Paint the Wind

Paint the Wind Maya is a captive In Grandmother s house in California every word and action is strictly monitored and even Maya s memories of her mother have been erased except within the imaginary world she has c
  • Title: Paint the Wind
  • Author: Pam Muñoz Ryan
  • ISBN: 9781606865262
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Maya is a captive In Grandmother s house in California, every word and action is strictly monitored, and even Maya s memories of her mother have been erased except within the imaginary world she has created A world away, in the rugged Wyoming wilderness, a tobiano Paint horse called Artemisia runs free, belonging only to the stars She embodies the spirit of the wild aMaya is a captive In Grandmother s house in California, every word and action is strictly monitored, and even Maya s memories of her mother have been erased except within the imaginary world she has created A world away, in the rugged Wyoming wilderness, a tobiano Paint horse called Artemisia runs free, belonging only to the stars She embodies the spirit of the wild and she holds the key to Maya s memories How Maya s and Artemisia s lives intertwine, like a braided rein is at the heart of this richly drawn adventure about captivity and freedom, about holding on and letting go.
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    2 thoughts on “Paint the Wind

    1. Pam Mu oz Ryan is the author of the New York Times Best Seller, ECHO, a 2016 Newbery Honor Book, and winner of the Kirkus Prize She has written over forty books for young people picture books, early readers, and middle grade and young adult novels She the author recipient of the NEA s Human and Civil Rights Award, the Virginia Hamilton Literary Award, the Willa Cather Award, the Pura Belpr medal, the PEN USA award, and many others Her novels include Esperanza Rising, Riding Freedom, Becoming Naomi Le n, Paint the Wind, The Dreamer, and Echo She was born and raised in Bakersfield, California, holds a bachelor s and master s degree from San Diego State University and lives in north San Diego county with her family.

    2. Little known fact My mother was visiting with her father for a week long horse back riding trip somewhere out in Nevada once upon a time Coincidently, Pam the author of this book was there at the same time as my mother She was on a research trip for this very book The two chatted, exchanged emails, and I suppose it was over there.Cool as that was, and as much as I fan girled at the the prospect that my mother had met such a wonderful author, it saddens me to say something The publicity of this b [...]

    3. This is definitely in my top 10 books I wasn t sure about reading this because it had to do with fantasy and horses and I just wasn t up to trying to believe in Pegasus horses that live by a magical lake Then I started to get into it and I really liked it The beginning is pretty good, and I like the way her grandmother makes her dress and talk and eat I think that it would be kind of cool to see what that type of life is like When Payton loses her favorite horse Paint I think that s it s name , [...]

    4. I may be a fanatic but i have read this book about eight times I read it whenever i have nothing else to read and i enjoy it every time It starts with Maya, living under her grandmother s controlling care, and always dreaming about seeing the horses her parents loved so much To her they were all a mystery One day though her grandmother has a random stroke and dies, leaving Maya with no where to go but her mother s family, who she was supposed to visit every summer She has a hard time adapting at [...]

    5. This bookoh my lets do some comparison.Pros Only horse based novel that doesn t follow suit with saddle clubGood plot and story lineRealistic story line and characters and factsThe focus of the novel stayed the same the entire bookThere were relatable charactersCons I hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characte [...]

    6. My son is reading this as part of Battle of the Books I wanted to screen it because of the being held captive by her grandmother bit mentioned in the book description So I found an audiobook version on Library2go, and listened It was fine Grandmother was pathologically restrictive, but it wasn t gruesome in any way, or critical of authority figures I actually loved how her grandfather and his family were portrayed And her response to changes in her life It showed the effects of how she was raise [...]

    7. Now I ve read and own the complete Munoz Ryan chapter book collection While Paint the Wind ranks slightly below the stellar Esperanza Rising, it s right up there with the others the recent The Dreamer, Becoming Naomi Leon, and Riding Freedom Paint is ostensibly a horse story, about an isolated and lonely orphaned girl who opens up to the world after riding the same wild mustang her mother loved However, Maya s prim and repressed personality is formed during a cloistered upbringing with her stodg [...]

    8. I must say that I really hated the grandma in this story The way this story is written you truly feel for the characters, both horses and human It s a story of discovery, discovery of self and of family Maya has lived with her strict grandmother since her parents died and when grandmother dies she is reunited with her mother s side of her family She only has vague memories of these relatives and has never been on a horse before, but here she is at the ranch and horse camp in Wyoming Learning to [...]

    9. I am a retired elementary teacher but still substitute teach Apparently 40 years wasn t enough teaching time for me On one of my substitute days the teacher had this book in her plans for the read aloud time, and I read chapter 9 to the students That chapter enticed me to want to read the whole book I know it is a children s book and I am quite far into adulthood, but I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, the writing, and the two story lines of the plot Granted, it doesn t quite have the depth of [...]

    10. The Audible narrator might have underscored everything I disliked about this book The plot felt cliche and the writing was overwrought and obnoxious like the author had unnaturally plucked most of her wording from a thesaurus But my daughters liked it They re very into horses and overwrought plot points, so in this way, the book is a success, I guess

    11. The book Paint the Wind by Pam Mu oz Ryan was published in September of 2007 It is a fiction book that was inspired by the author s sister and experiences her sister had that relate to the book In this book the categories are split between a story about an orphan and a horse and how their story comes together as one Ryan s inspiration in writing this story and other stories comes from person experiences, experiences she has observed and multiple ideas that she has thought of and brought together [...]

    12. Book Paint the WindAuthor Pam Munoz RyanGenre Realistic Fiction Length 325 pagesDate Finished 1 26 13 Paint the Wind tells two stories at once, which link together at the end One is about a horse named Artemesia At the beginning of the story, she gives birth to a foal, Klee Sometime later, she senses danger and returns to her family One day, Artemesia hears a helicopter She knew that there would be a gather so she and Klee left from the area But the rest of the family was still in the area and A [...]

    13. Oh my GAWD this book was bad Where to even start Nothing for it but to make a list of why Paint the Wind sucks WHAT THE HELL DOES PAINT THE WIND MEAN Does the author know anything about horses The main horse is given a name than three syllables long Horses and dogs tend to ignore names than two syllables long One horse s body color is described as flaxen What the hell I ve never heard of a horse s body color described that way although I ve seen mane and tail colors described that way and have [...]

    14. D s les premi res pages, j avais une impression de d j vu En fait, j ai d j lu ce livre il y a un bon moment mais la couverture et la description ne me disait rien Donc, du coup, a a t plus une relecture qu une d couverte J ai bien aim cette petite histoire, part l h ro ne qui m a un peu gonfl avec ses mensonges abusifs Je ne me souvenais plus de la fin, donc c tais sympa de relire ce livre.

    15. i thought the book paint the wind by Pam Munoz Ryan was a really good book i like the book because it is about horses and the author has been with wild horses She rode for eight days in southwestern Wyoming she slept in a teepee on the banks of the sweet water river

    16. I read this book a few years ago and it was really great It had tons of adventures and shows that taking risks in life can be worth it

    17. Beautiful book with a powerful ending A children s book that is easy enough for a child to follow and entertaining enough for an adult to read.

    18. Good young adult book Carolyn loved it so I read it on her recommendation She s on Pam Munoz Tyan kick right now.

    19. October book review Paint The Wind Pam Munoz Ryan This exciting story about a horse and a girl is very deep and thoughtful A girl named Maya has gone through many rough bumps in her life with a tragic accident with her parents and then having to live with her dads strict and mean mom her whole life, until something big changes She now has to go live with her moms family that she never knew she had The ambiance of this new home is the complete opposite of what she is used too, Maya s life has cha [...]

    20. Finding one s soul in nature isn t typically a children s literature theme, so I like that Ryan pursued this theme in her novel Throughout the book, Maya struggles to find her identity and peace of mind while in Wyoming After living a sheltered, cloistered, and upperclass privileged life in Pasadena, California, circumstances deliver her to Wyoming A different set of riches and privileges emerges in her life Maya moves from a Pasadena home to Wyoming teepee She leaves a private education for les [...]

    21. Best book ever.This is an amazingly written book that I feel many people can relate to It s one of those books that I just read all the way through in one sitting because I could not put it down I actually only started reading this book because I liked Echo, another Pam Munoz Ryan book But a few chapters into this book I fell in love Pam Munoz Ryan paints a picture in your head, and really makes you feel sympathetic to the characters This masterpiece deserves publicity and praise This book is p [...]

    22. This book was fantastic I read it a long time ago though so I don t really remember what I liked about it specifically, but it was fantastic I loved it It was a summer read of mine But the terminology was all Western riding methods, and I ride English, although I started out on Western when I was little But I would read up on the Western terminology or something if you don t understand the terms, it really helps your overall understanding.

    23. This book was super great The main character s story is interspersed with segments written from the perspective of the wild horse, Artemisia, and Ryan s thorough research on the region and wild horses is evident Ryan is a masterful writer who deftly handles dialogue, detailed descriptions, action scenes, and plot and character development, and she s achieved another winner in PAINT THE WIND.

    24. What an absolutely beautiful book I cried, I laughed As an adult, I felt horrified for the life the main character, Maya, had to live in the beginning of the book A horrific, Harry Potter without the hope of magic kind of existence My spirits soared when Maya moved to the next setting and the exciting adventure began Wonderful from start to finish.

    25. An incredible book about a young lady whose looses all of her family and then goes to live with her grandfather she doesn t remember She spend the summer with his sister and her cousin at a horse camp discovering all new things about herself and the world around her awesome upper elementary

    26. Enticing Heartfelt, Painfully Short.A wonderful read, down to earth and at times harsh about the reality facing the Characters A few lines seemed out of place and unnecessary, but are assumed to be part of the reality aspect Overall VERY GOOD.

    27. I read book this because one of my students wrote a book recommendation assignment about it I really did enjoy it, although I only gave the book four stars for predictability It was very sentimental, but that was a good thing.

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