The Girl with a Clock for a Heart

The Girl with a Clock for a Heart George Foss never thought he d see her again but on a late August night in Boston there she is in his local bar Jack s Tavern When George first met her she was an eighteen year old college freshm
  • Title: The Girl with a Clock for a Heart
  • Author: PeterSwanson
  • ISBN: 9780062267498
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Hardcover
  • George Foss never thought he d see her again, but on a late August night in Boston, there she is, in his local bar, Jack s Tavern When George first met her, she was an eighteen year old college freshman from Sweetgum, Florida She and George became inseparable in their first fall semester, so George was devastated when he got the news that she had committed suicide over CGeorge Foss never thought he d see her again, but on a late August night in Boston, there she is, in his local bar, Jack s Tavern When George first met her, she was an eighteen year old college freshman from Sweetgum, Florida She and George became inseparable in their first fall semester, so George was devastated when he got the news that she had committed suicide over Christmas break But, as he stood in the living room of the girl s grieving parents, he realized the girl in the photo on their mantelpiece the one who had committed suicide was not his girlfriend Later, he discovered the true identity of the girl he had loved and of the things she may have done to escape her past.Now, twenty years later, she s back, and she s telling George that he s the only one who can help her
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    1. Peter Swanson is the author of three novels The Girl With a Clock For a Heart, an LA Times Book Award finalist The Kind Worth Killing, winner of the New England Society Book Award, and finalist for the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger and his most recent, Her Every Fear His books have been translated into 30 languages, and his stories, poetry, and features have appeared in Asimov s Science Fiction, The Atlantic Monthly, Measure, The Guardian, The Strand Magazine, and Yankee Magazine.

    2. I always knew it was temporary Being Audrey was temporary I had become this different person, this person I d rather have been you know, in school, doing well, with a boyfriend, a boyfriend like you but it was like I had a secret disease, or there was this clock inside of me, ticking like a heart, and at any moment an alarm would go off and Audrey Beck would no longer exist She d die and I d have to go back to being Liana Decter God, it s like a dream now With this book title Peter Swanson was p [...]

    3. George had imagined this moment many times but had somehow never imagined the outcome Liana was not simply an ex girlfriend who had once upon a time broken George s heart she was also, as far as George still knew, a wanted criminal, a woman whose transgressions were in line with those of Greek tragedy than youthful indiscretion She had, without doubt, murdered one person and most likely murdered another George felt the equal weights of moral responsibility and indecision weigh down upon him The [...]

    4. FOUR STARSPeter Swanson is one of my favorite psychological suspense thriller writers working today Two of his books have been optioned for film, including this one His newest book All the Beautiful Lies is due out April 3, 2018 I have the galley sitting on my Kindle and cannot wait to dive in Before I start that one, I wanted to go back and read the only Swanson I ve missed THE GIRL WITH A CLOCK FOR A HEART, his first novel Swanson tends to write very strong female characters into his tightly w [...]

    5. I m sure fans of mysteries will really like this one I think I m getting an education on mysteries vs psychological thrillers I ve discovered I prefer the latter, so for me, I was happy to finish this one I will say the plot was a good one, and the characters were well drawn out Overall, though, it felt too drawn out, as characters were described right down to the clothes they wore Also, the story was told to me, instead of giving clues for me to figure out I suppose that is what a mystery does [...]

    6. If you are thinking about reading this book, please, please, don t read any of the summaries floating around, because they give away important plot twists That said, I would recommend The Girl with a Clock for a Heart to anyone who enjoys thrillers with a bit of action, romance, and atmosphere This debut novel does all these things adequately, but, given the high praise it has received from writers like Wiley Cash and Dennis Lehane, as well as being described as having shades of Hitchcock, I was [...]

    7. Peter Swanson s The Girl with a Clock for a Heart grabbed me right away because of the cool title and the fascinating blurb When it came up for a group read in one of my groups, I happily jumped it ahead of 1000 others on my to read list It took me a few chapters to get into the book, as I wasn t initially connecting with the protagonist, George He seemed rather phlegmatic and downright boring I guess that was because that is how George felt until things started to click It soon became clear tha [...]

    8. A decent story, but no where near as awesome as his book The Kind Worth Killing This story switches back and forth in time periods, and while I didn t have any problem with that, I found that I really didn t like the characters in either time period Nevertheless, it was a good enough story that it kept me reading This book was okay, but I can t help feeling a little let down because The Kind Worth Killing was just so good I m glad I read it first because if I had read this one first I don t know [...]

    9. Ehhh while on the surface, this is an interesting and fast paced thriller, it ultimately falls a bit flat The initial premise a man reconnects with his college sweetheart after twenty years have passed intrigues at first The woman Liana Audrey Jane clearly has a curious and dangerous history and her current situation embroils George Foss, the milktoast narrator, into her affairs right away But George s status as the book s hero never feels convincing While he is perfect for the situation, he nev [...]

    10. I m new to Peter Swanson s books and have read them in backwards order this year starting with his latest, Her Every Fear, then The Kind Worth Killing and finally this one, his first I ve enjoyed all three obviously I ve been hooked by his suspenseful style or I wouldn t have bothered to read them all, right Something about the eponymous girl, Liana Decter, has haunted George Foss for twenty years He met her on his first day of college and soon they were inseparable But after Christmas break, sh [...]

    11. Oh what a tangled web we weaveNot my favorite Swanson novel, but still very entertaining.Full review to come

    12. George main character What were you thinking.Ok so you meet this girl in your first term at university , you get on and have fun together and that is great Then after holidays you come back to Uni and find out something had happened to her and you go and find your own answeres, sure why not, you liked her, I understand that which brings you a whole heap of trouble You do remember that dont you You come back to Uni and get on with your life What the fish were you thinking To let this woman, who c [...]

    13. Gillian Flynn s Gone Girl has alot to answer for as it has inspired a whole new type of thriller were you need to put you sense of disbelief to one side before reading and in my case put me in an uncomfortable position of not knowing if i like the book or not Peter Swanson s debut novel is such read in that although has a different story line has many of the same characteristics The story goes of George Foss who for the last 20 years has longed for his first college girlfriend Liana Decter or wa [...]

    14. Like The Kind Worth Killing , I could not put this first novel of Peter Swanson s down once I picked it up A college girlfriend turns up 20 years later in the narrator s corner bar and basically you re off and running Terrific psychological thriller with a sociopath on one hand and a guy who never got over her on the other My only quibble with this story is the ending Seemed a little tacked on or forcedke Swanson tried a couple of different endings and finally said, Ok, there Like he wasn t sure [...]

    15. 3.75 5A good heist based thriller with lots of twists along the way I ve recently become a fan of conman fiction, because I don t think I have the brain power equipped to actually develop and carry out cons myself haha I am always surprised by them I do understand the monologuing at the very end, but it was unfortunate how everything had to be spelled out to the reader This is the second Peter Swanson book I have read, and my question so far for him is What woman hurt you

    16. While shopping in my local Waterstones I saw this book and something about it drew me in I am not sure if it was the book title or the write up but I knew I just had to read it I finished it within 2 says and thoroughly enjoyed it Fast paced full of action and a touch of romance Full of twists and turns and cliff hangers at the end of chapters.

    17. Another book suggestion that came to my attention, highly recommended, that I decided to read mainly because of the strange and now after finishing, stupid title By the way, what s up with all the book titles starting by The Girl Marketing ploy or lack of imagination Also, still talking about book titles, what s up with the name Alice, I keep seeing books with this name on the title everywhere.All rants aside, I must confess that I did not like this at all I found the plot weak, the characters c [...]

    18. Poor George Foss He is fast approaching 40 and his life has not turned out to be as he wishes Indeed, for all practical purposes his world has lost its color and appeal Feeling life has passed him by, he works a boring job and the only family he goes home to at night is Nora, his cat George has an on again off again relationship with Irene, a perfectly nice waitress in a bar close by One evening in the bar, he espies who he thinks is his old college sweetheart, the proverbial one who got away Ju [...]

    19. In a rare turn of events, the authors debut is overshadowed by his brilliant follow up this being his debut release George is your average thirty something, working in a magazine office and living a bachelor lifestyle see casually sleeping with an old flame when a figure from his past appears and asks a huge favour But wasn t this the same woman who mysteriously disappeared some years ago I enjoy the authors writing for the fact it isn t overly complicated as some books of this genre are However [...]

    20. It s not an issue on my own book review blog, but other websites at which I post reviews don t have an option of fractional ratings, so for them I rounded off my real rating of 3.5 stars to 4 instead of going the other direction although to be honest, the latter crossed my mind What didn t I like For one thing, everything that happened seemed than a little too contrived For another, I can t imagine a real life grown man being so gullible time after time after time no matter how head over heels [...]

    21. My Description George Foss met and fell in love with Audrey Beck on the very first night of college life Everything is normal They have tons of fun for 9 months Then Audrey returns home for Christmas break George receives horrible news from Audrey s college roommate that Audrey has committed suicide The obvious question is why George makes a trip to give his condolences to her family The pictures in her parents house looks nothing like the Audrey he loved The obvious question is who He later dis [...]

    22. 3.5 StarsThe only reason this didn t get 4 stars is that I was unsatisfied with the ending I didn t dislike the ending, in fact it was the only plausible ending Spoiler alert The ending is the beginning of the next book At least, there better be a next book It was suspenseful and I honestly didn t know who really did what and what part they played The protagonist is weak so I hope he grows a stronger backbone next book Really enjoyable book.

    23. Thoroughly enjoyable twisty turny thriller which I enjoyed VERY much And the author s new novel coming next year The Kind Worth Killing is even better Now very much on my must read authors list Full review to follow.

    24. Thanks to my local library I have finally read this I have read all of this authors other books this one was just as good.

    25. Terrible From the get go, the premise is hard to suspend disbelief You mean to tell me that even after he was apprised of her sketchy character, hstill waited around, for 20 years, making no life for himself, hoping she d come back into his life, maybe, someday Really Really Even if you swallow that, the writing is annoying Alternating chapters of what s going on currently with flashback, as the history is revealed, every chapter ending in a cliffhanger Oh, and, not wrapped up Explained, at the [...]

    26. Following the pre publication hype, I was than intrigued to read this new debut crime thriller from Peter Swanson Opening with a very familiar conceit of a figure from the main character s past reappearing, up to their eyeballs in trouble, and thus propelling innocent main character into mild peril, there are some very obvious comparisons with the stalwarts of the genre Having ticked these boxes, I embarked on this trying to keep an open mind on the entrance to this particular sub genre of crim [...]

    27. Everyone has their favorite motifs in fiction and I m a sucker for the lovers from the past reunite theme Add in a perilous situation that isn t going to result in happily ever after, and I m all in Thanks to and the publisher for choosing me in the giveaway for an advance copy of The Girl With a Clock for a Heart It was like an amusement park thrill ride I d barely buckled in and acclimated before the ride started and it never slowed down until the end Liana Decter is a complex, multi faceted c [...]

    28. This is a nice little thriller about corrupted identity why, even if you re still pining over your first college love, if you re pretty sure she s a murderer, you should not entangle yourself in her life several years after your relationship ended Liana, who George originally knew as Audrey, shows up one day at his favorite bar, calling herself Jane needing help She s pretty manipulative ensnares George in a plot that has delicious, flaky layers than a fresh baked croissant I think I need to go [...]

    29. Although I enjoyed this book, for me his second book The Kind Worth Killing is far superiorwhich means he s going in the right direction

    30. After thinking a LOT about this story I recognise that I missed some clues along the way I have to give it 5 as it s just so bloomin clever The ending IS there it is PERFECT I don t need a glimpse into the future the future s now view spoiler The guy gets the girl hide spoiler How do I know Clue for you all Daphne Du Maurier quote page 6 of Liana s ONLY favourite book Rebecca How did I miss it Because there is layer after layer after delicious layer of clues Thank you Mr Swanson I knew I had to [...]

    31. Having thoroughly enjoyed Swanson s second novel The Kind Worth Killing I was eager to read this, his first What a load of unbelievable mish mash Even the title is contrived.Boy meets girl, boy immediately smitten, apparently so is girl Boy learns of girl s suicide, is devastated so decides to go to her home town for the funeral, only to discover the dead girl isn t his girl Twenty years later he thinks he sees her in a bar in Boston, and, even though he now knows about her shady past, he is sti [...]

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