Out of the Black

Out of the Black Deep in blackest space the Drasin have watched humanity s journey to the stars and determined that a species as barbaric as ours has no place in the cosmos The wreckage of the starship Odyssey once
  • Title: Out of the Black
  • Author: Evan Currie
  • ISBN: 9781477817872
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • Deep in blackest space, the Drasin have watched humanity s journey to the stars and determined that a species as barbaric as ours has no place in the cosmos.The wreckage of the starship Odyssey, once Earth s greatest guardian, lies strewn across New York City Abandoned by all but its captain, Odyssey s sacrifice covered the withdrawal of countless troops as the Drasin assDeep in blackest space, the Drasin have watched humanity s journey to the stars and determined that a species as barbaric as ours has no place in the cosmos.The wreckage of the starship Odyssey, once Earth s greatest guardian, lies strewn across New York City Abandoned by all but its captain, Odyssey s sacrifice covered the withdrawal of countless troops as the Drasin assault ravaged the planet When Captain Eric Weston finally emerges from the rubble, impossibly alive thanks to the mysterious Gaia, he knows with the Drasin it s kill or be killed.But not all of the heavens have proven hostile The Priminae have felt the full brunt of Drasin aggression on their own home world, and they won t leave humanity to face annihilation alone Together with what s left of the crews of the Odyssey and other starships, they race to join Weston and his group of Earth bound survivors for a desperate last stand.The final battle of the Drasin War brings bestselling author Evan Currie s Odyssey One series to its shattering conclusion.
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    2 thoughts on “Out of the Black

    1. Evan Currie Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Out of the Black book, this is one of the most wanted Evan Currie author readers around the world.

    2. The grand majority of this book doesn t really qualify as a space opera, but the end definitely squeaks it in What do I mean I mean this book just put me through the hell of watching the Earth get slowly destroyed by a war it simply had no right to think it could win, despite all the stockpiled weapons and munitions, the high tech drones or kinetic slingshots or nukes, and despite even the help of a few alien friends The scale and scope of this conflict is immense and overwhelming, and all we co [...]

    3. I have been looking forward to this book since I read Homeworld I have to say that I am certainly not disappointed This is a great book Eric Weston is back and he kicks butts This time not so much in space but on the ground Actually, this book is somewhat different from previous instalments in that a lot of it takes place as marine style action on the ground Although not my favorite type of reading compared to space action it is good stuff Weston turns out to be a fairly badass marine It of cour [...]

    4. Okay, so if you read my review of the third book in the series you know now that Earth is at least holding out But, it don t look good The issue is very much in doubt with Earth being in much the same position in which General Custer found himself at Little Big Horn So now with most of the fleet having fled to our erstwhile allies light years away and the devouring alien threat closing in the stakes keep getting higher.We get some excellent action in this book and the plot weaves a great story t [...]

    5. This being the fourth book in this particular series, if you are reading a review for it then you then likely fall into one of two groups of people.The first group is comprised of people who have read the previous books in the series In this case all that needs to be said is that it is just like the previous books, and this book very much feels like merely a continuation of the previous book So, how you would feel about this one will be exactly how you felt about the previous ones.The second gr [...]

    6. Finished it in one day This series really has it s hooks in me I feel like a lot of time is spent on the technical aspects of space warfare, but the main character of Eric Weston still is allowed to develop into a compelling character The fourth book in the series, real stakes have been built up, and a satisfying conclusion has been reached Hoping for , and the story seems like it could lead down a new path in to a very interesting direction.

    7. A stunning conclusion to a great series After bringing the Drasin to Earth it s up to Eric Weston to get rid of them.Having crashed his starship into New York and surviving he seems he has been in constant battle with the Drasin.Soon wave after wave of Drasin are landing and chewing up the major cities.High adventure Highly recommended

    8. This book is incredibly poorly written AND edited save yourself put it down I didn t even finish it It was terrible I had to click finish on so it stopped showing me the cover.

    9. So this is the end of at least this first story arch in the Odyssey universe Fortunately I know that there will be to come first a stand alone novel at the end of this month that is set in the same universe and at least has one appearance by Cpt Weston so let s hope that there will be in the not so distant future.Careful Spoilers ahead I have to say that it was a real treat to see Cpt Eric Weston showing that he deserved all the respect he got in the previous books by demonstrating just how go [...]

    10. It s like this was written just for me This is it The enemy is attacking earth We ve got ground fights, space battles, nuclear explosions, hope lost I loved it It says this is the last one but the epilogue suggests

    11. Before you pick up this book, please recognize it is a continuation of a series you need to read the first book in the series titled Into the Black Odyssey One, Book 1 Remastered Edition just click on the hyperlink on the book s name to be taken to the Kindle version of book one of the series.Overall this is a good installment to the series but, without having a spoiler, it did seem to drag quite a bit and at the 35% mark on my Kindle I was questioning if I wanted to continue reading it because [...]

    12. While Evan s work didn t falter one bit, my own personal taste does not favor serious Warring, military Sci fi If you love a great war story, this will totally fill you Characters were completely approachable and believable, as were the imagination of disintegrating Earth Mine is the hard science, which was for my part, completely believable and plausible as described and kept me in the read And it totally helped fuel the anxiety of this conflict driven work I ve got to give it 5 stars, as the w [...]

    13. I have to say that this is one of the best space operas I ve ever read Action packed, with not moment of boredom, the plot manages to develop all vectors of the war leaving you with no questions regarding the immediate situations and their solutions Nevertheless, it still keeps you wondering about the distant happenings and the big picture The interplay between the characters is interesting too, even if it s only on the military level The one thing that s lacking in this series to make it perfec [...]

    14. Earth ravaged and savedAnother action packed book in the series and leaves the reader looking at the next book The introduction of Gaia is interesting Not sure where that will go The rescue in the end is great A lot of questions left to the next book Worth the read if a bit predictable.

    15. Better and Better The Odyssey Series just keeps getting better and better Each book introduces so many new elements of the complex story that I am in awe of Currie s ability to weave them into a coherent whole.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AS BOTH AN INDIVIDUAL BOOK AND AS A SERIES

    16. The fight is on The saga continues as Terran existence is driven to the brink Biting my nails and flipping pages furiously, seeing our hero take the fate of our world upon his human shoulders Long live Eric Weston Onto book 5

    17. Good seriesGood reading and interesting I read it quickly, it was so enjoyable Excellent example of this genre I liked the twist at end to set up for last book Yes I am going to start reading it now

    18. The battle continuesThe Drasin have come to destroy earth and it s people, but they find it harder than they expected Captain Weston, is still up and kicking But help is coming.

    19. It was a great listen for the fourth in the series The space battles were on par with a lot of sci fi out there and it kept me riveted until the end Definitely, pick this up if you are very invested into the series.

    20. Book 4 and I am still entranced This book was a page turner as much as the first three Going to start on Book 5 very soon.

    21. This book felt a bit repetitive than the previous ones, I still enjoyed it but it was a bit long for me.

    22. A military science fiction page turner A bit of deus ex machina creeps in, and of course, humans are so darned clever, but the author generally does a good job of keeping the action flowing.

    23. There were a few incongruities from the previous novels Also, there was a scientific error that I found These problems made it difficult to maintain the crazy reality of the novels.

    24. 9 10 Fantastic, left me wanting Hello, Lieutenant, the man in armor said I was wondering if I might borrow a cup of ammo Love my Captain Weston Another great addition to the series Action packed from the start Brilliant Semper fi, you glorious bastards.

    25. For the most part I have enjoyed this series as one of the better examples of the space opera genre I must say I was a little put off by the introduction of the gestalt intelligence s in the form of Central and particularly Gaia but that is probably just me In the main, I find the authors writing very entertaining, thoughtful and, above all else, action packed.

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