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Too Jewish PERENNIAL KINDLE BESTSELLER Top Best Jewish Fiction Books Boomer Book Series ybe the greatest New Orleans author of the past century Failed Messiah A powerful and emotional story of a Jewish fa
  • Title: Too Jewish
  • Author: Patty Friedmann
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  • Page: 302
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • PERENNIAL KINDLE BESTSELLER Top 10 Best Jewish Fiction Books Boomer Book Series ybe the greatest New Orleans author of the past 1 4 century Failed Messiah A powerful and emotional story of a Jewish family here in America Life in Review THEIR OWN FAMILY TRIED TO DESTROY THEIR MARRIAGE but love kept them together The Powerful Love Story of a Jewish PERENNIAL KINDLE BESTSELLER Top 10 Best Jewish Fiction Books Boomer Book Series ybe the greatest New Orleans author of the past 1 4 century Failed Messiah A powerful and emotional story of a Jewish family here in America Life in Review THEIR OWN FAMILY TRIED TO DESTROY THEIR MARRIAGE but love kept them together The Powerful Love Story of a Jewish American Family This is the FIRST book in the Cooper Family Saga If you like New Orleans, if you re interested in its Jewish community or Southern life or simply the rhythms of America s most unique city, you ll love Too Jewish And even if you don t give a hoot about NOLA and its Jews, buy Too Jewish for another reason it s a great read Failed Messiah Like Patty Friedmann s father, young, brainy protagonist Bernie Cooper escapes Nazi Germany and ends up in New Orleans, where he finds an entirely new kind of prejudice against Jews the kind that comes from other Jews Sadly, they re his own in laws At first this strikes him only as petty and small minded, but he has no idea how much hatred his scheming mother in law can wring from the situation She knows, for instance, that he had to leave behind his beloved mother, and she uses his mother s life and memory as a lever against him, eventually causing him physical and mental problems that threaten his family s well being in every possible way and thwart him at every turn Thus, Bernie and Letty s daughter Darby is born into the most peculiar of mixed marriages, torn, as her mother is, between loyalty to her grandparents and to her father Even she, at her tender age, wonders whether Letty s love and her own can save Bernie from the secret pain and guilt of surviving the Holocaust And from the machinations of his cruel mother in law A bittersweet love story told in three novellas, each from the point of view of one member of the Cooper family Think The Time Traveler s Wife Definitely a love story definitely not a romance And somewhat autobiographical Too Jewish tells a story much like the central tale of Patty Friedmann s young life her father suffered from survivor guilt, all the while trying to make his way in a hostile society Walker Percy once wrote that the next Southern literary revival will be led by a Jewish mother, which is to say, a shrewd self possessed woman with a sharp eye and a cunning retentive mind who sees the small triumphs and tragedies around her and has her own secret method of rendering it, with an art all her own And that is totally Patty Friedmann Anne Gisleson, Signposts in a Strange Land
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    1. Patty Friedmann is a darkly comic New Orleans novelist whose dozen works include the perennial bestseller Too Jewish and the celebrated Secondhand Smoke Her essays, short stories, and reviews have appeared in Newsweek, Publishers Weekly, New Orleans Noir, Short Story, and Oxford American, among other places A novel titled An Organized Panic and a collection of her stories titled Where Do They All Come From are 2017 releases Patty has had two husbands, two children, and three grandchildren, and currently lives with an annoying philodendron.

    2. I had to think about this book a little bit before I wrote a review While Bernie s story about getting out of Germany and leaving his Mother behind and then the survivor s guilt that he then had to live with really moved me, the rest of the story just left me cold.It s not a great book and the writing isn t all that good and there were so many grammatical errors that I found them distracting Didn t someone with a college degree edit this book before it was published As a Jew I feel a little guil [...]

    3. It s amazing what a person will do for love This Bernie stayed in a place that was destined to make him miserable because of love It s amazing what prejucide will make people do and that s sad I gave the book 5 stars because it was so honest but it is painful book to read Everyone should read it and then rethink how they treat each other This book really touched several nerves on a personal level It reaffirmed my belief that there are some people who are so consumed with self loathing that they [...]

    4. youtube watch v 11OzHI literally just finished this book Will return to review.Returned now to write a short review There are books that have bumps and some dragging for short periods, and that have glorious writing, This is one of those books This is also a book that I think is a rare find The author s character development, the narrators voices and how they used them, and the flow of language, all drew me in from page one I was totally invested in the lives lost, lives present, and lives futur [...]

    5. This book is actually semi biographical, based around the author s own family, I understand she changed some of the details, presumably for dramatic effect However, the nuts and bolts of the story are based in fact which, in hindsight, makes this quite a disturbing read.The story revolves around Bernie, his escape from Nazi Germany and his new life in the United States specifically New Orleans, home for a small community of Modern Jews.Told from the point of view of Bernie, his wife and child th [...]

    6. This book was written in three parts and from the viewpoints of the three main characters, Bernie, his wife Letty and their daughter Darby It is based in New Orleans not in Europe and it tells of the struggles of holocaust escaper Bernie in dealing with his complex emotions having left family behind in Germany Also there are issues surrounding his orthodoxy versus his wife s liberal Jewish family upbringing Seeing the story unfold with the three characters is very compelling and one gets to unde [...]

    7. This wasn t a good book The characters are either villains or victims, and the reason the victims choose to behave as such is left totally unclear Why the family whose viewpoint the story is told from didn t just leave town, refuse to take money, and cut the toxic people out of their lives is never fully explained The villain s motivation is never explained either these people are simply irredeemably awful to everyone around them The book had a petulant and yet deeply sad tone to me, as if writt [...]

    8. A Must ReadThrough my life I have met and known people like the characters in this book Age and maturity determined how I have felt or judged these individuals I am always amazed at how prejudiced Jews can be about other Jews or family members This book tells a wonderful but sad story about the effects on the life of one family living through the time of the holocaust and it s affect on their entire lives Personally I want everyone reminded of that horrific time because too many try to make it o [...]

    9. As someone who has always had a fascination with Holocaust survival stories, I was interested in this work of fiction told from 3 members of a Jewish family living in America who face discrimination from fellow Jews based on class It s the idea of wanting to assimilate to a wealthy American lifestyle and the struggle of shedding their own ethnic identity in the process It s a story of a couple and their daughter coming from different class upbringings fighting against the crazy wealthy mother in [...]

    10. Sad, frustrating story about the costs of guilt imagined or real Very well written short generational story about the Holocaust, the families left behind, and the ones to come The author s easy flowing style and just enough humor to keep the book real kept this story moving through three narrations Bernie the father , Letty the mother , and Darby their daughter and how all three are affected by one act of prejudice and closed minded snobbery There are enough typos and punctuation errors to catch [...]

    11. This was such a wonderful story that draws on the events of WWII for one young man and blends it with his new life in New Orleans We follow Bernie s emotional journey after he narrowly escapes Nazi Germany for a better life, only to leave his mother behind to a destiny he could hardly fathom We see how the Holocaust effects Bernie and those that will become his support system in the United States.Friedmann did a great job of breaking this story up into different sections of family members but st [...]

    12. Patty Friedman s Too Jewish is deceptively simple It is three overlapping first person stories that collectively chronicle the life of Bernie, who flees Germany a nick ahead of the holocaust of Letty, the woman from a wealthy New Orleans Jewish family who marries Bernie and of Darby, their daughter.Other novels have explored the stories of Jewish immigration to NYC Friedman shows us an alternative path, a path where the existing Jewish community is not welcoming and sympatheic, but disapproving, [...]

    13. Good book I am having trouble deciding on whether to give this 3 or 4 stars I usually save 4s for books I will never forget and I totally love and I can t decide if this is one of those books or not.I have it in my biography folder even though the book is categorized as fiction The book is about the author s father who as a 23 year old young man and Jewish escaped from Nazi German at the last possible minuteleaving his mother behind This is his story, and is told from 3 people, the man, his wife [...]

    14. Too Jewish by Patty Friedmann was a very good read I liked the way the author told the story from the perspective of Bernie the German Jewish immigrant who left Germany when Hitler started annihilating the Jews he had tried to get his Mother to leave with him, but she didn t believe Hitler really intended to exterminate the Jews She realized too late he was as evil as her son tried to tell her , Letty the New Orleans girl he met during the war and he came back and married after the war, much aga [...]

    15. From the 1st page until the page I was wrapped in emotions I am a 45yo converted Jew, married to a man who was raised Jewish and whose grandparents were immigrants from Hungary and Italy at the start of WW2 The story grabbed me, it hurt my heart, it made me sad and it made me angry Those are good things because it means that the author grabbed ME and pulled me in to the story she was telling The end moved me to sobbing tears, my heart broke for Bernie What makes a novel excellent is that it stay [...]

    16. I bought this book after I came back from working in America as gap year since I tried to figure out what the Jewish culture like and I thought it woudl be a great idea to start hearing some stories of the old Jews Well, I finished this book during the first month I came back to England and so the American memories can still come up to my mind when reading the book A good write about this particur Jew s family and what difficulties they came across within the sociaty and within the family itself [...]

    17. An Emotional ExperienceMs Friedman has created a small cast which comes to life in this book They are real people some of whom you come to love and some you hate I cheered the good people and was disgusted with the bad ones, but I was devastated and emotionally torn at the end This was easily a five star book which I can fully recommend.

    18. Much better than I expectedWorth at least 3.5 stars, and it could have been four had the editing been better I did not expect to appreciate this book as much as I do It gave me a different perspective on those Jews who were left with the terrible plight of survivor s guilt It has left me with a lot to contemplative.

    19. The first third of the book was great, but it kind of went downhill from there Ending didn t feel satisfying forced.

    20. hmmm yes, i am not sure reallyI got so irritated by the spineless of one of the main characters and the awfulness of a secondary character that i found myself not enjoying this book solely because of themi guess such unlikable people are quite hard to write and maybe it is the saccharine diet of Hollywood I grew up on that makes me want everyone to be in some way redeemable, but Letty and her mother were people I did not ant in my life at allAt allAnd every time I open my kindle, there they were [...]

    21. It seems I m finding books about the children of the Holocaust survivors lately I worked at a Camp Tapawingo, a Jewish camp, in Sweden Maine, in 1961 I was reading a Holocaust book in the bunk, and one of the girls wanted me to let her see the really bad parts in the camps I didn t let her Some of the kids were feeling guilty, about not having gone through this terrible experience I didn t understand their feelings at that time Some of the books I have read recently, are helping me to have a gre [...]

    22. Such an interesting story of Bernie, a German Jew, who escaped Nazi Germany and began a new life in the United States Bernie tried hard to convince his mother to leave Germany with him, but she refused, thinking the war wouldn t be a big deal, just another war as she put it Of course we know what happened and her letters too him increased in desperation as she begged him to get her out Sadly, on the small wages he was paid, there was no way he could afford to do so and even after reaching out to [...]

    23. There s too much here for just a few sentences to suggest Let s just say that Ms Friedmann conducts the symphony through a sonata of great fiction in this unforgettable historical novel Wonderful characters jump off the pages, grab you by your imagination and won t let go Bernie, Letty, and Darby take turns shedding light on the complex relationships in one of the most dysfunctional families, no, societies, to be found anywhere It s not a family breaking apart, it s a family held together in com [...]

    24. I have mixed feelings about this book It was engaging but I am able to see and agree with both the positive and negative reviews I recognized some of the sentiments and actions especially the better not knowing , the not wanting your children to know, the too Jewish although the author doesn t explore the flip side of not Jewish enough But the sheer ignorance, callousness, and outright cruelty of Jewish people in the book regarding refuges and survivors of the Holocaust especially after the war [...]

    25. I will not hash over the plot of this book Instead, I want to just say how impressed I became with Friedmann s creative writing skills This fact based novel is written from the perspective of three distinct main characters, requiring Friedmann to bring each to life with their own unique language and idiosyncracies Granted, Friedmann herself was one of characters and the others two were her parents Nevertheless, true creativity was demonstrated through this literary technique The nuanced revelati [...]

    26. Can someone be too Jewish Apparently so to those Jewish people who came to America and apparently tried too hard to assimilate How this impacted one refugee from Germany, the New Orleans Jewish Girl he married, her ghastly parents and then his daughter is the crux of this book Interesting characters are interwoven in a plot that rings true, especially since it s based on the author s family Well worth reading.I read one reader s comment that the mother in law was so evil she was unrealistic All [...]

    27. I got this book on a whim as a free kindle download I like it and I like the way it is written I usually judge a book by how much I want to keep reading after the first few paragraphs Not necessarily whether or not it starts with a bang, but whether or not it draws me in This book did just that Some of the characters are a bit one dimensional For example, the grandmother is just all evil I ve known people like her, but even they have some degree of self awareness and occasionally they actually d [...]

    28. Letty picks up where Bernie leaves off, and we see this is no ordinary rich girl, but rather an unspoiled, curious, generous spirited young woman who sees Bernie for who he is and falls in love despite all the obstacles thrown up by her parents This is a quote from the description Boy, do I disagree For me, Letty is the true villan of the story I did not like her She was a horrible person, two faced, selfish, spoiled, mean, and dare I say stupid She is the character who disgusted me, much than [...]

    29. If I could have done 2 1 2 stars, I would have I did like it, but at times I was really wondering what was the point here in this book I get that Bernie was too Jewish for Letty s family I don t understand Bernie s willingness to be less Jewish in some ways just to make her family shut up I absolutely hate when a book has a mean for no apparent reason character who does something horrifying and gets away with it So although I enjoyed the book, I was confused by some of it and irritated by some o [...]

    30. Disappointing book that I had wanted to like but couldn t I thought it would be a quirky novel but the author just wanted a good enough writer to carry it through and so I felt it crossed the line to politically incorrect and simply inappropriate As one reviewer wrote, the characters are all either villains or victims The story is told from three viewpoints and none are devoid of being awkward and anti Semitic Some of the subject matter is just too serious to begin with to be treated in such a c [...]

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