Alpha Mine

Alpha Mine In the shadows of the night there exists a band of warriors a group of vampires known as the Alpha Council Their formidable leader Stephan von Haas has vowed to protect not only his kind but the h
  • Title: Alpha Mine
  • Author: Brenda Sparks
  • ISBN: 008
  • Page: 293
  • Format: ebook
  • In the shadows of the night, there exists a band of warriors a group of vampires, known as the Alpha Council Their formidable leader, Stephan von Haas, has vowed to protect not only his kind but the humans existing alongside them His duty comes before all else until a sassy blonde saunters into his life When a sensual, dark haired stranger walks into Katrina Spencer sIn the shadows of the night, there exists a band of warriors a group of vampires, known as the Alpha Council Their formidable leader, Stephan von Haas, has vowed to protect not only his kind but the humans existing alongside them His duty comes before all else until a sassy blonde saunters into his life When a sensual, dark haired stranger walks into Katrina Spencer s life, he stirs her deepest desires and sweeps her into a world beyond her wildest dreams But when Katrina is targeted by Stephan s enemies, reality shifts into something violent and deadly, as she is thrust into a realm where vampires stalk the shadows and vengeance is coming for her Together they will confront an extraordinary destiny of peril, passion, and dark pleasures But when one horrid mistake brings retribution, their love may pay the price.
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      293 Brenda Sparks
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    2 thoughts on “Alpha Mine

    1. Brenda Sparks has always loved all things spooky and enjoys incorporating paranormal elements in her writing She refuses to allow pesky human constraints to get in the way of telling the story Luckily the only thing limiting her stories is her imagination Her characters are strong, courageous, and she adores spending time with them in their imaginary world.Her idea of a perfect day is one spent in front of a computer with a hot cup of coffee, her fingers flying over the keys to send her characters off on their latest adventure.

    2. Read January 2014 3.5 Stars ReallyIn this origin story Stephan Von Haas leads the Alpha Council, a warrior brotherhood that protects humans Gage Andrea Lilos are being investigated for hunting humans when tragedy occurs Though his lady love, dancer Katrina Spencer loves Stephan as much as he loves her, she does not want to be a vampire nor be a meal for one With this insurmountable issue looming over them, Kat Stephan have very few options to make their relationship succeed I m torn on a rating [...]

    3. There is so much to enjoy about Alpha Mine, it s hard to know where to begin.First and foremost, this is a solid vampire novel with plenty of action as two groups of vampires are at loggerheads over how humans should be viewed and treated.Interspersed with this is a love story that not only steams up the pages but will make you go, Awwwwww as you read about the head vampire, Stephan, wooing his heartmate.Last but not least is the cast of characters and Brenda Sparks shines as she creates unique [...]

    4. Vampires in Vegasrfect There are good vampires and bad vampires The bad ones like to hunt humans because that s what humans are for The good ones try to stop them Stephan and Marcus the good guys team up with feisty dancer Katrina as they battle Gage and Andrea, vampires who don t care much for humans Alpha Mine is a delightful love story interwoven with a great suspense tale that will keep you turning pages.Two of my favorite scenes A slightly different than normal blood exchange in the Red Roc [...]

    5. Dynamic I call this story dynamic for three main reasons the suspense, the love story, and the characters which the author masterfully pulled together I thought the drama in this book was original and well constructed Pitting very competent vampires against each other created a strong and believable conflict that kept me on the edge of my seat The love story was hot, romantic, impossible, heartbreaking, sweet, everything it should be I definitely rooted for this couple to end up together.My big [...]

    6. dnf 59% I won t be giving this one a rating I can t get into it, it s just not for me.

    7. Good storyI enjoyed this story, Kat and Stephan were an interesting couple I didn t enjoy the Gage Andrea chapters, I hate head jumping like that.

    8. The plot outline of this story was very engaging I loved the good guy vampires the Alphas vs the bad guy vampires In this vampire world, most humans don t know vampires exist Most vampires live life alongside humans and don t bother them Some vampires, however, like to imprison them and use them to snack on or for sexual purposes, or, at worst, to release and hunt them for sport like they were animals There were great action scenes of battle between the good and bad guys and, when the bad guys l [...]

    9. 1.5I had a very visceral reaction to the end of this book It went something like this I turned off my kindle, tossed it off to the side, took a deep breath and said, out loud, Thank God it s finally finished Without consciously realizing I was doing, about 30% into the novel, I started checking my progress bar and being repeatedly shocked and dismayed to find I was only 30%, 45%, 60%, 75%, etc done This novel seemed to go on forever and not in a good way I ll be fair and say the actual writing i [...]

    10. 3.5 Cocktails Spoiler Alert I have mixed feelings about this book The concept was original and the story was good but I had a hard time connecting with the characters.Kat was attacked seven years ago by vampires and Marcus, a vampire, saved her We move to the present where Marcus and Kat are living together She knows about vampires but is sworn to secrecy Marcus and Kat are the best of friends, living together while Kat dances at a club Marcus owns.Then all of a sudden, Marcus s sire Stephan, a [...]

    11. Please visit sslyblog.wordpress for reviews, plus lots of other fun stuff.This book was provided to me at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.Alpha Mine was an absolutely fascinating book The most intriguing part, if you really sit and think while you read, is the potential fluidity of who the bad guy is What makes a person bad Circumstance, the situation, a history, a misspoken word, or taking away a piece of someone The real bad guy is Gage and Andrea, but I hope you take the time to co [...]

    12. Super old vampire gets interested in the human friend of his vampire son.Marcus saved the sweet and sexy Katrina Spencer seven years ago when she was being killed by a group of vampires She knows too much but Marcus trusts the young human woman and wants with her When Marcus s sire, Stephan von Haas comes to Vegas, things get shaken up because of his interest in Kat.Stephan woos the sweet and strong Kat until they become then just lovers and friends The forced brainwashing was such a bad idea [...]

    13. Kat is enthralled out of a night club and attacked by vampires, seven years later she s living with her best friend, saviour and vampire Marcus The apartment they share belongs to Marcus s sire Stephan, an ancient vampire and alpha who turns up unannounced, the attraction between Kat and Stephan is instant and no matter how hard they fight it they can t ignore it.This is a light vampire romance, it has some interesting characters and I wanted to like it than I actually did It was moving along o [...]

    14. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book I didn t know what to expect.Alpha Mine is about Vampires and humans The story starts 7 years in the past Katrina is attacked by Vampires when she is leaving her job at a club Another Vampire rescues her and heals and protects her Katrina knows there are vampires and is friends with Marcus, the one who saved her Now it is 7 years later and Marcus and Kat are living together as friends Marcus creator arrives unexpectedly in Las Vegas His name is Ste [...]

    15. Alpha Mine is HOT HOT HOT Swoon Love me some HOT Vampire s Katrina was attacked by Vampire s, Marcus One of many HOT Vampire s in this book saves Katrina, and promises that he will always protect her, and vow s that no one will drink from her, they move in together Years later, Stephan shows up Well he does own the place, that Katrina and Marcus live in Stephan is skeptical of Katrina first, because he isn t sure if she can keep their secret But after a while, Stephan finds himself attracted to [...]

    16. This This has resorted my love of vampires and believe me for me to say this is a big thing You see after a certain series with vampires that sparkle in the day light I swore I was done with vampires, tbh I don t know how this one slipped through the net and ended up in my kindle however I have had moments before where I failed to read the synopsis and I think this may have been one of those moments, thank goodness It s a truly fabulous romance with a kick ass storyline and some truly kick ass c [...]

    17. Dangerously sexy read Alpha Mine was a delicious mix of dangerspensed sexy vampires The story delivered on a few fresh ideas that kept it interesting from the beginning I loved how Marcus and Kat became friends after Marcus saved her from a viscous attack Then as they were having a fun night Stephan drops in From the first encounter he was drawn to Kat Stephan is a warrior and part of an elite group that polices the vampire community With evil brewing in Vegas Stephan and Marcus are on a mission [...]

    18. Well.I will get to the negative first, this book did not get off to a good start for me There were many things in the beginning of this story I did not like at all these are my preferences so I won t name them to hinder another readers opinion and I wasn t actually going to continue reading this book POSITIVE, I m really, really glad I did because once I got past those initial sections I loved it I loved Stephan Katrina s Kat story, their chemistry, the love they felt for each other was expresse [...]

    19. Oh my gosh I loved, loved, loved this book This is one of the best books about vampires that I have read in a while The story had me intrigued from moment one all the way till the last page The author did a great job capturing my interest and keeping the suspense coming I had so many emotions going on while reading this book I teared up at one part you will know what I mean when you read the book It was so touching and heartfelt the way Stephen cared for Kat I just loved reading their journey wa [...]

    20. OMG Emotional tear jerking story This story had me reeling at the author I was screaming how could youwhyat is too painful I had to stop reading at a certain point in this story for I was crying I ended up walking a way for about an hour long enough to cook dinner then I had to finish it There had to have been something I was missing I was glad I did finish this story It was well worth the tears that I cried Even if I wanted to ring someone s neck You will not regret reading this story.

    21. Kat is attacked by vampires in an alley and then rescued by another vampire, Marcus Stephan is Marcus sire Marcus owns a club in Vegas and Kat works as a dancer there Marcus has vowed to protect Kat from all vampires, including Stephan This is a well written, fast read Stephan formed the Alpha Council to protect the world from rogue vampires This book is really steamy Paranormal romance, vampire stories are definitely one of my favorite type of books, so I was really enjoying this one 4 stars.

    22. Not a bad book, especially for a freebie I enjoyed the fact that Kat and Stephan s romance was for once not tortured They just came to it kind of naturally I loved Michael and was a bit sad for him The way the book kind of wrapped itself up quickly was a bit disappointing I thought the kidnapping part could have been dramatic too Overall a decent book Would read about the other Alphas Especially Vladhe seems interesting.

    23. 3.5 stars I really enjoyed this series and would have given it 4 stars except there were parts that were predictable I don t want to give anything away so I can t go into detail but I will say once Gage and his mate Andrea we re introduced and you learned a bit about them, you could pretty much figure out what was going to happen That said, the story held my interest and I would definitely read the next book in the series which I am assuming is about Marcus who I loved.

    24. 3.5 stars rounded upI am a paranormal romance fanatic and I love me a great vampire read this has all the makings of a great vampire book series with the diverse way of how things went to the character dynamic I thought the characters were great and had good chemistry together and had just the right amount of suspense it just seemd to drag on a bit overall a good book would recommend it.

    25. At first, I thought this story might turn out okay But, Stephan came off as a guy of our time and not the time of a 5 hundred year old The one that ran his house seemed really childish And this all in the first few chapters I just did not feel like reading on.

    26. VampsI always love stories with the supernatural and regular human being Love the characters good and bad ones I still felt sadness when Gage lost his life mate despite their evilness

    27. 3.5 stars at times and 4 for alpha males It just needed a little , but I enjoyed the characters and the story

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