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  • Title: Onda
  • Author: Momo Kapor
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  • Page: 442
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      442 Momo Kapor
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    1. Mom ilo Momo Kapor was a Serbian novelist, painter, and short story writer Several successful films have been based upon his novels.Born in Sarajevo in 1937 He graduated the painting in 1961 at the Belgrade Academy of Fine Arts under Professor Nedeljko Gvozdenovic He has published many titles, novels and collections of stories He has a large number of documentary films and television shows, all according to his screenplays, as well as several feature films Almonds Beyond Death, Banquet film , Walter Defends Sarajevo, Jolly DJ, End the Weekend Una and The Book of Complaints were adapted as such They have been translated into French, German, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Slovenian and Swedish.Dobrica Cosic, in his book Friends, on pages 276 and 277 describes the childhood and youth of Momo Kapor, based on the talks he had with him in November 2002 On the 13 of April 1941, The Germans bombed Sarajevo and hit the building below Trebenica in which the Kapor s mother had hid with her 4 year old son In the collapsed house, everybody was dead Moma s mother saved her son with her own body The boy somehow pulled out from the rubble, moaned and fell into scilence from the speechless horror of not knowing where to be He was found by a Russian, an emigrant, a doctor, who took pity on him and took him to his apartment, adopting him, as he had no children He nurtured him, loved him, filled him with toys to forget his mother and drove him around Sarajevo in a white Mercedes The boy knew that his name was Momcilo, but not his surname The good Russian gave him a good name, Momcilo Hercegovac After a year of life with the good man, Momcilo Hercegovac fell ill with scarlet fever, so his savior took him to the Sarajevo hospital There he was found by his maternal aunt for she had been looking for him the previous year all round Sarajevo, being informed by someone earlier on that there was a child that got out of the destroyed house, where a man took him with him When the boy recuperated from scarlet fever, his grandmother took him to her house and took care of him Momcilo Hercegovac was cared for by the Russian as well, who joined vlasovcima collaborators of the Germans, often visiting him with gifts His father was, upon returning from captivity and being a banking expert, set up in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgrade However, his patriotic conscience and responsibilities led to the passage of a whole year after the war before he came to Sarajevo to see his son He treated his son in a strict patriarchal manner and was dissatisfied that his son dedicated himself to painting and literature, a life of social and material uncertainty He died in Belgrade on the 3 of March 2010 at the Military Medical Academy.

    2. Pro itala sam ovu knjigu najmanje 5 puta dok sam odrastala, a danas sam je ponovo itala sa najboljom drugaricom Svakim itanjem volim ovu knjigu sve vi e i svima je preporu ujem

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