Templul zorilor

Templul zorilor Templul Zorilor este treilea volum al tetralogiei Marea fertilit ii Trimis n Thailanda pentru a rezolva un caz important renumitul avocat Honda afl din nt mplare c n familia regal exist o prin es Y
  • Title: Templul zorilor
  • Author: Yukio Mishima Mihaela Merlan
  • ISBN: 9789736894206
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • Templul Zorilor este treilea volum al tetralogiei Marea fertilit ii.Trimis n Thailanda pentru a rezolva un caz important, renumitul avocat Honda afl din nt mplare c n familia regal exist o prin es , Ying Chan, ce sus ine c este reincarnarea unui t n r din Japonia Feti a este chiar fiica prin ului Pattanadid, colegul de coal al adolescen ilor Honda i Kiyoak Templul Zorilor este treilea volum al tetralogiei Marea fertilit ii.Trimis n Thailanda pentru a rezolva un caz important, renumitul avocat Honda afl din nt mplare c n familia regal exist o prin es , Ying Chan, ce sus ine c este reincarnarea unui t n r din Japonia Feti a este chiar fiica prin ului Pattanadid, colegul de coal al adolescen ilor Honda i Kiyoaki, iar nt lnirea cu ea tulbur echilibrul respectabilului om al legii ntors n Japonia zguduit de al Doilea R zboi Mondial, Honda se dedica studiului reincarn rii, ncerc nd s elucideze misterul ciclului existen ei Zece ani mai t rziu, Honda o va re nt lni pe exotica prin es , venit la studii n Japonia De data aceasta, nelini tea metafizic pe care o simte Honda n preajma lui Ying Chan se mplete te cu o iubire chinuitoare, ce l va mpinge dincolo de limitele morale, n ncercarea de a dezlega marea enigm a reincarn rii i totodat misterul eternului feminin.
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      335 Yukio Mishima Mihaela Merlan
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    1. Yukio Mishima is the pen name of Kimitake Hiraoka who was a Japanese author, poet and playwright, famous for both his highly notable post war writings and the circumstances of his ritual suicide by seppuku Mishima wrote 40 novels, 18 plays, 20 books of short stories, and at least 20 books of essays, one libretto, as well as one film A large portion of this oeuvre comprises books written quickly for profit, but even if these are disregarded, a substantial body of work remains.He was recognized as one of the most important post war stylists of the Japanese language.

    2. This third Volume of The Sea of Fertility tetralogy moves toward travelogue than its predecessors Honda, now a blue chip attorney, goes to Siam now Thailand in the year 1940 At the start we are well into the Japanese occupation of Manchuria but before the bombing of Pearl Harbor Honda is in Bangkok representing a Japanese firm in their dispute with a Siamese concern It s very hot It s surprising how good Mishima is at conveying the sense of a broiling sun Honda s royal Siamese acquaintances fro [...]

    3. I was slightly scared going into this one Not only was I aware that the translator had changed, but I also heard that it was really boring, with Honda just being indolent, visiting shrines, and rambling existentially the entire time While it s true that Honda, as a character, may not be the most exciting person in the world, and that I struggled through his touring of India and the majority of part 1 in general I can t stress enough how this book picked up the thematic power of the series and to [...]

    4. I m a huge fan of Yukio Mishima, But I gotta admit The Sea of Fertility has not been an easy read Though I enjoyed Runaway Horses , Spring Snow and Temple of Dawn seem to concentrate on historical facts and Japanese tradition than the story of the characters themselves Mishima often utilizes history in order to strengthen the narrative, but this time it has worked in its disadvantage.

    5. The third novel in the Sea of Fertility tetralogy, unlike the other two I think this one really needs the reader to have gone through Spring Snow and Runaway Horses first to be able to follow what is going on properly and not just the action, as the first third of the book is centred on Honda s quest for a coherent theory of reincarnation, something without internal contradictions that would square with his logical way of thinking Yet for this first third I could not stop wondering whether this [...]

    6. It s hard enough losing one s friends, now imagine constantly losing the same one and finding him or her again, except that you re much older, they re the same age as when you last saw them and they don t even recognize you And you re going to lose them again, despite your best efforts And chances are, it won t even matter This is the stuff of high emotional tragedy, fraught with urgency and a sense of desperation.Yet, it s not even the real story of what Mishima is trying to tell here.Anyone wh [...]

    7. Mishima really hates Japan in this one Everyone s dissolute, jaded and exhausted There are only two roles for humans in this world those who remember and those who are remembered and The Temple of Dawn has only the former.

    8. Promising first half, totally unengaging and banal second half Really quite disappointed as the prose is incredible.I had several issues with this book which I m just going to list as bullet points for convenience s sake Firstly I have to say that the one thing that I enjoyed about this book was its beautifully descriptive prose The book is divided into two parts and I found part one to be a vivid travelogue of Bangkok and the Indian cities visited.In part one which takes place pre WWII, the mai [...]

    9. This seems the weakest of the Sea of Fertility books so far, but it may be that when viewed within the context of the entire work it will make sense Where the first two books could stand alone, this one seems rather dependent on the rest of the tetralogy.It s also a less engaging read, both because it describes various characters lazy descent into increasing decadence and because it contains an unjustifiably extended description of various types of Hindu and Buddhist thought Mishima s meditatio [...]

    10. Oops, couldn t gather enough motivation to finish this one even though I enjoyed the first two books of the series The constant discussion about buddhism and hinduism felt like reading a textbook for a course I didn t sign up for Plus, you never know how accurate his explanations are, is Mishima an expert on this subject matter If I really wanted to inform myself, I d probably look it up in other sources, so I prefer reading novels that are inspiring, rather than explaining There s barely any pl [...]

    11. This is less well structured than the first two, but has some extremely beautiful passages and in places is dark and disturbing.You can feel Mishima beginning to come to pieces even as his art reaches a climax.The long sequences about Buddhism, Hinduism, Benares, the Goddess Kali extraordinary factual and yet surreal.The sequences in WWII, amongst the ruins, are also unlike anything I ve read.As it moves into the postwar period, the writing returns to a restrained, naarative style but the charac [...]

    12. The gaze is inverted this one s about Honda.In the first part, before the war, Honda is a Japanese tourist floating through Siam and India The war comes and Honda spends the entirety of it studying reincarnation Tadeshina from vol 1 eats a raw egg.In the second part, after the war, Honda is a voyeur, and watches everyone else have sex 57 years old, he convinces himself he is in love with the Thai princess, and he transforms into a Humbert For a few chapters, we, the readers, even live in Honda s [...]

    13. First published at meexia bookie 2017 06 The Temple of Dawn is book 3 in The Sea of Fertility tetralogy My review for book 1 Spring Snow here and book 2 Runaway Horses here If you have not read the first two, warning there will be possible spoilers.So my relationship with Mishima s epic has been long and slow going, as I read Spring Snow in 2015, and Runaway Horses in 2016 With The Temple of Dawn in 2017, I plan to read the last book The Decay of the Angel in 2018 That s one book per year if you [...]

    14. En el otro bolsillo, mi mano tropez con el paquete de cigarrillos Me puse a fumar Me sent a con el esp ritu de un hombre que, terminada su labor, echa un pitillo Quer a vivir.Lectura muy ardua, sobre todo la primera parte Cu ntas p ginas que parecen sacadas de un ensayo sobre las diferentes escuelas budistas del sudeste asi tico y la India 50, 100 Se me hicieron infintinas, por culpa de ellas interrump la lectura durante muchos d as y por culpa de ellas volv Mishima tiene un motivo muy concreto [...]

    15. I am obsessively working my way through Mishimas entire bibliography Just finished The Temple of the Dawn, because it was the first of the Sea of Tranquillity books I managed to find Starting a tetraology at book number three is not ideal, but I am still totally enchanted by his great final masterpiece What a fantastic premise for a series of novels There s something unforgettable about the way he writes, or is it his whole personality shining through his writing Whatever it is his words and the [...]

    16. In fact I enjoyed reading this fantastic novel, nearly some two years ago, as its third book of the tetralogy, The Sea of Fertility.

    17. Serinin en uzun s rede okudu um, en s k ld m, yer yer ya imdi ne alaka dedi im konuyu ba lamak i in yaz ld n d nd m bir kitap oldu afak Tap na lk iki kitab zellikle Ka ak Atlar heyecanla okumu tum ama bu sefer baya bunald m Kahraman m z Honda, kendisinden beklenmeyen bi imde bir prensese a k oluyor Konuyu s ylemek spoiler olur s rpriz bozan diyorlarm buna ok be endim _ fakat birka Japon ve Kore yap m film var san r m bu kitaptan fazlas yla etkilenmi ler Kitapta d nemin siyasi olaylar na de inmes [...]

    18. A book only requires sequels when said sequels advance the meaning of the book, and such a series ought to convey this endeavor in both its form and function In the third installment of his Mare Fecunditatis tetralogy, Mishima Yukio beautifully achieves such an effect, and while his reach ever so slightly exceeds his grasp, when taken with the previous two novels, The Temple of Dawn is nevertheless a triumph In many ways, The Temple of Dawn functions as an axis for the larger tetralogy as the ov [...]

    19. Informa ii despre budism, hinduism leg tura cu zeii grecilor, Dyonysos Destul de greu de citit Scen de sex ntre dou femei Referiri minime la cel de al doilea r zboi mondial, personajul e n lumea lui spiritual i a pl cerilor lui voyeuriste.

    20. Serinin ilk iki kitab n yle bir i tahla ve keyifle okudum ki, bu kitaptan beklentim ok b y kt En az ndan, bu roman n okuyucusuna sunduklar ndan daha farkl yd unu s ylemek isterim ki, asl nda bu kitaba puanlamam d rtt r Ancak Mishima n n baz b l mlerdeki efsane anlat mlar elimin d rde gitmesini engelledi.Serinin ilk iki kitab birbirinin zerine ok fazla gitmeden ancak ayr nt larda birbirini tinsel olarak tamamlayan kitaplard Kendi ba lar na b t nl kleri olan, fazla da lmayan ancak ok geni g nderme [...]

    21. Honda, the perpetual voyeur, gets thoroughly dissected in this third volume of The Sea of Fertility In a way it gave me a similar feeling as, when in the first part of the first volume, Mishima s descriptions of the protagonist, Kiyokai, made me think that with each characterization of him Mishima was probably contemplating the best way to kill off this physically beautiful but otherwise loathsome figure But whereas Kiyokai at least eventually develops some redeeming qualities, Honda, along with [...]

    22. In The Temple of Dawn, the third book of Yukio Mishima s Sea of Fertility tetralogy, we find Shikeguni Honda on business in Thailand Six years after the death of Isao Iinuma, the former judge is now a successful lawyer, but his interest in practising law is shaken when he meets Ying Chan, a Thai princess who is the second reincarnation of Kiyoaki Matsugae The Temple of Dawn differs greatly from the first two books of the tetralogy While Spring Snow and Runaway Horses focus mainly on their tragic [...]

    23. La primera parte de la novela resulta poco interesante Mishima cuenta el viaje a Tailandia del abogado cuarent n Honda para conocer a Ying Chan, una princesa de 7 a os y la supuesta reencarnaci n de un viejo amigo del protagonista Aqu se suceden cap tulos cortos que podr an pasar por entradas de la sobre la reencarnaci n, su distinta concepci n en oriente y occidente, el budismo y el hinduismo, etc Yo dir a que estos cap tulos m s did cticos se pueden leer diagonalmente sin el menor cargo para l [...]

    24. For a series so rooted in modern Japanese history, you almost have to admire the self confidence and the gall required to gloss over essentially all of 1941 1945 in favor of a dense, nearly unreadable unless, I d imagine, you have a particular interest in and knowledge of the subject 50 page treatise on transmigration drawing on sources from the Pythagoreans to Hinduism to Buddhism An aside, having recently read Joseph Campbell s The Hero with a Thousand Faces likely increased my understanding o [...]

    25. The second book, Runaway Horses, absolutely demolished me It s probably the greatest book I ever read Before I started The Temple of Dawn, I wondered how Mishima would top his previous masterpiece Unfortunately, it was only strong enough to keep the series going.This book shifts its focus away from the reincarnating friend, and instead places the reader within the perspective of Honda, who has always functioned better as a supportive character Likewise, the reincarnated friend is diminished into [...]

    26. This is the third book in the Sea of fertility tetralogy by Yukio Mishima, although I found that out after I grabbed the book of the library shelf ran to check it out, before anyone else got their grubby little mitts on it The novel is in two parts in part one, the book s main character Honda is in Bangkok working as legal counsel for a drugs company Through him we learn a fair bit about Bangkok, for example Bang means town Kok means olives, named because it has many olive trees in its vicinity [...]

    27. I haven t read the two preceding novels in the Sea of Fertility tetralogy, so I can t really comment on a lot of the background But it s a strong enough novel to stand on its own merits.I suppose whether or not you like it depends on whether or not you like Mishima s whole approach subordinating characters to symbols, featuring a lonely, damaged protagonist, with long, morose passages of philosophical and aesthetic speculation and an occasional bout of sexual perversion I am very OK with these t [...]

    28. The third in a series of four, this book follows Shigetoshi Honda in middle age, first as he meets a Thai princess whom he believes is Kiyoaki Isao s reincarnation and later as he becomes obsessed with her The earlier parts of the book were rather dull, like a textbook describing various aspects of Buddhist beliefs about reincarnation than a novel But then I almost wished the book had stayed dry, because reading about Honda s unhappy middle age and unhealthy fascination and voyeurism was hardly [...]

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