Genocide of One

Genocide of One The internationally bestselling award winning Japanese thriller about a child who may be the future of the human race or the cause of its extinction During a briefing in Washington D C the President
  • Title: Genocide of One
  • Author: Kazuaki Takano Philip Gabriel
  • ISBN: 9780316226226
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The internationally bestselling, award winning Japanese thriller about a child who may be the future of the human race or the cause of its extinction.During a briefing in Washington D.C the President is informed of a threat to national security a three year old boy named Akili, who is already the smartest being on the planet Representing the next step in human evolut The internationally bestselling, award winning Japanese thriller about a child who may be the future of the human race or the cause of its extinction.During a briefing in Washington D.C the President is informed of a threat to national security a three year old boy named Akili, who is already the smartest being on the planet Representing the next step in human evolution, Akili can perceive patterns and predict future events better than most supercomputers, and is capable of manipulating grand scale events like pieces on a chess board And yet, for all that power, Akili has the emotional maturity of a child which might make him the most dangerous threat humanity has ever faced.An American soldier, Jonathan Yeager, leads an international team of elite operatives deep into the heart of the Congolese jungle under Presidential orders to destroy this threat to humanity before Akili s full potential can be realized But Yeager has a very sick child, and Akili s advanced knowledge of all things, medicine included, may be Yeager s only hope for saving his son s life Soon Yeager finds himself caught between following his orders and saving a creature with a hidden agenda, who plans to either save humanity as we know it or destroy it.
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      465 Kazuaki Takano Philip Gabriel
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    2 thoughts on “Genocide of One

    1. Kazuaki Takano emerged from the film industry to become a best selling author He began making films for himself when he was only in grade school, and as an adult worked for a time under the director Kihachi Okamoto After dropping out of university in Japan to gain first hand experience in film and television production, he went to college in Los Angeles and worked in the movie industry there before returning to Japan His debut as a writer came in 2001 with Jusan kaidan Thirteen Steps , which delves into the system of capital punishment the novel won the Edogawa Rampo Award and sold over 400,000 copies Jenosaido Genocide of One was short listed for the Naoki Prize in 2011, received the 2011 Yamada Futaro Prize, and took first place in the 2012 Konomys rankings for mystery writers Among his other works is the novel Gureibu digga Grave Digger , a tale of indiscriminate mass murder He is known for producing highly entertaining blockbusters that boast a grandness of scale.

    2. I was expecting a thriller, but this isn t There were some really juvenile politics which unconvincingly put the 2 main characters in danger Worse, one is supposed to be really smart yet seems to have a lot of trouble putting obvious facts together On top of that, the author gets bogged down into scientific detail that is needlessly complex long winded a lecture, not a thriller That s the worst If I want to know about the intricacies of G protein coupled receptors, ligands, how to synthesize ant [...]

    3. Possibly some spoilers12 2 I m really enjoying the feeling of suspended tension in Hawk s side of the story, but Kento s story is getting a bit bogged down in the details of biological science Reading the explanations of what Kento s father wants him to do, my eyes were starting to glaze over with the complexity of it all It seems clear to me that Takano did his research or has a background in biology , but I really wish he hadn t been quite so thorough with his explanations, it s just a bit too [...]

    4. Extin o um livro cheio de conte do interessante e muito variado ci ncia, tecnologia, pol tica internacional, psicologia, teorias da conspira o Fiquei interessada no enredo logo no in cio, exponencialmente curiosa com o desenvolvimento da hist ria quais as verdadeiras inten es da miss o do grupo militar de Yeager no Congo , qual a tarefa que o pai de Koto lhe deixa depois de morrer, orientando o atrav s de v rias pistas misteriosas , como pode o exterm nio de toda uma tribo de pigmeus poder estar [...]

    5. For the most part, this is an exceptional thriller fast paced, exciting and suspenseful But if suffers from some complex and detailed scientific processes that the author simplifies for the purposes of his story These sections slow the story down and Takano ends up talking down to his readers in the process It also has a an unsophisticated approach to political satire that detracts from the books pleasures In fact, I m not certain it IS satire The tone of the work switches from serious to venomo [...]

    6. Das Cover hat eine Pr gung mit einem schwarzen X auf gold gl nzendem Hintergrund, ein Bezug auf das X im Titel, m glicherweise auch auf das X Chromosom, denn DNA bzw Evolution sind ausschlaggebend f r den Plot.Im kongolesischen Dschungel wird in einem Pygm enstamm eine neue menschliche Spezies geboren, der Junge ist erst drei und bertrifft die Menschen bereits jetzt an Intelligenz Als die amerikanische Regierung von seiner Existenz erf hrt, stuft der Pr sident ihn als existentielle Bedrohung der [...]

    7. Five reasons to plug in and listen to Genocide of OneIf you like, thrillers that take you deep into the jungle, into the office of the President and avoiding the police in the streets of Japan you will love the story that unfolds in Genocide of One What if a child was born that was smarter than our supercomputers Who at age three could crack our security codes but still cried when he was tired American soldier, Jonathan Yeager takes an elite team into the Congolese jungle under Presidential orde [...]

    8. Entt uschung hoch f nf oder so.Das Buch kommt mit einer genialen Idee daher, ist vielschichtig, gut durchgeplant und konstruiert, blutig und brutal und ganz sch n amilandkritisch Klingt gut, ist es aber nicht.Denn die meiste Zeit ist die Geschichte einfach nur schnarchlangweilig Zu viel Infodump Zu viel nutzloses Drama Zu viel Blabla Zu viele zu Wort kommene Charaktere Dummnaive Charaktere Am Ende zu viel Kitsch und heile Welt.Es hatte seine Momente Momente, die mich betroffen gemacht und schock [...]

    9. A great blend of science and adventure, I couldn t put this thriller down A new form of human has appeared on earth, superior mentally to the current homo sapiens How will our society deal with him, as a threat or a blessing And once that decision is made how will he deal with it I thoroughly enjoyed this read The science was well researched and totally believable and the emotional responses of the characters were well written When I finished I wished there was .I received this book as part of a [...]

    10. Extinction von Kazuaki Takano ist mir zuerst auf Kathis Blog Lalapeja begegnet Sie vergab f r diesen Thriller damals satte 5 Sterne, bezeichnete ihn als spannend und mitrei end Der Klappentext klang auch f r mich interessant, weswegen das Buch auf meine Wunschliste wanderte Ein paar Monate sp ter entdeckte ich es auf dem Bloggerportal von Random House Nat rlich schickte ich sofort eine Anfrage ab, die gl cklicherweise auch bewilligt wurde So landete Extinction bei mir, mein erster Versuch mit ei [...]

    11. Ist die n chste Stufe der Evolution das Ende von uns allen Jonathan Yeager wird im Auftrag der amerikanischen Regierung in den Kongo geschickt Bei einem Pygm enstamm sei ein t dliches Virus ausgebrochen Die Verbreitung muss mit allen Mitteln verhindert werden Doch im Dschungel erkennt Yeager, dass es um etwas ganz anderes geht Ein kleiner Junge, der ber unglaubliche F higkeiten und bermenschliche Intelligenz verf gt, ist das eigentliche Ziel der Operation Kann es sein, dass dieses Gesch pf die Z [...]

    12. Im Auftrag der amerikanischen Regierung wird Jonathan Yaeger in den Kongo geschickt Bei einem Pygm enstamm sei ein t dlicher Virus ausgebrochen und eine Ausbreitung muss mit allen Mitteln verhindert werden Doch im Dschungel wird Yaeger klar, das es bei seinem Auftrag eigentlich um etwas anderes geht Bei den Pygm en lebt ein kleiner Junge , der ber unglaubliche F higkeiten und bermenschliche Intelligenz verf gt, er ist das wahre Ziel der Operation Bedroht dieses Gesch pf die Zukunft der Menschhei [...]

    13. Without spoiling too much this book simultaneously takes place in the US, Japan and the Congo We ve got the US President and those directly surrounding him We ve got four mercenaries sent on a mission We ve got children born with a deathly illness We ve got a Japanese student whose father just passed away And most of all, we ve got a three year old child named Akili the next step in human evolution.This book is pretty damn brilliant When I just started reading, I was afraid this was not going to [...]

    14. Suspense thriller set in a barely masked Bush II timeframe with a bit too much exposition Good to read if you want another culture s take on the U.S but I would think a lot of thriller fans would be turned off by the critical look at our internal and external politics Most of the action is split between the eastern Congo and Tokyo Researchers stumbled on an evolved human and the U.S government reacts to what it sees as an existential threat by ordering a mercenary team to execute everyone who kn [...]

    15. un libro con grandes dosis de acci n y conspiraciones pol ticas y militares Pero con tanta explicaci n cient fica que no es un libro apto para todos los lectores Adem s de que nos muestra un lado del ser humano tan duro que tampoco se lo recomiendo a los d biles de est mago Esas partes cient ficas descentran mucho de la trama y no aportan gran cosa a la trama principal de la historia Buen desarrollo de la historia aunque hay mucha paja por medio y un final un poco precipitado y brusco.M s sobre [...]

    16. Enredo muito interessante e muito bom ritmo Bastante suspense, tamb mnda que o fim seja previs vel digo eu agora no fim.Contudo, uma boa descri o t cnica e tecnol gica n o se pode tornar excessiva.e caso s um doutora n do conseguiria acompanhar muitos dos par grafos do livron o havia necessidade, para um romance.

    17. Ein absolutes Muss f r Fans von Science Thrillern Rasantes Kopfkino, aber nichts f r Sensible Da ist alles drin Krieg, Verschw rung, Biochemie, Medizin, IT, vom amerikanischen Pr sidenten bis zu den Pygm en im Urwald von Kongo Top

    18. Genocide of One 2014 vt Extinction 2015, an Alternate History which sets a Mutant Superman against a fearful and corrupt American government whose President, Gregory S Burns, is having difficulties coping with the Middle Eastern wars he has begun.

    19. Un giro argumental tras otro envuelto en largu simas explicaciones cient ficas e hist ricas que cubren de informaci n un enorme vac o de vida Porque no sientes que ninguno de los personajes de esta novela vivan, sino que uno los ve que como un arquetipo extra do de una pel cula de sobremesa de Antena 3 Cr tica completa libros prohibidos kazu

    20. Erste S tzeDie Villa war nie ein zu Hause f r ihn, auch wenn er schon jahrelang darin wohnte Er schlief niemals gut hier im besten Fall fiel er in einen leichten Schlaf, und das nicht nur, weil er lter wurde.KlappentextIst die n chste Stufe der Evolution das Ende von uns allen Jonathan Yeager wird im Auftrag der amerikanischen Regierung in den Kongo geschickt Bei einem Pygm enstamm sei ein t dliches Virus ausgebrochen Die Verbreitung muss mit allen Mitteln verhindert werden Doch im Dschungel erk [...]

    21. Protocollo ombra , in un certo senso, il caso editoriale dell anno si tratta, senza portarle per le lunghe, di un libro scritto nel 2012 da Kazuaki Takano noto sceneggiatore cinematografico e divoratore di testi scientifici e militari ma che solo alla fine del 2014, con il passaparola dei lettori della Fiera di Londra, riuscito a farsi conoscere al grande pubblico europeo e mondiale ed ottenere, quindi, la definitiva consacrazione Questo il suo primo libro e, per quanto mi riguarda, spero che ot [...]

    22. Man, I wish I could give this 4.5 instead of 4 because there were a lot of things I liked and just a few I didn t.The plot is somewhat standard for this type of present day sci fi thriller In this case, a new form of human has evolved possibly posing a threat to us much dumber homo sapiens Naturally some folks want to wipe out a possible threat and a race is on to save the new species That s the plot in a nutshell.While not reinventing the wheel, the story is well written and translated and exec [...]

    23. Een verhaal waar verschillende verhaallijnen in zijn verwerkt Een huurling Yeager, wiens zoontje een dodelijke ziekte heeft en mag deel nemen aan een geheime missie in Afrika dat hem veel geld oplevert Maar ook Kento een student uit Japan speelt een grote rol in dit verhaal, hij krijgt namelijk na de dood van zijn vader de opdracht om een medicijn tegen longsclerose op de markt te brengen Dat moet binnen een maand gebeuren Dan is er nog een team wat jacht maakt op Kento en wil voorkomen dat het [...]

    24. So, here s the deal The half of this book that was straight thriller, race against the clock to save a new human species against nefarious bad guys with weird science stuff, was pretty good I would give that four stars But, and this is a big but, the other half of this book that was blah blah blah about humans fighting and their propensity for war and violence That got way super heavy handed morally at points and holy shit, the Burns guy as president Just fucking call him Bush, it was so incredi [...]

    25. Ich habe die deutsche bersetzung Extinction dieses japanischen Thrillers gelesen Mit Abstand einer der besten der letzten Jahre Handwerklich perfekt werden hier Philosophie Teilhard de Chardin , Molekularbiologie, Gegenwartspolitik, Military Fiction und Anthropologie zu fesselnden 500 Seiten kondensiert, die jeden einzelnen Satz wert sind Ich hoffe, dass mit Extinction Japan st rker in den Verlagsfokus r ckt, nachdem bereits vor einigen Jahren The Ring das Horror Genre neu definieren konnte Exti [...]

    26. Kind of an odd book Quite a long book was good enough that I read the whole thing Was interested in the story, despite feeling that it could ve been cut by 150 pages Kind of an odd thing to read a political thriller which involves the US government but isn t written by a Japanesed he jabs at Japanese history prejudice a few times too Had an uneasy hint of a feeling that the author might feel that he is closer to the intelligent new species that he describes rather than the humans in the story.

    27. Auch wenn ich jetzt traurig bin, dass es zu Ende ist, kann ich nur drei Sterne geben Die Grundidee dieses Buches ist wahnsinnig spannend Die Charaktere wirklich liebenswert und gut beschrieben Es ist allerdings hier und da etwas langsam Drei verschiedene Orte mit verschiedenen Charakteren die alle irgendwann zusammenfinden Leider fand ich die Fachw rter rund um die Chemie schwierig zu verstehen als Leihe, was auch ein Grund daf r ist, dass es keine f nf Sterne werden konnten Trotzdem finde ich d [...]

    28. Spannender Action Roman mit glaubw rdigem Szenario Was passiert wenn die n chste Evolutionsstufe unter uns weilt Da der Autor aus Japan stammt, kommen die Figuren nicht ganz so bermenschlich r ber, wie sonst immer bei diesem Genre Der der Gehalt bleibt aber zum Teil sehr d nn Besonders am Schluss stellt man sich die Frage Was nimmt man jetzt mit Macht aber Spass.

    29. Most time I ll rate it a 5 star then list it in my favorite bookshelf But I don t like the end much I prefer a darker end like the book name itself the Chinese book name means human extinction, the book only shows some possibilities.Some drug making part is very boring to read, as a normal reader I can t understand most of them, maybe some graphics will help, I skipped most.

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