Third Time's a Charm

Third Time s a Charm Not even Holland Springs Most Notorious Resident can stop this Love Spell Customers come to Rose Holland s apothecary shop for three things to hear her uncanny matchmaking advice to buy the magical h
  • Title: Third Time's a Charm
  • Author: Marquita Valentine
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Not even Holland Springs Most Notorious Resident can stop this Love Spell.Customers come to Rose Holland s apothecary shop for three things to hear her uncanny matchmaking advice, to buy the magical hair and skin products she sells, and to accuse her of trying to steal their men For years Rose has been entirely innocent and almost content with that status quo But thaNot even Holland Springs Most Notorious Resident can stop this Love Spell.Customers come to Rose Holland s apothecary shop for three things to hear her uncanny matchmaking advice, to buy the magical hair and skin products she sells, and to accuse her of trying to steal their men For years Rose has been entirely innocent and almost content with that status quo But that was before sexy, smooth talking Sasha Romanov came to town and made her want to use her love potions on him until he broke her heart Now corrupt town officials want to seize her land and sell it to an industrial giant, and her only hope for help looks like the one man she can t trust or stop herself from falling under his spell.Alexander Sasha Romanov seems like every woman s dream charming, handsome and fabulously rich But while the people of Holland Springs think he s in town to generously invest in their economy and possibly one of their daughters , Sasha struggles to save his sick mother from his vicious uncle s plans by doing everything the greedy businessman wants And Vlad Romanov wants Rose Holland s land at any cost Despite Sasha s vow to get the job done and keep his hands and everything else off Rose, the blue eyed witch enchants him But his mother s life remains in the balance Sasha must find a way to protect his mother, sabotage his uncle s plans, and win the woman who s captured his heart without destroying everything she loves.
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      440 Marquita Valentine
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    1. New York Times Bestselling Author, Marquita Valentine, writes sexy heroes that make you swoon and sassy heroines that make you laugh She s the author of the bestselling contemporary romance series, Holland Springs, and the new adult romance series, Boys of the South.Marquita met her husband aka Hot Builder at Sonic when they were in high school She suggests this location to all of her single friends in search of a good man and if that doesn t work, they can console themselves with cheesy tatertots She lives in North Carolina in a very, very small town with Hot Builder and their two children.

    2. I was given a copy of Third Time s a Charm by the author with a promise to give an honest review This is the first book I ve read from Marquita Valentine, but it won t be my last I like her voice and loved so many of the characters in the series.I loved Rose Holland from the moment she first appeared on the page She is such a strong woman and is the backbone of her family She is the one who has always taken care of her family s land and their heritage She runs the apothecary shop in town that us [...]

    3. My Review Okay, let me just state for the record that when I read this book, I was coming down with a bad head cold As a result, I kept feeling like I was missing parts of the story especially at the beginning with the first few opening scenes I don t think it was truly an issue with the bookI think my brain was just foggy But even with that perceived issue, I got completely caught up in this story.This is a book that has a little bit of everything It takes place in a small town where Rose s fam [...]

    4. Madison s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4 StarsThird Time s a Charm is the second story in the Holland Springs Series and tells the story of Rosebud Holland and Sasha Romanov.Many of you may remember Sasha from the previous story Twice Tempted, he almost ruined Christian and Zoe s romance by doing his uncle s bidding Rosebud is also mentioned in passing in the previous story It s mentioned that they have a little bit of a connection.This story starts off with a bit of a bang Rose [...]

    5. Appears on sillymelodyAll right, I have been reading Third Time s a Charm by Marquita Valentine Let me just say this up front, Marquita is becoming one of my favorite writers for contemporary romance novels I really love this book Her first book Twice Tempted was amazing, but I think this one even beats that one So here is a quick sum up of the story The story starts off with Alexander Sasha Romanov out in a field abandon If you read Twice Tempted you would remember him as the cousin of Christia [...]

    6. Third Time s a Charm Marquita ValentineThis novel was given to me by the author for an honest review.Alexander Sasha Romanov is the man we love to hate We met him in Twice Tempted, where he was instrumental in almost ruining Christian Romanov and Zoe Ambrose s happily ever after Sasha thinks of himself as the Executive Assistant to the destroyer of lives and that particular destroyer is Vladimir Romanov, his uncle and Christians father Rose Holland is the owner of an apothecary shop, Carolina Dr [...]

    7. This is the second book that I have read from Marquita Valentine She definitely knows how to open her stories with a bang Twice Tempted s opening line was The first thing you need to do in Vegas is get laid and Third Time s a Charm opens with the heroine discovering the heroe s badly beaten body in a field along side the road Both are definitely attention grabbing LOL I absolutely loved Twice Tempted and couldn t wait to read Sasha s book Third Time s a Charm was a little sadder then I thought i [...]

    8. I enjoyed the book but I really did not like Sasha I think he was a day late and a dollar short He only thought of himself and not people that he knew in his heart that he loved I know he had issues but he was not the only one He left Rose to pick up the pieces of her life she lost everything and he did nothing it took an absentee family member to put them back together Sasha said he was coming back to her but he didn t Rose had to be the one to make the move I just think he was a coward a sexy [...]

    9. Originally published on The Librarian Next Door Rose Holland may have lived in Holland Springs her whole life and be a member of the family that gave the town its name but she s never really felt as if she belonged The Holland women dispense matchmaking advice and their magical beauty products, but they re also accused of being home wreckers Rose has never fit in the last category and she s most happy with her life Then Alexander Sasha Romanov walks into town Sasha is dangerously sexy and Rose i [...]

    10. I hate it when real life intrudes into my reading time Unfortunately, that happened with this book and it took me longer than it should have to read it It actually became a great escape for me I wasn t sure about this book before I started it I wasn t really interested in Rose Holland s story especially since she only had a page introduction in Twice Tempted and after learning what Sasha did to Christian in the previous book I wasn t keen to read about him either However, a friend of mine talked [...]

    11. This was my first book by Marquita Valentine and I won this book in a contest, and I m glad I did as it introduced me to a new writer, whose voice I enjoyed.Wonderful book to curl up with on a cold rainy day I connected with Rose right away as she was well drawn out, and Sasha is a romance hero which readers will fall in love with, although at times, the reader will want to shake him, but that s what is endearing, he s not perfect and he does redeem himself.Sexual tension, very well done as was [...]

    12. I think I hit the jackpot with Ms Valentine s books this is the second book of hers that I won on a blog It s just as cute as the first book in the series, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes contemporary romance For some reason the formatting size of the font, specifically seems a bit off on the Kindle, but that s easily fixed I loved Sasha in the first book and his story did not disappoint I can t wait to read the next book in the series.

    13. Sasha Romanov is my new favorite contemporary hero He s handsome, intelligent and filthy rich And he dresses to kill Add in his witty charm and you can t help but root for him when he so clearly doesn t deserve it.Lucky for sweet Rose, she s got a few tricks up her sleeve to tame him.Marquita Valentine writes a charming small town love story that will leave you wanting of Holland Springs.

    14. I hadn t read any of Marquita s work prior to Third Time s a Charm, but I think now I m going to have to go find her other work, because this book was great It s supernatural without it being over the top, which is a nice change in comparison to a lot of the paranormal urban fantasy etc that I see out there And the romance is incredibly charming I challenge you not to fall in love with Sasha and Rose

    15. Love Sasha and Rose s story another perfect read from Marquita, my new favorite author I laughed, I cried, I damn near panted and blushed at times Sexy, romantic and all over magicalyou decide whether it s real magic or not, the feeling still remains I cannot wait for Sebastian s book this series has become an addiction for me, and one that I do not wish to be cured of.

    16. I loved Sasha and Rose s story and couldn t put it down I stayed up till 3 30 in the morning to finish reading it Another great read from Ms Valentine and can t wait till the next book comes out She has become one of my favorite authors.

    17. In Third Time s a Charm, the Holland Springs series moves in a bit of a new direction, centering on a member of the town s namesake family, Rose Holland.But not only do we get the winsome Rose but also Alexander Sasha Romanov If you ve read Twice Tempted, then you may understand why I was so excited for the dastardly, sexy, nipple pierced Sasha to have his own story Honestly, he s shady But when you find out why he s so easily bought and manipulated, well, Sasha becomes a much likable, even lov [...]

    18. Sasha and Rose find themselves in an uncomfortable position Sasha and Rose went out on a date and during the middle of it, Sasha got a phone call and bailed He didn t speak or acknowledge her after that for a month When Rose comes upon him on the side of the road looking worse for wear, she helps him and he promises that he is leaving for good Turns out, Sasha has to use and gain Rose s trust in order to get what his uncle wants, the secret Springs that Holland is famous for Rose is too trusting [...]

    19. There is a legend in Holland Springs, her family nameAlmost everyone in town thinks that Rose and her sisters are witches but Rose s shop where she creates lotions, creams, and other herbal items that magically work She also sends town folks to the magical springs that only true love couples can find If they weren t meant to be then they won t be able to locate the springs Sasha Alexander has come back to woo and take away Rose s land His uncle is behind the scheme but at what costsThe book star [...]

    20. The chemistry Sasha and Rose have is so sexy Why are you wearing jeans He didn t strike her as a jeans kind of man His heated gaze traveled to her face Couldn t answer the door in the buff, could I He s a little smarta but he s a damn fine smarta , a wicked grin appeared Actually, I don t care what clothes you wear, love I d much rather have you out of them Rose s cat I just loved that little furball, it had it s own personality and everything, whatch it, Sasha growled Rose opened her eyes in ti [...]

    21. 3.5 StarsThis series just keeps getting better.I like how the life of Sasha is told In the earlier book, he may just be another rich man, playboy who is out to conquer the world But the reasons behind him doing the things he did is left in the dark Again, it just goes to show that there is always something much to a person that we know of them.I wouldn t totally cast this as contemporary because there s a wee bit of magic in it, if you believe in those stuff And it s not entirely unrealistic or [...]

    22. This book was so much better than Twice Tempted I really enjoyed Sasha and Rose s characters I felt equally bad for both of them because of the hurt they were going through and as a result they ended up hurting each other All in the name of family, how effed up is up I certainly did love how Sasha chose to come clean and be honest with Rose, that was the mature thing to do In the end so many bad things happened to her b c of her family s history but she persevered and moved onher character was v [...]

    23. I really enjoy this author s books, but this was tough to finish Sasha was hard to like even though you became privy to why he did what he did The plot was difficult to follow, and I m still not sure I understand about all the Poppies that Rose kept referencing The one really good part was that there was a satisfying ending I hope the next book in the series is as good as the ones before this one since I preordered it.

    24. I absolutely loved the strong female character that is Rose and she is the backbone for her entire family then in strolls Sasha who turns her entire life upside downYou will definitely scream at Sasha and want to reach through the book to slap some sense into him but in the end everything will be right againI will read this many times again

    25. Another story from the Holland Spring Series by Marquita Valentine Sasha Rose s story Sasha was sent to Holland Springs to find a special spring but when he came into the small town he did not expect that he will be falling in love with Rose Holland Love this series

    26. This one is sure keeper I liked the story and both Rose and Sasha were good for each otherI was not sure if I would like Sasha after what he did ti Christian but here we got to know his reasons.

    27. A fun little book I liked the super natural under currents in this book, but how it mostly stayed realistic It was a cute read with a stronger plot than some of her books The editing was still pretty bad.

    28. I have a soft spot for a good romance story This one fit the bill perfectly The characters where designed precisely This serious seems to be one I m never disappointed by I would read and reread.

    29. Sasha and Rose, if anyone should have a HEA it was these two They work hard for it and Rose makes him earn it

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