Living More with Less

Living More with Less In addition to the author s original reflections on themes such as doing justice learning from the world community nurturing people cherishing the natural order and nonconforming freely Living Mo
  • Title: Living More with Less
  • Author: Doris Janzen Longacre Valerie Weaver-Zercher
  • ISBN: 9780836195217
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • In addition to the author s original reflections on themes such as doing justice, learning from the world community, nurturing people, cherishing the natural order, and nonconforming freely, Living More with Less 30th Anniversary Edition contains new and updated essays, reflections, and practical tips in areas such as money, homekeeping, gardening, cooking, clothing, trIn addition to the author s original reflections on themes such as doing justice, learning from the world community, nurturing people, cherishing the natural order, and nonconforming freely, Living More with Less 30th Anniversary Edition contains new and updated essays, reflections, and practical tips in areas such as money, homekeeping, gardening, cooking, clothing, transportation, and technology.
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      355 Doris Janzen Longacre Valerie Weaver-Zercher
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    2 thoughts on “Living More with Less

    1. Doris Janzen Longacre was born February 15, 1940 in Newton, Kansas She received her BA degree in home economics from Goshen College and did graduate studies at Goshen Biblical Seminary and Kansas State University With her husband, Paul Longacre, and two daughters, Cara Sue and Marta Joy, she worked with Mennonite Central Committee MCC in Vietnam 1964 1967 and in Indonesia 1971 1972 She served as chairperson of the Akron Mennonite Church, as a member of the Board of Overseers of Goshen Biblical Seminary, and as a frequent speaker on world hunger.Doris became well known across North America and around the world through her two books the More with Less Cookbook, a collection of recipes and suggestions on how to enjoy while consuming less of the world s resources Herald Press, 1976 , and Living More with Less, a collection of tips and testimonies of people searching for ways to simplify their lives Living More with Less was published in 1980, shortly after her death, at the age of 39, on November 10, 1979 from heraldpress Bios Longa

    2. It took me a long time to read this book There is a lot to chew on in its pages, and a lot to challenge me towards action within my home and my person, within my community, and within the world at large I plan to write a reflective review hopefully in the next day or so, but for now, I just want to note a few things that were particularly interesting to me about this book.1 This is not just a book for Mennonites Although it s clear from some of the cultural references and jargon for lack of a b [...]

    3. I read this on the plane home from Texas, with my new smart phone, and my Kindle for playing Fruit Ninja on and reading a million books in my fancy Vera Bradley purse but I got it for 15 dollars so it s ok right so my point is, why was I reading it A couple of reasons first of all, we just got home from living out of two big suitcases in China for 4 months, and I m overwhelmed by having access to my 12 ft truck s worth of STUFF again So I really want to pare it down Secondly, we re going back to [...]

    4. I have a lot of thoughts about this book It is a fabulous, living giving work of many people full of compelling arguments and practical wisdom I took a really long time to read this book, partly because I misplaced it but partly because I didn t want to find it again Reading this book was not a comfortable experience for me On the one hand, the Holy Spirit was there convicting me, speaking within me, reminding me of importance and relevance of what I was reading My best friend s mother came to m [...]

    5. I haven t looked at this book in eight years, but the fact that I still remember so vividly how much it annoyed me convinced me to write a review I love Longacre s cookbook the predecessor to this volume , and I bought this hoping for practical ideas for living a simpler life I was expecting some pontificating, since that is inevitable in these sorts of books, but a large part of the book consists of anecdotes built on the All the evil consumers do X, but I do Y model One example still sticks i [...]

    6. While this is an excellent book with very useful information, I did not find it to be particularly helpful because I have been reading these types of books for at least the last 5 years I am certain that this book was revolutionary when it was written, but this is not the case now.

    7. This book had a lot of why, but also a lot of how I was challenged to find ways to save resources within my own home It s so easy to get complacent and just do things out of habit, like throw something alway instead of fix it, drive somewhere close by because it s quicker, and to consume consume consume I hope I will break some habits and be mindful of people who are without the things I take for granted.

    8. I found this book at ten thousand villages while perusing the usual exciting knick knacks I bought it not realizing that it was a Christian themed environmentalism book, so I was a little perplexed by the introduction Once I d realized the target audience, I wasn t so confused.I think this book has a lot of nuggets of thought provoking wisdom even for non Christians I especially like the idea of nonconformity in that it challenges the standard american ideals of excessive consumerism and trying [...]

    9. My only issue with this book is that I am now curious as to what the original book was like as this barely seemed to have much by Doris Janzen Longacre, who wrote the original book in 1980 This book is mainly a compilation of recent accounts of people and how they believe in sustainable living in order to help the creation God put His joy into the earth, the air, the animals, and most of all the people How can we help conserve energy or enjoy each other s company by working together even How c [...]

    10. I did not realized when I picked this book up that it was meant for Mennonite Christians I read it anyway and as several other reviewers have noted it is good to take this book in small sections, mull them over, see how it applies to your life.There is a very broad range of ideas Some of the suggestions in this book don t even seem frugal to me, they sound like how normal people do things and not us weird conservation freaks Others are way too extreme for me and a great many fall in the middle a [...]

    11. I thought I was getting a Helpful Hints book when I scooped this up at the library, but when The Syracuse Cultural Workers were mentioned early on a group which I am very familiar with and don t always agree with I realized I was in a whole different sphere The book is packed with thought provoking ideas instead of lists helpful hints sort of what I was looking for basic mindless hints , that s fine but it gets very serious so be prepared It s mostly about how to live as a good Mennonite and how [...]

    12. Doris Longacre wrote the Living More with Less Cookbook in 1976, as part of her Mennonite Community work This followup book was begun a few years later, but unfortunately Doris died of cancer before she could complete it herself Others finished it for her and it was published in 1980 It was interesting on several perspectives First, it had a world view, sharing not only how Americans could live with less, but also how others, around the world regularly did Second, in many ways it paralleled my [...]

    13. An updated version of Doris Janzen Longacre s classic Reading it confirmed how much living with less is already a way of life for me I certainly don t have to try hard to take a sabbatical from air travel for 6 months Or to beat eggs with a fork instead of an electric mixer since I don t have an electric mixer anyway These and some of the other ideas in this book are already second nature to me, and yet there is also enough to make me reflect on my life can I do without the car one day a week a [...]

    14. I also read and own the 1980 version of this book Happily I also attend a group where we read and share about these topics in person, because the details of the way we live are too easy to ignore or belittle My group started out reading the chapter on Money and Stewardship and, so far, whenever later topics do not spark conversation, we return to money Money dependably brings up those topics we need to air, confess or question Insurances, Bank accounts, Car habits, spending on this or that, shop [...]

    15. It was actually the 20th anniversary addition It was a good reminder of how to live simply but reading it with a woman who talked a lot about doing things to the extreme but was the laziest person I knew kind of ruined it for me I appreciated the author reminding the reader that these are only examples and that just because you don t do them doesn t mean that you are a horrible human being The book was just a reminder that we are fortunate and can do to make sure everyone gets what they need.

    16. What an incredible book Written from the perspective of a Mennonite Sole focus is about making a conscious choice to do with less Tons of ideas for everyday life Non Mennonites like me can still gain from reading We in our household already live fairly simply, but this book takes it to an entirely different level A quote that really tells this book s story It sounds too simple, even for a book on simple living But when we are content to stay at home, to think and to pray, we are better able to [...]

    17. Two years ago I read the 1980 version of the book Today I finished the 2010, 30th anniversary edition of the book The updates to the book were refreshing and held a lot of meaning for me What a great book to help me make necessary changes in my life as a young adult coming of age in the Great Recession, but also as a member of a Church of the Brethren I need to live simply and to live with better purpose so that my global brothers and sisters may also simply live.

    18. One word Inspiring Did not read like a 30 year old book Sad that most of what the contributors are suggesting still isn t being done on any grand scale But it made me feel that I m not alone in the wilderness Also a delight to hear about what people are doing in other places, and how they view American excess That it is centered in a peaceful Christianity is also comforting Oh, yeah THAT Christianity.

    19. My first book club book ever This summer a bunch of friends took the Living More with Less Challenge and we ve been making our way through this book, touching base on a weekly basis to discuss our thoughts, our challenges and our successes I have made many tweaks to the way we do life here at home, and feel like this book will be one I pick up over and over again to continue to challenge myself to be a better stewart of this earth

    20. What I m learning 1 Simple living isn t something that can really be quantified, and it is a process of learning and being teachable, as well as a position of the heart much less a place that we arrive at 2 There are many practical ways that we can learn from each other, and that we should learn from each other Specifically, that the western church can learn from the rest of the world.3 Community unity and nurture are key elements.

    21. While some of the suggestions may seem a bit austere for some, this is the Mennonite guidebook for living well, but very frugally, all with the intentional of leaving a lighter footprint in the world and perhaps making life a bit better in less advantaged countries Originally published 30 years ago, this is updated with contemporary examples There is a definite spiritual tone to it, but even those who are not religious will find many take aways.

    22. Food for thought Reading others decisions on how to put into practice the good principles to which they are devoted does not make me want to implement those specific practices, but it does spur me to make sure that I am putting into practice though in a different outward form , with integrity, those same good principles in my own life.

    23. This book was written in 1980 so some of the tips and ideas are a bit out of date However, there is still some good information here and the chapter introductions are quite thought provoking If you are looking for simple living tips you may find a newer book to be beneficial, but if you are interested in the philosophy of simple living the information here is timeless.

    24. Almost 30 years old and still relevant today with tons of information on how to live simply Perhaps relevant in today s world of cutting back than it was even 10 years ago I read it right out of college 10 years ago and just skimmed it again From ideas on how to simplify birthdays and holidays to recipes for ecological housecleaning products, this book has it all.

    25. This book was okay and I guess worth the read but it seemed to be of a guilt trip approach for living sustainably than just taking a postive, lets roll up our sleeves and heres how to do it type book that I had hoped it would be.

    26. I don t spend a lot of time reading books with such religious bents, but I am interested in the notion of simple living , and this has a different take on it than some Some good ideas here, even for non Mennonites.

    27. A practical and convicting book about simple living, written by the same person as the More with Less cookbooks Lots of stories from people, and even though written in 1980 is surprisingly relevant for today Planning to use this book in class.

    28. Not nearly as good as the More with Less cookbook Some ideas are brilliant, but many are mundane and completely impractical for living in the Bay Area I did give me food for thought, and helps to get me thinking about all the things I do have and waste.

    29. A good book to read if you re fed up with consuming It can give you ideas and tips on how to conserve in your daily life.

    30. I read this book years ago, and I recommend it for anyone who like me is tired of the consumer society we live in Frugal, sensible ideas for living well.

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