The Woodsman's Daughter

The Woodsman s Daughter Gwyn Hyman Rubio s first novel Icy Sparks was hailed as vivid and unforgettable The New York Times Book Review a combination of fire and ice that will take your breath away Atlanta Journal Constit
  • Title: The Woodsman's Daughter
  • Author: Gwyn Hyman Rubio
  • ISBN: 9780670033218
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gwyn Hyman Rubio s first novel, Icy Sparks, was hailed as vivid and unforgettable The New York Times Book Review , a combination of fire and ice that will take your breath away Atlanta Journal Constitution Now, Rubio has done it again with The Woodsman s Daughter, a richly absorbing tale of the gothic South that, like Icy Sparks, has another unforgettable heroine atGwyn Hyman Rubio s first novel, Icy Sparks, was hailed as vivid and unforgettable The New York Times Book Review , a combination of fire and ice that will take your breath away Atlanta Journal Constitution Now, Rubio has done it again with The Woodsman s Daughter, a richly absorbing tale of the gothic South that, like Icy Sparks, has another unforgettable heroine at its heart Dalia is the brassy and beautiful eldest daughter of Monroe Miller, a shrewd turpentine farmer in 1800s southern Georgia haunted by a devastating secret A resilient and resourceful young woman, Dalia strives to create a better life for herself and will stop at nothing to protect her family, but the sins of the father are never far behind In this spellbinding, page turning epic, Rubio brings the swaying pines, humble shantytowns, and insular bustle of small town living vibrantly to life The Woodsman s Daughter is certain to cement Rubio s reputation as a major southern voice in American fiction.
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    2 thoughts on “The Woodsman's Daughter

    1. Gwyn Hyman Rubio born August 7, 1949 in Macon, Georgia is an American author, best known for her novel Icy Sparks.Rubio graduated from Florida State University in 1971 with a degree in English She then joined the Peace Corps and spent several years working as a teacher in Costa Rica After returning to the U.S and settling in Kentucky she became interested in writing, ultimately receiving a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Warren Wilson College in 1986.She wrote for a decade before her first novel Icy Sparks was published in 1998 The book received favorable reviews from critics, but sales were modest until Icy Sparks was selected for Oprah s Book Club in 2001 Rubio s second novel, The Woodsman s Daughter, was published in 2005.Rubio s father was Mac Hyman, author of No Time for Sergeants.

    2. Depressing Interesting, not necessarily good, but really depressing I read it for the sake of reading it The plot was slow and dropped off There really wasn t a consistent flow into the new century described in the book and the characters were stagnant in personality Dalia s character annoyed me, she was needy, greedy, cold and plotted against other characters too often She was the villain in a book about her She was the worst main character I have seen in a while.The best point of view in the b [...]

    3. I listened to this book on c.d By the 2nd chapter or so I was totally hooked and disturbed I listened to the whole thing despite the urges to turn it off and deliver it back to the library directly I needed something for my then commute of about an hour and a half each way from school to home I kept thinking that it had to get better Despite my thought, every time it got the least bit better it plunged into terribleness I would not recommend this book to anyone In fact, I wish I could purge it [...]

    4. I tried to read this, I really did I got about half way through and kept looking at the pile of books I still want to read, and couldn t waste another day on this one

    5. A thoroughly engrossing novel set in Southern Georgia in the late nineteenth century, Ms Rubio delivers a complex and captivating saga With well drawn characters, tragic events and drama, Ms Rubio shows a deep understanding of the power, conflicts and conditions that threaten our lives as women and men.Monroe Miller is a self made turpentine farmer who owns thousands of acres of pine woods which he refers to as Miller Town With great respect for Monroe and living on his land, his workers toil lo [...]

    6. I really liked the first half of The Woodsman s Daughter Dalia is young and strong willed, I understood everything she did, it everything seemed to jive She loved her father but after being let down so many times she had to turn away from him She loved her sister but understood that she was manipulative Her emotions and reactions were somthing I could relate to and understand.Midway through the story she becomes a mother and turns in to a cold and withholding woman and it got worse from there,by [...]

    7. Well, as a mum, this was a hard book to continue reading At times I wanted to shake and slap some of the characters I suppose that is a good indicator of how well I was able to immerse myself in the story and characters But it was painful and heart breaking at times.I can t say much without going into details, but if you think you won t read it, I can let you know some details

    8. really whiny story and i had to force myself to keep reading I really didn t like the attitude of the whole book toward marriage and the relationships between men and women It was just bitter and sad and I feel bad for anyone who agrees with that view I guess I m just really fortunate to have a healthy relationship with my husband full of communication and caring.

    9. This book had a good storyline behind it but the writing wasn t consistent.It would grab your interest then lose it I think it kept dropping the storyline so it was difficult to keep focused.It did have a glimpse into societal values in that time period.

    10. I randomly picked this up at the library, thought it would be an interesting time period to read about, but it was so boring I finally gave up I hate to not finish books, but I couldn t even make it halfway through I haven t disliked a book this much in a long time.

    11. This was an interesting book e writing is great, but I m still undecided about whether I liked the story or not It was definitely a compelling read I found it difficult to pull myself away.

    12. I listened to this audio book as I spent time sewing I had several life interruptions throughout October so I had to listen to it on and off over a 8 week period It is a l o n g story One that almost makes you want to give up Not a lot of people to really care much for so that also makes it hard to want to carry on If you enjoy reading about one person s unhappy life and the unhappy decisions she makes in her adult life and the effects it has on those around her then you might like this book

    13. sneaked a peek at the reviews on before adding this book to my list of 2008 reads First of all, I found this book on the shelves of R s at the downtown Main branch held up as a favorite of the staffaff pick Happily I grabbed it because I loved Icy Sparks and I know that GHR lives in my hometown which is also made a minor role in the book as a small town that the wife of the son hails from.In my defense, I have been reading The Book Club in between the two listed books I did not finish TBC but re [...]

    14. This is evidently one of those books that you either like or hate I like southern fiction and this book I felt was the epitome of southern fiction Dalia grows up with a father who is always gone to the pine forrests where he has a turpentine business His wife feels he is uncouth and common as he returns smelly and filty She is addicted to Laudanum Dalia s younger sister, Nellie was born blind This is because Mr Miller contracted syphlis from a prostitute when his wife, pregnant with Dalia refuse [...]

    15. I loved Icy Sparks, so this one caught my eye on the bargain book shelf s the author s second novel o I wasn t sure about it at first, but the characters were so rich and human that I couldn t stop reading One thing I really liked about the story is that no one was perfectt in character, action, or appearancejust like all of us It s the story of Dalia, a young girl then woman whose experiences with her father, mother and sister in childhood shape who she is and the choices she makes with her own [...]

    16. Okay, I did not really use the MP3 but I like to have the picture of the actual one I listened to on my page so I can recall it if I want to Now, having confessed, I think the book was sometimes long winded, but in the end, the story was interesting and all 16 discs were probably necessary The main character, Dahlia, had a few hard breaks in her life but so I would call her selfish and self centered Conniving and spoiled come to mind as well Several things that happen as she grows that are sad [...]

    17. This book was a slog to get through It started out extremely slow and was in desperate need of a plot As it went on, I went from disliking the main character, to hating her and wanting to slap her She behaves completely irrationally and doesn t take any responsibility for her actions She s a despicable person and a terrible mother If the first part was supposed to show us why she acts so terribly as an adult, it s not sufficient I couldn t even feel sorry for her at the end when so much goes bad [...]

    18. I m undecided about this one Had some beautifully descriptive writing and some flawed, interested, well fleshed out characters, but something about it still left me a little cold Maybe it was that all the flawed and realistically developed characters were pretty unlikeable The main character, Dalia, was completely unsympathetic to me after she became a mother The ending was supposed to provide her with some redemption, but I didn t really feel it On the whole it was an interesting and probably w [...]

    19. I had fallen in love with Icy Sparks so was pleased to find another book by her.This one was interesting in that no single character was completely sympathetic or completely unsympathetic There were a series of missed connections, missed opportunities to communicate and clarify Ultimately, I found my sympathies lying mostly with the Woodsman himself, despite the whole sins of the fathers thing.The vivid descriptions of the outdoor scenes were incredible I could smell the sting of the pine resin [...]

    20. I made it to page 250, and then said I can t do this any This was some poor imitation of Gone With The Wind meets Main Street I realize that this book is set post Civil War, but the plantation feel is very much there There are so many authors who have done it better I remember liking Icy Sparks so I was very hopeful about this book What a disappointment There are some descriptive passages about the woods that are well done, but that s not enough to rescue this book from being a failure.

    21. Well written with colorful, interesting characters They are at once lovable and mind mindbogglingly inept at having healthy relationships of any kind The descriptions of the logging towns and of restoration era Georgia are clear and take the reader to those times and places It is not a book about the South rising again, neither is it about the destruction of that region and its heritage I found myself really, really hoping for the best for each character The entire cast is, however, a tragic lot [...]

    22. The first 40 or 50 pages were so dull I had such a hard time getting interested But then I was stuck on a long bus trip with a school field trip So I was forced to read it Predictable I won t give away the story, but it was as if the author had some good ideas, not necessarily related, and wanted to use them in this book Why all the food descriptions Why was everyone so hot all the time I get it, it,s the south in summer you need to constantly be describing everyone,s sweat The book didn t, tota [...]

    23. I just couldn t finish it I didn t get any plot The characters were really ,really interesting A mother who mutters crazy things under her breath, a father who literally creates his own town just to be away from his real home, a sweet blind daughter who really isn t so sweet I really wanted to keep reading because I found them all so interesting, but I just couldn t find a plot I could only read about 80 pages I hope it didn t get really good at page 90.

    24. If it were possible, I would have rated this book 2.5 stars and then only because of the ending Not badly written, this novel failed to reach me I have yet to read a book where I really disliked the protagonist as much, as well as the majority of the characters, most of which were cold and self serving A dark and depressing story

    25. Post Civil War southern Georgia, turpentine farming, and a family rocked by illness, addiction and bitter rivalry The past lays its imprint across generations Beautiful depiction of nature s beauty and a slice of Southern life.

    26. the book has for me one fatal flaw the author has nightingales singing in Mississippi There are NO NIGHTINGALES in the Americas, so, obviously, there are none in Mississippi An error like that destroys the author s reliability for me I will not read another book by this author.

    27. Gwyn Rubio s tale is gripping in it s depiction of a family caught in the throws of syphilis The effects of the deadly nightmarish disease creates terror both thrilling and in the end heroic A great read.

    28. It s been a while since I ve read this book so I m doubtful my review will be very helpful I can say that I usually remember quite a bit about the books I read and this one seems to not be memorable Not a good thing but it is not standing out as one I intensely disliked either.

    29. I couldn t even make it through two chapters before I gave up on it I found it bogged down in uninteresting details and I thought the characters were boring too.

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