The Ilia Stone

The Ilia Stone Nia Williams could never have imagined the way her ordinary life would be turned upside down after the death of her grandfather A chance find unwittingly has her discovering the truth of an ancient Gr
  • Title: The Ilia Stone
  • Author: R.J. Loom
  • ISBN: 9780989273855
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nia Williams could never have imagined the way her ordinary life would be turned upside down after the death of her grandfather A chance find unwittingly has her discovering the truth of an ancient Greek myth, plunging her into a world where the legends she only read about in her history books become her reality Plagued with a strange link to others past, she follows thNia Williams could never have imagined the way her ordinary life would be turned upside down after the death of her grandfather A chance find unwittingly has her discovering the truth of an ancient Greek myth, plunging her into a world where the legends she only read about in her history books become her reality Plagued with a strange link to others past, she follows the path of an ancient artifact around the world and throughout time as it reveals its story to guide her to contain powers once thought lost to the rise of modern religion Two men affected by the artifact vie for her allegiance Gabriel, a man haunted by his own past, and smooth talking Viktor who wants Nia to embrace a life she never imagined A love sacrificed An impossible decision As lines blur between right and wrong, how much will Nia be willing to sacrifice
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      343 R.J. Loom
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    1. R.J Loom was born and raised along the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio, where she still resides with her husband, two teenage children and two spoiled dogs She loves books, music, travel and anyone with a great sense of humor When she s not writing, she can be found with her nose in a book, looking for books to add to her to be read pile or spending time with her family To learn , please visit R.J at Facebook facebook RJLoom112

    2. Dark Paranormal Fantasy IntrigueCLICK ON BANNER TO ENTERWin 1 of 2 eCopies of R J Loom s DEBUT Novel Open InternationallyGrab your favorite reading spot, hang out the Do Not Disturb Sign and settle in so debut author, R J Loom can dazzle you with her genre crossing novel, The Ilia Stone When Nia s grandfather passed away, little did she know that one decision made to avoid the wake would transform her world into the things that myths and gods are born from What looked to be an ordinary stone wil [...]

    3. So many words come to mind for this story, but WOW fits it most appropriately In the Ilia Stone you will find the wondrous life of Nia Williams, full of confusion, love, heartache, intrigue and not to mention suspense of what will come next I fell in love with this story from the very start, it was easy to stay enveloped within the confines of each page of this journey you take into the past and present The way you weaved the past with the present flowed wonderfully The Characters are well round [...]

    4. This book is a great combination of mythology, history and adventure The characters are deep and realistic and the story is well done Debut novel SUCCESS Keep an eye out on R.J Loom I myself can t wait to read of The Ilia Stone trilogy.

    5. I like quotes They are one of my favorite things about books, so you will excuse me if I use some of them to picture the things I loved most about about The Ilia Stone s characters I started this book a bit wary, as I always am with new authors Some times an idea sounds good but the execution is poor and you end up disappointed and craving , craving better Well, let me tell you that will not happen with Loom s work The concept is, as a new religion is born and overtakes the world, what happens w [...]

    6. Everything started when Nia Williams an ordinary girl finding what she thought was an ordinary stone at her attic after her grand father s death Little did she know that this will change her world upside down forever When the stone cut her it made her immortal because this stone have all the powers of Greek Gods But later she comes to know that she s not the only one, that there are two other people who want her for different reasons.This book was well written and interesting with its Greek myth [...]

    7. Nia is a normal college student struggling to balance her time between classes, work and maintaining some type of social life with her best friend Brynn but after her grandfather passes that normal life becomes far complicated She finds a strange stone in her grandfather s attic, a stone that happens to harbor powers once wielded by the Gods of Greek Myths After touching the stone Nia finds herself caught in a war between two powerful handsome men who are vying for her attention Nia isn t sure [...]

    8. Incredibly facinating This is one of those stories that has a little bit of everything for everyone Every story begins with one moment in time one instant in which all following actions and events spill forth This is the perfect line to begin this story The author brings the past and merges it with modern day times The greek gods had their own issues and have consequently left the Ilia Stone out for the world We have two hot, VERY HOT, male characters Both have been infected by the Ilia Stone an [...]

    9. This book was given to me at no cost by paranormal romance authors that rock for an honest review That said I give this book 5 fangs I really loved it and can t wait to read the next one When I first started The Ilia Stone I had no idea what to expect Ive read a lot of books and with debut novels it can really be hit or miss From the first pages I was hooked after reading the introduction about the Greek Gods My intrigue was piqued I couldn t wait to see what heroines and Herod this story would [...]

    10. Rating 4.5 of 5 Recently I finished a book by R.J Loom titled The Ilia Stone Rarely do I struggle with how to score a review For many reasons I can tell you how this book pulled me in sixty different directions, all of them good When I read the prologue, it yanked me right in Chalk it up to my inner nerd, about loving anything historical or mythology Then I read through the first chapter, I won t lie, I am not a huge fan of young adult fiction The young age of the main characters put me off a bi [...]

    11. 4.5 Star ReviewFirst off, I love paranormal Secondly, I absolutely love mythology Mythology has been written over and over by countless authors I Never Get Tired Of It As long as it hasn t been written in the same manner that is In this case it is really different, and really exciting First you have Nia Williams, who confounds you and draws you in She is a young woman studying for a college degree in History But she has her own story as well She has experienced love, and loss, and misery, she is [...]

    12. Review by Lizzie M This is by far one of the best books I ve read in a long, long time Loom has blended several genres together and created an edgy, humorous, dark paranormal romance with a side of Greek mythology What a concoction At Gone Readin we always look for the perfect trifecta character development, seamless storytelling, and intriguing plot twists that keep us guessing This one folks is most definitely a winner Ms Loom has done a phenomenal job creating characters we love to love and y [...]

    13. I am so beyond ecstatic that I have started down the road that is The Ilia Stone I am having a hard time putting it into words This book Omg, this book I didn t want to work, cook, eat, sleep, nothing but read this book Yes there are times where I felt, Really Why are you there or Just LEAVE if you don t like it But, I must admit, I was enthralled NOTHING went as I guessed N O T H I N G There are times where I get so annoyed that I have been sucked into a series without realizing it If I wanted [...]

    14. I had been meaning to buy this book for a long time and when I finally did, I wish I had done it sooner Once I started reading it, I couldn t put it down and was actually quite upset when I finished it because I didn t want it to end It has everything that you could ever want to read in a book, romance, mythology and so much I love the characters, so much depth and love has been put into this book I love anything that involves Greek mythology if it s well written and this book clearly is And I [...]

    15. I was lucky enough to receive a ARC for this story by the author and all I can say isI am in love Any book that seamlessly blends intrigue, romance, history and mythology together is the type to make my heart beat faster I don t want to give anything way so no spoilers but the characters are full of flaws and passion that make it easy to identify with Top it off with adventure, hidden scandal and secrets that will challenge all you know, or think you know, The Ilia Stone will burrow into your se [...]

    16. An amazing read From page one, I couldn t put it down, even staying up WAY past my bedtime to read it I loved the characters, the Greek mythology, and everything just flowed beautifully I don t think there was a single thing I disliked about this book.

    17. If you love mystery, history then Ilia Stone is for you I have a book hangover and I didn t want it to end I will so be waiting for the next from R J Loom.

    18. I m so honored that I got to read this before the official release This is a wonderful book and I am craving the next.

    19. The llia Stone in a pain to search for and write but it is a very good book Nia suffers the loss of her Grandfather and she is devastated She then manages to find out about an ancient greek myth that sends her into a world that she has read about only in history boos She now has a link to the past of other people and she tries to follow what she sees and chases an artifact around the world This artifact and what it shows her is trying to help her guide, use, and contain powers that were though l [...]

    20. I ve heard some great things about this book, and I really wanted to read it I will be honest and say that in the beginning of the story, I was a bit confused and had to push myself to read further But at one point in the story, I just couldn t stop reading because I was so interested in what was going on that I just wanted to find out .Loom did a great job at adding the details needed to enhance the story, but didn t bore it down in the slightest Nia s character is one that took some time to gr [...]

    21. I am an avid reader and I have to say that this book really caught me off guard There are some dark themes running through this story that have some very interesting twists Gabriel believes that the Ilia Stone needs to be protected at all costs because of the power it contains can be used for great evil Victor wants to use that power for his own purposes, and when Nia accidentally ends up with some of that power she becomes trapped in the middle of their fight There is violence and adult content [...]

    22. I ve been waiting for months for Ilia Stone to come out and now that I read it in one day, it was so worth the wait R.J killed it This book makes you laugh, cry, and get angry I couldn t put it down even though I was so mad at Nia I loved the characters and the twists and the plot Everything was beautifully written There were a couple times I wished for a bit explanation, but they were few and far between.Otherwise, it was a beautiful book and left me wanting I can t wait until the second book [...]

    23. NiceLike this book.Would recommend to all my friends and family The author did a great job Can t wait to read from her.

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