickers was chesticles that right there should be in the dictionary The start of this book con [...]

    4. This was a romantic, sexy, fun read and I loved every page This was Travis and Angel s story and it was filled with a lot of drama and emotions Angel is a broken soul and trust comes very hard for her, she doesn t want to love again for fear of what it will do to her heart a second time around Travis has fallen head over heels in love with her and wouldn t give up on her they deal with a crazy ex girlfriend, parents who think they know best, but he never gives up In the end true love wins out an [...]

    5. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC of this amazing book I enjoyed this book Who doesn t love a book about hot, rich twins This book was sexy, funny and a little mystery thrown in there It kept my interest up the whole time I just couldn t read it fast enough Loved all the characters and the whole story was very well written

    6. The story continues with Angel and Travis who I couldn t stand at first after hating him so much in the first book.However, he kind of grew on me with the evolution of the story.And I do love the gang at Angeline s but the book is too slow Once again characters are overthinking everything.Other than that, the backgrounds of Angel and Travis are quite interesting.

    7. Not having read book one in this Twisted Sisters Club, I didn t find that Angel s story was too difficult to follow because I needed information from the first However, I do take great issue with the abundance of twists, turns, back and forth and general wishy washy heroine and her decisions Not that the story wasn t well written it most certainly was, but there was enough drama with Angel s secrets, I felt as if the author wanted to edge up the emotional stakes for readers by making her unable [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this lighthearted, yet emotionally complex story that is the second book in Deb Julienne s Twisted Sisters Club series Both books can be read individually but I enjoyed reading them in order, one after the other Angelina Talbot is an interesting combination of serious minded business woman and sexy, flirtatious seductress who owns an intimate apparel shop that also sells unusual, and titillating, marital aids for women and couples of all ages When she meets Travis Wellington at [...]

    9. This was a pretty fun read, with one major complaint Angel Travis meet at her friend Sabrina s wedding to his twin, Trent It s a fun, flirty meeting they hit it off right away I really enjoyed their banter Really, the conversations relationships between all the various characters in this story are fun very well done My only real complaint is that the story is a little twisty Which got confusing Angel has something in her past that makes it difficult for her to trust in any relationship with Trav [...]

    10. Sex, Secrets and Happily Ever Afters by Deb Julienne, is book two in the Twister Sisters Club but can be read as a standalone If you ve read the first book then you probably recognize our main characters, Travis and Angel This is their story.Travis has a habit of putting everyone else before him With Angel, he feels like he can let go and be himself He s attracted to her and wants to get to know her better, if only Angel would lighten up and let him Angel isn t looking for a relationship and bei [...]

    11. Can love really save you It does save Angel Talbot a woman beaten by life s disappointment, who finds herself in the unenviable position of not knowing whether she could ever love and trust again Sex, Secrets and Happily Ever Afters is a sexy, romantic read that brings faith back to Love s fallen Girl Angel Talbot meets boy Travis Wellington and through the trials and tribulations of past loves, parents, business, and every day life, they bond and open one another s hearts.Deb Julienne puts humo [...]

    12. I loved this second book in the Twisted Sisters series This book is about Angel and Travis Poor Angle has loved and lost in a bad way and doesn t want to even give love a second chance for fear of getting hurt again Travis meets Angle at his twin brother s wedding and it is love at first sight, if he can only get her to believe in love In walks his ex girl friend, and parents who are meddling that adds to the drama of this story With all the twists and turns there is a lot of humor and laughs to [...]

    13. Sex, Secrets Happily Ever After by Deb Julienne is a fun read This book is well written and a smooth read Travis and Angel s story is fast paced and full of drama, humor and spice The characters are well developed and at times hysterically funny Sex, Secrets Happily Ever After is part of the Twisted Sisters Club Series but can be read as a standalone This is a complete book, not a cliff hanger I loved this book and look forward to reading from Deb Julienne in the future.

    14. Travis and Angel are great characters They are truly an example of opposites attract You have to keep rooting for them because they are in need of some cosmic help.I loved this story and the pages kept turning in order to find out how they find their HEA.I recommend this story and this author for anyone looking for a fast paced, fun read.

    15. A continuing yet stand alone bookThe Blue Hair Brigade puts life in perspective Travis and Angel need to make life choices that will become life

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