Kisses From Jack

Kisses From Jack Finally kisses from the billionaire s point of viewJack Saunders wanted one last hurrah before taking the mantle of DS Oil Gas the billion dollar company that his father founded His friend Owen le
  • Title: Kisses From Jack
  • Author: Krista Lakes
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  • Page: 327
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Finally, kisses from the billionaire s point of viewJack Saunders wanted one last hurrah before taking the mantle of DS Oil Gas, the billion dollar company that his father founded His friend, Owen, let him borrow his mansion on a tropical island so that he could throw a final party before marrying the business that would dominate the rest of his life He broughFinally, kisses from the billionaire s point of viewJack Saunders wanted one last hurrah before taking the mantle of DS Oil Gas, the billion dollar company that his father founded His friend, Owen, let him borrow his mansion on a tropical island so that he could throw a final party before marrying the business that would dominate the rest of his life He brought his secretary, Brandy, hoping that he could kindle a relationship that would last through the long days and nights of running a company However, while the party was great, the gold digging woman he brought was not, and Jack resigned himself to a lifetime of loneliness.That was until he took a walk down the beach and met her A woman who didn t recognize him from the tabloids and only saw him, the man behind the money Of all the women Jack had ever met, there was nobody like Emma LaRue With one pretend marriage ceremony, she would change his life forever, and become the only one he ever wanted to give his saltwater kisses to.This novella is the first half of Saltwater Kisses written from Jack s point of view, with a few bonus scenes thrown in as well It contains the first half of Saltwater Kisses as a sample and also throws in the cast of all the Kisses books in an ensemble that is sure to make any of Krista Lakes fans happy
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    2 thoughts on “Kisses From Jack

    1. Krista Lakes is a newly turned 30 year old who recently rediscovered her passion for writing She loves aquatic life and running marathons She is living happily ever after with her Prince Charming and her bouncing baby boy.

    2. Oh, Jack When I wrote Saltwater Kisses, I had no idea that it would go to the Top 100 in the kindle store for a month I mean, I hoped it would, but every book is kind of like a lottery ticket The first day it hit the list, I sat on the computer hitting refresh every 5 minutes just to make sure it was real and not a glitch Even then, I kept expecting an email from saying it was all a mistake Well, over a year later and it s still going strong When I was writing Saltwater, I really, really wanted [...]

    3. This novella is part of the Kisses Series and it goes along with the first book, Saltwater Kisses That book is told in Emma s POV and this novella is the same story, but told in Jack s the other main character from the first book POV Kisses from Jack does not span the entire story from Saltwater Kisses It stops after the beach vacation I would have liked it to span the entire length of the first book I did find this one helped with plot development and secondary character development I wasn t in [...]

    4. Good storyThe story was well written and shared the man s perspective of the love story It was very enjoyable and am interested in reading from the series.

    5. Jack is just a man who wants to find love and not gold diggers that see him as a ATM and a money ticket When he meets Emma he can see almost right away that she has no idea who he is and his company Emma makes Jack happy which is something he hasnt been in a long time, of course he knows what they have will only last on the Island but he wants it to last so much longer But the day he lives he will find out that in a way he will get his wish What I enjoyed most about Kisses From Jack is watching [...]

    6. I received a copy of this novella from the author for an honest review It came along with the first book, so it was great to immediately read the first half of book 1 from Jack s point of view This book is told entirely from his pov except for one part is from Izzy Izzy Noah have their own book It covers Jack and Emma s time on the island and definitely filled in a few holes about what was going on with Jack at the time It also introduced his friends and the heroes for the future books in the se [...]

    7. DNF this one I read the first two chapters out of 10 and decided that I just couldn t do it There were just too many things that irked me.I do not enjoy NA books very often mainly because the writing style often feels immature to me but that is just my experience and I try to avoid them.I think because this book was about a billionaire, I made the assumption that it would not be NA I was wrong The first chapter suggested that a billionaire, a handsome man named Jack, was to take over his father [...]

    8. Saltwater Kisses was the first book I read by Krista Lakes and I fell in love with her writing and Jack and Emma So of course I loved the chance to read the story from Jack s POV.This is a short novella that gives Jack s perspective on everything that happens on the island From the moment he arrives on the island till the moment he leaves The book also includes the first half of Saltwater Kisses so it is a great steal I really enjoyed reading Jack s POV I find it even interesting than Saltwater [...]

    9. I received this Novella for an honest review.This is a great short story I believe it does what it is meant to do, ie introduce you to the many people in Jack s life and get you to want to read the entire series I know i want to read what happens between Emma and Jack The end of this short read gives you a synopsis of all the other books in the series.Jack is going to be the CEO of his father s company sooner than he planned He realizes that he will be married to this job forever and all his hop [...]

    10. Kisses from Jack is the first half ofSaltwater Kisses told within Jack Saunders point of view It introduces you to the other billionaires from the series and gives a fresh new take on some situations fromSaltwater Kisses I actually enjoyed reading the book in third person It felt a bit detailed thanSaltwater Kisses which was amazing always a sucker for details I did notice a few errors in the book Like Brandy s name was, at one point, spelled as Brandi by mistake There were words with typos in [...]

    11. I had forgotten how much I loved Saltwater Kisses after having read a sea of stories since then But Kisses From Jack brought back to my heart the wonderful love and romance which began one of my most favorite book series since I started on my journey into the Indy author world So thank you Krista Lakes for sharing with us this wonderfully sweet and romantic snipit from the hero s POV Though this does not tell the complete story, it truly gives us insight into Jack s thoughts and feelings sharing [...]

    12. I always enjoy a story when the author comes back and gives the reader an alternative POV, and in this sweet story, we get the see the beginning of the story from Jack s vantage point In the original story, Emma saw Jack being completely confident and secure when in his reality, he was nervous, vulnerable and completely taken by the demure and engaging Emma LaRue The author gave us a few bonus scenes, along with a glimpse of the other books in the series This was a nice reading break from the em [...]

    13. I received this book free as an ARC for my honest review.This is a POV book from Jack Saunders from the Saltwater Kisses book, not often does an author write from the other side Jack Saunders is having one last vacation escape before taking over DS oil Gas, he meets Emma La Rue while taking a walk on the beach This is a short novel that is written to show everything that happened on the island from Jack s POV and l have to say it was well written, so much that although l enjoyed reading Saltwate [...]

    14. I just finished re reading Kisses from Jack I am re reading the whole Kisses series I really enjoyed them the first time Kisses from Jack , is Saltwater Kisses from Jacks point of view Whereas Saltwater Kisses was from Emma s point of view I really enjoyed reading the book from Jacks POV I showed of what he was going thru in his life, before, and during his life with Emma The characters are again really thought out and scenes are all really well written Makes me wish I could go to that same bea [...]

    15. The other side if the love affairusually you only get one side if a love story but Krista lakes allowed us to see the other side if this love affair from Jack s view point It was eye opening the differences between Emma and Jack s views of how their love affair happened seeing the struggles that Jack had even though he was the billionaire definitely recommend you read both books You won t be disappointed.

    16. JACK S POINT OF VIEW Yeah for the first 10 chapters about Saltwater Kisses Nothing after they arrived to New York or their future together I didn t like Saltwater Kisses because it didn t reflect any time past their 1 hour daily dinners together The rest of Kisses from Jack was the first 10 chapters of SK and synopsis of the other Kisses stories in the series This should book should have been free since it read like an advertisement for Krista s other stories.

    17. Jack s POVYou must read Saltwater Kisses first, it s in Emma s POV but filled in some of the blanks This book begins a few days before Jack and Emma meet, but gives great background information for the entire series For that alone, it s a must read This book is a really short read as it only covers up to the point when Jack leaves for New York Adding this short read and background information I m definitely hooked on the series now.

    18. This novella is the first half of Saltwater Kisses, but from Jack s point of view.I really liked Saltwater Kisses and seeing Jack s side of the story added nicely to the plot I enjoyed so much the first time around I would have liked to have seen the entire book from his POV since there were a lot of things that happened when they got back to New York that I would have enjoyed seeing his take on I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    19. I recommend reading Saltwater Kisses first to truly appreciate this story it is about Emma and Jack s love story Kisses from Jack is written from Jack s point of view I liked reading the man s viewpoint for a change I often times wonder what the man is thinking when I read a book This was very refreshing to read.I have loved all the books in this series Krista Lakes tells a good story

    20. I do enjoy books written from the other persons point of view However, this particular one only covered half the previous book so I was disappointed That being said the part covered was enjoyable People who enjoy reading Elizabeth Lennox, Ruth Cardello, Melody Anne, Clare Connelly will likely enjoy this series.

    21. LOVED IT Even though I had already read saltwater kisses, this little novella was a reminder why I love this series I have already read the whole series except for one book which I m promptly gonna read after this review.

    22. Too shortI really did like this book a lot, but it cuts off right when it is getting good it s great to read Jacks view of the story as you get different insight, but I sure would love to see the rest of the story from his view.

    23. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I really love Jack and Emma together You can feel the chemistry between the two This story wasn t as great as Saltwater Kisses though it was nice to hear it from Jack s POV.

    24. Aww Jack, my Hero I loved that Jack wanted to take care of her and make sure she was okay That took a lot of guts to do Overall this was a great perspective to read through what was up with Jack.

    25. 2.5I went in expecting the story from Jack s pov This is only a partial story, nothing after they went to NYC I m disappointed because that s most of what I wanted to read I wanted to know about how it affected Jack.

    26. This is not a bookjust partial stories.waste of money Do not waste your time and money These are partial stories that skip around Very frustrating Also needed a lot proofreading.

    27. Kisses from Jack is a novella from the Kisses series by Krista Lakes It is Jack s version of how he met Emma It is a bit erotic than that of Emma s version however, it is still very good It is quick and easy to read.

    28. Cute little novella from Jack s point of view from Saltwater Kisses Jack tells how he met Emma and found her fascinating because she knew nothing of his wealth and fame Love reading the other POV.

    29. I like reading books that are linked together through the differentt viewpoints of the characters, it gives you a chance to see what was going on in the other person s head Definitely a plus in my book

    30. Jack s POVI was hoping for of Jack s view There really wasn t much new insight into Jack once they met Though it is still a fun read If you liked Saltwater Kisses, you will like this too.

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