Four Wives

Four Wives In Wendy Walker s brilliant debut the lives of four wives and mothers intertwine and collide in a tale of suburban angst among outrageous wealth On the outside it appears as though Love Welsh Marie
  • Title: Four Wives
  • Author: Wendy Walker
  • ISBN: 9780312367718
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In Wendy Walker s brilliant debut, the lives of four wives and mothers intertwine and collide in a tale of suburban angst among outrageous wealth On the outside, it appears as though Love Welsh, Marie Passetti, Gayle Beck and Janie Kirk lead enviable lives, with marriages to handsome, successful men bright, happy children and homes right out of Architectural Digest BuIn Wendy Walker s brilliant debut, the lives of four wives and mothers intertwine and collide in a tale of suburban angst among outrageous wealth On the outside, it appears as though Love Welsh, Marie Passetti, Gayle Beck and Janie Kirk lead enviable lives, with marriages to handsome, successful men bright, happy children and homes right out of Architectural Digest But in the wealthy suburb of Hunting Ridge, appearances mask a deeper truth These four wives are anything but perfect As they try to maintain a fa ade of bliss, behind closed doors they each face their own crises infidelity, dissatisfaction, self doubt As springtime draws to an end, doors are both opened and closed and the women come face to face with the most difficult and heartbreaking challenge of their lives to reconcile their innermost desires with the lives that each of them has chosen Four Wives shares a peek beyond the perfectly manicured lawns of Hunting Ridge exposing a world as troubled as it is blessed.
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    1. Wendy Walker is a former attorney and investment banker in Fairfield County, Connecticut who began writing while at home raising her three sons Her debut thriller, All Is Not Forgotten, has become an international bestseller and was optioned for film by Warner Brothers with Reese Witherspoon set to produce The paperback will be released July 18, 2017, followed by her second thriller, Emma In The Night, on August 8

    2. Four Wives, the debut novel by Wendy Walker hits bookstores next month I was fortunate enough to be offered an advanced reading copy for review I don t normally say this in a review but PRE ORDER YOURS NOW The book is that good.Four Wives pokes fun at Ira Levin s Stepford Wives but without the robots Chapter Thirty is even called Stepford Wives But it s than just a well written parody about the bedroom communities of the upper middle class These Stepford wives manage to escape their artificial [...]

    3. After I read the inside cover of this book, I thought it sounded interesting and mysterious I was so excited to start it The first few chapters were a little slow I actually caught myself thiking about other things while reading which is a never a good sign Enter the lives of the four wives Janie, Love, Marie and Gayle Each one has their own mysterious life in the manicured lawns of Huntington Ridge , although I found each life becoming depressing than the last.One thing I just have to mention [...]

    4. Four very different suburban wives living very different lives but all drawn together by their children and close proximity in the burbs Love, a former child prodigy hiding a secret that is causing physical unexplained pain Janie, mother of four who seems to have the perfect life but is dissatisfied with everything Marie, a divorce attorney who just can t seem to find the spark for her own life but is captivated by her clients and intern Gayle, the richest of them all hiding an abusive marriage [...]

    5. Fast moving story of wealthy wives living in the perfect community but each with problems in their lives.

    6. Trade paperback ARC.Wendy Walker s debut novel about the secret desires and discontent within well to do Hunting Ridge is a story of awakening and resolution Four Wives explores the uncertainty and frustration that accompanies a stagnant marriage after children and responsibilities take precedence over romance As the storylines of each friend, neighbor and colleague intertwine, each woman recognizes personal challenges that must be overcome.Janie Kirk is the key antagonist She is unhappy with he [...]

    7. I figured this would be light chick lit about four women whose lives were intertwined While I was right about the intertwined lives, it was not light reading it was a dark book in a lot of ways Who are the four wives Marie used to work at a major law firm in New York Now she has a part time divorce practice in the suburbs and specializes in representing fathers in custody disputes Her husband is an attorney also, but he hates his job and is spending and time on the golf course Marie also has a [...]

    8. Take a peek beyond the perfectly manicured lawns of Hunting Ridge For four wives who live there, all is not as it seems Former child prodigy Love Welsh can t seem to banish the demons that ended her career Now a devoted mother and wife, her quest for a resolution to her secret past will place at risk the life she has created Her neighbor, part time divorce attorney Marie Passeti, struggles with a difficult case and her unexpected feelings for the young intern working at her side In a mansion acr [...]

    9. Fabulous account of four distinct housewives in Hunting Ridge, an elite suburban community, where wealth and good looks rule the day Love, a child prodigy, hides a secret from her past that leads to a mysterious illness, crippling her body and soul.Marie, a brash lawyer, struggles to remain professional with a young intern who adores her while her husband plays golf in his free time.Gayle, a descendant of an old wealth family, copes with her tyrant husband by taking prescription drugs and confid [...]

    10. The first half of the book was intriguing The super short chapters made the stories fly by and reminded me of the style of Dan Brown However, I felt the story became too trite Maybe I have been reading too many female thirty something stories lately The lawyers case defineatly gave me perspective on true love and the personal sacrafices that some individuals are willing to make I don t know if I would be able to keep that kind of a secret for so long It also reminded me of a CDI episode where a [...]

    11. This was a very good book It was about reality and romance It was a book telling you that the real world isnt all fun and games It also told you that people dont always last in relationships It have a selection of genres such as Drama Romance and real life This is the only book i have read by Wendy Walker but i will read she is a very descriptive writer The only downfall about this book is there are many swear words and parts that are not appropriate for un mature people I would recommend this [...]

    12. Quick read with a depressing look at suburbia Being a city dweller myself this book scares the heck outta me as demoonstrating everything I see to avoid in my life I know marriage is not perfect, but these characters present what I would like to think of as the worse possible outcomes ever Despite a plot line that I hope most can t relate to, the book is actually a fun weekend read It is most certainly something you can pick up and put down It also doesn t require much afterthought Chic lit woud [...]

    13. Great read, it s not really in keeping to its book cover, the cover looks like a typical chick lit, this was a bit darker, had a bit intelligence Don t misunderstand it is about four wives facing mid life crisis in all there own ways and facing adversity within there marriages and families, which is all chick lit, I m just saying the story back story is a bit advanced then the light and beach breeze it s a bit provocative in the writing style It was a good read.

    14. So I got this on the bargain table a while ago and have had it on the back burner ever since I wasn t sure I would really like it as it looked sort of treacly is that a word to me I actually liked the writing and the interwoven story of four discontent housewives Some of it was sort of silly, but I liked the voice given to each character and the efforts to make them distinct An average book for this particular genre.

    15. The first chapter didn t draw me in, but once I realized that Wendy Walker s novel encompassed the lives of four distinct characters and I was able to get them all straight, I really enjoyed this novel I read review s claiming that the story wasn t believable or that is depressing.I found it completely the opposite Yes, the women all face struggles in their lives and marriages, however, it rings true in many places full review on blog

    16. Absolutley I loved this book I would reccommend for all of us 30 something wives mothers who feel the spark has left the building this is a story about 4 real marriages with real issues and the charaecters are human and deal with things in a human flawed way pass this one one to all your friends Enjoy

    17. Overall, Four Wives is a good first effort The characters are well developed, and the story though not necessarily original will keep you interested All that s really missing is a touch of wit to take off a bit of the cynical edge.Read the full review at nightsandweekends arti

    18. Four wives is a book about four unhappy women That is it plain and simple The chapters are short and the book flips from character to the next If you read a little at a time it is hard to keep the characters straight in your head at first It took me almost two weeks to make myself finish this book.

    19. It s rare for me to pay for a book, and find it so unreadable, that I give up after 10 pages This was that book Formulaic not even in a fun way and poorly written, I just pretended 10 fell out of my wallet so I could save myself the embarrassment of admitting I bought this Oops Just admitted it

    20. I picked up this book because I saw a review in the CT section of the Times about it and it was by a local author Couldn t get through the book as it was so trite, boring and an utter waste of time Awful

    21. I never really got into this book It was a really SLOW read but I want to find out what happened to the characters In the end what happened was very predictable The author could have told this story in about half the book.

    22. I wanted to like this, I really did But she spends tons of time expositing Deep Thoughts and that got old really fast I kept reading solely to figure out what Love a problem was, and then I was almost done anyway, so I finished.

    23. RNNC December book what a disappointing read It was this bad I had about 20 pages to go and it sat on my bedside locker for 2 nights.The characters were poorly developed and even by the end of the book I could hardly remember who was who

    24. The beginning was a bit hard to keep straight, but the story became much cohesive and easier to follow after a few chapters Overall, a light, fairly easy read Liked the characters and the plot wasn t crazy outrageous.

    25. Funny and sad story about the lives of 4 women Author lives in New Canaan, CT so I couldn t help but think the story was based on or at least influenced by her life here.

    26. This was an enjoyable debut novel I liked the fact that the story focused on all 4 women and their relationships.

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