Chocolate and Cheese

Chocolate and Cheese Ween now seems like a permanent fixture on the pop cultural landscape but when the band first hit MTV in the early s their longevity wasn t so secure Nearly two decades on though Aaron Gene Ween
  • Title: Chocolate and Cheese
  • Author: Hank Shteamer
  • ISBN: 9780826431172
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ween now seems like a permanent fixture on the pop cultural landscape, but when the band first hit MTV in the early 90s, their longevity wasn t so secure Nearly two decades on, though, Aaron Gene Ween Freeman and Mickey Dean Ween Melchiondo preside over one of the most devoted cult fan bases in American music So how exactly did Ween manage to transcend joke band oblWeen now seems like a permanent fixture on the pop cultural landscape, but when the band first hit MTV in the early 90s, their longevity wasn t so secure Nearly two decades on, though, Aaron Gene Ween Freeman and Mickey Dean Ween Melchiondo preside over one of the most devoted cult fan bases in American music So how exactly did Ween manage to transcend joke band oblivion One answer is that, in the years following their MTV breakthrough, Ween gradually polished their output, turning their staunchly primitive musical sketches into hi fi paintings Chocolate and Cheese, released in 1994, marked Freeman and Melchiondo s first crucial steps in this direction Based on new, in depth interviews with both members of Ween, as well as producer Andrew Weiss and associates ranging from Josh Homme Queens of the Stone Age to Spike Jonze, this book explores the song by song creation of Chocolate and Cheese and how the album served as a bridge between Ween s original two guys and a 4 track incarnation and the rich, virtuosic rock roll force they would later become.
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    2 thoughts on “Chocolate and Cheese

    1. Hank Shteamer Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Chocolate and Cheese book, this is one of the most wanted Hank Shteamer author readers around the world.

    2. Well its short Hank doesn t get too much in the way of his subject matter so its probably worth reading if you have any curiousity about Ween But damn, dude has a grade school book report style that makes parts of the prose particulary chapter starts lousy with useless redundant declarations like I am going to show you how Ween s rise was both gradual subtle and We have seen how Ween s rise was both subtle gradual etc.I coulda dealt with a lot technical details, too despite the fact that the au [...]

    3. The Mollusk is one of my favorite albums ever, and while this one isn t quite as good, I was still eager to read a serious take on the music of Ween, which is usually anything but Shteamer does a good job putting this album into context, both in terms of Ween s career as well as in the broader landscape of the nineties The really great thing about this book, however, is all of the interviews with Gene and Dean, as well as Ween s other contributors The interview excerpts are always informative a [...]

    4. Reaffirmed why Ween is my favorite band, and gave me a new, deeper appreciation for what was already a stellar record still can t believe they got a major label deal, though Sure, the writing style leaves a little to be desired, but I didn t come here for mindblowing prose There are plenty of details and anecdotes I d never heard even as an obsessive fan, and Mickey and Aaron s joy and exuberance shine through the thick crust of brown on every page If you can read this without smiling every few [...]

    5. Admittedly, I m not a Ween fan, not even in the slightest bit But, having read this book, I though Mr Shteamer did a successful job of highlighting the bands hi jinx, while also portraying them as hard working musicians Reading the book was easy, and well organized, though I m still not super excited by the song by song explanation at least here it wasn t about the time signatures, etc This was definitely one of the better books in the series, and that surprised me as I have little to no interes [...]

    6. This was a very interesting short read about the making of Ween s most famous album I wish they had one of these about every Ween album Sometimes the book report style of it got old, but overall very well researched and lots of good trivia As someone who is obsessed with Ween s music but knew almost nothing about them as a band, I recommend it.

    7. One of the better of the 33 1 3 series Some of the books are very personal to the authors and they get themselves right in the history and analysis of the respective album Sometimes this work in a good way, other times it is distracting and annoying At the other end of the spectrum are the cold, analytical tomes This one gets the balance just rightHere Shteamer s enthusiasm for the band is clear but he doesn t try to inject himself into the band s history He blends old articles with fresh inter [...]

    8. Very sad time to be reading this book, but I thought it was an amazing read Some knock the writing style, but I think that s secondary to its awesome content Ween One of my favorite parts is in the chapter on the album, specifically Gener and Deaner s reaction to the Phish cover of Roses are Free Deaner After all we ve done, this is what s bringing people to our shows What the fuck Gener It was god awful at the time It was really not cool in my circle of friends to be into Phish in anyway, shap [...]

    9. Not very well written lots of repetition but through interviews with Micky Dean and Aaron Gene , later members of the band auxillary players, friends and fans Josh Homme the authors tells the story of how Chocolate and Cheese came to be written and recorded The author explains that Chocolate and Cheese was a transitional album for the band showcasing the elements and sounds of past recordings while taking a giant leap forward in using new digital technology to mature their sound.My favorite stor [...]

    10. Well done, very researched Before this I hadn t thought of CC being a bridge between two Ween s, but I can see that now I don t whole heartedly agree with his analysis of some things in this book, but I think it s a great documentation of the recording of this album if nothing else A lot of these stories I had heard in informal terms, but I especially liked the chapter on the cover of the album because I really didn t know much about it at all I agree that this book could have been better, com [...]

    11. The song by song synthesis of Shteamer s book is by far the most interesting aspect of this read as it not only deals with the band s intentions for a specific song but also the range of reception for said song from a diverse fan base Introductory material and chapter openings are exhaustingly redundant though If you re a Ween fan, this is a must read.

    12. This was one of my favs among the 33 1 3 series We play Ween at the shop all the time, and specifically this record, and it never fails to make people stop and listen This book underlined my love

    13. It isn t the most well written book you ll ever read and I echo some of the sentiments of it sounding like a book report A lot of the sources you can find on YouTube But, how often are you going to read a book dedicated to Ween

    14. what the hell do you think i loved this book got it sent in to ccp and was afraid they would ban it because of the cover essential reading for ween fans everywhere there was plenty of info that even i did not know.

    15. Wished it was longer, but nonetheless a great job providing the backstory on an important soundtrack to my teens and twenties

    16. A must for any fan, full of great interviews and anecdotes Too bad it s written like a high school book report.

    17. Not the best writing ever, but a very in depth window into each and every song that makes up the masterful Chocolate and Cheese.

    18. Some good behind the scenes tidbits about one of my favorite records and one of my favorite bands but written in a very pedestrian college freshman essay style Not brown enough at all.

    19. Great read, with interviews with both Gene and Dean Ween, as well as Andrew Weiss and others The Boognish is dead, long live The Boognish

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