15 Yaşında Bir Kaptan

Ya nda Bir Kaptan In appeared Dick Sands the epic of the slave trade This picture of the wilds of Africa its adventures and its dangers the savage hunting both of beasts and men has always been a favorite amon
  • Title: 15 Yaşında Bir Kaptan
  • Author: Jules Verne
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1878 appeared Dick Sands, the epic of the slave trade This picture of the wilds of Africa, its adventures and its dangers, the savage hunting both of beasts and men, has always been a favorite among Verne s readers It contains no marvels, no inventions, but merely, amid stirring scenes and actions seeks to convey two truthful impressions One is the traveler s teachinIn 1878 appeared Dick Sands, the epic of the slave trade This picture of the wilds of Africa, its adventures and its dangers, the savage hunting both of beasts and men, has always been a favorite among Verne s readers It contains no marvels, no inventions, but merely, amid stirring scenes and actions seeks to convey two truthful impressions One is the traveler s teaching the geographical information, the picture of Africa as explorers, botanists, and zoologists have found it The other is the moral lesson of the awful curse of slavery, its brutalizing, horrible influence upon all who come in touch with it, and the absolutely devastating effect it has had upon Africa itself.
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    1. Jules Gabriel Verne was a French author who pioneered the genre of science fiction He is best known for his novels Journey to the Center of the Earth 1864 , Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea 1870 , and Around the World in Eighty Days 1873 Verne wrote about space, air, and underwater travel before navigable aircraft and practical submarines were invented, and before any means of space travel had been devised He is the third most translated author of all time, behind Disney Productions and Agatha Christie His prominent novels have been made into films Verne, along with H G Wells, is often referred to as the Father of Science Fiction.

    2. Un capitaine de quinze ans Dick Sands the Boy Captain The Extraordinary Voyages 17 , Jules Verne 1984 1360 152 19 1363 176 1386 158 9789645967510 1388 9786005644067 1388 158 9789642646395 1393 9786009184880 1364 32 1364 223 1370 223 964556901 1379 1369 312 1369 1370 120 1371 1375 112 1384 1376 112 9646326056 1392 104 9786005955262 1873

    3. Dick Sands, the Boy Captain , from Jules Verne the seventeenth book in the Voyages Extraordinaires series is an epic tale of maritime adventure Originally written in French as Un capitaine de quinze ans this 1878 classic blends a thrilling story of bravery, adventure, deception and revenge with stirring narrations of the perils of the Oceans, accounts of the fascinating geography and natural life of Equatorial Africa and the horrors of slave trade which will keep the reader glued to the book.Set [...]

    4. Dick Sands,a fifteen year old American orphan, is on board the whaling ship Pilgrim , headed for San Francisco.This apprentice sailor, is learning how to be master of a ship some day.That opportunity will arrive sooner than expected Captain Hull had to put most of the rebellious crew on shore, in a New Zealand port The ship is carrying Dick Sands, the skipper,five sailors,the owner s wife, Mrs Weldon ,her young son Jack,a nurse and cousin Benedict a bug collector Also the mysterious and unfriend [...]

    5. No suelo leer la contraportada de los libros, as que la mayor a de las veces empiezo uno sin saber de lo que trata Esto es lo que me ha pasado con este Por el t tulo pens que ser a un libro de veleros y piratas pero Qu va Es much simo m s que eso Historia, Geograf a, naturaleza, costumbres y valores humanosComo siempre, a las historias de Jules Verne no les falta de nada Me encantan sus descripciones, su sentido del humor, su manera de ense ar e informar Tambi n me gusta much simo c mo en los ca [...]

    6. This was the first novel I ever read and I have yet to forget it It was so inspiring because the writing was so pure, so honest, and the adventure so vividly portrayed.

    7. Frumoas copil rie a fi avut dac a fi apucat s citesc la vremea aceea opera integral a lui Jules Verne

    8. Todav a no me recupero del golpe tan tremendo de que la vieja Nan haya muerto de forma tan horrenda Pinche Verne, qu buena novela de aventuras A veces es justo lo que uno necesita leer.

    9. Le este libro cuando era ni o y aunque recuerdo los puntos cruciales del argumento, casi todos los personajes y alguna l nea de di logo, la verdad es que lo califico con las cinco estrellas de por la impresi n que dej en m Tengo casi completa certeza que si releyera Un capit n de quince a os una vez m s ahora mismo le encontrar a defectos aqu y all despu s de todo es una novela de aventura con un personaje que se llama Negoro, y s , es negroLo que no cambiar nunca es el gusto por la aventura, la [...]

    10. The third Verne I read after Around the World in 80 days and Michael Strogoff, and it was enjoyable enough for my age at that time, though much less than the other books by him I got my hands on.

    11. Nezinu, vairs t nepatika k b rnu dien s Autors to vien dara k sav gr mat inkorpor sve us ce ojumu aprakstus Nekautr jas ielikt pat veselu noda u ar Livingstona dz ves st stu Galvenie varo i ir tikai marionetes, kas s st r gaid dami, kad autors vi us beidzot pasauks Ja nemaldos, tad joks ar se k ju zirnekli bija ar gr mat Kaptei a Granta b rni o ila Verna gr matu l dz im biju las jis tikai vienu reizi Attaisnojums pavisam vienk r s m su sovhoza bibliot k s gr matas nebija Iesp jams, ka bija, vien [...]

    12. This book tells the tale of a fifteen year old boy serving as a sailor on the schooner Pilgrim The crew are whale hunters but they have a bad hunting season and take thier leave, as they are about to leave New Zealand the hunting firm owner s wife, Mrs Weldon, her son Jack and her cousin, Benedict, join them to return to San Francisco Along the way they come upon a shipwreck and save the five surviving passengers Tom, Acteon, Austin, Bat, Nan and a dog, Dingo The crew see a whale decide to hunt [...]

    13. Del periplo del joven grumete de tan solo 15 a os, Dick Sand, en el que se embarcar en un viaje de proporciones inesperadas, cargado de viles maquinaciones, personajes entra ables e incluso, para variar, una notable visi n del yugo de la esclavitud a finales del siglo XIX Una trepidante historia con el indiscutible sello del ingenio de un Verne en su m s puro estilo, el de aventuras y m s aventuras, con sus bases de historia, geograf a, ciencia y humanidades Una muy grata sorpresa, muy recomenda [...]

    14. Un libro entretenido, sin dudas lleno de las cuestiones que hacen a Verne tan buen autor pero, de forma lamentable, peca de ser demasiado apresurado El final no satisface, tampoco, debido a lo tirado por los cabellos que es Pese a tener personajes entra ables, siento que los giros eran sacados de la manga y abundaban las casualidades de aqu para all.

    15. Who am I to judge Jules Verne, one of the most beloved writers in the world I had run out of books so I got this one out of my shelves and read it and I must say I had a great time I read many of Vernes books when I was a teenager and I really loved them all I definitely recommend this novel to children, teenagers or adults.

    16. i really enjoyed this book It is packed with information about sailing a whaling ship, the African slave trade and other dimensions of the mid 1800s, wrapped up in a slighty implausible tale that traverses several continents.

    17. Good book for travellingLong trips with Dick Sand will make it quite shorter for you Each hero falls into your heart at once Yeah, rereading it was a great idea

    18. archive stream dicksand120How had the ferule come to break It was inexplicable enough It was possible, however, that it was oxydized, and that the pitching and rolling had broken it from the woodwork Now, indeed, the sea had been rougher during the night However it was, the compass was broken in such a manner that it could not be repaired Broken cried Dick Sand And the log is lost Dick Sand was much thwarted Henceforth he was reduced to trust solely to the compass in the binnacle Very evidently [...]

    19. 1 Post the following as a review no later than November 11th a What you liked most about the book b What you liked least about the book you may state that there was nothing about the book you did not like c A quotation from the book that you find memorable or important, properly cited d A level three question that springs from the book.a A Captain of fifteen is an exiting book about the adventures of Dick Sand , a novice mariner who is put in charge of the Pilgrim , a whale hunter ship What I li [...]

    20. This was the very first book that I read outside of school textbooks so it was a long long time ago and I was about 7 or 8 yrs old I started it many times and refused go past 100 pages, but my mother was forcing me to read and wouldn t let me do anything else so at some point I passed the 100th page or so and couldn t put it down any It is essentially the book that got me into reading It is a captivating story with lots and lots of real information about insects, animals, weather, the ocean and [...]

    21. Sencillamente cl sico y atrapante Hab a olvidado lo genial que es leer a Verne, dado que dej de leerlo a mis 13 a os, sencillamente porque no ten a trabajo para poder pagar mis libros y tampoco nadie me los regalaba pero en serio Hab a olvidado todo lo que se aprende ley ndolo, sus datos enciclop dicos e hist ricos, sus personajes principales con valores morales intachables, y sus finales felices aunque no al todo.Este libro fue todo lo que yo esperaba, y un poquito m s Soy m s fan de los relato [...]

    22. A young sailor is thrust into the role of ship s captain when an unfortunate whaling accident carries off the stripped down crew of his ship Using five African Americans who had been rescued earlier from a shipwreck as crew, young Dick Sands begins making his way toward the coast of South America Onboard are three other passengers the wife, five year old son, and useless cousin of the ship s owner and the first villain I ve run into in any of Verne s adventure novels, a Portuguese cook who subve [...]

    23. What I expected a marine adventure What I got instead an account of racism and slavery and a fascinating insight into the mind of a 19th century man But I m not going to touch upon the controversial subjects here What I want to mention is this surprisingly, from the literary standpoint the book is far from perfect The characters are awfully cliched, the storyline barely plausible, the writing style a bit rough though I m ready to blame this one on translation But oh, the imagery The amount of d [...]

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