An Unlikely Countess

An Unlikely Countess Prudence Youlgrave is out to marry above her station and secure a happy life Catesby Burgoyne is out to continue his noble family s good name When fate pushes them together they are married but this
  • Title: An Unlikely Countess
  • Author: Jo Beverley
  • ISBN: 9781101477335
  • Page: 123
  • Format: ebook
  • Prudence Youlgrave is out to marry above her station and secure a happy life Catesby Burgoyne is out to continue his noble family s good name When fate pushes them together, they are married but this inconvenient marriage of convenience quickly turns into something much
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    1. Mary Josephine Dunn was born 22 September 1947 in Lancashire, England, UK At the age of eleven she went to an all girls boarding school, Layton Hill Convent, Blackpool At sixteen, she wrote her first romance, with a medieval setting, completed in installments in an exercise book From 1966 to 1970, she obtained a degree in English history from Keele University in Staffordshire, where she met her future husband, Ken Beverley After graduation, they married on June 24, 1971 She quickly attained a position as a youth employment officer until 1976, working first in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, and then in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire.In 1976, her scientist husband was invited to do post doctoral research at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada When her professional qualifications proved not to be usable in the Canadian labour market, and she grew up their two sons and started to write her first romances.Moved to Ottawa, in 1985 she became a founding member of the Ottawa Romance Writers Association, that her nurturing community for the next twelve years The same year, she completed a regency romance, but it was promptly rejected by a number of publishers, and she settled earnestly to learning the craft In 1988, it sold to Walker, and was published as Lord Wraybourne s Betrothed She regularly appears on bestseller lists including the USA Today overall bestseller list, the New York Times, and and the Publishers Weekly list She has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Golden Leaf, the Award of Excellence, the National Readers Choice, and a two Career Achievement awards from Romantic Times She is also a five time winner of the RITA, the top award of the Romance Writers Of America, and a member of their Hall of Fame and Honor Roll.Jo Beverley passed away on May 23, 2016 after a long battle with cancer.

    2. While this is 11th in the Malloren series, it s the first in a long while that can be read without having read the others Lady Diana shows up near the end, but her role is ancillary and you don t need to know any about her than is presented in the text, here I want to make that clear because it shares a weakness with the next previous, The Secret Duke, though they are otherwise unrelated Like that one, this book meanders in the first quarter before getting to events alluded to in the cover copy [...]

    3. After hearing Jo Beverley speak at the RWA conference about what romance writers, particularly American ones, get wrong when they write about the English past , it was fun to get hold of her latest and give it a read Beverley writes intelligently about intelligent characters, something that is all too rare in the field, and her research and historical grounding shine through in this addition to her oeuvre.But this isn t one of her best books It begins slowly, with the h h meeting in the first ch [...]

    4. It s really hard for me to review this, because what mostly comes to my mind is what I didn t like about it, and the positives I think of are mostly backhanded critiques More enjoyable than her last few I actually finished it and all that makes it seem like I didn t enjoy it Honestly, it does not hold up to her earlier books unless it s just me and my tastes have changed But it did keep my interest.Let me try to find some positives Well done fish out of water story Beverley has the historical kn [...]

    5. There are books that are good enough to continue reading, but not interesting enough to rave about This was one such book.Set in the Malloren universe, it featured Prudence and Catesby a newly wed couple who lived near the Countess of Arradale Actually, it starts with the improvised heroine struggling with her brother s abandonment and falls into trouble with some local troublemakers A drunk, penniless hero saves her and somehow delivers her safely to her home While they never make it past a kis [...]

    6. It was ok, it just didn t really do anything for me I know there are a lot of high praise reviews, and I realize this may seem mean, but everyone has different tastes This wasn t really mine.The first half of the book I mainly spent annoyed by all the characters Prudence the heroine was snappy and acted above her station Lady, it s not like you were a duchess and then fell from society and ended up living in a hovel You were the daughter of a librarian, yes raised in a manor house until your tee [...]

    7. This book started a great historical romance spree, and I m still on a high thanks to the great book week I m having This is only my second Jo Beverley, the first one being Emily and the Dark Angel, which I had read after a review on Dear Author I really liked that one, so when there was a positive review on Dear Author for this one combined with themes that spoke to me I went for it, even though it wasn t really in my budget I m so happy I did When a drunken Catesby saves Prudence from some nig [...]

    8. Continuing my read through of the Malloren series DThe of Jo Bev s books I read, the I just love her writing I will definitely be going into the Company of Rogues series once I m out of Mallorens This story drew me right in He was drunk always an interesting open, no Ha Right away, I liked Cate He was funny, and dashing, and kind, while still being tough, and strong, and a good man He rescues Prudence ugh, the name straight off, and there begins a relationship that I really enjoyed Their first [...]

    9. This is an extremely blah book about a nice guy who s an Earl and a twit.I just couldn t find it in myself to care about the heroine, Little Miss Snootypants Prudence I m not sure what Ms Beverley s goal was, I imagine she was trying to highlight the effects of class differences in a very authentic way, but reading about how Prudence couldn t bear to admit to her poverty couldn t bear to even allow her perfectly nice friendly but poor neighbor to even address her by her first name was very unapp [...]

    10. The following review I ve done for Romance Reader At Heart website RRAH s THOUGHTS AND PONDERINGS Jo Beverley knows her craft, and she never disappoints Her books are not just fun and exciting to read, but they make you feel like you re right in the thick of things What a wonderful and unique love story she brings us this time I found the plot original and unique the story fresh and engaging In giving us Cate Catesby Burgoyne , she has created a character that just melts our hearts He s a gentle [...]

    11. It s somewhere in between 2.5 stars and 3 stars, but I am feeling generous The book is not bad It just isn t good It s an average romance, set in the second part of the 18th century, England What irked me most was the protagonists perennial concern about money, clothing, and general lifestyle The heroine Prudence s driving force is to get away from her poverty She is ashamed of being poor She is ashamed of her shabby clothing and her uneducated neighbors She wants funds, a house of her own, but [...]

    12. This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Lovers of steamy romances may wish to pass this one by While I wouldn t qualify it as YA by any means, as there is some third base action that is rather skimmed over, there is no actual consummation.Overall, this was a rather average, albeit enjoyable, read Once I warmed up to Prudence a bit, it turned out to be a decent read Despite Cate s unfortunate name, he was a good, honest man who managed to be endearing without [...]

    13. Perhaps like 3 1 2 but a very good book that kept me turning the pages until I finished it The Return of the Rogue is a Beverley that has never been one of faves and this plot was very similar but somehow believable Delightful, well matched couple he unexpectedly inherits an earldom and she s been gently raised altho has fallen on hard times They marry and I literally turned ahead 50 pages to make sure they would find each other again and then set about the business of learning about each othe [...]

    14. Originally posted at smexybooks 2011 04 revFavorite Quote Are you a gamester she asked Will you lose it all and leave me and the perhaps the children, in a place like White Rose Yard On my honor, no Nor am I a drunkard, though I do as you know, enjoy drink So do I, she replied wistfully.When Catesby Burgoyne rescues a woman from ruffians, he never imagines the ways this woman will change his life.Prudence Youlgrave is then a victim of ruffians Her own brother has left her dissolute her upon mar [...]

    15. I m of two distinct minds about this book I love Jo Beverley, but generally I like the Company of Rogues better than the Mallorens And while JB s writing was just as good as always, I was not a fan of the heroine Yes, I understand that 99% of the things ladies do in historical romances would never happen, and really, most ladies in this circumstance would be exactly like Prudence, whingeing about their proper station in life which has been so rudely ripped away from them but not actually wanting [...]

    16. And again I have spent my day wrapped in a blanket with hot tea and a historical romance fiction Sometimes being sick is not all that bad when you have nothing else to do but lay in bed and read I was happy to read An Unlikely Countess because the story was interesting I was not sold on the entire book but I did like the fact that it touched upon the hardships a woman had in that time period The heroine in the story Prudence Pru Youlgrave is a smart young woman Already in her mid 20 s she would [...]

    17. The hero and heroine first meet when they re both impoverished she s been abandoned by her brother who she s scrimped to make a lawyer Now he is, he s not supporting her Hero is a younger brother who s been essentially banished by his brother the earl He helps the heroine, and goes on his way back to London Months later, his brother has died suddenly illness, I think , and now he s the earl He s been an outcast most of his life a big, blustery, active type but now he has to come home and take ov [...]

    18. BACK OF BOOK SAYS AFTER LEAVING THE ARMY AND FALLING OUT WITH HIS FAMILY, catesby burgoyne is drowning in his own sorrows when he comes across a woman being attacked by thugs prudence youlgrave is not just the victim of ruffians her life has been made a shambles by her selfish brother and her brutish fiance While I absolutely LOVE MALLOREN BOOKS, ROTHGAR etc this felt like a stroll through the park, a very casual stroll i was never brought into the story it was tedious all this artemis and his m [...]

    19. I feel like this was two separate books I felt like the first part of the book was boring and I didn t like the heroine I found her snappy and unattractive I was bored Then, the book picks up again in the middle of the story when Prudence has discarded her fiance and taken up with Cates She felt like a completely different person to me then interesting and sympathetic I enjoyed reading about her problems figuring herself out as a countess and figuring out Cate I like how they relied on each ot [...]

    20. This was light and cutesy and not my style The afterword was so much interesting if a billion times depressing.

    21. I want to say right off the bat that I really enjoyed both of the main characters a lot They were what the world considered misfits in general But Catesby had so much to recommend him even though his own family saw him as a selfish failure They were SO unfair to him even if he wasn t the firstborn son His older brother was treated as the Golden One, perfect in every way although of course he wasn t It was interesting that there was a similar attitude with the way Prudence s brother was treated a [...]

    22. A book with great potentialOther readers might like this story but for me it just wasn t up to my standards It s a pity because I believe that this book has great characters to fall in love with It s got the potential to be better but it just fell short The antagonists doesn t provide enough threat for the characters actions Maybe I wrong, but if the threat was that risky then I didn t feel the fear and consequences of the threat to the characters at all I felt like everything was a narration of [...]

    23. Right around the 75% mark it felt like Beverley suddenly realized she d left the iron on at home and just bolted which is a shame because she s very readable and up to the 3 4 mark, the book was very good A strange, weak resolution to the villain problem and an altogether lackluster ending that should ve been complex and way rewarding

    24. nice dependable, expected read, I would have given it 4 stars, if it had been so draggy and about 100 pages less.

    25. I miss Jo Beverley Re reading her Malloren World Georgian Romances Excellent Escapism Very Good Reads.

    26. This was the first book in the Malloren series I ve read I don t feel like I need to read the rest of the series at all I loved the main characters and their development through the book.

    27. A bit dragging in some parts but all together still a Good read Catesby was not trained to be the Earl and Prudence was a librarian s daughter Both are not fully equipped to handle their roles as earl and countess yet they have somehow broken some so called unbreachable social boundaries and then some Their being used to not be so aware of their dignity specially Cate as the misunderstood second son have made them both ideal partners in forging a new order against the rigid conventions that stif [...]

    28. Ever noticed that the characters in most of these historical novels consume a prodigious amount of alcohol Oh, you ll see someone sip a cup of tea or glass of milk now and then, but often, it s wine, brandy, sherry, ale or beer If it s a Medieval, also mead or for the kilt lovers whisky The only reason I m bringing this up now is that the heroine here is exceedingly fond of brandy For its medicinal effects, of course We even see a teething baby get a little tipple Anyway, back to the book repor [...]

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