Cathedral Peace talks test the morality and resolve of two longtime enemies the Bajorans and the Cardassians But when politics and diplomacy fail a strange alliance of alien religions offers unexpected hope f
  • Title: Cathedral
  • Author: Michael A. Martin Andy Mangels
  • ISBN: 9780743445641
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Peace talks test the morality and resolve of two longtime enemies, the Bajorans and the Cardassians But when politics and diplomacy fail, a strange alliance of alien religions offers unexpected hope for lasting peace Meanwhile, a mysterious ancient artifact challenges the crew of the Defiant by restoring crewmembers who have survived life altering transformations, propPeace talks test the morality and resolve of two longtime enemies, the Bajorans and the Cardassians But when politics and diplomacy fail, a strange alliance of alien religions offers unexpected hope for lasting peace Meanwhile, a mysterious ancient artifact challenges the crew of the Defiant by restoring crewmembers who have survived life altering transformations, propelling them into personal journeys of self discovery during a dangerous military confrontation PLUS this volume sees the shocking death of a recurring character from the TV series.
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      180 Michael A. Martin Andy Mangels
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    2 thoughts on “Cathedral

    1. Michael A Martin s solo short fiction has appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy Science Fiction He has also coauthored with Andy Mangels several Star Trek comics for Marvel and Wildstorm and numerous Star Trek novels and eBooks, including the USA Today bestseller Titan Book One Taking Wing Titan Book Two The Red King the Sy Fy Genre Award winning Star Trek Worlds of Deep Space 9 Book Two Trill Unjoined Star Trek The Lost Era 2298 The Sundered Star Trek Deep Space 9 Mission Gamma Vol Three Cathedral Star Trek The Next Generation Section 31 Rogue Star Trek Starfleet Corps of Engineers 30 and 31 Ishtar Rising Books 1 and 2 stories in the Prophecy and Change, Tales of the Dominion War, and Tales from the Captain s Table anthologies and three novels based on the Roswell television series His most recent novels include Enterprise The Romulan War and Star Trek Online The Needs of the Many.His work has also been published by Atlas Editions in their Star Trek Universe subscription card series , Star Trek Monthly, Dreamwatch, Grolier Books, Visible Ink Press, The Oregonian, and Gareth Stevens, Inc for whom he has penned several World Almanac Library of the States nonfiction books for young readers He lives with his wife, Jenny, and their two sons in Portland, Oregon.

    2. I cannot believe how awesome the DS9 relaunch has been Ends on a cliffhanger but wow the two stories in this novel are both great

    3. Andy Mangels and Michael Martin pair up for the third installment in DS9 s relaunch series quartet, Mission Gamma Cathedral carries on directly from the events of Book 2 as Shar is left to deal with the effects of Thriss suicide thankfully, Cathedral is Andorian Drama Lite, instead tackling everything from arguments of faith vs science to deadly political machinations.As the Defiant approaches the half way point of its Gamma Quadrant expedition, Vaughn and the crew encounter two warring species [...]

    4. Meh Compared with how the other two books so far in this series have been, this one wasn t that great The solution to the problem the crew of the Defiant run into was abundantly obvious right from the get go It did, however, end with a cliffhanger I hope that the 4th book is better.

    5. This one has my favorite Gamma quadrant plot so far a strange alien mystery and character driven The station plot was like a bridge to set up the final book, but still full of intrigue as it is.

    6. ExcellentHighly recommended if you enjoy the world of Deep Space Nine Beloved characters are alive and complicated in the novel.

    7. A fine continuation of an amazing series Far superior to most Star Trek novelizations Looking forward to see how book four wraps this up.

    8. Honestly probably a 4.5 rather than just a 4I really enjoyed this book I loved the Gamma Quadrant story arc especially, but the Alpha Quadrant story was great, tooI didn t see the twist at the end of it coming One thing I loved about this book is every time I saw something whether it be an event, or a bit of a character s introspection and thought But what about X a few paragraphs or a chapter later the books would bring up X Most books leave loopholes or gaps in the logic that leave me struggli [...]

    9. This is the third entry of the Mission Gamma series, and it s not as good as the first two The Gamma Quadrant story is pretty predictable something strange happens to Bashir, Ezri, and Nog, and the solution is obvious from the beginning In the end, everything is back to normal, and there is very little insight into the amazing object they interacted with Bashir, Ezri and Nog become introspective as they deal with this mystery, and their thoughts were somewhat interesting But there are better way [...]

    10. The Deep Space Nine relaunch continues, both with story and quality The book is effectively split between the Defiant s mission in the Gamma Quadrant Mission Gamma and what is happening back on the station On the Gamma side, the story focuses on Ezri, Julian, and Nog after their contact with an alien artifact, a Cathedral This sets off a chain of events that places the Defiant between two religious sects that view the Cathedral either as something to revere or destroy Back on the station, Bajor [...]

    11. With this third entry into the Mission Gamma books I was torn I was really into what was happening back at Deep Space Nine but not so much with the Gamma Quadrant storyline Maybe I m being overly critical but I found that I did not like some parts of the character s dialogue and the writing itself The dialogue made me think, That s not something a star trek character would say I also had trouble with Vaughn s justifications regarding the Prime Directive in this book it did not make sense to me A [...]

    12. The continuing saga of DS9 after the relaunch of the books in Avatar, this quartet, called Mission Gama, takes us even further into the future past the point of What you Leave Behind Basically, the Defiant is on an exploratory mission into the Gamma Quadrant, and in its absence, the Federation is ready to grant Bajor membership status Things aren t that simple, of course, and the political tensions on Bajor clash with the theological issues brought up in Avatar, and Ro Laren faces an uncertain f [...]

    13. The writing team of Martin and Mangels maintains the high quality of this miniseries for the most part As has been the case with the previous books, I was engaged by the story happening on the station than the Gamma Quadrant portions However, that story wasn t bad The characters in this novel come across as real and dynamic rather than one note villains or heroes Also, as a special bonus, it was a treat to see the enigmatic Garak, even if only for a few short pages.Overall, I would give Cathedr [...]

    14. This book was fine I wish the Space MacGuffin had not been so much a MacGuffin, and I wish the book had given me than three sentences of Garak that really was cruel , but it was perfectly serviceable and enjoyable Actually, the Space MacGuffin did provoke some fairly interesting soul searching, and I am really into the whole Jem Hadar storyline these relaunch books have going on Also, the plotline with Ziyal s pictures was very affecting only sort of in the way a Karan Johar movie is, mostly in [...]

    15. CARDASSIA WATCH Gul Macet provides the acceptable face of the Cardassian military orders throughout the book.Some of the paintings of Tora Ziyal were displayed on DS9, but vandalized If only Kira or Garak could have held them in keeping.Garak rappels down some Obsidian Order ruins from the Dominion War and turns over a bunch of Orbs of the Prophets to Bajor, which seems to be in the midst of yet another nutty religious fad Garak s wit and charm are not up to his best level, but forgivable as the [...]

    16. I liked this one okay The mission in the Gamma Quadrant is beginning to grate on me It s starting to smack a little too much of the tired old alien guest star of the week format that the TV show fell into so easily and often in its early days.That being said, the stuff happening on the station and Bajor is among some of the best that this DS9 relaunch series has had to offer yet So, I m definately invested in continuing on It was great to see Elim Garak again, if only for about 3 pages.

    17. The series continues with Bajor due to join the Federation Meanwhile the Defiant comes across a strange space building that has profound effects on the crew For once in this series the Defiant storyline is the better one Full of character development and very memorable moments for some of the regulars I actually found myself wanting the DS9 sequences to finish to read that storyline A very good read.

    18. really interesting premise out in the gamma quadrant a chance to get inside the heads of bashir, ezri, dax, and nog the linguistics nerd in me enjoyed the translated speech of Sacajawea and I m really enjoying kira s religious development back on deep Space nine can t wait to see what kind of business venture quark and ro have planned as well.

    19. Overall I enjoyed this book Nog was one of my favorite characters on the DS9 TV series, and this book gave him some well done character development The overall Gamma Quadrant narrative continues apace with a couple of new alien species, but the developments back on DS9 are much interesting as we deal with fallout from the events of previous novels as well as some new twists.

    20. This was much better than This Grey Spirit, but not quite on the level of Twilight The Bajor stuff is reminding me a lot of Season 2 of DS9, especially the Circle Trilogy, which I loved so I m really getting a kick out of what is happening here As for the gamma quadrant, I think I m ready for Vaughn and crew to finally return home.

    21. Cathedral mostly focuses on Julian, Ezri, and Nog s encounter with an artifact, which causes them to regress to previous physical states Julian is no longer genetically enhanced Ezri s body rejects Dax, and Nog regrows his leg In the background, life goes on on DS9 with Bajor s entrance into the Federation.Thus far, I like this book the most in the Mission Gamma series.

    22. The entire DS9 relaunch via novels was fabulously done especially the Mission Gamma series of four books It was as if the beloved series had never ended a real treat for anyone who loved the series and lamented its end If you loved DS9, read the DS9 relaunch

    23. I ve always been a fan of Dr Bashir and I always wondered how he would be without the genetic enhancement That book really covered that for me It had a great plot, was well written and fast paced I really liked it.

    24. Kira and Vaughn, especially Kira, and their development as top commanders are my favorite part Secondarily, the contrast with Nog, Shar, Prynn, Bowers, and the other way junior officers at very different points in their lives The actual dilemmas and plots are somewhat less compelling.

    25. I would say this is the best of the gamma mission books thus far It felt like the characters we knew and certainly kept my attention better then the previous novel.

    26. La parte ambientata sulla Defiant questa volta mi ha un po annoiato Molto meglio le vicende ambientate su DS9.

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