Bailey Beats the Blah

Bailey Beats the Blah None
  • Title: Bailey Beats the Blah
  • Author: Karen Tyrrell Aaron Pocock
  • ISBN: 9780987274045
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
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      230 Karen Tyrrell Aaron Pocock
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    2 thoughts on “Bailey Beats the Blah

    1. Karen Tyrrell is a Brisbane award winning author of 9 books, key note speaker, teacher, story teller, workshop and Masterclass presenter Karen is the winner of 3 awards, 3 literary grants and a mentorship from the Society of Editors Karen presents writing workshops for Queensland Writers Centre, Brisbane City Libraries, Gold Coast Writers Festival, schools, libraries and hospitals She has appeared on Seven News and ABC radio, sharing her story of personal empowerment Karen s books are ME HER A Memoir of Madness, ME HIM A Guide to Recovery, Bailey Beats the Blah, STOP the Bully, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember, Super Space Kids series and Song Bird Superhero series FREE kids activities FREE teacher noteskarentyrrell

    2. Brisbane teacher who cared too much ended up in psychiatric facility Serves as a warning to all of us Make a great movie Very well edited well done Spencer Howson ABC 612 Radio, 2012 I was totally hooked This is one of the strongest hooks I ve ever read it was instant I know this is real I know this is your pain and your anguish but my goodness, congratulations on your bravery Kaz Delaney, author of Dead, Actually Allen Unwin, 2012A teacher is repeatedly harassed by parents at her school to brea [...]

    3. Thank you Karen for writing this wonderful children s book This book should be in every school library It speaks to a problem that so many children go through and will help them know that they are not alone when they feel sad and lonely It is beautifully written for children to help them feel good about themselves and beat the Blahs

    4. This is a deceptively simple book The illustrations are so in tune with the words Bailey is in a new school, his tummy hurts and doesn t want to get up Even his faithful and fun loving dog Fuzzy can t cheer him up Life is BLAH All this changes when a new boy called Tom, comes to school, he is even nervous than Bailey Bailey decides to be his friend, so overnight, the world is a wonderful place to be.I loved the way the language relates to the way kids think and talk It will definitely be a book [...]

    5. Bailey Beats the Blah is a bright picture book deliberately written to explore the issue of mental health with children The story centres on Bailey and his unhappiness about attending school where he feels lonely and rejected, things begin to change for him when a new boy equally uncomforatble arrives The story is simple, easy to read and would be useful in a school context to stimulate discussions about mental health I found the ending a little too upbeat compared to the extreme blah at the sta [...]

    6. Bailey Beats the Blah is a gorgeous book for everyone, but especially for young children who struggle with anxiety The story tells how one little boy pushes through his fears and all the icky associated thoughts, feelings, and sensations, and manages to have a great day.I will use Bailey Beats the Blah in my work as a school counsellor, knowing the children will enjoy the pictures and be encouraged by Bailey s story Well done Karen on providing such a lovely resource and story.

    7. A lovely way to open up discussions with children about feeling sad or anxious The text and illustrations will appeal to kids and give them ways to recognise and name their feelings A simple yet powerful resource to teach kids that sad feelings are a normal part of life but they need not be permanent and there are ways of coping What a great contribution to the mental health of our children

    8. Karen s book helps kids realise it s all about that first step Only by putting one foot in front of the other can we achieve anything in life Don t get overwhelmed by the big picture, live in the moment and don t be afraid to try new things You never know who is out there just like you.To read of this review visit creativekidstales

    9. This is a deceptively simple book The illustrations are so in tune with the words Bailey is in a new school, his tummy hurts and doesn t want to get up Even his faithful and fun loving dog Fuzzy can t cheer him up Life is BLAH All this changes when a new boy called Tom, comes to school, he is even nervous than Bailey Bailey decides to be his friend, so overnight, the world is a wonderful place to be.I loved the way the language relates to the way kids think and talk It will definitely be a book [...]

    10. Author Karen Tyrrell has produced a work that will aid children ages 4 8 as well as give parents insights into the mental health aspect of low energy depression and how that can change A wonderfully illustrated book will identify some children with Bailey and their similar feelings about disliking school and wanting a friend.When a new student Tom arrives the wise teacher places him next to Bailey and soon a friendship develops that exchanges his low energy and motivation for a new day filled wi [...]

    11. Karen Tyrrell has written and produced a wonderful quality picture book with an entertaining story, that also addresses a sensitive but important issue for kids.In her previous non fiction works, Tyrrell addresses issues with mental illness and the effect it has on loved ones In this book, she once again addresses an aspect of mental illness depression But there s a twist from the usual books covering this topic This is a picture book for children and the issue is presented through a narrative w [...]

    12. My children 5 and 7 enjoyed this simple yet empowering story From the beginning they thought Bailey was sad Miss 5 was especially keen to talk about what she thought was happening in the book Even going so far as to put her hand up It was a timely story for her as she begins school next year She even commented with, I would let Bailey play with me As we read through the book I was struck by how relatable the story was As a primary school teacher I could see how easily it could be used in classro [...]

    13. What a terrific book for children and adults The simple yet engaging illustrations support the descriptive text that explains anxious feelings which are experienced by many children everyday This would be a fantastic resource for families who constantly move due to working in the Defence forces, or many other jobs too Providing resources for teachers and parents to use alongside this excellent book ensures that further reflection and discussion can support children and can help lead to greater u [...]

    14. I first read Bailey Beats the Blah to my five year old as a bedtime story we then enjoyed a lengthy discussion about things that make us sad or hurt or frazzled We then chatted about things that make us smile and feel happy again I love books that allow us to look deeply into our own lives This book is a brilliant resource for parents and teachers to introduce the concept of our emotions and ways to manage them Karen has done it again touched the hearts of others, with an educational and very u [...]

    15. With a strong background in Mental Health and teaching, Karen Tyrrell has given us a story to cover those negative feelings that children can t always describe My 5 and 6 year old loved meeting Bailey and watching him overcome his sadness After reading this story to them, we talked about those blah feelings and what we each do to help us get out of the blahs If all this book does is stimulate that discussion amongst family members and children, then it s leaps and bounds ahead in terms of prepar [...]

    16. I won this book through the First reads program and would like to thank and Karen Tyrrell for supplying me with a copy of this book This is a beautiful little picture book that I will be sure to use as a teaching resource I would recommend it for younger readers who may feel shy sad anxious at times, particularly at school This book would be a great one to go through with a class about emotions and how to deal with them I was also impressed with the teaching notes on Karen s website karentyrrell [...]

    17. It is wonderful to find a story that I m sure so many children can relate to But best of all, the book takes us on a journey with a positive message that can make someone s day a whole lot better Bailey Beats the Blah is like a warm hug, a hand to hold and offers encouragement to children who are uncertain and afraid You are not alone little anxious ones There will always be support no matter what Just look at Bailey Great job, Karen and I love the text style and illustrations which I believe ar [...]

    18. I can strongly recommend Karen Tyrrell as an author with a valuable message for young children who are suffering sadness, anxiety, depression and legitimacy of feelings This book is beautifully and brightly illustrated and is a great tool for teachers, social workers, counsellors, caregivers and of course parents Congrats Karen on writing this fantastic book which will be of great benefit to kids who are feeling the blues.

    19. An enjoyable, feel good tale and one worth sharing with your child This is a sensible approach to dealing with the Blahs and how you can turn it around, just by being kind, and being a friend.My child and I enjoyed reading it, and sharing time together afterwards to discuss how Bailey beat the Blahs was a great conversation starter too.

    20. Bailey doesn t feel well, he doesn t want to go to school and nothing can cheer him up, not his dog Fuzzy or his favourite shoes But when a new boy sits next to him at school, Bailey loses the blah by making a friend The author has several free activities available on her website karentyrrell

    21. Karen has written a book with a message needed by quite a few of our kids Overcoming a feeling of being left out by reaching out to someone else is a simple message well delivered in her story Bailey Beats The Blah Not only is the story appealing but the illustrations are perfect.

    22. Sad, bad, BLAH days need not be the norm, no matter who you are Bailey beats the Blah, is a brave and positive step forward in restoring mental resilience and emotional strength in kids everywhere by the unflinching advocate of mental well being, Karen Tyrrell.

    23. It s simple and straightforward An excellent resource to use when discussing feelings and coping skills with kids More on this at couragepsyc 2013

    24. LOVED IT This is a terrific teaching resource for primary elementary school aged kids A great way to begin the new school year.

    25. A good little motivational book for children The only thing is, how do others beat the blah if there is no opportunity to make new friends.

    26. An encouraging and helpful story for young children coping with stressful situations Most children will relate to Bailey s situation.

    27. Bailey Beats the Blah 5 STAR REVIEWS from Mental Health CEO, Psychologists, School counselors and teachers Empowering picture book for EVERY child, teaching coping skills to overcome sad days and worry thoughts Boosts self esteem and emotional awareness.Download FREE Teacher Notes and FREE kids activities from my website karentyrrell Bailey Beats the Blah is aligned with National Education Program Kids Matter 5% sales go to Kids Help Line KIDS 24 hour Counseling service.

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