Sganciando la luna dal cielo

Sganciando la luna dal cielo Marie Claire soprannominata il Ratto e suo fratello Bob passano le giornate a scorrazzare in bici con i loro amici Vivono insieme al padre nella piatta campagna canadese intorno a Winnipeg Ma un gio
  • Title: Sganciando la luna dal cielo
  • Author: Gregory Hughes Michele Foschini
  • ISBN: 9788807921728
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • Marie Claire, soprannominata il Ratto, e suo fratello Bob passano le giornate a scorrazzare in bici con i loro amici Vivono insieme al padre nella piatta campagna canadese intorno a Winnipeg Ma un giorno, tornati da scuola, lo trovano morto Di fronte all incubo dell orfanotrofio, l intraprendente Ratto convince Bob che per sfuggire al loro triste destino bisogna andareMarie Claire, soprannominata il Ratto, e suo fratello Bob passano le giornate a scorrazzare in bici con i loro amici Vivono insieme al padre nella piatta campagna canadese intorno a Winnipeg Ma un giorno, tornati da scuola, lo trovano morto Di fronte all incubo dell orfanotrofio, l intraprendente Ratto convince Bob che per sfuggire al loro triste destino bisogna andare a New York per cercare Jerome, il fratello del padre che si dice faccia lo spacciatore Inizia cos l avventura dei due protagonisti fra treni merci, passaggi in auto da persone poco raccomandabili, notti sotto le stelle Sul loro cammino Marie Claire e Bob incontrano una variegata fauna metropolitana fatta di imbroglioni, gangster e persino un celebre rapper Trovare nella Grande Mela lo zio, di cui conoscono soltanto il nome e posseggono una vecchia fotograf a, sembra impossibile Ma in un crescendo di suspense questo intenso romanzo virer verso un finale emozionante e inaspettato.
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      247 Gregory Hughes Michele Foschini
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    1. Got off to a bad start as a teenager Expelled from school That said I ve had an okay life I ve had hundreds of different jobs Ive done a lot of traveling and met a lot of good people along the way.

    2. Initial Final Page Thoughts.I can t deal with this This was supposed to be my happy place book post Feed and Deadline But wow what a beautiful book High Point.The fact that no one that I know has read it so it s MINE ALL MINE The Rat possibly the cutest kid in the entire world I want her to be my best friend and we can talk in accents together and sing Frank Sinatra and drink Mocha even though I don t like coffee Bob the second cutest kid in the entire world and the best big brother EVER We are [...]

    3. This is a very engaging and sweet story that will carry you right along with its madcap, almost surreal adventures I really enjoyed reading it, but I just never quite connected to it all the way I kept feeling swept forward, without anything firm to hold onto.The story is narrated by a sixteen year old Bob, as he recalls the fateful summer when he was twelve, and he and his ten year old sister Marie Claire The Rat Debilliers traveled by bicycle and other unreliable means from Winnipeg to New Yor [...]

    4. While I enjoyed this middle grade novel about a pair of orphans who go off in search of their long lost uncle, I did NOT enjoy it as a middle grade novel There were entirely too many swear words, along with very adult themes that were dealt with in this book, that made it seem inappropriate for the recommended age level of 9 12 This is the second British children s book I have read where the expletive goddamn is thrown around by the kids In this one they even go so far as to say it isn t swearin [...]

    5. A finished copy was provided by the publisher for review.Bob and his little sister Marie Clare live with their father in Winnipeg When the unthinkable happens and their dad passes away, the two siblings go on a journey across several provinces to New York City to find their long lost Uncle.What a story It starts off a bit slow, but I can understand that Hughes is setting up the environment that they re used to living Once they re on the road, it becomes a huge difference from their sheltered lif [...]

    6. I am really starting to wonder what I am looking for in a book any Unhooking the Moon is getting rave reviews and I really just didn t care for it I understand that it is a kid s book and I am an adult, but I try to read with 11 year old eyes so I can recommend books to the triplets across the street and I just can t imagine any of them liking this book If I had to like someone in the book it would be the narrator Bob whose name was somehow jarring and unnatural It seems I was supposed to adore [...]

    7. Acabo de terminar este libro y reci n lo estoy digiriendo Qu decir Por d nde empezar Tengo muchos sentimientos revoloteando dentro de mi pecho, y es que este libro me hizo experimentar un mont n de sensaciones felicidad, adrenalina, alegr a, desilusi n, tristeza, impotencia uf tantas sensaciones juntasLa historia es narrada por Bob, quien, junto a Marie Claire la Rata , protagonizan el libro.Bob y la Rata son dos hermanos que viv an felices y tranquilos junto con su padre en una pradera a las af [...]

    8. Star parts OK where to start Well for a start the book made me laugh out loud And what were the bits that made me laugh the most, well probably the bits that should have had you crying such as the funeral scene And the climax, which involves some pretty awful people, and is totally exciting, and still hysterically funny The characterisation is great, the Rat and Bob really come alive, their voices are authentic and they way Bob deals with his sister is, in my mind, really realistic The story als [...]

    9. Cannot say enough about this book loved it But here s the publisher s blurb Meet the Rat A dancing, football playing gangster baiting ten year old When she foresaw her father s death, she picked up her football and decided to head for New York Meet her older brother Bob Protector of the Rat, but often her follower, he is determined to find their uncle in America and discover a new life for them both On their adventures across the flatlands of Winnipeg and through the exciting streets of New Yor [...]

    10. Winner of the Booktrust Teenage Prize 2010, and I can see why.Basically this book is about Bob and his sister Marie Claire Marie Claire is an amazing character, she s very unique, has visions of the future, speaks loads of languages and knows everyone in their village in Canada and loves drinking a mocha coffee.But after their Dad dies Marie Claire or the Rat as she s known convinces Bob to travel to New York to find their only living relative there, their drug dealer uncle The book is about the [...]

    11. Wow Que puedo decir Este libro me hizo experimentar de todo La rata Uno de los personajes principales definitivamente se ha convertido en uno de mis personajes preferidos de libros Es tan nica Por un momento me sent como ella, por otros simplemente quer a ser como ella.Es una historia muy conmovedora de la que jamas me arrepentir a de volver a releer una y mil veces.

    12. Bob is weak The Rat crazy She leads, he follows What you get is a pretty irresponsible journey filled with adoration from Bob for the actions of his what I saw as very spoilt sister We were supposed to love her everybody loved her, but I couldn t Because of that I could not anchor myself into the story at all.Sorry Bob Glad you love your sister though, that s really nice of you.

    13. Meet Bob and his sister, the Rat They are prairie kids from Winnipeg, a land so flat you can watch your dog run away for three days When their father dies after one of the Rat s curiously accurate premonitions , the Rat decides they should go to New York, to find their long lost drug dealer uncle Jerome DeBillier So the two set off on a road trip of sorts to New York What follows is one of the quirkiest of traveler s tales, with the two of them meeting conmen, hustlers, rap idols, etc.Unhooking [...]

    14. I found this book impressive and much better than many books by established children s authors I finished it in one reading Hughes makes you care about the characters in a tale that compresses harsh realities in its pages than any child should have to experience After their father dies, the two kids aged ten and twelve, journey from Winnipeg to New York to find a long lost Uncle , their only know relative, despite the fact that they believe he is involved with drugs The Canadian scenes set the [...]

    15. 1 I decided to read this book because the book cover appealed to me and I thought the blurb was quite interesting.2.A character that I found interesting was Marie Claire nicknamed the Rat I thought it was funny she was called the Rat because she had ears that were pointy and mousy blond hair but all of that added to her character I thought she was interesting and enjoyed her character because she was a very lively, confident and sociable.She was also the type of character that thinks about thing [...]

    16. Gregory Hughes has written an extraordinary and heart warming story that captured all of my emotions In many parts of the story I laughed out loud, and other times I would find myself tearing up The book took myself and the characters on a journey unlike any other, as we discovered another part of the world while venturing off on our own.The characters in this book are very unique with original personalities Ten year old Marie Claire, or is also known as The Rat to her older brother Bob, is a br [...]

    17. Sometimes life hands you a gentle lesson My wise and courageous preteen daughter guided me to Unhooking the Moon two weeks into her first year at High School I didn t realise at the time that she was giving me a little bit of herself The Rat the heroine of Unhooking is a wise and courageous preteen too and I can see why my rat connected so well Rat and her brother Bob travel to New York from Canada after the sudden death of their sad sole father in a quest to find his drug dealing brother, Jerom [...]

    18. Den Mond aus den Angeln heben erz hlt die unkonventionelle Geschichte von Roberto Bob und Marie Claire Die Ratte DeBillier.Eines Tages kommen Bob und die Ratte nach Hause und finden ihren wundervollen Vater tot in der K che Herzinfarkt Da ihre Mutter schon Jahre vorher das Land der Lebenden verlassen hat, beschlie en die beiden, abzuhauen und den einzigen lebenden Verwandten zu suchen, von dem sie wissen Jerome DeBillier, Bruder ihres Vaters, ihrer Aussage nach Drogenh ndler So machen sie sich k [...]

    19. The Rat has to be one of the best fictional characters I ve read about in a long while She reminds me of a modern day Anne Shirley garrulous, bluntly honest, good hearted, and with a very individual outlook on life I loved the beeping and her obsession with bringing down paedophiles, haha And of course I m a huge fan of what I call Incidental Magic, which is when there are supernatural elements in an otherwise ordinary, set in real life story think The Time Traveler s Wife.I thought the story be [...]

    20. Unhooking The Moon won the Booktrust Teenage Prize last year and in my view, this was a very worthy winner.Gregory Hughes has written an extraordinary story of a brother and sister from Winnipeg, USA Bob and his younger sister Marie Claire AKA The Rat are orphans Their mother died many years ago and they have spent the last few years being cared for by their Father When their Father dies quite suddenly, the two of them are determined that they will not be put in a home so they set off to New Yor [...]

    21. It took me ages to get into this story, it wasn t until Bob and his little sister, The Rat, were on their journey to New York that I started to care.Unhooking the Moon is all about The Rat, Bob might be the narrator but everything that happens is because of Marie Claire aka The Rat She is one of the most complex, confusing and wise characters I have ever read and she is a real pain Maybe if Gregory Hughes has made The Rat plain this story would have been easier to enjoy but if he had then it wo [...]

    22. Central character Rat is a fascinating 10 year old The author has created a typical youngster playful, naughty, but also very feisty In some respects she seems the one with the most sense the best judge of character leaving her elder brother Bob behind in so many ways This novel is written from Bob s point of view, he admires his sister worries about her, not only her recklessness but also her health particularly her state of mind.He follows her through a series of adventures that would make you [...]

    23. Booktrust Teenage PrizeAfter their father dies, the hapless 12YO Bob and his psychic 10YO precocious to the max sister Marie Claire, a.k.a The Rat, leave Winnipeg by hopping a freight with their bikes cross the border with the help of Joey the cigar smuggler and bike into NYC to find their uncle the drug dealer yes and no with the help of cigar Joey, a street hustler and their new best friend and famed rapper of the moment, Ice Far fetched in spades though no than say, Hunger Games , but loved [...]

    24. This is actually a childrens title but just as suitable for adults as many books are I am not sure their adventure could be described as funny as the back cover describes but certainly poignant amd gripping you really do want them to succeed in finding their father etc there are little comic moments but they are actually quite touching too

    25. i thought this book was AMAZING and i didn t expect the ending but it is truly magical the way it s written Gregory Hughes brings the charaters to life, especially the Rat at the beginning i didn t know how they were going to just get to NYC but it just flowed right the way through Plus I made my mum read it to she loved it like i did.

    26. Celou dobu jsem si kala, sice trochu d tsk ale jinak mil a spr vn pra t n kn ka V hala jsem mezi ty mi a p ti hv zdi kami Pak jsem si p e etla posledn dv kapitoly a d v m t i Nech pu, nech pu, nech pu PRO To jako autor napsal kn ku a ekl si, to je moc vesel , d me tam n jak dojemn konec Aby bylo jasno, j miluji patn konce, ale tohle se mi FAKT nel bilo.

    27. this book is great it brings soo many emotions and the bond between brother ans sister It made me relate to the ups and downs with my sis and yet it becomes heart pounding and interesting it captures u fro the beginning

    28. Whimsical and beautifully written story about the journey of two children from Winnipeg to New York 10 year old the Rat is a wonderful character.

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