The Memory Tree

The Memory Tree A heartbreaking story of love and evil Sam Ellis is a middle aged stock broker living in Seattle successful married to a woman he dearly loves with everything he could want But below the surface t
  • Title: The Memory Tree
  • Author: John R. Little
  • ISBN: 9780977656059
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • A heartbreaking story of love and evil.Sam Ellis is a middle aged stock broker living in Seattle, successful, married to a woman he dearly loves, with everything he could want But below the surface, there are scars.Then his world changes For reasons he doesn t understand, Sam is thrust back in time to 1968, the summer he turned thirteen He meets his parents and his ownA heartbreaking story of love and evil.Sam Ellis is a middle aged stock broker living in Seattle, successful, married to a woman he dearly loves, with everything he could want But below the surface, there are scars.Then his world changes For reasons he doesn t understand, Sam is thrust back in time to 1968, the summer he turned thirteen He meets his parents and his own childhood self.That summer changed Sam s world Monsters walked the streets of his hometown, and now Sam will come face to face with those monsters again, this time as an adult.Nothing will ever be the same.
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    2 thoughts on “The Memory Tree

    1. John R. Little Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Memory Tree book, this is one of the most wanted John R. Little author readers around the world.

    2. This book was recommended to me by two seasoned horror readers that I trust They were not wrong Thanks, Jon and Chris I don t even know what to say about this book A man dissolves and wakes up as an adult in the town where he lived as a 13 year old boy As he wanders around town wondering what the heck is going on, his back story is revealed It s a disturbing one, and one you won t EVER forget.There is an introduction in this version by Robert Kelly I would recommend saving the intro until you re [...]

    3. Absolutely beautiful This book was so filled with poignant emotion, in all forms It touched on some truly sensitive issues, and made me feel so deeply for the characters that it is hard to believe this was a fictional book I can not recommend this book enough it is truly sensational on so many levels.

    4. What a fantastic, sad, sweet, tragic tale of time travel, quantum physics, and second chances with a little mystery thrown into the mix Although this was a tough story to get through because of the family betrayal, pedophilia, and neglect, it is in some ways very uplifting and positive when you think of how second chances can be so life affirming Loved it from beginning to end.

    5. This book is a Russian nesting doll of a novel We open one story and learn of another, then another, all dealing with lives torn apart by an unimaginable horror All of this is framed in a pitch perfect time travel structure utilized to maximum effect.Memories are like branches of a tree, sprouting off the events and people of our life Sometimes our memories are accurate, sometimes not Sometimes they need the perspective that comes from years to see how they fit in with the bigger structure of ou [...]

    6. A heartfelt, complex story of time traveling, the mysterious inner workings of our brains and how they remember certain events and people from our past, recapturing and desperately trying to change history, the power of redemption, and of course love, both familial and romantic Each and every character has something to give, each subplot revealing themselves shockingly, sometimes in scenes of psychological and physiological horror, which Little handles firmly and directly but with the utmost car [...]

    7. A beautifully told tale concerning the lies our memories tell us, how they color our lives, and the dark truths those lies shield us from John R Little is a writer to watch.

    8. We ve all thought about what we would we do if we ever had the chance to go back and change our past What defining moments, be it in your own life or in someone else s, would you consider changing Would you intercept fate and warn your target Would you resign yourself to the fact that any tampering could cause harm than good, and simply stand by as a spectator And, importantly, would you tattoo the word, Google on your own ass in the hopes that it would work as a trigger when it made its debut [...]

    9. The Memory TreeBy John R LittleNocturne PressVaried editions range from 18.00 45.00 That was when I realized I needed to trust my eyes and ears than my memories If one line can sum up John R Little s debut novel, THE MEMORY TREE, from the fine folks at Nocturne Press, this is surely it, as the author illustrates the defects of memory its cheats and swindles.Sitting somewhere between Koontz and Matheson, THE MEMORY TREE, tells the engrossing streamlined story of Sam Ellis, an aging, emotionally [...]

    10. Right from the first line I was 52 years old the first time I dissolved this reader was hooked Was it a story of time travel Or was this a question of alternate realities splintering off from every action, every decision, and every result This novel starts out with a SciFi feel given that first line A total fiction But it never misses a beat, stepping right into the main character s life People who don t get the concept of reading fiction haven t read a story like this.There is, within this fict [...]

    11. This was a recommendation from a poster whose recommendations in the horror genre are spot on This book is not only horror based, there is a strong mystery component as well.It s the story of Sam an older, professional man who travels inexplicably back to the time of his worst nightmares He has the opportunity to test his memories of that painful and dark time and to try and right the wrongs done to him and to those he cared about.It s a sad and poignant book about a horrific subject but quite c [...]

    12. This book from the moment I picked it up, I very nearly couldn t put it down Little s narrative has an eerie inertia, and although the tragedies and the darkness at the heart of the book make it something of a horror novel, there s also a lightness to it as if, after everything, there s hope for innocence and childhood and goodness, even where evidence of the same seems to be lacking.In truth, I m not sure how to speak of this book without giving things away The subject matter is dark, and as sp [...]

    13. Let me start off by saying that initially I was put off by the story because of the miserable relationship that existed between Sam and his parents and the gradual revelations of the many abuses that occurred I struggle with psychological horror While I like to be scared and horrified, I don t enjoy dealing with emotions that are deeper than those surface emotions.The book dealt in real emotions and the unconscious tortures we all encounter This author took me there What enable me to get through [...]

    14. Wow John R Little has done it again This is My second JRL read and once the theme is time travel my golly gosh, he is incredible at making an unbelievable concept seem plausible The key things I loved about this story Plot twists that made my jaw drop and that I couldn t see coming from a mile away Thought provoking themes that made me cringe, which in turn made me respect the author even The skill with which he handles such sensitive subject matter is truly outstanding A nice tidy ending with [...]

    15. If you could go back and change your life theme, well handled with believable characters and an interesting plot

    16. The Memory Tree by John Little reminded me a lot of Replay by Ken Grimwood Sam Ellis, a 52 year old man, dissolves from the present in Seattle to 1968 in Nelson, Montana There he interacts with his 13 year old self, his brother, mother and father He had a nightmarish life being raised by violent, alcoholic parents and suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a family friend This is the summer that his brother, Marty gets shipped off to Viet Nam and his best friend Mel is killed and the murderer is [...]

    17. First thing I want to say is that I don t want to give anything away since I feel the mystery In this story plays a very important part This book will be a real challenge I believe for even the most die hard horror fans since Certain aspects or details will force you to put the Book down and take a deep breath There are definite parts In this story that you just hope for the best and like a car crash on the highway you will be surveying the area for some possible sign that will lead you to safet [...]

    18. I was 52 years old the first time I dissolved The Memory Tree is a highly emotional story told thru a series of flashbacks in time and memory I had been a bit reluctant to start this one because of all the rave reviews, afraid that I may be disappointed I even stayed away from reading anything about it and did not read any blurbs or even the synopsis I did not know what to expect What I found was a beautiful tale of tragedy and mystery.This one has it all, buried secrets, horror, sadness, redemp [...]

    19. I am a huge fan of such things as Sliders, The Butterfly Effect and the concept of the ripples that could change history as we know it This was what I was expecting and yes that what I got but much The story flowed easily It hooked me on the first line but what hit me the hardest was the parts dealing with the child abuse It was so direct and honest that it was hard to read without feeling the despair If you read the afterword, you will see why I am really not sure what to say about this novel [...]

    20. This is my first John R Little story This had some pretty heavy themes centered around child molestation and family dysfunction The story of Sam Ellis dissolving back to 1968 when he was 13 is not a lighthearted tale In the end redemption win out but it is difficult for the reader to ride along in the journey Sam s mother and father Marie and Jimmy are just terrible individuals but we have Claire and his wife Jenny to help balance that scale.

    21. An utterly absorbing read Tragic and thought provoking I cared emphatically for the main character Smashing little twist towards the end.My tiny niggle is the way it ended a little too roses round the gate for my liking, however not enough to reduce the star rating.

    22. I have to admit, this is how I like to see time travel handled in a fictitious setting We start in the now we travel only between the now and the past and the metaphysics is kept to a minimum In this regard, John R Little s THE MEMORY TREE reminds me a little bit of Stephen King s 11 22 63 It even takes us to a similar time period.There the similarities end, however Little s novel was published several years before King s and doesn t deal with anything as large scale as the assassination of a Un [...]

    23. Never have I picked up a book so poorly written I doubt the author has any formal writing qualification, or has ever attended any writing group Unlikely that the manuscript was ever workshopped or edited I looked up Nocturne Press and it turns out they are just a book making service Surprise, surprise Narrated in first person, the words on the pages are ALL telling, ZERO showing.The beginning paragraphs from Chapter 5 I soon realized my I surprised myself I felt confident I wasn t sure It felt w [...]

    24. I was loaned this title by my friend, Charlene Thanks so much This is an amazing book It is heartbreaking, honest, and raw It will stir emotions in you that may make you want to stop reading DONT This is such a powerful book It needs to be read by everyone.i agree with others who have said to skip the introduction until after you have read the book It will spoil the story a bit and this is one that does NOT need to be spoiled.

    25. I enjoyed the book very much It was a really good story with interesting twists and turns along the way and strong characters A couple of surprises here and there to keep things exciting A very good first book Will definitely read of his novels

    26. I managed to give this book 100 pages of my time but it is poorly written and i suspect the glowing reviews are from friends and relatives.

    27. A bram stoker award finalist that is presented as a horror novel, but read as a thriller time travel novel If you loved Ford s Shadow Year , then you will love this book.

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