Gone In the blink of an eye Everyone disappears GONE Except for the young Teens Middle schoolers Toddlers But not one single adult No teachers no cops no doctors no parents Just as suddenly there are n
  • Title: Gone
  • Author: MichaelGrant
  • ISBN: 9780061909641
  • Page: 453
  • Format: ebook
  • In the blink of an eye Everyone disappears GONE.Except for the young Teens Middle schoolers Toddlers But not one single adult No teachers, no cops, no doctors, no parents Just as suddenly, there are no phones, no internet, no television No way to get help And no way to figure out what s happened.Hunger threatens Bullies rule A sinister creature lurks Animals aIn the blink of an eye Everyone disappears GONE.Except for the young Teens Middle schoolers Toddlers But not one single adult No teachers, no cops, no doctors, no parents Just as suddenly, there are no phones, no internet, no television No way to get help And no way to figure out what s happened.Hunger threatens Bullies rule A sinister creature lurks Animals are mutating And the teens themselves are changing, developing new talents unimaginable, dangerous, deadly powers that grow stronger by the day.It s a terrifying new world Sides are being chosen, a fight is shaping up Townies against rich kids Bullies against the weak Powerful against powerless And time is running out On your birthday, you disappear just like everyone else
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    1. Okay, trying this again lost the bio I just spent 30 minutes writing So now it s just going to be incoherent rambling Yes, the earlier draft was also incoherent rambling, but way better I m the co author or author of about 160 books, including the ANIMORPHS series, the GONE series, the BZRK series, the MAGNIFICENT 12 series Mommy, make him stop saying series , the MESSENGER OF FEAR series, and soon well, eventually the SOLDIER GIRL series.The best way to reach me is at Twitter MichaelGrantBks I ll be honest I keep forgetting there s mail here Here s the thing I don t have an assistant or a staff I would, but then I d have to hire someone and train someone and give them stuff to do, and relate to them as a human being, possibly even care about them I m exhausted just thinking about it But if my handle is in the Tweet, I read it And once or twice a week I go on at random times to chat with fans I love my fans, but it s either be honest with you and be my actual self on Twitter, or fob you off on some assistant, and how would that be better I already have my father in law handling email from my ancient website I d rather be harder to write to but really be me, and really talk to you, if that makes sense Honestly, if it was up to me and I had the time we could all just hang out at random Starbucks Or if you re over 21, a pleasant cocktail lounge perhaps At some point there would be ice cream There must always, at some point in the day, be ice cream I also have a personal Facebook page at AuthorMichaelGrant, but that s limited to 5000 friends and apparently I actually have that many Who knew But I leave it public so if I have something to say I ll do it there I hope you ll give my books a try If you don t like one, that s cool, I don t like every book I read, either But maybe give them a try People seem to like them Now, my publishers want me to sell you on my stuff, so I ll do two brags 1 Everything I write is like nothing you ve ever read before in young adult literature I don t copy, I don t imitate, I don t clone 2 I know how to end a series And that s my advertisement Thank you.

    2. I read this book out of curiosity, with no preconceived notions Merely because I was curious what kids would do in a world with no adults I admit I was blown away Mr Grant told me a story that I couldn t put down From the beginning, my mind was full of questions about how this happened, how the kids would survive, what could prevent the same thing from happening again.So many questions.Sam is the kind of boy you want to have around when the world goes crazy He s definitely the reluctant hero typ [...]

    3. I suppose I should provide some kind of explanation as to why I didn t finish reading this book.It s not because the concept was stupid actually the concept was quite interesting and would make for a fantastic philosophical discussion.It s not because it was poorly written actually it was written quite well with a great plot and interesting world building and action packed scenes.It s not because the characters were horrible or annoying Actually, Sam is really likable if not frustrating, Astrid [...]

    4. This was a very good book about adventure, mutants, superheroes and just the plain old story of surviving high school only this time there are no adults to keep a check on things.This novel tells the story of how one day in a small Californian town everyone 15 and over mysteriously disappears But that s not all The town becomes surrounded by a strange spherical barrier, no one gets in or out And stranger still, the children and teenagers left behind are discovering that some of them have weird m [...]

    5. I put this book aside about two weeks ago, saying I would definitely go back and finish it as I only had about 100 pages left But it doesn t look like it now I m simply not in the mood to pick it up again And as I m not planning on spending money on the next instalments of the series, I will probably never read them anyway, so why continue here I really don t know why Gone wasn t able to intrigue me It is a clever and absolutely thought provoking story that definitely got me thinking How would I [...]

    6. Highly enjoyable Hooks you at the very start I drive through the traffic everyday about an hour in the morning and definitely than an hour at nighttime So, while reading the first few pages of the book, I said, wow this should happen here in Manila Imagine all adults to disappear altogether without a trace at one time and all adolescents will follow once they turn fifteen Obviously, this is okay as long as I and my loved ones are exempted hehe.This is a YA book and so the characters are all you [...]

    7. I hereby predict that, sometime in the next year or so, the next big Young Adult obsession will be with the book Gone, by Michael Grant, and with the subsequent books that I hope he writes quickly because I might die if I don t know the what and the why and the how and thewell, EVERYTHING This is apparently the first in a series of six books I also predict that it will take off like the Harry Potter and the Twilight Series, with almost as many adults reading the series as kids.For one thing, thi [...]

    8. Even though Michael Grant may be an asshole, I m still impressed by his books Can t wait to keep reading and finally find out how this series ends

    9. Gone by Michael Grant has to be one of the most frustrating novels I ve read recently Taking place in a dystopia where all the adults have disappeared, la Lord of the Flies mixed in with some kids mysteriously getting superpowers sounds really good on paper Too bad it didn t work when given 560 pieces of paper to work with.The basic plot of Gone is about anybody above the age of 15 disappearing into thin air Naturally, this leaves quite a few problems for the surviving children there are babies [...]

    10. I read a lot of books, but you knew that didn t you While I enjoy most of the books I read, few stand out to me as amazing or memorable this is why I give out so few five star reviews Gone is simply the best YA book I have read since Laurie Halse Anderson s Wintergirls, and stands right beside The Hunger Games and the Knife of Never Letting Go as some of the best dystopian sci fi aroundIn Perdido Beach, life is normal mostly until a sudden disruption results in the disappearance of every adult a [...]

    11. I tried and tried to love this book, but I just couldn t connect with it The concept was a brilliant one It was the reason I decided to buy the book in the first place, but once I started reading it, I couldn t establish a connection with any of the characters.I just felt as if I was an outsider and not able to grasp any of the emotions of the characters I didn t feel as if I was part of the story At times, I thought there was too much telling as opposed to showing There were also many passive s [...]

    12. This is my first exposure to Michael Grant s writing, and he totally blew me away Maybe it was because I am partial to the sci fi fantasy genre, but truthfully I don t think it had anything to do with it This story was just WOW Imagine sitting in class one day, maybe you are paying attention to your teacher, maybe you are daydreaming about surfing, then all of a sudden your teacher disappears What would you do It just so happens that this very scenario happens to Sam Temple in his history class [...]

    13. This book is one of the most thrilling and addictive books I ve ever read The incredibly paced plot and the abundant twists and turns made it nearly impossible to put down Don t be intimidated by the length, it reads very quickly, and you ll be wishing for by the end I do have a couple complaints though, that I m willing to ignore in order to give this book 5 stars The characters are all very young, so don t expect the most challenging dialogue, and don t expect closure at all from the ending T [...]

    14. The kids of Perdido Beach suddenly very suddenly find themselves alone Everyone over age 14 has disappeared without a trace It s up to the kids to make their own society to keep themselves alive Most of the kids want Sam to lead them, but he s not sure he s comfortable in the role His new friends, Astrid and Edilio, and his best friend, Quinn, have to help convince him to take his place as the leader of their newfound society, as well as struggle to stay alive amidst chaos, bullies, and the stra [...]

    15. This was a YA dystopian story about a world in which adults simply vanished.I felt sorry for all the kids in this story, to have every person over the age of 15 simply disappear would have been awful, especially for those kids too young to survive on their own.The storyline in this was about the kids trying to find ways to survive after all the over 15 s disappeared, and trying to fulfil basic necessities such as food and nappies for the younger kids, whilst trying to work out if help was coming [...]

    16. NEW REVIEW IN 2014 REASONS YOU NEED THE TRAUMA OF THE GONE SERIES IN YOUR LIFE 1 Humour Yay Funniness I am a complete sucker for funniness I love laughing And books that can have me grinning and laughing OUT LOUD They get a huge shiny sticker of happiness.Sam rocks for witty comebacks.Diana s sarcasm is brilliant.Astrid s a smartie, andwell, sometimes she leave everyone in the dust Let s keep moving, Sam said Don t worry about Little Pete We ll find him Is that meant to be a pro forma reassuranc [...]

    17. Dit boek h , moet je even heel snel gaan lezen want het is zo n gaaf boek en een geweldig begin van een superspannende en epische serie Nog niet overtuigd Lees dan mijn recensie nerdygeekyfanboy recensie

    18. The premise of this book sounded so interesting everyone over the age of 15 simply disappears one day and the remaining kids are left trying to figure out what happened plus they discover that some of them are somehow developing supernatural powers I was excited to read this and expected writing along the lines of Scott Westerfeld, based on the plot and such But alas, the novel did not deliver for me and I put it down after 100 pages or so, when I found myself skimming pages and caring less and [...]

    19. Gone is like a mix of Lord of the Flies, Under the Dome, Animal Farm, Lost, Kid Nation, Heroes, X Men and that Simpsons MovieThis book I think is popular and also has quite number of fans but I haven t read it immediately because the book was very thick and I just find that I m too lazy to follow a series like this However I changed my mind and finally decided to read the first book.At first my opinion about this book is, it is a very easy read The sentences and the dialogues are kept simple The [...]

    20. In the blink of an eye Everyone dissapears GONE Those three lines pretty much sum up the plot of the book, and was cleverly placed on the front jacket cover Michael Grant phenomonaly captured so many different plot elements and combined them into a dystopic apocolypse that resembled Lord of the Flies, yet also added an element that gave characters unique abilities like one of my favorite TV shows, Heroes.Every character in this book has dymanic, none of them fall flat at all There are opposing s [...]

    21. This book was a pleasant surprise The plot is quite wild actually one day, all people over the age of 15 disappear, and young kids are left to fend for themselves in a world, where normal rules no longer exist In this new world, the FAYZ Fallout Alley Youth Zone, the unimaginable happens animals rapidly mutate, some kids acquire special X men like abilities, coyotes led by the mysterious Darkness try to overtake humans Undoubtedly, this sounds like a lot of craziness, and yet it all somehow work [...]

    22. Gone is not equal to other books I ve rated two stars, but I also don t think it deserves one star, so I guess Merry Early Christmas Michael Grant.This definitely falls into the overrated category for me The writing is not good Many long conversations where each sentence ends in he said she said and a lot of telling but no showing I didn t like any of the characters very much, Edilio was probably my favorite, and they weren t written realistically You re telling me a bunch of 14 years olds who a [...]

    23. Questo libro ragazzi un must read Originale in un mondo di ya che ormai ricicla sempre gli stessi temi, ben strutturato e con idee uniche Non vedo l ora di leggere il secondo volume della serie perch non posso assolutamente restare con tutte le domande con cui Miachael Grant mi ha lasciato alla fine di questo libro Leggetelo, leggetelo, leggetelo Non ve ne pentirete assolutamente.

    24. Gone begins in the quiet, seaside town of Perdido Beach A seemingly ordinary day is quickly transformed into one of confusion and mass hysteria when everyone over the age of fourteen suddenly disappears without a trace In the absence of parents, teachers, doctors, and police, the children are left to fend for themselves The lack of phones, internet, and television, as well as the quickly diminishing food supply convert the children s initial shock into terror As the remaining citizens of Perdido [...]

    25. This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I avoided this series for a while because I thought it was an offshoot of those Left Behind books I know, I know I should probably read them before I make any snap judgments, but I have absolutely no desire to read a series about The Rapture At all Ever.Anyhoo Thankfully, this series has nothing to do with that Ok Stop laughing at me I only glanced at the blurb a few years ago You gotta admit that Blah, blah, blah, a bunch of people disappear sounds a l [...]

    26. 4.5 Stars This book was fun, funny and very fast paced I really like all of the weirdness in this book I also liked a lot of the characters I think what I loved the most was the well roundness of the characters We have a super dude, a Mexican, we have a challenged little kid and we have the teens from an academy their parents sent them because they were trouble I recommend this book a lot Can t wait to get to the sequel

    27. It s a normal November morning at Perdido Beach, a small town of about 3,000 on the California coast jokingly called Fallout Alley by the locals because of the nuclear power plant not far away Normal, that is, until, at eighteen past ten, everyone fifteen and older disappears in the blink of an eye.Babies to fourteen year olds are the only ones left bewildered, lost, afraid, alone Grade nine students Sam, his best friend Quinn, and Astrid the Genius are quick to realise what s happened, but no o [...]

    28. Welcome to the FAYZ, short for Fallout Alley Youth Zone There s no one who s over the age of fourteen they ve all poofed, they re just gone But the strangeness only starts there There s a circular wall, or maybe dome, surrounding the land within a ten mile radius from the nuclear plant The wall is impenetrable and burns you if you touch it There are strange mutations in the animals, such as seagulls with talons, winged snakes, and talking coyotes Some kids have also developed strange powers The [...]

    29. I had first planned on only giving this book three stars, but then I got to thinking about it, and I realized I couldn t.This is a very unique book I thought it was going to be dystopia blah, but it really isn t dystopian There is no corrupt society or government It s just a beach town where all the adults have disappeared and the kids are trapped inside a giant forcefield.You know, the usual.I think Michael Grant did a really great job with this concept He explored every angle of what it might [...]

    30. Character development 4 5Writing 4 5Plot 5 5 very cleverOverall 4.3 5 enjoyed the series loads but I feel like it starts dragging on in the 5th book.

    31. The big question in my head most of this book, was who is the target audience Nobody in the book is over 15 despite the 18 year olds on the awful cover , so you d think 13 or 14 year olds, but at close to 600 pages, I can t see most of them reading this And if you get too old, stories about abandoned children babies dying of neglect might bother you, or maybe even stories where you d have disappeared because you ve hit your 15th birthday But despite all that, it s a great premise with a lot of f [...]

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